Lost My Virginity At Woods


Lost My Virginity At WoodsdeleteddeleteddeletedI was a very reserve girl in the village and I will not talk much with anyone I have a dusty color complexion and had a size of 34-32-36. This is my experience of losing my virginity to my uncle’s son when I was 18. One day while going to take bath I heard some sound in the woods nearby when I went there I saw a couple having sex the guy was pushing his penis into the women’s pussy and pumping it hard and the women were moaning like anything. I am only 15 at that time and I got very nervous seeing that and ran out from there. After seeing that my imaginations started to go wild and I started to go into that woods regularly and peek at couples doing sex there.Seeing that regularly made me very horny and I started to touch myself every night it felt so good but in never inserted my full finger into my pussy as it hurted. Since I had no access to internet my curiosity started to grow on the sex and I was 18 at that time. I always used to peek on the couples from a tree one day my uncles son suriya saw what I was doing. I got so scared and ran back to home but he didn’t tell anything. I went to his room and begged him not to say anything bursa escort about me in the house and he said ok. He came from Chennai for festival.After that next day I was drying all our clothes at terrace Suriya came to the terrace and asked me to do you like porn and I got nervous and said yes. He brought his laptop with him and showed me some sex video and it made so horny I was going crazy and he said we will go deep in the woods and I will show more videos. I know what he was trying to do and I said no but he said he will say everything in the home if I don’t come. I got scared and agreed to that. The next day came I lied at home and went to the woods and waited for him and got him deeper in the woods. He then opened his laptop and started to show some porn movies and it was so awesome and I looking very keenly.Suriya slowly placed his hands on my thighs but I got afraid and pushed his hand away. Then he again placed his hands on my spine as I can feel chillness in my spine. My body started to shake and he slowly started to come near me and pulled me to him and kissed me in my lips and I can’t `breathe for second and I resisted but he didn’t let me go and kept kissing me bursa escort bayan in the lips. He pushed me to the ground and laid on top on me and kissed me very hard and I started to enjoy it. We started to roll on the ground and I felt a big rod near my pussy it was his penis.I became very afraid and started to resist that he didn’t leave me and blackmailed me that he will tell everything in the home and he said it will hurt only at the beginning. Then made me lay in the ground and removed his pant and t-shirt. He was not wearing any underwear and he was standing nude in that place. I felt very shy and closed my eyes with hands but removed my hands and laid on top of me nude and removed my saree and blouse. I was wearing a white bra. He started to kiss me again in the lips and started to suck all my saliva and bit my lips and then came down to my boobs and removed my bra and started to slap my boobs. It was untouched so it was shaking like a jelly. Then he started to suck it hard and crush it hard and nipples started to become like a rock but he kept on sucking it.Then he came down to my pussy and it was hairy but he started to suck all over my pussy and he inserted his escort bursa finger into my pussy but it was so tight and it was painful. I screamed and pushed him away. he got so mad and tied me to the tree using my saree and I was so scared but he pulled me and spread my legs to the maximum. And rubbed his rod in my hairy pussy and it was so erotic and I was erotic and I started to moan like hell since we were in woods no one will hear us so he kept rubbing it.He then inserted his dick inside my mouth I resisted but he holed my mouth and opened it by his hands and inserted it dick inside my mouth and started to stroke it in my mouth and I was so disgusted and tried to spit it out but he kept on stroking it in my mouth and he released his jizz inside my mouth. I had his jizz all over my mouth. Then he spread my legs again and took his fully loaded rod and slowly placed it in my pussy entrance and slowly inserted it. I started to feel the pain and told to stop but he started to push very hard and the push was very hard I started to bleed. Still, he kept on going and took it out suddenly and inserted it again and stroked it hard and after some time I too started to enjoy it.We both tried sex for some more time and I got exhausted and we cleaned our self and went home. Soon I married Suriya and it has been 8 years this happened.Thanks for reading the experience all readers can drop their suggestion

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