Lot A6


“Next, we have lot S1, that’s S1 ladies and Gentlemen. She’s a Beta grade suckslut, offering herself up for 1 week, with light body mod accepted. We are starting the bidding at…” She blocked out the actual bidding process, trying to calm her breathing while she waited in the wings, wearing nothing but the Blindfold her Master had put on her before dropping her off for auction, and the collar they had fitted her with. She knew it had her own lot number, and her grading. The thought of the appraisal process made her shiver, her holes still aching from the testing they had done. Part of her still could not believe she was about to be auctioned off to a stranger for an evening, her body theirs to do with as the pleased, and yet she had asked for this, begged for it even. It had started innocently enough, just the rush she got teasing her boyfriends’ friends a bit, an innocent flash of leg during parties, and now here she was, an appraised, collared, graded chattel slave, moving blindly towards the auction block.

“I can’t wait to see who buys you, kitten.” Her Master had told her, with a grin on his face as they drove up towards the rear entrance of the vast mansion that housed the sex slave auctions. He had been dubious at first when she proposed the idea, but it had grown on him, and she had felt the excitement building as he has researched the markets, picked the one he felt happiest with, and filled out all the paperwork. She had trusted him, signing where he said to sign, as he explained it was for one night, with her safe word intact, and no permanent alternations allowed. He had warned her they would have a pretty through examination process, but she had shrugged it off, she never minded being ogled. When they reached the rear of the mansion, she had been a bit overwhelmed, it looks like a massive loading dock, leading into a dim warehouse. Her master has parked in a bay, gotten out of the car, and then helped her out. Two tall muscular men in black collared shirts and slacks had come out of the warehouse to meet them.

“she’ll need to be prepped Sir.” They told him, and he nodded, pulling out a padded silk blindfold.

“I brought it.” He turned to her, giving her on last deep kiss, looking into her eyes before pulling away, and siding the blindfold into place. “be good, do what they say, and server your new Master well.” With those words, he had pulled away, and gotten back into the car. She heard him driving away as strong hands gripped each of her arms, and a gruff voice spoke.

“Alright slut, I’m sure for him you’re his precious little pet, but to us you’re just meat for the auction. We can’t damage the merchandise, but if you disobey, or make our lives difficult in any way, we can turn the grading process into a living hell. Be a good cunt, do as we say, and we’ll have you graded, primped, primed and up for sale before you know it.” As they spoke the bodily lifted her up onto the platform and pulled her, blind and stumbling, into the warehouse.

Her clothing went first, perhaps as expected. Rather than risking her blindfold, her top and bra where cut free with quick strokes of a sharp knife, the bits of her clothing falling to the floor with whispers of torn cloth. Her skirt was pulled away, and her panties were cut free, exposing her to the cool air of the massive, echoing space. Her shoes and socks where pulled from her feet as strong hands held her upright, keeping her from tripping. They groped her casually as they worked, calloused fingers sliding down her spine, or across the curves of her ass, ignoring her whimpers of protest. Once she was nude, they stood her up, spread her legs wide, and left her standing there as they looked her over.

“Not the worst slut we have had through here today, what kind of service is she being sold off for?” A voice asked, the direction changing as if she was being circled.

“paperwork says she’s a pretty advanced butt tire escort slut, being sold as an anal service pet.” The other had said, sounding bored.

“Advanced huh? The first responded, as fingers dug into her ass cheeks, making her jump and almost fall. “Hold still bitch, you were already warned once.” The gruff voice had made her shiver, as those hands squeezed and groped her full cheeks, and then pulled, spreading her shamefully wide. She had flushed at the rough treatment, and his next words only make it worse. “Huh, advanced anal slut? “she had felt the warm wind of his breath as he leaned in, examining her asshole closely, forcing her cheeks even wider apart. “Poor things fucked; a hole this tight won’t hold up to those perverts”

With those chilling words, the hands let go, and she was once more grabbed on either side. “We got more sluts coming, lets get her to processing.” She was half guided, half dragged forward, struggling not to stumble in her bare feet, the blindfold making it impossible for her to tell where they were going. They tugged her this way and that, talking over her head as if she was not there, just a slave to be transported. Eventually they stopped, pulling open a door, and waves of heat and steam poured out.

“Alright pet, if you’re going to be tested as a proper buttslut we have to get you cleaned out.” Those words had chilled her, despite the warm air, and she blushed even worse as she was pulled into the warm room.

Eventually, they deemed she was all clean, and they dried her off and pulled her forward once more. Her asshole ached slightly, from their insistence that a buttslut like her should take the extra-large nozzle. They laughed as she begged for something smaller, inexorably forcing her to stretch around the huge steel enema tip. The laughter had continued through the whole process, watching her whimper and moan as they pumped her full, over and over. It made her wobble as they pulled her deeper into the complex.

Finally, they stopped, and another door creaked open. She was led inside, and her arms were forced up, and then shackled. Once she was bound, arms above her head, the men paused only long enough to grope and squeeze her body one last time before leaving, the door swinging shut with a thud. She had stood there, wobbling a bit, for a subjective eternity. Finally, the door creaked open once more, and she heard the distinctive click of high heels on the smooth concrete floor.

“Hello Pet.” A smooth, cultured female voice made her shiver, something in it seeming almost predatory. “Let’s see, standard slave contact, up for auction tonight, logged as a… Butt… Slut.” She drew out those last two words, her tone altering in some undefinable way. “well well well, we don’t get many of those, this might actually be fun.” This pronouncement was followed by more clicking of those heels, and then the unmistakable snap of someone pulling on latex gloves. The heels were accompanied by the slight squeak of wheels, and a rattle of steel as the woman drew closer once more. “Lots of tests to get through slave, so do be a good girl and follow my instructions. Just because I can’t visibly damage you, does not mean I can’t make these next few hours… unpleasant. “

The examination had started off almost boring, just measurements, the slither of a tailor’s tape, and the touch of those slightly draggy latex gloves as every one of her measurements was taken in intimate detail. Unlike the men from before, this woman moved with clinical detachment, those latex clad fingers never straying from where they should to hold to tape measure in place, each measurement followed by the scratch of a pencil, and the clatter of a clipboard. It was probably that very detachment that made it all the more shocking when two of those fingers were suddenly shoved deep into her pussy, making her gasp, and rock back against her shackles, escort tire very nearly losing her balance.

The fingers twisted mercilessly, curling and spreading, exploring her, but with a focus on understanding, rather than pleasure. They mapped out her cunt inch by inch, probing and tugging.

“Nice tight cunt, wet even without stimulation, someone’s been enjoying this.” The woman seemed to be mumbling to herself, though she was speaking loud enough that every single embarrassing word could be clearly heard. Finally, the fingers slipped free, only to pause, tracing her pussy lips, spreading and tugging them, coating them in the wetness those fingers had dragged from deep inside. “Mmm, nice full pussy lips, too bad you’re mainly anal, some guys would pay a lot to get their mouth on this cunt… suitably tight as well. If you were mine, we would add some jewelry, but this is not about me.” The woman continued her running monolog, cataloging her, measuring her in an embarrassingly intimate fashion.

Next those fingers pressed against her lips, probing, forcing her to open her mouth, the taste of her own dripping pussy still clinging to the gloves as the woman ran her fingers along her teeth. “Open wide, and don’t you dare bite me.” The calm menace in that warning chilled her, even if she had no intention of angering this demanding woman. The appraiser thrust her gloved fingers deeper into her mouth, pressing down on her tongue, and then deeper still, curling them until the slipped down her throat and made her gag. She struggled to breath, and suppress her gag reflex, groaning as the woman proved and twisted, abusing her throat, and spreading the taste of her cunt across every inch of her tongue.

“Well… with a gag reflex like that you’re not much of a suck slave, but hopefully that’s not a deal breaker. Nice tits and an abusable ass should drive your price up… assuming you can live up to your paperwork.” That comment was accompanied by the women’s hands cupping her breasts, lifting and squeezing them almost painfully. “Good, your nipples harden easily, another mark in your favor.” She had blushed as her arousal responses were cataloged, whimpering slightly as her nipples were then tugged, squeezed, and even twisted, the woman clucking to herself, but not saying anything further as she finished her breast exam. “

“Hum, good teeth, strong jaw, nice tits, tight cunt, so far you’re checking decent boxes. Time for a closer look. “The heels clicked away, and a mechanical hum filled the room as the chains pulled tight. Pulling her up onto her tiptoes, and then off the ground completely, her shoulder joints aching as they were forced to take her weight. The pain distracted her enough she did not hear the wheels until her weight was slipping into some sort of chair, tall enough to take the pressure off her joints. A few moments later her legs slid into stirrups and were secured in place. The chair cupped her back, and the edges of her hips, leaving her ass exposed. It rose, taking more of her weight, and then the chains released, leaving her lying in what felt like a modified gynecologist chair, though one that left her even more exposed. “There we go, now we can get a better look at you. First up, let’s see how flexible you are.”

The stirrups her legs were trapped in started to pull apart, forcing her to spread her legs wider, and wider still, until the ache in her hips made her groan, and then cry out. Only once she exclaimed in pain did the spreading stop, having forced her almost into a full split. “Not the most flexible, but that’s ok… as long as this stretches…” The position left her spread obscenely wide, and the woman took advantage, forcing 2 lubricated fingers into her ass. She was still sore from the previous treatment, and whimpered again as her hole was forced open without warning or prep.

“Really? Just two fingers tire escort bayan and you’re whining like a little virgin. I thought you were supposed to be good at this. “The disdain dripped from the woman’s lips as she twisted her fingers back and forth, trying to spread them against the tight ring of muscles. Ignoring her tightness, and clear discomfort, a third finger was forced inside, followed by a fourth, the fingers once more pushing, twisting and turning, exploring the limits of her endurance with clinical detachment.

“Stubborn… but you do stretch nicely. Let’s see how far we can push that.” The fingers were pulled free, only to be replaced with cool metal, some sort of toy or tool being forced inside her before she could think to resist. It slid in easily, lubricated steel, and far smaller than the 4 fingers she had just been subjected to. At least, it started small. With a remorseless clicking sound, the arms of the anal speculum started to open, and her asshole stretched. Each click spread the arms wider, her backdoor opening to the cool air of the room. The woman kept clicking as her asshole started to ache, and then to burn, the muscle forced to give way against the unrelenting steel. Finally, when she was sure she would split in half, the woman stopped, letting out a self-satisfied little grunt. “there we go, that’s the gape of a proper alpha grade anal slut. Someone’s just going to love ruining this little hole. I might have to bid on you myself.”

The woman moved away at that point, the cruel speculum holding her wide open, the cool air of the room caressing unnaturally deep inside me, making her blush and throb. Eventually, the woman returned, and closed the speculum, muttering to herself admiringly as the abused hole only slowly managed to close again. The machine whirred, her arms were let down, and the chair lowered, the stirrups closing until she was back on her feet, her arms down by her side.

“Looks like you pass, let’s get you cleaned up.” A warm towel was pulled from somewhere, and her body was rubbed down, the lube washed away. Her arms were pulled behind her back, the cuffs replaced with a tight arm binder that held both arms firmly behind her back. Finally, a collar clicked into place around her neck, tagging her for sale.

Things had passed in a blur after that, the woman left, the men returned, rushing her out of the room and down yet more hallways. She was passed into the hands of attendants to clean her, carefully oiling her skin around the blindfold and restraints. Someone else teased out her hair, washing it, and carefully styling it as she was made ready for sale. Before she knew it, she was on the wings of the auction house, hearing the first girl go up on the block.

Her reverie was cut short as firm hands gripped her, and someone pressed a ball to her lips. Unthinkingly she opened them, only to have her mouth forced wide around an oversized ball gag, her jaw aching from the strain almost immediately. The gag was strapped in place, hidden under her hair, while someone else expertly touched up her makeup. “You’re up, 6” A soft voice said, and she was led out to the stage, the heat of the lights washing over her as she felt the pressure of countless eyes taking in her naked form, the oil glistening in the spotlights that pinned her to the stage, almost dazzling her even through the blindfold.

“And finally, tonight, we bring you a special treat! “The auctioneer boomed, into the whispering crowd. “A6 is attested to be an Alpha Grade Anal slut, and she’s being offered in a rare, one-year contract.” The crowd buzzed, and her mind raced. It was supposed to be one night, not one year. “Her Master has decided he wants her to get some seasoning, so she’s being offered up with no safe word, and no limits… save one.” Her heart pounded, and she tried to speak, finally understanding the reason for the oversized gag, which prevented her from uttering anything but a weak moan, totally lost in the buzz of the crowd. “She’s the winners to use however they wish… but her pussy is off limits. The winner will be given the option of a chastity belt, or piercings, to be applied before they take ownership. Bidding starts at $100,000”

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