Lucky Afternoon Part 4


Lucky Afternoon Part 4Nikki raised up and reached for a towel to wipe her cum from my stomach and cock which was now limp. I was sure it was going to get hard again very quickly if she continued to wipe and look at it. Finally she stopped and went into the bathroom and closed the door. Since I had never had anal sex with anyone I found myself wondering if my cum would leak out if she sat on the toilet? I erased the thought and as soon as she brought her smiling face out of the bathroom she sat on the bed and lit cigarettes for both of us. I went to the bathroom and closed the door and stood there looking in the mirror as I washed my cock, just in case she might want to kiss or suck it. I was getting hard just thinking of how this cock had been inside her and I had cum and she had cum with me.I walked back to the bed and she had fixed our drinks and we sat there side by side but very close with our bodies touching. She would lean against me and I against her and we smiled at each other like a couple of k**s on their first date. She told me that she had thought of getting some breast implants and asked how I felt about it. I told her that I absolutely loved them just as they are. She gave me a big smile and kissed my cheek. I softly kissed her lips and then lowered my my mouth to her lovely little nipples and gently kissed and sucked each one. She placed her hand to the back of my head and held me while I sucked. I knew she loved to have me worship them like this and I felt as if I could do it for hours!After several minutes we lay back on the bed. I rolled pendik escort onto my side to reach my drink on the nightstand and then Nikki moved up behind me. She was so close that I couldn’t roll onto my back but it felt so nice to have her body pressed to mine. She started kissing my ear and I was getting hard in a hurry. I slid my hand between us and felt how hard she was and teasingly place it between the cheeks of my ass. She was sucking on my earlobe by this time and her breathing was a sure indicator that she was getting super hot.She pulled away and rolled me onto my back. She kissed my mouth in a lustful fashion that could make a dead man cum! Damn! She really knows how to use that sexy tongue. She broke the kiss but with her lips very close to mine she said,”let me breathe for both of us.” I had no idea of what she was talking about but she placed her open mouth to mine and ever so gently she sucked tha air from my lungs and then with an exhale she had her breath in my lungs. There are no words to describe this sensation! The more she did this the closer I was to absolutely losing my mind! She had me so hot I knew I had to be dreaming but finally she pulled away and smiled down at me. I put my hands in her hair and pulled her mouth back to mine and with our mouths open and held tightly together I began to breathe for both of usWE finally broke the kiss and like a say, I was ready for anything! I rolled onto my side and pulled her close behind me. She could barely speak as she whispered, “Do you want me to do kartal escort you?” My reply was to reach for her heavenly cock and pull it toward my ass. She knew I wanted her and she reached for the lubricant. She very slowly and teasingly applied it to my virgin asshole. I kept waiting for the sensation of her finger entering me but she kept massaging me until I was almost to the point of begging her to fuck me. At last she started her finger into me. I was so hot and wanting it so badly that her finger didn’t hurt at all. She slowly worked it in and out of me and I was more than ready!She pulled her finger out and wiped it off and asked me,”Do you want me to use a condom?” I was barely able to talk! I wanted her in me. I wanted her lovely cock in me and I wanted her to hold it all the way inside as she cums. She moved up so I had a close view of her lubricating her cock. I couldn’t help myself, I had to kiss it and lick the precum that was about to drip from the head of it. She pulled away and I watched as she teasingly applied the lube. She made sure to do the whole length of it and this was a sure indicator that she was most definitely going to put it all the way in me.I wasn’t sure of just what position to get into but I had read that for deepest penetration the receiving partner needed to have their ass in the air. God knows I wanted the deepest penetration!I got on my hands and knees and Nikki moved up behind me. She slid that slippery cock between the cheeks of my ass and I used one hand to guide her to my asshole maltepe escort that was so ready that it was twitching. She very slowly applied pressure ad I totally relaxed. She entered me slowly and pulled it back but not to the point where the fantastic head left my body. Each stroke found her deeper into me and at last when she was all the way in I realized that I was being fucked. Not a rough episode like on the videos, this was sensuous, This was between two lovers who were wanting to please each other and beautiful little Nikki was pleasing me like I had never been pleased!She began to work her cock harder and faster but there was never any pain. Just a desire to feel her lovely cum spurting into my body as I had felt it in my mouth.I reached for my cock and was jerking off but she replaced my hand with her own.Damn! She knows what I like! She stroked it in perfect time to her thrusts and I told her that she was going to make me cum. She held her cock deeply inside my ass and although she was not cumming, I had a pretty good idea of what I was about to experience. Several more strokes of my cock and there was no stopping me. She felt my cock erupt and she buried her fantastic cock in me and treated me to the most erotic climax that I had ever known. I thought I had cum really hard before but never anything like this. I wish I could have seen how much cum she shot into me because it seemed like she would never stop.We were both going limp and she pulled out of me. I reached for a towel and she used it to clean herself as well as to wipe up the mess that my cum had made of the sheets. I pulled he close and we shared one of the softest and caring kisses that any lovers have ever shared and we clung to each other, never wanting to be apart. The more I am with her, the more I love her. Go to sleep my pretty baby, I love you, Kiss.

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