Lisa Dad Gets Blown Twice


Lisa Dad Gets Blown TwiceJack was glad to have a little time to himself after the events of the day. His wife had just gone to be bed and Lisa was doing homework in her bedroom. Jack put his feet up and closed his eyes. Never in his life had he ever been so sexually satisfied. Despite feeling guilty about fucking another woman it was what he needed. If his wife had taken care of his needs none of the would have ever happened. It was then that his phone announced a text message. He looked and saw that it was from Beth.“I wanted to wish you a good night and tell you just what a fantastic lover you are!” Said Beth.“I want more!” Jack typed back.Then another text came in and this was a picture of Beth standing nude in front of a mirror with “Come and get it big boy!”Jack enlarged the picture and was lusting over Beth’s sexy body but unknown to him his daughter Lisa was standing nearby. Jack was overcome with lust and his mind was desperately trying to come up with a way to be with Beth again.Then a new text arrived and Jack read it and smiled. “Come to my house before you go to the office and I will give you a good morning BJ!”. There was a picture of Beth on her knees holding the camera looking down on her; ready to please her man.“I’ll be there bright and early!” He replied.“Don’t come until after 7:30….that is when my son catches the bus.” She replied and he sent back a thumbs up.Jack was thrilled to know that he would have sex with Beth the next morning but the exchange left him stiff right now. He looked at the picture and reached down and pulled out his cock and started to stroke his long thick cock as he imagined Beth sucking him.Lisa peeked around the corner and watched as her Dad began to pump his cock as he looked at naked pictures of Jimmy’s mom. Lisa went back her room and got her phone. She then carefully took pictures of her dad jerking off. Lisa felt her pussy getting wet. Her Dad had a wonderful cock. Her mouth watered as she wondered what it would be like to suck his cock. Then fate intervened and the phone she was holding dinged with her own text message.Jack heard the ding behind him and was aware he had made a stupid mistake of jacking off in the living room. He looked to see Lisa standing there watching him with his fingers wrapped around his cock. He tried to stuff his dick back into his pants but that was not going to happen easily. Lisa just stood there and looked at him as he tried to hide his big cock.“Uhhhh, Lisa! Please honey don’t say anything.” Jack stammered as he tried to figure out how to get things back under control.Lisa felt like she was in a trance as she was mesmerized by the sight of her Dad stroking his cock. His wonderful, sexy and hard cock. While he was trying to keep her calm and put his cock away, Lisa had made up her mind that there was one way to let her dad know that she would not betray him to her mother. Jack watched as Lisa calmly walked and stood in front of him. She put a finger to his lips and signaled that he should remain quiet. Jack watched as Lisa slowly squatted in front of him and pushed his hands away from his cock. She looked up at him and then licked the head of his prick. Her eyes seemed to be filled with fire. Jack watched as Lisa’s tongue pulled back from the cock and a string of pre-cum glistened between her sexy mouth and his throbbing prick. Then her lips opened and sucked his cock into her young mouth. Lisa looked up at her Dad as she took his erection between her lips. She engulfed him and her mouth was filled with the taste of his pre-cum. Then his hand held the back of her head as he sighed. Lisa knew her Daddy wanted this as bad as she did. She was going to make him cum in her mouth!Jack bostancı escort looked down at Lisa. Jack had always known that he was not her biological father but he knew that Lisa had always assumed that he was. The thought of just how taboo this act was for Lisa made it even better for Jack. He wanted to make lots of noise as Lisa pleasured him but he was aware that his wife and her mother was just down the hall. Still the pleasure that Lisa was giving him was driving him crazy. He had been on the verge of an orgasm while jacking off and now this. It would not be long.“Daddy, cum in my mouth!” Lisa moaned softly and then pumped his cock even faster.Lisa was remembering the blow jobs she had given to Jimmy and how his cock had throbbed when he ejaculated into her hungry mouth. Then her Dad gripped her head and pushed his cock until she was gagging as he tried to enter her throat. Slowly his cock pushed down her throat and his balls rested on her chin. Jack pumped his cock in and out of her inexperienced throat as she squirmed on his cock. Then he blasted his load into her mouth as her eyes watered as he continued to fuck her face.Jack could not help pushing his cock down Lisa’s throat as his orgasm began. His balls released a giant amount of cum into the girl’s gagging mouth. Her eyes were tearing as he held her head as he busted his nut. The little slut needed to know how to please him! His sperm was running down her chin and dripping on her ridiculous flannel granny nightgown. Finally, his orgasm came to an end and he released her head and Lisa coughed and gasped for air as semen drenched her nightgown. Lisa was shocked that her body was trembling with her own orgasm. She was amazed at how intense the orgasm was! Slowly Lisa stood up. Her legs felt like wet noodles as she looked at her Daddy. He looked in her eyes as his hand stroked her face. Then he gently kissed her cum covered lips and then hugged her close and long. His hands explored her young firm body.Lisa was thrilled that her Daddy loved her so much. From now on Daddy would always get what he wanted from her.Jack sighed as Lisa slipped from his arms and his hands still tingled from touching her firm young body. Lisa looked at him and smiled as she walked back to her bedroom and closed the door. Jack staggered down the hall to his bedroom. His wife was sleeping soundly as he laid down beside her and closed his eyes.The next morning Cheri woke up first as usual. Her body was a little sore from the previous day’s marathon sex session with David. Cheri knew that her insatiable appetite for sex had been awakened and she had no intention of subduing it again. Still there were going to be ramifications to her decision. First and most of all was Jack. She loved Jack more than anything! He had always been there for her. She knew that he did love her and it had not been fair the way she had withheld her sexual pleasures from him. On the other hand, Cheri knew who she was and that was a cock hungry slut who would never get tired of experiencing new cocks. Could Jack deal with her constantly fucking other men? There was a part of her that hoped he would get off on seeing her with other men and women. That was the one thing that she hoped would keep Jack around. Cheri knew she would need to get Jack’s new girlfriend into the action.“Good morning Mom.” Lisa said as she walked into the kitchen.Cheri looked at her daughter and knew that was the other big issue. She remembered the previous night when Lisa had claimed to be babysitting but it was obviously a lie. What was her daughter into? Maybe despite her mother’s efforts to make her sexually repressed fatih escort Lisa had become sexually active. The woman Cheri was only twenty-four hours earlier would have grilled Lisa relentlessly until she confessed. Cheri was a different woman and while curious was not going to confront the girl. Still Lisa would soon discover the transformation of her mother.“Good morning!” Jack said as he came into the kitchen to get his coffee.Lisa looked up at her Dad and their eyes locked for just an instant. Both of them briefly relived their oral sex the night before. Cheri also picked up on the awkward moment and wondered what those two were keeping quiet about. “I have to leave a little early today. I have a busy schedule.” Jack said as neutral as he could.Lisa tried to hide her knowing smile as she was certain that her father was going to see Jimmy’s mom and have sex with her. Cheri also held her coffee cup to her lips to hide her own knowing smile that her husband must have an early morning liaison.All three of them could feel the tension in the air as they had their breakfast. Jack rushed out the door while Lisa cleaned up her dishes and grabbed her bookbag. She stopped and looked at her mom and could hardly believe that the woman so conservatively dressed was the same woman who she had watched gangbanged in the video the night before.“Love you Mom!” Lisa said as she headed out to catch the bus.Once again, Cheri felt that her daughter was hiding something from her so she did what every good mom does; she went to her daughter’s room and snooped. She was not sure what she was even looking for. She tried to look in Lisa’s computer but it had a password. She looked through the drawers of her dresser but found nothing. Cheri was just about to give up when she noticed her daughter’s nightgown. Her first thought was just to put it in the clothes hamper but instead she held it up and then she saw the large splatter of cum stains on the chest area. Cheri smiled as she knew that Lisa must have sucked cock while wearing the flannel gown. Then it hit Cheri that unless her daughter was sneaking a guy through the window there was only one cock that could have blasted her sleepwear. Could Jack be having an affair with Lisa? Was Lisa the woman with Jack at the Relax Inn? Cheri sat there stunned as the parts added up. Her daughter was the other woman! Cheri decided to look further to see if there was more evidence to be found. In the back of the closet was a suitcase. Cheri pulled it out and opened it up. The first thing that caught her eye was the realistic cock shaped vibrator. Cheri picked it and turned it on and wrapped her fingers around the buzzing toy. She moaned with thought of how good that would feel in her pussy. Lisa had great tastes in sex toys. Then Cheri picked up the white tank top that was low cut. She would have had a fit if she had found it when she was still Mary but now, she thought it was flirty and just right for a sexy young woman. Next, she pulled out a short denim skirt that would just cover Lisa’s ass. When Cheri looked back into the suitcase, she saw a black thong and then she saw the DVD. Cheri was reaching for the thong when her eyes landed on the cover of the DVD. It was her twenty years younger, smiling and surrounded by a dozen large cocks. “Lisa knows who I am!” Cheri said out loud as she picked up the video. If Lisa was fucking her Dad then he must know as well. If Jack knew then why had he not confronted her? If Lisa was having sex with Jack why would she not tell him? Cheri was really confused as she put her daughter’s hidden possessions back in the bag. Then Cheri decided she had better speed things along. bağcılar escort There was a lot to get done and it had to be done today.While Cheri was searching Lisa’s room Jack was sitting in his car a few doors down from Beth Simpson’s house. His nerves were on edge as he waited his chance to get blown by the sexy MILF. Then Jack saw a teen boy come out of the house carrying his bookbag. He was tall but very skinny but from the brief glance Jack got, he looked like a nice-looking young man that was close to Lisa’s age. Then Jack saw the bus stop at the corner and the boy got on. As the bus started to leave Jack saw that the boy was sitting next to Lisa. Jack wondered if the two might know each other. Jack pulled his car into Beth’s driveway and got out and walked to the front door. There was no sneaking and in fact he hoped that people noticed him. He wanted Beth’s neighbors to know she had a boyfriend. He felt a rush of sexual excitement and decided that the day would come when Beth would invite him over with her son’s knowledge. Jack smiled as he rung the doorbell with thought of the boy knowing his mom was getting fucked!The door opened and Beth was standing there wearing only high heels. She looked absolutely sexy! She grabbed his hand and pulled him into the living room which had a large picture window facing the street. The curtains were wide open and anyone passing by would easily be able to see them. Beth kissed him long and deep before she slipped to her knees. She looked up at him and smiled as she opened his pants and located his fully erect cock. “I have been thinking about this ever since I woke up! Did your wife blow you this morning?” Beth teased as her tongue ran over her red lips suggesting an urge to devour his cock.“She never sucks my cock!” Jack moaned as he reached for Beth’s head. It was then that Jack recalled how he had used Lisa’s mouth the night before.Beth pursed her lips and touched just the tip of his cock. Jack felt her tongue probe the tiny slit and then suck his pre-cum into her mouth. “Someone is excited!” Beth said as her hand wrapped around his throbbing cock. “Don’t hold back! I want to be your slutty other woman! In fact, I plan on coming to your office tonight and fucking you before you go home to your wife!” Beth said and then she opened her mouth and inhaled him.Jack looked down as she pumped his cock with experience of a woman who had sucked a lot of cocks. It made Jack wonder just how many men had this sexy MILF sucked. Jack looked up and saw the picture of Beth and her son. He was a nice-looking guy. The kind of guy that Lisa ought to be with. Lisa should be experiencing the wonders of sex. Fucking, sucking, even taking it up her ass! Yes, Lisa should be having fun just like him!Without realizing it Jack reached down and held Beth’s head and he pushed his cock deep into her throat. Beth moaned as his cock moved down her throat and he fucked her face. He looked down and could see that Beth was loving the way he was using her mouth. It was too much and his cock started to throb. He let go of her head and Beth quickly positioned the cock to suck his semen into her mouth. Jack grunted as his spunk filled Beth’s mouth as her eyes sparkled with joy.Jack felt like he would fall over as Beth stood up and kissed his mouth. She then stepped back and open her mouth and Jack could see she was still holding his cum. She then swished it around and made a show of swallowing it. She then leaned forward and kissed him with her mouth open and Jack could taste his own cum.“Now that you have had your morning treat you better get to work!” Beth giggled as she put his cock away and zipped his pants.She walked with Jack to the front door where she kissed him in full view of anyone passing by, totally naked. Jack parted from her and his head was spinning as he got in his car and drove away.To be continued….(Lisa and her family are a fun group….if you agree your thumbs up will get you more. Please leave comments.)

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