Lunchtime with Lauren


Note: All characters are completely fictional and over 18 years of age. Hope you enjoy 🙂

Please leave feedback if you enjoyed, sequel to possibly follow 🙂


English had just finished and I was heading down the stairs to get my lunch. I opened the double doors out onto the quad then crossed over to buy my sandwich. Being early I was first in line, and as I went to sit down the rest of my friends arrived, as loud as usual. My eyes were drawn to Lauren, my girlfriend, with her outrageously short skirt and, despite the weather, no tights.

Her medium length brown hair was loose and she swept it to the side as she bent over to pick up a coin she had dropped, her skirt riding up so I could just see her pussy. No panties, what a slut. I went over and kissed her, my hand round her waist resting on her bum.

We all went to sit down on the benches, Lauren snuggled beside me, legs curled under her and practically sitting on my lap. We kissed, and her hand, obscured from the others by my shirt, crept up my chest whilst the other rested on my cock. I was ticklish so as her hand rose up my shirt it was hard not to laugh. She canlı bahis added to the agony by running her cold fingers up and down my chest until I was practically bursting.

Her other hand moved away from my trousers and I felt it slip down, under my waistline until her hand was wrapped around my now fully erect penis. She played with it and rubbed it for a few minutes, and it took all my concentration not to cum. Eventually she conceded, removing both hands, and with a mischievous look leant over and whispered:

“Your turn. Do your worst.” She winked at me, and repositioned with one leg over me and her rucksack over our crotches so that no one could see. Looking into her eyes she seemed determined not to lose, as I slipped my hand under her skirt. She wasn’t wearing pants so my hand went straight to her cunt. I rubbed with my thumb, and as I increased my speed she began to get wetter.

I repositioned myself so that I was almost behind her, allowing me to use my whole hand to rub round in circles on her vagina. I continued to rub as I stuck my middle finger out to make smaller circles inside her clit. I paused for a second and she thought she bahis siteleri had won, but just as she relaxed back onto my cock, I quickly slid my middle finger up her cunt and she gasped. Everyone looked at us.

“Oh… Er… I just remembered I left my physics book at home.” She said flustered trying to cover up. The others were more interested in their food, so turned back. I raised an eyebrow at Lauren and grinned, as she looked annoyed. With a look of determination on her face, she rocked back taking me by surprise forcing more of my finger up her vagina.

Not complaining, I slipped it back in and pumped in and out of her, using my index finger to rub her clit. Her breathing quickened and her cunt started to drip with moisture as I slipped two, then three fingers in.

“Stop!” She whispered suddenly. “I’m going to come!” She got up and practically dragged me to the girls toilets on the drama corridor. She ran in, locking the door behind us. “No one ever uses these toilets.” She explained, unzipping her skirt and stepping into a cubicle, dragging me in by my tie which she then took off, unbuttoning and throwing off my shirt. I unbuttoned bahis şirketleri her shirt, and predictably she wasn’t wearing a bra, so her huge tits popped out as I threw her shirt over the cubicle wall.

She was now standing there naked, her face red from horniness, panting. I was standing there in just my trousers, which Lauren removed, pulling my throbbing dick free. I picked her up around the waist, hands clutching her smooth round bum and she shrieked, a grin on her face. I put her down on the top of the toilet, and knelt down, my face at the same height as her cunt. She was still wet so I was able to slip two fingers in again and began pumping them in and out, as her breathing grew harder and faster.

I pulled out, then positioned my head between her thighs, tongue out. I went down on her, my face fitting snugly between her thighs, tongue licking her pussy. She was dripping wet now as she let out a long moan from above me. “Oh yes… Fuck yeah” as her hips rocked into my face. She screamed, trembling as her legs locked around my head and her orgasm swept over her. “Ohhhh…” she groaned as she relaxed, legs slumping over my shoulders as her juices poured over my face, tasting sweet in my mouth as her head fell back and she gave a whimpered moan.

“Joe… that was… amazing.” She said as I propped her up to support her over to the showers to get cleaned up.

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