Lustful What Ifs… Ch. 01



During the time my best friends Dave and Mindy were making out, they stopped their lustful encounter out of fear of offending me. What if they continued their passionate kissing on the floor at my feet?

The moaning and grasping continue as I watch their bodies entwine. I watch as Dave ripped open her shirt to reveal her crimson bra. His hands roam all over her body from her small breasts to her full ass, stopping at her pussy to stroke it feverishly. He pulled down those straps to expose her erect nipples. Lowering his head, Dave takes one rosebud in his mouth and rolls his tongue around it. He tugs at it gently with his teeth. Meanwhile, she is writhing beneath him, her hips thrusting up to met his. Her desire can barely be contained within her flesh. Her hands reach out to grasp anything to ground her ecstasy. It is my leg that she finally clutches as I sit in the chair watching and waiting. His rough hands reach up her skirt to rip off her panties. He finds himself and plunges deep inside her. Their bodies move in slow motion. Dave rolls her on Starzbet top of him and Mindy would bounce on his large cock, pussy juices flowing onto his balls. I just watch them fucking, taking pleasure in their pleasure. As her flesh blushes with climax, I stroke my clit in order to ease the pulsating need in my nethermouth. I know the intense longing would be too painful to bear. I need my own release. Do I join their naked bodies writhing on the floor? Do I spot my opportunity to slide between them when Dave flipped her over to thrust from behind? To hear the slapping of bare flesh, slick with lustful sweet sweat, I am not able to just sit there watching. I need to entangle myself.


I received the following email:

“I’m sitting here at the keyboard, and my penis is shifting in my boxers. A picture of you and I rolling around all hot, sweaty, and naked just ‘popped’ into my mind, and my dick grew to about 9 inches. Ooh, my rock hard cock just spread through the slit in my pants, and is rising in all its glory! I’m rubbing myself all Starzbet Giriş over, my rod thrusting back and forth, back and forth. All I can do is imagine pushing my warm, pink member deep into the recesses of your moist vulva. I want to nibble on your earlobes, kiss you gently on your neck, and then thrust my tongue into your mouth, as we kiss passionately. My loins would slowly begin to burn for you. I would run my tongue and fingers down your breast, and suck your pink, perky nipples. I’d kiss you all the way to your crotch, then slowly work my way down to your lips, rub my tongue all over your clit, pausing once in a while to stick my tongue into your wet, dripping vagina. You’d come into my mouth, and scream out in pleasure!! OHHHH, yes, yes, oh god, YESSS!!! Then I’d bring my lips back up to yours, and kiss you hard on the mouth. Over and over again, I would plunge my fingers into your pussy until you screamed out once again with extreme satisfaction. Then you’d make me breakfast. Your love slave”

Do I respond to find out who this secret admirer Starzbet Güncel Giriş is? Do I know how to respond? I write back telling my “love slave” what to do. I tell him to bask naked in the moonlight of an open window as he strokes himself into a frenzy of lust. I tell him to pierce a part that would heighten sexual pleasure. I instruct him to take a picture of his erect cock and send it to me. How far would my slave go? How far would I go? What if I pushed him over the edge?


The time you leaned down to gently kiss my lips was different? The kiss you gave at the front door before you left me for the night was not sweet, but passionate and lustful to match your dirty thoughts. I watched you all evening, biting down on your full juicy lip. I knew what you wanted each time you sucked in your lower lip. You were wishing it were my lips that you tasted. Your body language betrayed you. Naughty, naked thoughts danced across your eyes. That lustful kiss would have been the key to open my desires. After I push you back into the door, I kiss your chest as my fingers work at your belt buckle. My anticipation to feel you heights as I slowly unzip your jeans. I know you want me. I know that you want to feel my mouth on your thick cock – to feel my lips sliding over your luscious smooth tip, licking off your cum.

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