Little Sis Gets Dominated Ch. 02

High Heels

Jessica’s heart raced as Brock closed the door. Her head was reeling from all that had happened. She couldn’t help but relive the experience of her brother dominating her and fucking her mouth. She wondered what he was planning for tomorrow, and she noticed with disgust that she was absentmindedly rubbing her pussy as she wiped her face and licked her brother’s seed off her fingers.

She thought she might be sick at that moment, so she made her way to her bed and smoked another bowl to calm her stomach. “Fuck him,” she said to herself, “Mom and Dad are gonna tear him a new one.” She knew that they would not be back for a long time, however, and Brock was planning on taking her again tomorrow. She turned on the t.v. then, trying to think of something besides her brother ramrodding her throat.

When she went to bed, she found that she couldn’t sleep because she was so horny. She tried masturbating for over an hour, but nothing was working this time. Finally, she collapsed from exhaustion and was embraced by a merciful sleep.


Jessica was having a strange dream. She had been fist fighting some guy; she couldn’t quite make him out. The strange thing was that she was kicking his ass. She had knocked him down and raised her arms in victory, but then he swept her legs and was standing over her. He took out his beautiful cock and put it gently into her mouth. It felt right, so she started licking and sucking lightly. “Good girl,” she heard him say, “that’s a good girl.” He started thrusting deeper, but still gently, and then she woke up.

It was then that she realized why the dream had changed. Brock was standing over her with his dick in her mouth. When he saw her eyes open he popped his cock out. “Good, you’re awake,” he said, lowering his balls into her mouth, “now suck those for me, will you?”

She quickly turned her head and pushed him away. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” he asked incredulously.

“Get the fuck away from me Brock!” she spat.

“Silly girl,” he said as he forced her onto her stomach, “I own you now, remember?” With that he straddled her thighs. Holding her arms above her head with one hand, he pulled her night shorts and panties down off of her ass until he could see her pretty little cunt.

“No Brock, stop it, bedava bahis you can’t!” she said as she squirmed with all her strength. But she was no match for him, and he gave her a hard smack on the ass and grabbed a handful of her hair.

“I guess you still don’t get it,” he said, pulling hard on her hair, “I own you!” As yelled in her face, he grabbed her throat with his free hand and squeezed hard. She suddenly could not breath, and she stopped moving entirely, paralyzed by fear. Still choking her, he let go of her hair and reached down to position his tip inside her now moist labia.

When he regained hold of her hair, he released her throat and she gasped for air and started panting. While she was incapacitated, Brock slid his cock into his sister’s warmth, up to its hilt. He knew that no one had ever been inside her before, and he felt like he was conquering new territory; she was his territory now, after all. She was incredibly tight, but also very wet. She moaned as he entered her, never having felt such fullness before.

She immediately regretted the sound, as it greatly encouraged him, but it was truly involuntary. “There you go,” he said “your body knows your place is serving me.” He built up a steady rhythm, and once her cunt had stretched to accommodate her master, he started pounding balls deep into her. She didn’t want to enjoy it, but he massaged her breast with one hand and pushed the fingers of the other into her mouth. That sent her over the edge, and she started bucking her hips back against him and moaning wildly.

She thought he would like this, but he pulled out abruptly before her orgasm finished. “No, don’t stop, you can cum inside me; I’m on the pill!” She took the pill to ease and regulate her cycles, but he already knew this she realized. He became furious then and slapped her hard across the face, making her collapse back onto the bed.

“Let’s get one thing straight,” her brother said as he sat down and positioned her to lie face down on his lap, “I own you. You do what I say when I say it, and you will never cum without my permission again.” He pulled her bottoms all the way off now, fully exposing her lower half. He stuck his fingers into his little sister and began massaging her clitoris as he continued. “You will act normally casino siteleri around others, but when we are alone, I will give you a command and you will answer with ‘Yes, master.’ Is that understood, slave?”

“Yes” she said resignedly, too much enjoying the sensation of her brother fingering her cunt to make him stop. Suddenly, Brock removed his hands from her, and she realized her error as his hand came down hard on her bare ass cheek. That cheek turned red immediately, and he rose his hand again and struck the untouched one to turn it red as well.

“Yes what, little girl?”

“Yes, master.” She felt humiliated when she said it, but she was immediately rewarded by her master’s tongue on her slit and his fingers inside her again. It was mere moments before she was near another climax, but she knew she had better ask for permission this time or be punished again.

She was nearly there now. “Master, may I cum?” she asked, but there was no answer “Please sir! Can I cum?!”

Now Brock removed his mouth, but was working her flesh with both hands, vigorously. He finally responded “Since you were such a good girl and asked so nicely, yes, you may come.”

“Oh, thank you master!” she said as he returned his mouth to his property. She came violently then, harder than she had ever cum before. He kept working her until all of her after shock had subsided. She could feel her master’s cock pushing against his sister slave the whole time, and now she wanted it badly.

She stood when he released her pussy, and started kissing him wildly, stroking his cock in her hand. She tried to sit down on it, but Brock stood up and broke their kiss. “On your knees.” he said, and she obliged without a second thought. Before he could even say “Open” her mouth was open wide, her tongue out and waiting, and her eyes were trained firmly on his. “You’re getting to be such a good girl!” He rubbed the tip of his cock on her tongue, and she reached out to grab it. “No hands.” he said.

“Yes master.” she replied.

“Good girl. You’re really getting the hang of being my little fuck toy. If you keep up the good work, I’ll make that pussy sing.” He stuck his cock further into her mouth, and a bit down her throat, making her choke. He pushed in a little further, enjoying bahis siteleri the sensation, but then pulled out. “You need to get rid of your gag reflex. Consider that your homework when we’re done here.” he said, as he wiped his dick across her beautiful face.

“Yes sir, sorry sir.” was the reply.

He was enjoying the feeling of his cock pushing against her pretty little face, and he continued to slide his wet cock up and down her face. Then, seeing that she still had her mouth open like a good slave, he placed his balls on her tongue and pushed them into her mouth. She knew what he wanted without needing to be told, and she started gently sucking and furiously licking at his jewels. As she sucked on his nuts, Brock reached down and freed the breasts from their confines under his sister’s nightshirt.

He played with her breasts for a while, then removed his sack from her mouth and pushed the tip in again. He pushed his cock into her cheek, savoring the silky pressure, and then popped it out of her mouth and back in again, like he had seen in videos, several times. Then he remembered another thing he had seen, and he tilted her head up and allowed his cock to glide back and forth, crossing her lips from side to side. She seemed to know just what to do, and she had her tongue pressed up to the top of her mouth, making maximum contact with her brother’s shaft. Then he had an even better idea.

He sat down in the chair by the desk and commanded her to take her top off, and she obeyed. “Now,” he said “I want you to come over here and finish me off with your tits.” She looked confused, but crawled over in the sexiest way possible. She was unsure of what to do, but figured it out pretty quickly when she got his cock inside her cleavage. She pushed her large tits together and stroked them up and down his shaft for a few minutes. As he approached climax, he started bucking his hips and pumping his cock through her glorious titties. When he felt himself about to cum, he tilted Jessica’s head down and she stuck out her tongue. He touched her tongue a few times on the upstroke, until he finally pushed up all the way out of her bosom and into her mouth, grabbing the back of her head and pushing it firmly to his navel. He stood up and hammered her mouth as fast as he could, until his seed shot out into his little sister’s mouth.

He then collapsed back into the chair, but Jessica had learned to be a good slave, and she sucked him clean until he stood, pushing her off of him. “You did well.” he said “Take a shower. I’ll be back later to fuck your ass.”

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