Love to watch


Love to watchI have to admit watching Anne being fucked by another guy when neither know I’m there really turned me on. One day in particular comes to mind, Anne had been talking about a young guy from near her office that had been showing a lot of interest in her while she had been in her favorite cafe for lunch, apparently he had on a couple of occasions when the cafe had been busy asked if she minded if he shared her table. This went on for a few days and he had presented her with a rose on one occasion and asked her if she would join him for a drink after work. Of course I knew what the young guy wanted and it wasn’t just a drink, the young guy must have known Anne was married the large engagement ring and wedding band on the left hand must have been a give away. After being asked on another occasion Anne agreed to meet for a drink, apparently the young guy was attentive and funny without appearing to push the fact that he wanted more.After drinks he walked Anne back to her car and giving her a goodnight kiss which she allowed and returned she wasn’t surprised to fell a hardening cock pushing against her. This sort of meeting went on for a couple of weeks resulting according to Anne with him wanting the two of them to have sex, the problem being he lived with his parents and not wanting to take a married woman to a hotel, though I think he was just short of funds. Of course Anne wasn’t going suggest our home due to the fact this was supposed to be a big secret from her husband. bornova escort In the end I suggested going parking in Belair National Park, some of the areas are totally deserted from one day to the next.Anne suggested it to the young guy suggesting that Saturday meeting near the tennis courts before driving to a more isolated area. I’d told Anne I had to be in the office on Saturday anyway and to have a good time and don’t get caught by anyone, knowing where the meet was I set off to the ( office ) half an hour before Anne left and headed to Belair parking within sight of the tennis courts but more or less out of view, not that Anne would be looking. More or less on time Anne’s Range Rover pulled into the parking area and a young guy climbed out of an old Torana and walked over to the Range Rover opened the door and climbed in, then it backed out and went further into the park. I’m glad to say Anne isn’t a great believer in using four wheel drive or checking rear view mirrors. She drove around a little bit then pulled off into a secluded bit of track, if it had been me I would have picked somewhere a bit more secluded and went further into the bush. I have to say I’m glad she didn’t go in too far as parking my car and following would have been much harder. By the time I got somewhere I could see without being seen the two of them were into some passionate tongue wrestling, my darling wife’s blouse already undone to the waist. I know in porn movies they take escort bornova their time in fore play but a first time fuck for a young guy with raging hormones with an older married woman is entirely different. From where I his I had a perfect view into the cabin of the Range Rover I watched as Anne urged him into the back seat where they would be more comfortable, watched as she pulled down his zip and eased his cock into view in relation to her hand I would say round the 7 to 8 inches mark then slowly stroked it as he started to undress her. His fore play consisted of sucking on her nipples while pushing his fingers as deep into her cunt as he could, before Anne told him to slow down and taking his hand showing him where her clitoris was and what he was to do with it, she had also dropped the window for fresh air because I could hear a Neil Diamond song (amazing what sticks in your mind). I thought I’d heard some voices in the distance but they’d disappeared. Looking now I could see Anne had taken the guys cock in her mouth, I knew what that feeling was like and hoped he didn’t suffer from premature ejaculation as that would really annoy her. By now Anne had decided he was as hard as he was going to get and she was more than ready for him be cause they moved into a position where he could penetrate her and luckily for me I was the right side of the car for the perfect view of his cock burying itself to the hilt and as I watched my wife being fucked I stroked bornova escort bayan my own rigid cock. It was then I heard the muffled giggle a couple of young lads were off to one side of me I guessed in the f******n to sixteen age group, I thought they were going to make a lot of noise and cause Anne and partner to cut and run but the two of them went silent and watched. Knowing they were watching also turned me on even more, I’m not sure they could see me if they didn’t show it and remained engrossed in the show. Now I could hear Anne moaning as she approached orgasm along with the grunts of the guy as he rammed his cock into her hard and deep, the two young lads both had their cocks in their hands and were jerking hard as well. Anne’s groans told me she had orgasm-ed and that the young guy had shot his load, the sounds seemed to trigger similar effects in the three of us watching as I shot my load and the two lads where now laughing as they shot their loads all over the place. The sounds of laughter creating an instant effect in the Range Rover as there was rapid movement as the two of them tried to dress and get into the front seats while starting the engine and reversing out all in a couple of minutes, much to my disgust as I expected at least two sessions before they left. For my part I corrected my clothes and walked out from my place of hiding listening to the voices of the two lads describing what had happened to each other, and what they would have done given the chance no doubt they would go back to the same spot for the next couple of months hoping for a repeat. It appears the young lad had been put off by almost being caught and the affair cooled without another get together, but Anne said she’d enjoyed the one off and I didn’t say that I had too.

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