Lisa’s New Role Part III


Lisa’s New Role Part IIIIn the back of the cab the two mistresses didn’t give Lisa a minute’s peace, pinching her inner thighs, rubbing her large breasts and tweaking her nipples. So horny now, the aroma of Lisa’s arousal filled the cab. With Troya kissing and Sonya fingering her Lisa thought she was going to go out of her mind if she didn’t cum soon. Just then the cab stopped and so did the mistresses. They were at the club.Inside, Lisa was overwhelmed by the sight of so many striking black woman and their young white girlfriends, all dressed like Lisa. Like whores on the street. Some dancing, some chatting and some in booths in various stages of undress pleasuring their mistresses.While Troya went to work behind the bar, Sonya and Lisa sat on the other side and in seconds drinks were in front of them. When do I get to cum Sonya, begged Lisa?Soon dear. Soon, said Sonya. Smiling.Soon women began coming up to ask Sonya for permission to dance with Lisa. Sonya always agreed so Lisa spent the next esenler escort hour dancing with some of the most beautiful black women she had ever seen and each one managed to feel her up the whole time they were dancing so that by the time she sat down again with Sonya she was dripping down both thighs.Just then a statuesque black woman walked up and said hello to both Troya and Sonya. Who is your new slut, she asked? She’s cute!This is Lisa. Our new conquest, said Troya. Want to dance with her?I’d rather fuck her, said Lydia.Lisa was mortified. Who was this gorgeous Amazon? How could my mistresses treat me like property and lend out to their friends?But when Lydia took her small hand in her larger warmer one and she was in heat immediately.Will you help me, she meekly asked? I am so wet from all the other lesbians’ attention.Lydia laughed and practically dragged her into a back room.It was set up like a hotel room with a king size bed and bahçeşehir escort a few sofa chairs. The difference was muted lighting and mirrors on every surface. Lisa looked tiny beside the big woman.Strip slut, said Lydia!My name is Lisa, said Lisa.SLAP!! Lydia struck her hard across the face, bringing a tear to Lisa’s eyes. SLAP!I am your mistress and I will call you what I like. NOW STRIP!!!Yes, mistress, said Lisa and kicked off her shoes, pulled her sequined top off and wiggled out of her hooker skirt. Standing there naked, her pussy practically bubbled with wetness.Get on your back on the bed and bring your ass to the edge.Yes, mistress.Now pull those skinny wet legs up to your chest. I like full access.Yes, mistress.Lisa was so turned on she thought she would cum with just one touch to her clit.On her knees Lydia slapped Lisa’s thighs wide open so they were fully extended. Lisa moaned. Then Lydia bent her head and licked slowly başakşehir escort with long broad strokes from anus to clit one time only.Lisa erupted.Her overloaded sexual nervous system could take no more and with an ear-splitting yell she came. Lydia kept licking.Lisa came again and nearly passed out.Lydia ceased torturing the poor girl stood up and stripped.Lisa looked over at Lydia’s massive black cock and her lust filled mind could not make sense of it unless Lydia was a………You are a transsexual, she gasped??Yep, said Lydia! Spun Lisa around on the bed, got between her legs and thrusting 5 or 6 times filled poor Lisa’s little pussy with 8 inches of thick black hard cock.Lisa came again in a mixture of pain and pleasure.Lydia thrust hard and deep over and over until Lisa thought you would lose her mind in pleasure when Lydia stopped and moved Lisa to her hands and knees and filled her again. Driving deeper and deeper. Lisa came again.Lydia moistened her thumb in the flow of juices from Lisa’s pussy and circled the rim of her ass. Lisa groaned. No! Not there! But the thumb popped in and Lisa came yet again.Lydia could feel her own thumb on her cock through Lisa’s body and she started to cum hard. Fucking Lisa as hard and fast as she could she came and came filling her pussy full. Lisa came one more time and passed out.

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