Little Sissy Of Mistress (2).


Little Sissy Of Mistress (2).There he was in a barely covering Maid dress and in stockings. This was very humiliating for him but all this humiliation was making him excited and he was thinking what she wanted next.“let’s complete the attire of this slut” Mistress said and motioned to open the second box. There were high heel sandals in the box and all pink in color. “Put these on” Mistress said “and model for me”The process was repeated again. All the sandals were ultra-high heels. He slipped couple of times as he had no practice in walking in high heels. Every time he slipped, he could hear the ladies giggling. He was feeling so ashamed. Finally Mistress zeroed in on 3 pairs of high heels including one he was wearing. He was waiting for direction of Mistress to remove the dress and change into his normal clothing but she did not say anything. Finally she spoke. “Still not complete”“Now what else is missing” he thought.The lady motioned her assistant and the assistant slipped behind the door once again and emerged a few seconds later with a small box in her hand.She came in front of him and opened the box. He was dumbfounded. He was looking at a big butt plug which looked like an inflatable type and was much bigger than what was currently in his ass, he could see nipple clamps and a chastity device. It also contained a pair of gloves and lubricant of some sort. Lets complete the attire of this slut” said Mistress, “ sweetie do what you are supposed to do” she said to the assistant.The assistant slipped on the pair of gloves. She first took the nipple clamps. They had small bells attached to them. She attached one after the other to his nipples. Sharp stings ran through his body as the clamps bit into his flesh. Next she brought out the chastity device which was a steel cage. She fit it around his cock. It had a locking mechanism on top. After securing the cage she locked the cage with the small lock, walked over and handed the key to Mistress.“Bend over” said Mistress and he did as directed.He could feel the fingers of the girl fiddling with his asshole and the butt plug. She was turning it, twisting it, as she seemed to be enjoying it. Suddenly she yanked the butt plug out of his ass. He jumped with surprise as it took him completely off-guard. Almost immediately she inserted her fingers in his ass and kept them there, he felt fingers gently massaging his ass hole and stretching it. Then he felt something wet being applied to inside and outside of his asshole and suddenly he felt the plug being inserted into his ass. It was nothing like the one he had been wearing for past few days. It was filling to say the least. As he was getting adjusted to that plug inside his ass, he felt it growing in size as the girl started inflating it. She inflated to the extent it was uncomfortable and it was now impossible to remove it without deflating the plug. She then removed something and walked over to Mistress and handed over that to her. He could see that this was the pump attachment of the plug and without that the plug could not be deflated, so he was stuck with that as long as Mistress wanted. Suddenly he was feeling little scared but at the same time he was feeling very excited also. Now you see slut, your attire is complete. This is what you are wearing from now on.”“Are You not forgetting something slut?” she saidHe looked at Mistress, not sure what she meant.“Don’t you have to say thank you to my friends, slut?”“Yes Mistress, I am sorry”“Thank You” he said to them.“Well this is not what I meant” said MistressHe looked at Mistress and then looked back. Both the ladies were naked from waist downwards and were sitting on the counter with legs spread.“Go slut and say thank You to them, crawl, you are not allowed to walk” and he knew what he had to do.He crawled over to the first lady, who was the owner of the shop and planted his lips over her waiting cunt. It felt very warm and juicy. He was feeling very aroused and excited and started lapping up the cunt like a dog. He could sense her arousal growing. She pulled him by his hair and pushed his mouth deep into her pussy to the extent that it was difficult for him to breath and then she climaxed and his mouth was filled with her juicy orgasm. He kept licking as she was still holding him by hair and then suddenly she pushed him. That was his signal to move to the other lady, who was the assistant. He started licking her pussy. This lady was more aggressive as she was pulling his hair, slapping him hard in the face as he was licking her pussy. Suddenly she pushed him on to the ground. There he was lying on the ground.“open your mouth bitch, I want to ride it” he opened his mouth as commanded and immediately she sat on his bingöl escort face, plating her pussy on his mouth. She was pushing hard almost choking him, rubbing her pussy over his face. She was pulling on his nipple clamps which were very painful but he was too busy lapping up the pussy that he was not feeling that pain. Then she climaxed and warm orgasmic fluid was all over his face. Finally she got up.“stay where you are slut” said Mistress. “Look at his face, such a mess, so dirty. It needs to be cleaned.” The two ladies perhaps knew what Mistress meant so each of them positioned themselves on either side of his face and suddenly he felt warm gush of pee coming out of both the pussies on his face. “ This will clean your face whore” said Mistress. When the ladies were finished they got up. “get on your fours whore” said Mistress. He got on his fours.“What do you see?” said Mistress. He looked on the floor, it was wet with mixture of pee and orgasmic fluid all around him. “It is wet Mistress” he said“Well, that needs to be cleaned and you will clean it, USING YOUR TONGUE, so get on with it. He was way past hesitation. No matter how repulsive it was, he had to do it. So there he was cleaning the floor with his tongue like a dog. It took him almost 30 minutes before it was all cleaned. His back was hurting, his tongue was very sore. He wanted to go back home but knew that he was already past the point of no return.He looked at Mistress for her approval.“Good work whore, I think I can train you to be the perfect whore, Get up”He got up. Put on your clothes. Whatever you are wearing remains. Keep your high heels on.He complied as directed. The touch of fabric of his shirt with the clamps ran a painful sensation in his body. The clamps had made his nipples very sensitive. The butt plug was hurting like hell. The chastity cage was hurting his cock as it was not allowing it to be erect. He was not sure what was coming next. All this while Mistress had never even touched him but still he was feeling like he was under a spell and had to comply what was told.Suddenly Mistress rose from the chair and walked towards the door. “Follow me” she said and he followed her. He was feeling ashamed to walk out of the door in heels but complied. Mistress got to her car and motioned him to get in the back seat. He climbed onto back seat wondering what was coming next.The car moved a couple of blocks and entered a big double story house. The car pulled up in the parking. Mistress said “stay” and got out of the car. In about 10 minutes she came back. She opened the door and said. “ Remove these upper clothes whore, You don’t need these here anymore” He quickly glanced over to see if anybody else was in the yard and then immediately he felt a hard slap on his face. “What are you looking at whore?” the slap was so hard, it brought tears in is eyes. He immediately complied and removed his upper clothes. Here he was now sitting in the car with a slutty maid dress, clamps on his nipples, cage on his cock and butt plug in ass. As he looked at Mistress, she threw a collar towards him. It was also pink and had words “BITCH” affixed on it. Instinctively he knew what he had to do. He immediately put it on. Mistress said “You are a whore, a bitch and will be treated like one. Now crawl out of car” As he crawled out of the car, Mistress attached a leash to the collar. He was now being led into the house on fours and wearing a collar and leash. Mistress was walking very slow as if she was enjoying tormenting him. As they reached near the front door, Mistress tied the other end of the leash a pole and told him “stay here” and disappeared inside the house. He did not know what to do. Here he was in such a shameful state tied on the front door of a house like a bitch. He was dying of shame. What if anybody walks in from the gate? He was feeling so humiliated but at same time he was feeling very aroused. Mistress was gone for about 30 minutes after which she emerged from the house, unhooked his leash from the pole and led him outside the house, around the house towards the backside of the house. She opened a door and led him inside. The room seemed to be prepared for the BDSM play. It had all the tools he could think and many more. Crops, whips, paddles, chains, whatever he could think of, was there. There was a bed also in the room which looked like to have been prepared for sole purpose of BDSM play. Leaving him in the middle of the room, Mistress walked over to a cupboard and brought out something. What it was he could not tell. She came behind him, held his chastity cage and slipped some tube sort of thing in the cage. He could feel coldness of some metal but what it bitlis escort was he could not tell as he was afraid to look back. The Mistress came forward in front of him and said Bitch, do you know what I have attached to your cage?” he replied “No Mistress”“I am sure you are eager to please me and are willing to do what I say”“Yes Mistress”“But I do not want you to spoil the fun because if you hesitate then you are useless for me and I have just the thing which will ensure that you cannot even think of defying me and have no option but to comply” she said and held out something which looked like a small transmitter with a small antenna. She pressed a button on it and suddenly he felt a jolt of electricity in his groin area, it was powerful to say the least. It just took his breath away for a second as he was not expecting anything like this. She turned a knob on the transmitter and pressed the button again which resulted in a more powerful jolt which made him almost jump. This shock was very uncomfortable to say the least and then she turned the knob all the way and looking at him she pressed the button again. this jolt was now too much of him and because of it he almost doubled over but the pulses did not stop. He was feeling strong pulses almost every half a second. His mind went blank. He was reeling on the floor in pain but that did not seem to affect Mistress. This went on for a minute and then suddenly it stopped. It was such a huge relief but he felt totally exhausted and drained. This was a nightmare and he knew that he would do anything to avoid these shocks again.“I believe Bitch, now you know what will happen if you do not comply” Yes Mistress” he replied, trying to catch his breath. At this point Mistress said “be on your fours Bitch” and he immediately complied. Mistress walked to his rear. He felt a hand gently caressing his ass. It felt soothing, it felt good. He felt the hand gently caressing for some time and heard Mistress say “Whore, you want to be my Bitch, right?”“Yes Mistress”“You will do as I say, you are my mindless Bimbo, right?”“Yes Mistress”“You are losing your authority to question your Mistress by your own will, right?”“Yes Mistress”“You are ready to be a slut, a whore for your Mistress, whose only objective is to please Mistress, whatever she desires, However depraved it may be. You will do it for pleasure of Your Mistress, right?”“Yes Mistress”“Whore, I know that serving pleases you, that is why you are here, but, I believe you know that anything you want, anything you desire always comes after my pleasure”“Yes Mistress”“My pleasure is foremost and you are never to question the ability of your Mistress, with an understanding that Mistress will push you far beyond your limits but will never put you in danger. Do You understand that”“Yes Mistress”“Do You trust your Mistress”“Yes Mistress”“Good, you seem likely to develop into a good whore”That is what he wanted to hear, that is what he wanted to be. Immediately he felt a very hard spank on his ass which nearly took the wind out of him, but he clenched his teeth, ensuring that he did not cry out. But that was just the beginning. One after the another many spanks followed, one harder than the other. His ass was like on fire, and then he felt the caressing again, which felt very soothing. He felt the other hand caressing his balls, which had not been involved in the play until now. He felt the hand squeezing his balls. It was so hard that he let out a shriek. Almost immediately he felt the electricity jolt through his lower half as well as a very hard spank on his ass. He knew immediately that he was not supposed to do that and clenched his teeth hard. Mistress kept pulling and squeezing his balls and caressing his ass with other hand. Then he felt a rope being tied to his balls.“I am attaching rope to your useless balls. I will attach weights to the other ends, it should stretch your nuts really nice and at least they will become of some use for my amusement. “I am going to remove your butt plug and it will be replaced by something else. Stay where You are and move your head down and ass as high up in the air as you can”He wanted to ask what Mistress was going to do, but, he dared not ask so he did as asked.Mistress attached the pump to the plug and deflated it. As it was deflated, it felt good and he felt relieved but that relief was short lived as he felt another object being inserted into his ass which also seemed like a butt plug. It was bigger than before. Mistress walked in front of him, she was holding a high chair which she kept in front of him and sat on a high chair. “Look at me” she said. The chair was quite high and he was in a position where escort bayan his face was on ground and ass was high up in air so he had to put a lot of strain to be able to watch Mistress.He could see that the chair had a hole in center with a bowl attached to the hole. At the bottom of the bowl there was a tube attached which was disappearing somewhere behind his back, where he could not tell. He was perplexed as to what was happening. Suddenly Mistress rose up. Her face had no expression. She removed her pants. He could see Mistress was now naked from wait down. “I have drunk lot of water and need to relieve myself, but it is precious so it is not to be wasted. He could not understand what was going on and was perplexed. Mistress sat on the chair and the pee started flowing from her vagina into the bowl beneath the chair and from the bowl it started going through the tube. Almost at that time he felt a warm liquid filling his bowels and he suddenly understood. The tube was attached to something in his ass and that liquid was coming out of vagina of Mistress going straight inside his ass. It was much to say the least. He was feeling all full and the reaction of his bowls was to push the liquid out, but because of the butt plug it did not come out and kept filling him. As Mistress finished she rose up, walked behind him. She removed the tube and replaced it with air pump. He felt the plug expanding; it was becoming a very intense experience for him. The pressure of liquid inside and the fullness of the plug were very intense. It was inflated to the point, where he felt that it was nearly unbearable. May be Mistress also understood and stopped. She removed the pump, walked in front of him and twisted his clamps hard which brought tears in his eyes as the pain was too much. Continuously twisting them she said” Now You will hold this liquid and the plug will hold it in place and keep your ass stretched until I want to put it to another use. Keep on ground with your head down”. Mistress left him in this state and walked out of the room. He was wondering what was coming next for him.In this state, he had almost lost sense of time. He may have stayed in this state for may be about 2 hours. The pressure in his ass was immense, the clamps were paining but he somehow was feeling content, after all this what he was looking for, may be not exactly in the way the things had turned out but nevertheless he was living his fantasy. He heard the sound of heels, it must be Mistress he thought but he was very afraid to look. The footsteps came near him and stopped. There was no sound for few seconds which made him kind of nervous. He dared to move his head and suddenly he felt that strong shock in his guts again which made him double over in pain. The shocks were continuous and suddenly he felt a sharp string on his ass, it was very hard and continuous. He was in pain and cried out but neither the shocks stopped, nor the lashes on the ass stopped. Somehow instinctively he got back on fours and the lashes stopped, but the pain from shocks made him double over again. As soon as he fell on ground, the lashes started again and this time harder than before. He understood and got back in position and the lashes stopped. The mild shocks continued. He understood he had to be in that position and bear the sting of shocks. It was very difficult but fear of lashes kept him in position. Mistress came in front of him. She did not say anything. She took the leash in her hand and started walking. He understood that he had to crawl after her. As he started crawling, he felt a jolt on his balls and suddenly he remembered, Mistress had attached weights to balls. They were heavy, it was very difficult to pull and the pressure on his balls was tremendous. He could not keep pace with Mistress and the leash was pulled out of hand of Mistress. As soon as that happened, his heart sank as he knew he was in trouble. Mistress did not say anything. She walked behind him and suddenly he felt as if someone had yanked his balls very hard. He cried out in pain “I am sorry Mistress, please forgive me” but the yanking did not stop and in addition to that the lashes started hitting his ass very hard. This all brought his heart in his mouth. He was crying loud, begging for mercy but Mistress would have none of it and then she spoke “You pathetic worm, How dare You?” The yanking did not stop, neither did the lashes. He could feel the welts appearing on his legs, his ass, his whole back. His whole backside was in pain but Mistress did not seem to care and then it stopped. She walked again and held the leash. This time he was more than eager. As Mistress walked, he pulled hard on the weights, it stretched his balls to the point of very painful but he knew he had no option. He pulled with all his might and was able to match steps of Mistress. His balls were aching, they were stretched to maximum but he was crawling, led by Mistress on the leash and pulling the weights. Part 3 loading…

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