Loves Chances Section 01


Dina moved through the crowd carefully, watching, with her dark green eyes, the scene that was being played out. She had always loved this lifestyle and being back into it was just what she needed to keep the plans she had been working on hidden, especially from those who where around her the most. They needed to be kept from knowing the truth that she was dying inside.

Normally she wouldn’t dress as she had, being slender though not to thin, with dark red hair that curved down toward her waist. Dina’s slender frame was held snug by the silver silken spaghetti string dress that only came to mid-thigh. She normally was known to be on the giving end, not the receiving, though there had been a few times in which she craved the pain and release. Even those within the lifestyle did not understand her, so she felt. Knowing both sides of the whip, though craving the control rather then letting that much go, she never considered herself a switch, because she didn’t feel she could let that side of her trust so much in one person. Especially not now, not after what had happened. Add in the fact that every other time she was let go with the same statement, ‘it wasn’t her calling. It wasn’t truly in her heart, to give all of herself.”

Finding a spot in the back of the room where there was just enough light to see if someone was there or not, Dina had found a place to sit on the floor. Dina felt this was a good spot to hide away from the crowd and still have a good view of the scene. She tucked her legs to the side and under her as she leaned back against the wall. As she watched, a Mistress brought her submissive girl up to the cross at the front of the room. The woman took the girl’s wrists, placing a pair of padded cuffs around them before binding them to the cross. Then she did the same to the girl’s ankles and bonded them to the base of the cross. The woman started out with a fleece-lined glove, running slowly over the naked flesh of her submissive. She would move in time with the music that had been chosen. Switching from the glove to a rope flogger, going to a heavier flogger, as the music would change. Building faster and harder with each stroke and change of flogger. The girl’s moans filled the room and Dina’s ears.

Between the music and the scene that was taking place, Dina had became so engrossed into what was happening she lost track of the others around the room. She hadn’t been aware that from the time she sat back in the corner she had been watched carefully. Dina was loosing herself, as she knew what she craved though dared not to indulge in it. She was living the scene that was taking place and forgot where she actually was. It wasn’t until she felt the soft touch of fingers slide along her long hair did she snap from the scene, only to notice that someone had come and sat by her. A soft gasp was given as those dark green eyes slowly ran up the woman’s slender frame that was dressed in black leather pants and matching corset. She had lowered her eyes before meeting the woman’s, not because it was the thing to do; rather it was to keep things hidden. Dina couldn’t help but keep her eyes on the woman’s five-inch stiletto leather boots. It had completed the sexy attire that adorned the woman sitting beside her. A soft seductive voice echo’s out just close to Dina’s ear that she could hear. The woman that had sat in the chair next to her whispered, “Enjoying the scene? Such a pretty little thing like you should not be alone. She should also be enjoyed by a strong, loving Mistress. I am Ms. Leslie, and you are…?”

Dina swallowed a little as she had allowed her eyes to follow the woman’s frame once again, before looking toward the scene that was slowing down. She had thought she could go the night unnoticed. Perhaps though, if she played the part of a submissive that was not interested and still be respectful, the woman would loose interest.

“Adina, Ma’am. Though everyone calls me Dina for short.”

The woman seated beside Dina smiled. As Leslie ran her fingers through Dina’s hair she spoke low. “I like that name, its very fitting of such a pretty little girl. So Dina, what brings you to the play party and alone? I would tend to think that someone of your beauty would never be alone, nor should she be left alone.”

The two had talked back and forth for a while as the scenes would change, then change again. Soon the night was dying down and Leslie asked if they could meet up tomorrow and talk some more. With a tentative nod they exchanged where they could meet up and have some coffee the next afternoon. Leslie had offered a hand to help Dina up from the floor and then followed her to the door, wrapping Dina’s coat around her shoulders before placing her own on. Then Leslie followed Dina to her truck and, before the door was opened, she had turned Dina around, pressing her close to the side of the truck. Breathing a little heavy, Dina raised her eyes to look up slightly at Leslie’s blue eyes.

There was a slight grin on Leslie’s lips as she leaned Starzbet in and softly kissed Dina. Melting into the kiss and closer to Leslie, Dina’s eyes had closed. She had longed for this feeling though she also knew that she had let in too much as Leslie would have been able to see some of the things that she was keeping hidden. A low moan had formed as Leslie’s hands slid into Dina’s coat and massaged her curvy frame. Then a faint whimper had passed Dina’s swollen red lips as Leslie withdrew her hands from within Dina’s coat and withdrew from the kiss, whispering something about seeing Dina tomorrow afternoon. With ease, Leslie lifted Dina into her truck and closed the door before walking off to her own car.

That night Dina couldn’t think of much else besides that kiss. It had left a pang of desire deep within the pit of her stomach. As she looked down at the plans she sighed a little, so much to do and so little time left. At the end of the month the plans would be finished and everything would take place. In a few days she would start the beginning of the end, though for now she would go along and meet this woman and make the last few days within someone’s company.

As the time passed and she was to meet Leslie she went through the normal what to wear thing, though Dina wasn’t like any normal girl. She was more of the tomboy. Always, in the end, she would settle for a pair of jeans and some sort of shirt. During the whole drive she thought of the night before and Leslie’s lips upon her own. With a shiver she pulled into a parking spot and slid from the cab of the truck. She had figured she could get there a little early and have some time to settle down before Leslie arrived. Though as she turned around to grab her wallet and cell phone, Dina felt something brush her ass. Gasping a little, she figured it was some guy making a pass at her. Her hand rose, ready to slap the guy as she spun around. Though the other caught her hand woman’s as those dark green eyes looked slightly up into the piercing blue eyes of Leslie’s. Dina felt her blood heating, her body relaxing slightly as a nervous smile touched her pinkish lips

“I … I’m sorry. I thought you were someone else trying to make a pass at me.”

Leslie was reading Dina’s eyes and soul with her own eyes, though a smile appeared on her red lips as she spoke. “Well, I was. Let’s go inside, shall we.”

Nothing Leslie said was made as a question, rather just a statement. With a nod Dina locked the door and closed it before following behind Leslie as they went into the coffee shop. Dina felt the bit of warmth running in her cheeks at the words spoken by Leslie about another woman making a pass at her. She didn’t think she was that special to have someone make a fuss over her looks, or anything else for that matter. Then again, it was told to her her whole life.

Sitting across from Leslie, Dina kept her eyes slightly lowered, although she couldn’t help but look over the slender blonde frame seated with her. She didn’t make a fuss as Leslie ordered for the both of them; though it was something that normally she wouldn’t allow anyone to do for her. The slight blush had remained as she felt Leslie’s foot rubbing against her calf as the waitress took down the order.

Once the waitress was out of view the attentions quickly went back to Dina. Talking through out the whole time at the shop, they had shared coffee and a crumb cake that seemed to melt in their mouths. Dina didn’t notice this at all as she could not keep her attentions off what Leslie was talking about and doing to her leg.

As they sipped the last of their coffee and set down the money to pay the bill along with a tip, Leslie moved to stand, reaching out her hand to help Dina out of the booth. A light smile played on her lips as she took Leslie’s hand and stood. Leslie leaned in and purred a soft whisper in her ear as they walked out the door.

“Come for a walk with me, my sweets. Lets talk some more. I want to learn more about you.”

Dark green eyes widened slightly at the thought of letting anyone too close. A slight tremble ran along her spine. Either Leslie didn’t notice or did not care. Leslie’s arm slipped around Dina’s slender waist and led the way down the old railroad path. Oddly enough, Dina leaned into the hold and sighed softly. She was getting tired, though, of keeping up the appearance to make sure no one else knew what was really going on.

As they walked and talked, everything was kept on the light side. Leslie asked about what Dina had liked and disliked, what sort of training Dina had had. She admitted to Leslie that she was a switch, normally going as a Mistress. That was when Leslie turned to Dina and pressed her up against the nearest tree and whispered in a husky voice.

“Then why did you come to the party as a submissive? What are you hiding from Dina? What is it that I see so clearly in your eyes?”

Dina had let out a soft gasp as she felt the closeness of Leslie’s Starzbet Giriş body against her own. Breathing a little harder as her mind clouded slightly, and then at the mention of what was being seen in her eyes, she looked away. “Damn, damn!” she thought to herself. She knew better to let someone read her eyes. Slightly she shook her head, trying to think of something to say, although so much pain was building that it stung in her eyes. “Dina, answer me. Why did you come like that. Why is it I see that you are hiding something? What are you hiding from Adina? Tell me. Trust me!”

Dina couldn’t help it. She swung her hand and broke free from Leslie’s hold and started walking back to where they came from.

“I can’t do this. Please don’t.”

Leslie closed in behind Dina and wrapped her arms around the girl’s arms and waist. Pulling her back off her feet as Leslie moved off of the path. Dina was kicking and letting out pleading cries only to find her back against a rock wall and was pressed close once again. Her lips inches from Dina’s as she kept a soft, whispered tone. “What can’t you do, Adina? You know what you want, and I know your wants. Why do you fight it?”

The tears burned as they slowly slid down Dina’s cheeks. Melting closer to Leslie’s slightly larger frame her body trembling as she admitted it in a soft sob.

“Its hard, I.. I can’t trust. I.. don’t want to get to close. It’s all I’ve wanted but can’t have.”

Leslie slipped a finger under Dina’s chin and lifted it slightly. As blue eyes looked deep into dark green eyes, Leslie could see the pain and hurt. Lightly her thumb went up to brush at the tear line. There was that softness in Leslie that Dina had read right away.

“Adina, I want you to become mine. I will not take no for an answer.”

With that Leslie reached up and unlocked a silver necklace from around her own neck then slipped it around Dina’s and latched it, whispering that this would do until she found a fitting collar that matched Dina. Dina wanted to run, wanted to hide although she had a feeling if she did, Leslie would just find her. Even as the necklace was placed, her mind would race, thinking of the plans that were to take place within the next few days with the end results coming at the end of the month. This collar would mean they would have to be put on hold, at least until she was hurt and left alone again.

Once again Leslie arm slipped around Dina’s waist and lead her back toward the cars, speaking low of what she expected and wanted of Dina. Oddly enough Dina’s body relaxed a little more into Leslie’s hold, listening closely to Leslie and nodding softly to make sure that she understood what was being said. At her truck Leslie opened the door for Dina, although didn’t let her get into it right away. Leslie’s hand moved up to cup Dina’s cheek as she whispered softly, “Always remember you are my baby girl. I am here for you and you can trust me Adina.”

That night Dina couldn’t think much of anything but of Leslie’s words. How could she trust this woman? Her green eyes looked down at the papers with the plans, the will that she had drawn up with all but her signature and being notarized. A slight frown had touched her lips as she took the papers and placed them in her files. This was not going to be easy but she would try her best to see this out and what comes of it.

She didn’t sleep much either, sitting up on the couch the TV on. As she lightly played with the necklace that had been given to her, Dina glanced at the clock now and again; she was supposed to meet up with Leslie after work the next day. For some reason this made her very uneasy. With a sigh she curled into the couch and tried to get a few hours sleep before the long day would begin.

As the day wore on Dina couldn’t help but keep watching the clock, especially as the end of the day came near. Even the drive to where she was to meet up with Leslie seemed longer then normal. Pulling into the driveway she took in a breath. Instead of some place that was public she was meeting Leslie at her little cottage. Though the place was very beautiful, even with the snow that was on the ground. The tall pine trees that surrounded the property secluded the cottage even though it was out in the middle of nowhere.

Dina sat in the truck a few moments trying to calm herself. Perhaps it was too long because soon Leslie came out of the cottage and walked down the path. Grabbing her bag for the weekend, she slipped from the truck only to be pressed in against Leslie’s frame, close enough that Dina could smell the sweet scent of shampoo and soap. Without a word Leslie took Dina’s bag and leaned in, pressing a soft kiss on her lips before turning and walking back to the cottage. Not looking back to make sure Dina followed.

The kiss had left Dina trembling slightly; the fear that was swelling inside was starting to bubble. Slowly she followed Leslie into the cottage, taking slow breaths to try and calm Starzbet Güncel Giriş down. She knew this weekend was going to change her, although she had to wonder if it would be for the better. Or would this only break her more then what she was. Only time would actually tell which it would be. Dina knew deep down though that this was perhaps the last chance she would give into love and being loved.

Inside the cottage Dina quickly picked out the soft scents of lavender and vanilla. It was warm and inviting, everything seeming to have its own place and fit well into the comfortable decor. The fireplace kept the cottage cozy but not to hot. Off to the right side was the eat-in kitchen. On each side of the fireplace was a door leading into a bedroom with its own bath. It was smaller than Dina’s parent’s place. The biggest factor was there wasn’t as many people. The little cottage just seemed perfect for Leslie.

Leslie came out of one of the bedrooms and smiled as she stepped behind Dina, shutting the door. With the click of the door closed Dina suddenly felt closed in. Her tremble came back, Leslie had to have felt it as she took Dina’s hand and lead her toward the fireplace. Then she settled down in a plush chair and pulled Dina into her lap whispering soft words of encouragement to relax.

Slowly Dina’s body would relax and her heavy lids would slip closed. Enjoying the feeling of warmth that was growing inside. She didn’t know how long she had stayed as she was or when Leslie had moved. Though the next thing she knew was a soft silk material was being slipped over her eyes. With a gasp her hands went up to feel the blindfold. Dina’s body becoming rigid once again as the fear set in. Leslie’s hand went up to grasp around Dina’s slender wrists. As she whispered soft words into Dina’s ear to relax and trust her.

Breathing a bit harder, Dina’s whole body would tremble as she listened. Though her mind raced with thoughts, she could not stop the reaction. Leslie had lifted her upwards into a stand; she could feel the slightly taller woman behind her. Holding her frame close as that soft voice hummed in her ear. Though she tried the tears would come, sliding down her cheeks, burning like fire. Leslie tried all she could to calm Dina down, though frustration did soon sink in. Dina had been hurt badly, so badly it had done so much damage.

Taking a chance Leslie pushed Dina hard against the wall. Pressing close as lips searched harsh, but loving against Dina’s. Through tears and fears the ping set in the base of her stomach. Kissing Leslie back, a little and calming down slowly. Hands would wonder along Dina’s sides, as Leslie kept her frame against Dina’s being sure that Dina knew she couldn’t go anywhere and hide.

Once Dina had calmed down the kiss was slowly broke from the tongue twisting sensual dance. Leaving Dina breathing heavily and whimpering slightly wanting more. Leslie’s hands slid up grasping the end of Dina’s shirt and pulling it up over Dina’s head, setting it off to the side. The blindfold still on all Dina could do is listen and give, reluctant as it might have been. She could feel Leslie’s hands cupping her breast over the fabric, then lean Dina forward. As the hooks of her bra was loosened and removed from her body. Dina trembled slightly feeling the cool air and not sure about what was going on. This was happening all to quick, her mind racing with thoughts. Leslie perhaps picked up on what was going on and pressed closer, sending Dina’s back to rest once more on the wall.

She could feel Leslie’s lips just barely touching her ear. As she spoke Leslie’s hands caressed over Dina’s breasts. “Now my pet, who do these breasts belong to?” Leslie spoke low against Dina’s ear. Dina could feel the Leslie’s hot breath as it passed over the sensitive skin, causing a new sensation. Along with the soft touches it was fogging her mind slightly.

Though she had been well trained she knew what was expected. Dina had heard of such a claim, though never saw or experienced it. She licked her lips to moisten them before answer. “Yours, Ma’am.”

The scene would continue with questions asked of who did parts belong to and then answered correctly, if not Leslie would take her hand and pop it hard with one quick motion. Leslie’s hands roaming over Dina’s body as she was slowly undressed. Moving from her breasts, to nipples, down to Dina’s stomach. Moving down again she began to strip of her pants and thong. Leaving Dina bare and vulnerable to Leslie.

Leslie slid her hand over Dina’s ass cupping the soft roundness before giving a firm slap to the bottom and asking whom it belonged to. Then to her hips and to her clit giving the hard bud a smack before asking. She would begin to rub and tease the warming spot. Always asking whom it belonged too and waiting the answer before moving on. Dina could feel one of Leslie’s feet move between her own legs and tap at the sides of her feet. A slight tremble ran through her tiny frame as she complied and opened her legs for the woman.

Though she knew what was to happen next it still took her by surprise, as Leslie’s fingers slid down over Dina’s sex. Her lips still barely touching Dina’s ear as she whispered again. “Who’s pussy is this my pet?”

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