Long Day


Another, incredibly long day. Where anything and everything is so wrong. I walk into the house, just wanting to sit down and vegetate for the next 12 hours. As I walk through the house a fantastic smell comes from the kitchen. At the entry table is a candle burning with a bottle of wine opened and two empty glasses. Fresh garlic bread, herbs, mushrooms. Which means steaks are marinating. As I round the corner the lingering scent of my favorite female.

You never even hear me. I stand in the doorway, watching. You have on my favorite shirt, barefoot and dancing as you glide around the kitchen. I slip in behind you, wrapping one arm around your waist and pulling you into me, as the other moves your hair away from your neck. Kissing your earlobe and blowing softly into your ear, I can feel the goose-bumps rising. I move my hand up to your chest feeling your nipples harden instantly.

Leaning more back into me, moaning. Your hands reaching behind you, you stroke my cock through my jeans as we continue to sway to the music.

I reach my hand down your thighs and up to your hips, pulling you into my crotch, feeling your skin. No barrier of clothing. Turning you around slowly, nibbling bursa escort my way around your neck, letting my hands caress your hips and waist. I begin to unbutton the shirt slowly, pulling the collar to one side over your shoulder, kissing and caressing more. Moving my thumb over your tit, listening to you moan, “More”.

Dropping your head back, you allow me more access to your neck, and those beautiful tits. Feeling your breath quicken as I first nibble and lave on one nipple, then moving to the other. Sucking pulling them to tighter peaks. My hands moving up and down your spine, resting on your ass, molding, you into me.

Moving to drop the shirt to the floor, I step back to enjoy the view. You move forward to me, placing your hand on my neck, you pull me to those soft luscious lips and kiss me deeply. Letting our tongues dance and explore as we sway once again to the music. All the while you un-tuck my shirt and lift it off to toss over your shoulder. As you take a step back you look at me up and down, like a kid let loose in a candy store. Your eyes deepen in blue as your desire increases. You unbutton my jeans and slide them down ever so slowly.

You run your bursa escort bayan nails down my bare ass, pushing my jeans to the knees. Moving down my body, removing my pants first from one leg then the other as your caress up and down my legs with your fingers and nails. God I love those nails!!

Coming back up, you take my engorged cock into your mouth, deep. Playing your tongue all around, then sucking up off my shaft, as you continue up. Raking your nails up my ass, letting your breast rub across my twitching cock.

Grabbing you by the shoulders I pull you up and drop to first one nipple sucking and biting as my hand moves into your oh-so-wet, slick pussy. I moan at the same time you do. Not being able to stop myself I immediately increase the rhythm. Feeling you starting to contract as I move my two fingers in and out of you, faster. I can feel your cum building, pushing you up against the counter, for you to balance. Never missing a beat as you build more.

Quickly kneeling down in front of you, removing my hand, you moan. Your juices flowing down all over your inner thighs. Placing my hands between your thighs and up to hold your ass, I lift slightly as your legs escort bursa spread open for me. Licking my way to your center core. Diving directly into you. Taking one long lick up your pussy and tickling your clit ever so slightly. Quivering, you place your hands on my shoulders to steady yourself. Pushing and controlling your cum. Listening to you scream my name as you shudder. I continue. Pushing. Prodding. Throwing you off the cliff.

Slowly I release you. You start to slide down the cabinets. Picking you up I carry you to the dining table. Being your just putty in my hands, I set your feet down on the floor. I turn you to bend over the table. Moaning, you spread your legs again, giving me perfect access and a gorgeous view. I bend forward to kiss from your neck down your back and I push my cock deep into you. Pulling your hips against me, slowly I rotate, getting deeper. I can feel your pussy clamp onto my cock. Sucking in my breath I try to hold back, as you start to move and clench harder on me. I pull out to just the tip and just barely move in and out as you moan. Making me harder with every noise you make.

Stroke for stroke you match my rhythm. I can feel you cum, as your juices flow more now, down my shaft to my balls. Pulling out more then deep again, again and again. Moving harder against you, listening to you start to yell for more. Pushing into me…

How Long was your Day?

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