Marcus and Allison


(Authors Note: In this story Mark is a Trans man. All language used to describe Mark’s genitalia are male. Mark and Allison are both twenty one years old. This story doesn’t specify that Mark has medically transitioned but it’s implied he’s had some type of top surgery and has been on testosterone for a while. This is my first time writing a story like this so please let me know what you think, if you want more from me, and if you would like a part 2.)

It was last summer when I met Allison. I’d never been a camp counselor before so I was a little nervous. When I first got there I went to the main office to ask what cabin I was assigned, and there she was, standing next to the front desk. Allison is 5’4″ with brown hair in double French braids, dark brown eyes, and freckles that kiss her cheeks and nose. She was wearing some jean shorts that complimented her cute ass and a white V-neck shirt that I was staring into, trying to discover what color her bra was.

*Ahem* “Excuse me Sir are you here for your cabin number? Or did you just walk in here to stair at camp counselor Allison?” Yelled an older woman sitting behind the desk.

“Yes- I mean no Ma’m I’m here for my cabin number” I blurted.

Allison giggled and starting walking in my direction.

“See you later, perv” she whispered.

Her arm gently brushed against mine as she walked past me.

“She even smells pretty.” I thought to myself.

I could feel my dick throbbing underneath my briefs. Her bra was hot pink.

I couldn’t stop thinking about her for the rest of the day. I was fantasizing about her on her knees in that sexy pink bra.

“Do her panties match?” I wondered.

Later once everyone was asleep I went to the staff bathrooms, made sure I was alone, and beat my meat thinking about her. I was being so aggressive that If someone came in they would definitely hear me, but I’d hear the door swing opened so I wasn’t worried. I was going hard thinking about what her warm mouth and juicy lips would feel like on my cock. I couldn’t help but moan as I came, all over my hand. I pulled my pajama pants back up and walked out of the stall, with cum still Kartal Grup Escort all over my hand.

To my surprise Allison was standing there, right in front of the sinks, smirking at me in a revealing little night shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra and I could clearly see her hard nipples. Her breasts were small and perky. I hid my hand behind my back, rushed to the sink and rinsed off my cum soaked fingers.

“Allison hi I, um, didn’t hear you walk in” I stutter.

“Hey Marcus” she says still smirking. “Did that feel good?” She giggled.

I ran out of that bathroom like I had just witnessed a murder. Back at my cabin I tried my best to forget about what had happened.

The next night I considered going back to the staff bathrooms. I wondered if she’d be there waiting, but i was too nervous. I luckily managed to get her number before camp was over.

After leaving camp and going back home to my apartment I tried to forget about Allison. I was a virgin and didn’t know if I could handle the possible rejection, but I wanted those sexy lips on my dick so bad I found the confidence to make that call.

“Hey, is this Allison?” Just in case I was given the wrong number. Wouldn’t be the first time.

“Hey! Is this Mark?!” She exclaimed.

“Yes. If you don’t have any plans do you want to go out to dinner next Friday?” I ask.

“Next Friday? Why wait? Are you doing anything tonight Marcus?” She inquired.

“Oh no, I just thought, um—”

“Cool! Wanna go out tonight then?” She asked.

“Absolutely.” I respond, almost instantaneous.

“Awesome! Pick me up in an hour I’ll text you my address” she says.

“Sounds like a plan, see you soon Ally” I said, ending the call.

I shower and get dressed in a nice pair of blue jeans and a plaid button up shirt. When I pick her up she’s wearing a cute little dress with flower on it and leather sandals. She looks so pretty, she’s almost glowing.

On the car ride there we talk about how fun camp was and how beautiful it was. I took her to a steakhouse and we had so much fun together just vibing talking about anything and everything. Kartal Manken Escort Once we were back in my pickup I asked her if she would like to come over to my place, to which she replied “yes”. The drive to my apartment was quiet – lustful. When we got there she immediately noticed my bong.

“Woah, this is so cool!” she said.

“Do you want to try it out?” I asked.

“Yes please!” She replied.

As Im grinding weed and filling the bowl up, she’s watching me curiously. I’m almost positive she’s never smoked weed in her life.

“So If you get a little nervous you just tell me and I’ll get you something to eat, that always helps” I warn.

“I’m not worried about it Marcus, I trust you” she replied.

I go first, taking a huge milky bong rip and exhaling a cloud of smoke into the room. I then explain how to use the bong and help her light it, because she was scared of the lighter. She takes a hit, coughing like crazy after. We sit in silence for a moment, realizing how high we both are. I take her to my room.

“Let’s watch some Netflix” I said as I grab the tv remote.

I laid down on my bed completely. Allison comes over and lays right next to me. I can feel her body touching mine, her warmth. My dick starts begging me for attention. I try to control my breathing and “adjust” my dick giving in for just a second, hoping she didn’t notice. I put on the first show I see and ask her if this is fine. Instead of answering my question she gets on top of me and starts kissing me hard, I can feel her hot pussy on my stomach. I eagerly grab her hips and encourage her to grind on me. I know it feels good and she lets out a cute little moan. All of a sudden I remember I still haven’t told her I’m trans!

“Wait— we don’t need to do this tonight, your worth the wait” I groaned, not knowing what to do next.

She’s looks straight into my eyes.

“Are you sure that’s the ONLY reason?” She asks, quickly sneaking her hand down my boxers before I have a chance to stop her.

Her little soft hand felt so much better than when I do it. She created hickies and bite marks all over my neck as Kartal Masöz Escort she continued jerking me and playing with my foreskin. I started to fuck into her hand, getting her fingers sticky with my pre cum.

“I don’t care that your trans, Marcus. I think your so fucking hot. I noticed when I peeked in the stall while you were beating off at camp with your pajamas around your ankles” She whispered, giggling after.

She pulled her hand out of my pants and started sucking on her fingers. What a fucking tease. I couldn’t take it anymore. I pulled her dress off slowly trying my best to be gentle, giving her goosebumps. Her nipples were hard, standing at my attention. I got on top of her and started biting and sucking them, making her squirm. Her cotton thong was purple, and you could clearly see her wetness leaking through. I licked and sucked at the wet spot as she moaned. I took them off her and put them in my face, inhaling deeply.

“These are mine now” I growled, stuffing her panties in my Jean pocket.

Ally started to unbutton my shirt while I was ripping off my jeans and boxers. I got on top of her again and started grinding on her, rubbing my swollen prick against her wet little pussy. She wrapped her legs around me and let out a whimper.

“You like that baby? Does that feel good?” I whispered in her ear.

“Yes Sir” she managed to utter in between breaths.

She grabs my ass and pulls me up where she wants me. I rub my dick against her clit aggressively, looking her in her eyes.

“Don’t stop!” She starts thrusting her hips and moaning.

“Cum for me now Ally, I want you to cum for me right fucking now!” I demand.

“Oh, oh fuck— Marcus!” She screamed, hitting climax. Her hands gripping my bed sheets as I continue thrusting into her.

She is quivering and I can feel the muscles in her pussy twitching. Hot liquid is leaking out of her all around my dick. I start to bite and kiss on her neck. Her cute, soft moans are getting me close.

“I’m gonna cum” I announce, getting up and kneeling over her face, shoving my dick in her mouth and grabbing her by the hair.

She is looking up at me, her eyes begging me to cum. The feeling of suction is overwhelming and I cum hard as fuck. I moan and grunt as she sucks out every last drop. She licked up all my cum and swallowed.

We slept naked on my bed that night, the smell of weed and sex lingering around my bedroom.

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