Log Cabin with My Master Pt. 01


We had decided that we would both take Friday off and leave early that morning. We were only going away for the weekend but we were both looking forward to it. You always deserve time off from work since you work so hard. Not saying that I don’t work hard too, but you know what I mean. We both deserve this.

My bag has been packed for a week. I’m sitting on my couch waiting for you when I get the text that you are here. I’ve been antsy all morning and also woke up way too early. At least I don’t have to get on a plane and we can just drive there. We will be in the car for a bit before we get there and I’m hoping that maybe I can take a nap. Very doubtful though.

I walk to the end of the driveway and throw my bag into the back seat. Getting into the car, I hand you your coffee. Just because I’m on “vacation” doesn’t mean I get a break from doing things for you. I don’t want a break from you. I enjoy doing things for you.

“Is there Bailey’s in it?” I didn’t put any in but I have some in my bag. “Put some in there.” I ask you to take a sip first so that it doesn’t overflow when I pour some in. You take a few sips and wait until I pour some in there before you leave the driveway. Gotta start our weekend vacation off right!

“You should eat an edible for the car ride.” My eyes widen as I turn to look at you. “I don’t want to get all weird in the car!” You tell me to just eat half of one.

“I will still be high when we get there though.” You keep urging me to take one until you tell me that I have to. I get the 5mg ones out of my backpack and eat one. “I am just eating a tiny one because I need to be fully alive to pleasure you in every way.” You say good point and leave it at that. It’s too late now anyways, I already ate it.

“So tell me more about this cabin.” I remember that you don’t know what it looks like.

“It has a hot tub on the back porch!” You ask me if it has a fire place and I tell you that I wouldn’t have booked it without one.

“I didn’t ask you to be a smart ass!” I open my mouth and you tell me to close it. Story of my life. “Tell me more about this place. I want more details.” Im not very good with surprises so I start to tell you about it.

“Well, its in the middle of nowhere. At least where theres no neighbors. Theres a little wood or pellet stove. I think its a wood stove. So right when you go in the front door, on the right is the couch and the fireplace and the tv. Then there’s a ladder-“

“A ladder? For what?”

“I wasn’t finished!”

“Don’t loud whisper at me. Keep going.”

“There’s a ladder that goes up to the loft. It’s not the bedroom though which I’m actually okay with. It has a couch up there which is weird. It must be a pullout couch or something. To the left of the front door is the kitchen. It’s a full kitchen. There’s like.. a bar type thing or an island, so that’s cool. A washer and dryer. Past the kitchen, underneath the ladder is the bedroom. The bathroom has a huge shower too! It’s completely open and theres a wall between the toilet and the shower so if I have to pee you can’t see me. There’s also two shower heads and I’ll probably still have to stand in the corner without one.”

“That sounds cool.”

“Yeah it’s super nice, I think you’ll love it!”

We’ve only been driving for about an hour or so and I already have to pee.

“Can we stop? I have to pee already.”

You roll your eyes, not surprised.

“You can get me another coffee while you are in there.” I go in super quick, making sure not to go into the gas station store because I take forever when I do. I get you a coffee and two donuts and run back out to the car.

“That was relatively quick. You didn’t go into the store huh?” I nodded, smiling because you know me.

“When we get into North Conway, do you want to go to the grocery store and grab things or just go right to the cabin.” We decide to go to the grocery store so that we can just hang out when we get there. “So when are you going to take your viagra.” You tell me that you aren’t sure.

“I don’t know how long those things take to kick in, so probably best to wait until we get there, right?” You shrug. “My pussy is going to hurt after this weekend.” You laugh and correct me, “Your everything is going to hurt after this weekend.” I can’t wait!

The edible that I ate is making me horny. Granted, I’m usually horny most of the time anyways. Really anytime I’m around you. I don’t even have to be around you to be horny though. You could be across the warehouse and I catch one glimpse of your sexy self and I want to drop to my knees and blow you.

I keep glancing over to look in your lap, hoping I can see the outline of your cock. You notice that I am looking and you move your hand to squeeze it through your pants. I lean over so that I’m closer to you. Reaching my hand into your lap, I can’t really touch you through your pants.

“If only your pants were off, I’d be able to squeeze that thick cock of yours.” Surprised you respond, “Oh yeah?” Starzbet I so badly want your cock in my mouth, debating on asking you to pull over on the highway but also liking the thought of you driving while your cock is in my throat. Probably safer to pull over.

“Do you want to pull over or do you want to pull your cock out?” We aren’t in any hurry and we are more than halfway there. You pull into the breakdown lane, put the car in park and unzip your fly. You don’t take your cock out. This is surprising because you are usually the one to do that. I don’t question you though. I reach my hand down your pants underneath your boxers.

Down to your inner thigh, your balls feel a little sweaty. I massage them for a minute before I move my hand up to your cock. It’s starting to get hard in my hand, but not fully. I pull your cock out of your pants as you move them down a little bit. I stretch myself out over the console and lick the tip of your cock.

You use your hand to push my head down. I can’t get every inch of your cock and balls because we are in the car but I try my best anyways. Reaching down your pants to continue massaging your balls as I lick and suck that perfect cock of yours. Sucking on the tip and flicking my tongue over it and around it.

I’m not trying to rush but I really just want to get up there so I can spread out. Lick every inch of you. Ride you on the couch. Have you fuck my ass in the hot tub. Ravage me. Suck your cock to wake you up. I try to stay in the moment right now.

“I know I’m sucking your cock right now, but I can’t stop thinking about how I am going to suck your cock in every inch of that cabin.” You get hard in my mouth just hearing me talk about what I want to do with your cock. You push my head down hard, thrusting your cock deeper and deeper into my throat. You ask me if I want a nice protein snack. I tell you that I want to feel your cum shoot into my mouth.

You are still thrusting it into my throat as you cum. I don’t even get a second to think about swallowing it. It just goes right down my throat. Stroking your cock to make sure it’s all out.

“Aren’t you excited to get right back into it when we get to the cabin?” I laugh and tell you that I can’t wait.

We finally get to North Conway and we pull up to Hannafords.

“Do you want me to go in and you wait in the car?” I ask you as you are turning it off. You want to stretch your legs a bit and pick out good snacks so you come with me. We both grab our favorite snacks, while you tell me that I can eat a few more carbs than normal. We are like kids in a candy store. We get soda for drinks, coffee, creamer, etc.

Luckily there is a liquor store right next door so while you bring the bags to the car, I go in there to get some stuff. Beer for you, cider for me, and some captains. The cabin is only a twenty minute drive from the grocery store and we both can’t wait to get there and just hang.

We pull up to the cabin and it’s completely secluded, just as I thought. There’s a keypad on the door and I punch in the code. 2-8-6-8. It looks just as good as the pictures, if not better. You put the grocery bags on the counter and go back out to the car to get our bags. That was very sweet of you, I think to myself. I put the groceries away and open up the cabinets to see what treats they left us with. I always have to scope out places that I stay, for fun.

They left us with plenty of toiletries which is great because naturally I forgot my shampoo and stuff. I knew I was forgetting something.

“Look how cool this shower is!” I loud whisper at you. You come into the bathroom and pee while I stand in the shower. “I can peek over and see your cock!” You motion for me to come over. I walk over slowly, not sure what you are going to do or ask me to do. Better yet, what you are going to tell me to do.

“Get on your knees and suck the piss off my cock.” I have to look up at you to see if you are serious. “Go on.” I start to get down on my knees, my excitement turning to a slight bout of confusion. As I start to get down, you pull me up. “Don’t worry, you will have to do that…just not right now.

Make me a drink, whore.” I wasn’t super against it but I walked into the kitchen to make you a drink. “Do you care if it’s warm?” You ask me if there are any ice cubes in there. I look and there are so I put some ice in your glass. You go and light up the wood stove, sit down on the couch and then turn on the tv. I make us both a drink, get some snacks and sit down with you.

Infinity Wars is on so you keep it on that channel. It’s near the end but you don’t mind. We aren’t really paying attention to it.

“Should I take the viagra now?” I know you aren’t really asking me because you do what you want, when you want. You take out the signature blue pill and swallow it down with some of your drink. “Now we wait.”

I decide to go and check out the loft area. As I’m going up the ladder, I feel you grab my ass. I scurry up the Starzbet Giriş ladder and look at you from above, turning around and pulling my leggings down to shake my ass for you. From the window in the loft area, I can see the hot tub.

“I can’t wait to use that later,” I say as I point out the small window to the hot tub. As you are coming up the ladder I hear you say, “I can’t wait to use you later.” That’s enough to make me melt.

“This loft space is weird.” There’s just a couch up here and board games. “Who would just come up here to play board games?” I shake my head. I have no idea. It would be cool to have a room up here but climbing up and down this ladder just to get a drink or go to the bathroom would be annoying.

“Imagine if you were drunk and tried to get down this ladder? You’d end up breaking your neck!”

Either the viagra is working or I am just making myself believe that I can see the outline of your cock through your pants.

“How long until it kicks in? I’m not really sure how viagra works.” I know that it doesn’t just make you get a boner, it just makes it last longer when you do get hard.

“It says like half an hour or something, I don’t know.” I don’t really press the question. “Does this mean I can blow you for a long time?” You have sat down on the couch with your hand squeezing your cock. “Why don’t you try it out?” You aren’t taking off your pants but I can see the outline of your cock very well through them.

“Are you giving me the pleasure of taking your pants off for you, so that I can unleash the beast.” You call me a creep.

You start to unzip your fly as I move my hands closer to you. You tell me ‘no’ and to wait. As if I’m a dog. You stand up in front of me; I’m on my knees. Reaching down you pull my shirt up over my head, telling me to take off my bra.

Standing directly in front of me, you unzip your fly slowly. Pushing your pants down to the floor and not having to worry about dog hair is a plus. The bulge in your boxers makes me wet. My mouth is watering and you haven’t even taken your cock out of your boxers.

You start to squeeze and stroke your cock through them, knowing that I love it. I could sit here and watch you do that all day but I want your cock in my mouth. I look up at you, just the way you like. You pull down your boxers as they get caught on your cock, you keep pulling them down. I move my arms closer to you and you tell me ‘not yet’.

You take a few steps backwards and sit down on the couch. You want me to want it more than I already do. I don’t know if that’s possible but I always prove myself wrong. I always want you. I always want more of your delicious, sexy self. I always want to find more ways to please you.

You sit down on the couch and stroke your cock a little bit, grabbing it at the base and squeezing your balls. You sit there with your cock ready, waiting to be sucked. Taking off your shirt and tank top you allow me to crawl over to you. I want so badly to just immediately put your cock down my throat until I gag, pulling you closer to me so it can go even deeper into my throat.

I have to hold back. You won’t let me do that yet. Maybe if you knew what I was thinking, you’d let me. I don’t let you in on the thoughts that are swirling around in my brain. I’m between your legs now, as you have let me get that close to you. I reach out and massage your balls, spending a good amount of time with each ball in my hand giving them both the attention that they deserve.

You are squeezing my tits, rubbing your fingers against my nipples. They are hard, craving your tongue against them. I get on all fours so that I can use my wet mouth to surround your balls. Licking right up the middle and around each ball like my tongue is tracing an infinity sign.

I suck on your right ball first, all of it in my mouth at once. Never both at once though. My mouth has been watering so much that your balls are really sloppy already. Moving onto your left ball and doing the same thing with it. Massaging your other ball with my hand so that they both get love.

“I could do this all day.” You tell me that I can. I continue to suck on both of them, together and separately. Licking them up and down and even the back of your balls. I know I’ll be getting a lot of degradation this weekend so I don’t move too far back. I don’t have a death wish. I slowly lick from the back of your balls all the way up your cock to the tip and back down. You inhale and exhale deeply. I know that it feels good for you.

I trace your cock with my tongue and then spread out my tongue to make sure that I’m getting it nice and wet. I can feel my undies sticking to my pussy. I just want to hop right onto your hard, throbbing cock. I slide my mouth down your cock along with my hand. It’s so sloppy and wet and my brain keeps going back to sliding myself down onto your cock. I don’t tell you about these desires because it’s all about you. It should always be all about you.

You push my head Starzbet Güncel Giriş down further and further until I have to come up for air. I stroke your cock for a bit while you mutter ‘fuck’ under your breath, putting your hand on top of my head again so that you can make me choke and gag. I put my arms around the back of you so that I can pull myself closer to you.

You tell me to get up. Laying on the couch that is more like a bed, I can sit on top of you with a leg on each side. Instead of facing you, I turn away from you. One leg on each side of the couch-thing, I lower myself down onto your cock. My lips don’t even need to be separated because I’m so wet. I push myself down on you, your hands on my hips. Putting my arms between your legs to hold myself up, I ride you hard. Moving around in a circle on top of your cock, going up and down slowly so I can feel every inch of your cock going into my tight pussy.

You push me off you and pin me down on the ground, pushing your cock into my mouth making me suck myself off you. I crawl over to the couch and with my back on it and my legs off like in tabletop position for exercising, you get between my legs and stick your cock back into my pussy. You pound away, getting deeper and deeper inside me.

Thrusting yourself harder and harder each time, you release ropes of hot cum deep inside my pussy. It keeps coming and I know as soon as you take your cock out, it’s going to spill out of me. Your warm, sticky cum comes right out… all over the floor. I don’t stop there. I want to suck both of our cum off you.

Sitting with my back against the couch, you put your cock in my face. You are still relatively hard so I put your sloppy cock back into my mouth. Sucking every inch of you so that I can clean you up well. I can’t control myself when your cock is in my mouth, I just want to keep sucking. You allow it, holding the back of my head while you slowly push your cock in and out of my mouth.

Cupping your balls with my hands, keeping them nice and wet. My warm mouth gliding against your cock. “You want me to stick it back in?” I’m not sure why you are asking me this, I don’t think you have ever asked me if I wanted anything. Of course I want you inside me, all the time.

I get down on all fours with my ass up in the air for you. I spread my lips and you plunge your cock back into my pussy, still wet and juicy from the first time you came in me.

“I think I might cum again.” I push back against you as you reach around me and grab my tits, pulling them closer to you so you can go balls deep. Your thick cock filling my pussy so nicely, releasing another load deep in my cervix. You pull out of me as your cum comes with you. You lie back onto the floor, out of breath and happy.

“My legs are so wobbly, there’s no way I can get down that ladder right now.” You tell me that I better get my noodle-y legs down that ladder and make you another drink. I try my best, my legs shaking the whole way down.

“Can I go to the bathroom first and clean up so that I don’t get cum on the floor?” You tell me that I can because you don’t want to step in it. I do that before I make you a drink.

“Do you want your drink up there?” You don’t say anything because you are now coming down the ladder.

Three drinks later you are feeling pretty good.

“Would you rather get food delivered here since you are already pretty nice?” You nod, asking me where we should get food. “There’s a binder that has places in it I think. “You can pick a good place, I don’t feel like getting up.”

I check the binder that is on the table and find a place that delivers. We are both pretty hungry so we order a bunch of food. Ribs, wings, a burger for you, a salad. A lot of good food that will be here in about an hour.

“I don’t know if I can wait that long.”

In your backpack you pull out a collar and leash.

“Put this collar on.” I’m surprised. I do. “This is probably the last thing I expected you to do.” You let me in on a little secret.

“When they get here with the food, you can either be on your knees tied to the barstool with your collar and leash on or you can open the door with a facial.”

I go over each scenario in my head. I know how big your loads are and if I open the door with it on my face.. they will know immediately. I probably wouldn’t be able to see and they would get super weirded out. At the same time, they might think I’m being held captive if they see me tied to a chair.

“Do I have to be in view when you open the door, or can I just walk around on all fours with a leash on?” You tell me that I have to be somewhat in view. I choose to be tied up instead of jizzed on.

“Before this weekend is up, you’ll answer the door with cum on your face.” I figured as much.

The food ends up getting here a little bit sooner than we thought, which works in our favor since we are both starving. Snacks can only hold you over for so long. We are both on the couch hanging out when we hear a knock at the door.

You connect my leash, tug at me so that I get off the couch, and walk over to the door. You are holding onto the leash when you open the door. Looking down, I can feel the stares of the man looking into my soul. He looks at you, then at me, and then back at you.

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