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Ariele shopped for weeks looking for the perfect outfit. Heels of black leather boots that rose above her knees almost to her thigh, clicked rhythmically on the light oak floor under her feet, as she made cat liked strides towards Alex. She swings the riding crop up in the air before she stops dead in front of his handsome face..

Looking down at him she says sternly. “Are you ready to serve your Mistress, in the manner to which she deserves? ”

“Yes My Goddess,” he says to her respectfully.

“Very well then, go to the bathroom and get the manicure and pedicure supplies under the sink, where you left them last time.”

“Yes, My Mistress, anything to please you Mistress. “

His voice trails as his feet step closer to the bathroom door. He opens it, and retains the suggested supplies from under the cupboard just as he had left them a week ago. He turned on the hot water, letting it run for a few minutes; then, added a spoonful of sea breeze aromatherapy salts to the foot doctor. He gathered all the needed articles, including the new VS magazine in case Mistress Ariele wanted to look through it, and walked back out, leaving the door ajar. He set the foot doctor down in front of her, being careful not to splash the water onto the floor. He plugged it in behind the dark blue rocker recliner.

“May I remove your boots please Mistress?” He sat in front of her kneeling.

She replied in seductive tones “Yes, you may My Sweet Pet, and you may kiss your way up my legs as you do so.”

Alex bent his head towards the toe of my boot, and kissed on top of it first, then turned towards what would be her inner ankle, and began a trail up her leg on the inseam, taking his time, feeling the smooth cool of leather against his lips.

Finally reaching the top, he lifted the zipper and pulled downwards, listening to the sound of it peel down her leg down to her ankle, exposing silk wrapped shapely toned legs.

He licked his way back down to her ankle, and then rolled the silk stocking down her leg, flinging it behind him on the carpeted floor after pulling it off. He cupped her feet admiring well manicured toes, brightly polished in a candy apple red with air brushed white hearts.

Alex lifted his Mistress’ foot and opened his mouth, pointing her greater toe and began sucking on it. He slid his tongue to the next toe, lips nibbling at each toe, stopping to suck each one.

Tossing the other boot into the corner after unzipping and removing it, strong hands gently grasp and massage up her legs, fingertips enjoying the curves of her leg muscles.

His lips kiss up the silk stocking on the back seem, waiting for his fingers to catch up. They do, and roll the stocking down her leg, ever so slowly, enjoying the soft feel of her freshly waxed legs against the palm of his hand.

Then set each foot into the warm and soothing water, the aromatherapy salts making vapor in the air.


You hear her moan as she lays back, you duck your hands in the water and immediately begin to massage my feet. She enjoys the feel of your thumbs and they knead circles on the arches of her foot. Working your way up her ankles and calves up behind slender knees.

She purrs contentedly and coos. “You are very good with your hands My Pet, this pleases me.”

You look up at her with a devoting gaze. “It is my desire to serve you My Mistress.” You massage her other lower leg and foot, and then leaves them soaking in the water, the bubbles lapping around her ankles. Ariele looks down at you, admiring your sexy smile, the depth of your eyes, the adoration in your stares back at her.

She spreads her legs, and expose a sweetly shaven velvety smooth pussy, moist with dew kisses. Her long fingernails spread shiny pink lips apart, showing you her pretty inner butterfly, with beautifully shaped wings, and pert little head.

Her index finger circles her soft nub, sultry smiles down at you. “Do you want to taste my sweet treat Pet?”

Your mouth opens; your tongue reaches out as your head leans up and into her center. She rest her hand on the back of your head guiding your face to your prize.

“Such a good pussy licker you are… you are hungry for your Mistress sex, yes My Pet?” Starzbet

Your voice almost pleading. “Oh, Yes Mistress. My mouth waters for your honey sweet drink.”

Sexy stares into your eyes, deep husky tones. “Then show me, how hungry you are.” She spread her legs wider, inviting you to worship at her alter. Your mouth attaches itself to my pussy, flicking your tongue around my clit at the same time you suck on it, feeling it fill and engorge, getting harder in your mouth. Leaning back farther, lifting long lithe legs and resting knees on each one of your shoulders, grinding her sweet mound into your face.

“Yes, Oh, yes!” She purrs out ” Suck my itty bitty clitty.”

Your face rises from her wetness; you look up at her with glistening smiles. You move the foot doctor, and turn it off.

Burying your face into her wet slit again. Your tongue licking the outer sides of tasty lips, tickling and teasing her so artfully. Then lapping up under the hood of her clit a few times, before nibbling it and suckling on it, making the round little sweet pea hard and bursting to cum. Your middle and index fingers finds a wet inviting hole, and your tongue dances over a hardening clit, suckling the juices that are creaming from her slit. More moans of pleasure as your feel your fingers being squeezed by vaginal walls, sucking them in deeper.

Pressing your head against me, a small pearl hard and rubbing against your lips. You know by her body movements and sounds that she is riding a wave up towards the goal of blissful climax. her body tenses, my eyes tightly closed and sighs of ecstasy soar loudly into the air as she achieves the ultimate feelings completely washing over her entire body.

Feather like kisses that turn to passionate grinds. Hips meeting each one of your thrusts, as they buck up and down, her orgasm waning down. Your face is sticky sweet, wet with honey sweet juices. Her face expresses what her body feels, and you have a strong sense of pride that you were able to give her, what her body craves most: Intense Heat and Passion. She sits up, crossing her long legs, looking at you, reaching out and wiping my cum from your beard. She looks directly into your brown eyes and says.

“Your task is to find a woman, open to join us, allowing us to pleasure and push her sexual envelopes.” And she continues. “I expect to see her dressed and in a French maids outfit serving us dinner. Capice’ My Pet?”

Arieles left eye brow rises, studying you carefully for the expected genuine response I like to hear.

“Yes My Goddess, what ever pleases you.”

You kneel quickly before completing your sentence.

“I am here to serve your every desire.” You spent your afternoon searching for a girl who you knew would meet your Mistress’ approval while she napped. Hours in the kitchen preparing her favorite feast. Grilled chicken breasts, brushed in teriyaki and garlic, sitting in a bed of spinach leaves with several tomato wedges, drizzled in ranch dressing; and, a tall glass of half iced tea and pink lemonade.

You light the candles on the table, set the stereo on continuous shuffle of a mixture of tunes. Enya, Enigma, REM, Matchbox 20 and Train adding them all carefully into the slots designed for Cd’s. You pour the ice water into cobalt blue water glasses. You wait for the knock at the door, you know your Mistress will be waking from her afternoon cat nap soon and will need attending to.

Secretly you wish she asks to have Miss Kitty licked clean, then getting a woody thinking about it. Your hand lowers to cover your erection, as you continue on your preparations, knowing you are setting the stage for the evening. You hear the knock, you walk quickly to open the door, wide smiles when you see that she had dressed up exactly as how you had requested.

“My Mistress will want to see you soon.”

You say almost hesitantly, wanting a piece of you for yourself before you see to the needs of your Mistress.

Your eyes undress her, leaving a trail of heat on her body, tickling her senses. Your hand reaches out and brushes up against her cheek affectionately.

” You look utterly delicious, if we had more time, I’d want to bend you over the kitchen counter and Starzbet Giriş fuck you now!”

Your voice smiles, the heat of your gaze penetrating her. The slave smiles and replies sweetly.

“I am here to serve, both you and your Mistress.”

You flash your bright white sexy smile, leaving your dimples showing, and her cheeks display a soft pink blush, her fingers fiddling with the feather duster. Tawny eyes look up at you, as your hand guides her upper back, across her shoulder blades and into the living room dining area. You show her to a place to sit until further notice. She sits quietly, crossing her legs, hands setting in her lap, fingers loosely woven together. You hear your Mistress’ call, and you hurry to her side. Pulling down the covers as she sits up, knowing every one of her needs before she has to ask. Assists her to a standing position, and very submissively asks.

“How can I be of service to you My Goddess?”

Crooking her neck to the left, then to the right, she hears a snap and a crunch as her neck moves back into place. She lifts her foot up.

“Please, put my boots on for me”; you do so quickly and efficiently.

She stands and looks at her reflection in the mirror, long lithe legs, sexy leather boots, and voluptuous breasts, rounded over a tight corset. She wiggles her hips and tugs at the edge of the black knit skirt trying to give it another half inch of length.

Ariele stands tall and smiles, knowing she is alluring, and carries the erotic scent of intoxicating passionate sex, for magical sexual encounters. Red lipstick applied, then a sheer gloss over, to rub her lips together making the perfect blend of a fuchsia red. Fuck me lips to match fuck me eyes. She walks into sprits of the rich exotic scent Mambo and walks out the door. Leaving you staring at her heart shaped ass sashaying seductively, with the smell of lust in the air. The slave girl smiled wantonly at your Mistress upon meeting her. Deep curtsies, showing off her brazen bosoms. She raised the riding crop up to tickle over her curves, down her waist, and then a swerving line back to her cleavage.

“It would serve you well to listen to me Lil One,” she paused, “for I am a woman with very distinctive tastes.”

She licked her lips and made a biting motion, then almost a growling sound turning into a purr as she stepped closer to her. She cupped her left breast, and pinched her nipple with thumb and forefinger, bedroom smoky eyes smoldering into tawny browns orbs.

Angelic tones. “Yes Mistress, what ever is your bidding, I am here to please and serve.”

She reaches down and grabs a handful of your pussy, startling you and igniting fires within her. Sultry whispers in her ears, almost like a tapping noise made with your voice

” You will please me when you do as I say.” She curtsies.

“Yes Mistress Ariele.” Slow smiles watching her bend at the waist and then rise again. You lead her to the dining table, pulling the seat out for your Mistress first, then for the slave girl. You pour the wine into a crystal glass, swirling it in front of her nose, awaiting her nods to fill the glass half full. She takes a drink, savoring the taste as it rolls gently over her tongue before swallowing.

In a very commanding tone she spoke.

“I wish to have her tied to this table My Pet, do so now.”

You begin to clear the table, removing the candles first. Then the plates, glasses leaving it bare except for a white crisp linen table cloth. You guide her onto her back, and walk to the hutch, getting out the lavender silk rope.

You loop around her wrist, and then bind it to the leg of the table. Letting her arm outstretch to her left, then the same to her right arm, extending it, and securing her wrists to the leg of the table. Completing each ankle as well. She lays spread eagle on her back, dressed in a French maid outfit. The first thing she instructs you to do is to take the sharp knife and cut her clothes off of her body. You do so obediently, being very careful with her bra and thong, just unhooking her bra, laying it across her right arm, and pulled her thong down to her knees. You untied the apron strings and slipped it under her body and onto the couch Starzbet Güncel Giriş a few feet away.

“Such a pretty little slut slave, isn’t she My Pet?” She says to you coaxing your caresses over her body.

“Prepare her for me.”

“As you wish My Mistress.” You reply submissively.

You lower your head over her perky breasts; small nipples harden as you flick your tongue across them and then blow softly. Then nibble and suckle, moving from one breast to the other, your hand trailing down the center of her body, over her belly ring, causing a rippling effect over her taught toned stomach. Stopping at her panty line, your fingertips drag down her mound, to her moist slit. You tickle the inner folds of her pussy, looking for that little button, finding it, and artfully encircling it with your thumb, you place your index and middle fingers into her wet love box, juices squishing as they push freely in, gentle squeezes of her pussy walls lets you know that it feels good. You feel your Mistress’ hand on your back, then the sound of her voice.

“That’s very good My Pet, I want you to make her scream out in passion. Suck her clitty like a good pussy eater.”

Her hand rests on the back of your head as she presses you into her girlish mound. You latch on to her clit, and suck it until it feels swollen between your lips. You feel something cool and gel like rub against your cheek; you realize it is a dildo strapped on to your Mistress. Her soothing words, coos to your ears.

“That’s a good Pet, My Sweet; you are going to make her cum so hard while I fuck her like a nasty lil slut!” The dildo slides into her hot wet box easily, squirting juices into your mouth. You lap them up thirstily, watching her begin to probe her tight wet cavern with the blue gel strap on cock, the you close your eyes and go back to your task at hand. Her attention hungry little clitty. Your cock is rock hard now, and you hear your Mistress husky whispers in your ear.

“I want you to stroke yourself off onto her cunt after you have made her cum. Do you understand My Sweet Pet?”

“Yes Mistress.” Almost choking the words out, your excitement phase increasing.

She begins to pound her sweet cunt, faster and harder, your tongue is busy as a bee fluttering back and forth across her clit and then suckling it, you can feel her getting close; ready to explode into your mouth.

Feeling yourself throbbing against your fingers as you grasp your thick hard cock, you suck up her cum, lick her clean and then and stand up, jacking off over your Mistress fucking her sweet love box. Ariele grabs her sweet firm ass cheeks as she continues to pound her gel-cock in and out of her. The slave girls wails and screams in euphoria, having climaxed both clitoral and internally. You’re hot cum shoots up her torso, splashing over her breasts, last shot leaving a pool inches from her pussy.

“Now, I want you to clean her up for me, you know how I hate a dirty little slut.”

Your Mistress then walks behind you, smacking your ass with her black leather gloved hand on her way into the living room. Removing the dildo on the way, setting it in the bathroom sink to be washed by you later.

You lick up the pool of cum above her bikini line and follow that up the middle of her belly, slurping up your sticky love juices, stopping to suck on each one of her nipples, making sure to lick up all the scattered droplets on each areola and nipple. Then a final flat line straight down, blowing bubbles on her flat tummy. She giggles. As you untie her wrists first.

She sits up, rubbing them, no redness is seen, and she has a happy smile on her face. You untie her ankles and assist her off of the kitchen table.

Smiles down at her. “You served my Mistress well young slave.”

She beams with pride. You retrieve her clothing for her, offering her a terry cloth robe to wear over her skimpy attire. She takes the robe, puts it on, and gathers her clothing, placing them in a back pack. You walk her to the door, thanking her again for her servitude.

You watch her step into the taxi cab, her destination unknown to you. You close the door turn off the lights and walk into the bedroom to tuck in your Mistress. You hear her sultry tones. “I’ve been waiting for you My Pet.”

You close the door behind you.

“I am here Mistress” then “How may I please you Mistress?”

She pats the side of the bed, speaking to you in the most loving tones.

“Come here and lay with me, hold me till we both fall asleep.”

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