Margaretmargaret by romantic_for_u”I’ll have my attorney make something up.” He said. I laughed then replied. “Your lawyer is good at that. Mine will eat him alive.” I said not knowing what attorney I’d find to represent me but knowing women always win out in a divorce. “Speaking of making things up I’ll tell my attorney that you’ve been fucking your secretary for years.” I quipped. “You can’t prove that.” He quickly replied.I gave him a dirty look then answered. “We just see about that.” I then turned and ran up the stairs locking the bedroom door after slamming it shut. As I ran some cold water on a wash rag to sooth my hand and cheek I thought about what he had just said. Why would he say I can’t prove he’s fucking his secretary unless there was something to be proven. Barry’s secretary is just about my exact opposite. Connie is very thin and has small tits. Her long flowing auburn hair is usually tied up in a bun with a hair pin holding it firmly in place. She’s probably the most conservative dresser I’ve ever seen always wearing skirts that end at or just below her knee or business slacks and usually a sweater or some matching blazer. I doubt she owns a pair of heels higher than three inches let alone something that would scream fuck me when worn. Never the less Barry was immediately put on the defensive when I even remotely mentioned the possibility of him having an affair with Connie. It certainly would explain some of why he wasn’t giving me the sexual attention I felt I deserved. Before now that possibility never dawned on me but I was sure as hell going to look into it. I could eat him alive in divorce court if it turned out he was fucking that little tart. As I lay down I recalled the last time he went up state to watch a college game. He and his zombie buddies stayed over and watched the Sunday Pro Games before driving the three hours back home. He wouldn’t be expected until late Sunday night. I’d have the whole weekend to myself. And with no credit cards to use for shopping I’d have to fall back on my newest favorite thing to do and that is finding strange cock to suck and fuck. The blare of a car horn woke me from a rather restless sleep around five thirty the next morning. I heard the front door slam shut and knew he and his buddies were off to State for a weekend football fest. I rolled over and went back to sleep with visions of big cock dancing in my head. Bright streams of sunlight shown through the small opening in the d****s on my bed room window ending a very erotic dream I was having about fucking several men. Damn I thought I should have closed them tighter wanting to see how my dream ended. I glanced over at the clock which in bright red numerals said ten forty one. I giggled to myself as I thought time for this lady to get up and start planning her own weekend fest. A cock fest. As I stared at my reflection in the bath room mirror I noticed that the red welt on my cheek and the finger dents in my wrist had all but disappeared. The only remaining scar I carried from last nights fight with Barry was a red line through my palm where my purse strap had scorched my delicate flesh. Combing my hair out I slipped on a silky robe and headed down to the kitchen. Barry had left a note on the counter. “Sorry about last night Peg. Let’s talk when I get back tomorrow.” He had written. So after ripping my credit cards from me then slapping me around now he wanted to talk. I was still mad as hell and decided that unless our talk lead to a complete apology he could as I suggested last night “go fuck him self.” As I sat having coffee and a muffin I was thinking about my visit with Sam the afternoon before. While his slaps hurt as much as Barry’s had Sam’s were delivered in the heat of passion and to be quite honest I rather enjoyed the pain that came with Sam’s cracks across my naked ass. Barry and I had engaged in what he termed rough sex before but his rough sex would be considered playful when compared with Sam’s sharp slaps. I decided it would be fun to explore that direction a little further. My problem was that all the men I was seeing on the side usually had other things to do on a Saturday. Sam was most likely getting ready to tee off and Mark well he was most likely sleeping in after a Friday night of heavy partying. Then Franklin came to mind. I hadn’t asked him what he did on weekends because I wasn’t really planning on calling him again. But since I’d decided to explore having rough sex a little more Franklin’s huge cock inserted almost anywhere would certainly be considered rough sex. “Oh shit my purse.” I thought. What if Barry had taken the time to thoroughly go through all the compartments after I’d run off to my room last night. I went into the den and found it laying on the sofa. Flipping it open I slipped my hand inside the tiny compartment along the side and found Franklin’s business card. “Whew.” I said then thought I lucked out there. Since the night before last when he and I had fucked outside Flannagan’s in his car I’d thought more than once about how it might feel with his massive cock shoved down my throat. The idea of having him throat fuck me with his thirteen inch cock sent my mind into over drive.His cell phone rang twice before he answered. “Franklin speaking.” He said answering my call. It’s Margaret.” I replied and when he didn’t answer I said. “From Flannagan’s the other night.” “Oh yeah.” He said some what surprised that I was calling. I decided to get right to the point. “What cha ya up to today?” I asked. “Nothing special.” He answered. “Well how would ya like to come over to my place and shove that big beautiful cock of yours down my hot little MILF throat.” I said.”Love to Margaret. But what about kaçak iddaa your hubby?” He asked. I giggled then said. “Gone for the weekend.” “I’m there babe.” Franklin immediately said. I gave him the address and said “I’ll unlock the front door when you get here just let your self in.” “Be there in an hour.” He instantly replied in a rather excited tone of voice. As we hung up I suddenly realized that I had just given my address to a man I hardly knew. And on top of that I had some rather nosy neighbors who would be more than a little interested in why a six foot eight inch black stud was walking up to my front door. I should have told him to carry a brief case or some papers so I could explain that he was an insurance salesman or something if an explanation was necessary later. But the deed was done and in a little over an hour he’d be showing up with that awesome cock to try and stuff it down my throat. At least I had an hour to get ready. I dashed out to the Benz and grabbed my shopping bags from the day before. Once back inside I headed up to my room. I made my bed carefully soothing the white down comforter across the wide mattress. Since I had gotten straight to the point with Franklin earlier I decided to get straight to the point when he arrived. I pulled the free pair of lace ankle socks from the box holding the red heels I’d bought from Billie and slipped them on my sexy feet. Since I wasn’t planning on doing much walking I went for the white ankle strap stilettos. I figured perhaps I’d get a chance to dance a little before these incredible fuck me shoes were pointed toward the ceiling. Moving to the bath room I applied more dark mascara then I should have and chose the richest red lip stick I owned. I was certain my hair would be messed up shortly after he arrived so I just used my fingernails to fluff it and tease it around my sexy face. Tying my white silk robe tight around my body covered everything it needed but left little to the imagination since my luscious tits were perfectly outlined by the silk fabric. My nipples already hard poked at the silk like twin invitations. Moving back into the bed room I surveyed my look. A wide smile acknowledged that I looked the part. A sexy MILF porn star waiting for her big black stud to arrive with his incredible throat busting cock. I had planned on going down stairs to greet my challenge as he slipped through the door but as I neared the top of the stairs my plan was dashed as I heard the door open then quickly close. I suppose the top of the stair would have to do. “Margaret?” His voice said before I even saw him. I struck as sexy a pose as I could at the top of the stairs then said. “Up here sexy.” As he appeared at the bottom of the long wide staircase his eyes got bigger then saucers and his mouth dropped open. “Holy shit!” He exclaimed looking up at me. “What’re ya waiting for stud?” I asked shifting my hips from one side to the other. Franklin bounded up the stairs taking two at a time his wide smile showing off gleaming white teeth. One monstrous hand sliding along the railing. As he neared the top I turned and started toward my bedroom. “This way.” I said looking over my shoulder. He followed me into the bed room and I said. “Close the door.” Once I heard the latch close I turned and smiled at him. “How’s that big beautiful cock?” I asked. Franklin grasped his massive cock through his slacks which by now was already getting hard. “It’s ready for some sweet suckin.” He replied. I parted my mouth and moistened my red lips with the tip of my tongue. “You wanna use this hot mouth to please your big cock?” I asked. Franklin stood speechless just nodding his agreement. I teased him some more tilting my head back slightly I ran a fingernail from my lips down over my chin and onto my sexy neck. “You gonna shove that big beautiful cock all the way down my throat?” I asked. Speechless he nodded again. I let my fingernail slip down between my lush tits and said. “You gonna fill my gullet with hot sticky cum?” “Fuck YES!” He exclaimed. I let my fingernail slid down and pulled the silk belt holding my robe tightly around my body. It easily slipped open and the silk fell open in front. His eyes nearly popped from their sockets as he first got to lustfully stare at my tits and shaven pussy below. As I moved my hands up and slid the silk off my shoulders I whispered. “Well then get over here and get ya some of this sweet stuff.” Before my robe made it to the floor Franklin was touching me. His enormous hands easily covered most of my lush firm tits and he played with their fullness while his eyes scoured the rest of my sexy body. Franklin towers over me being at least a foot or more taller than me. I looked up into his dark eyes high above. Absolute lust was all that shown in his eyes. His tongue moved out and licked his full lips. I reached up to his neck and began slowly undoing each button on his shirt exposing perfectly defined muscles and hairless dark flesh. Reaching the bottom button I undid that final one the let my hand slid down to softly grasp his huge erection feeling not only the massive length but also the enormous girth. My fingernails traveled back up lightly scratching his naked flesh letting them linger on the oversized muscles on his chest. My soft fingers slipped up to grasp the fabric just below the collar then slid his shirt out and off his shoulders. Franklin’s eyes were fixed on mine as I let my hands move out over his broad strong shoulders then down the bulging muscles in his arms. “What an incredibly strong body.” I said as my palms slipped along his forearms the veins pressed tightly against his skin by the rock hard muscles beneath. His enormous hands captured canlı casino siteleri my tiny delicate hands and he slowly brought both to his throbbing cock. “I can’t wait to suck this beautiful cock.” I whispered. I used one hand to massage the entire length while my other worked to undo this belt then the clasp holding his slacks firmly around his waist. Franklin cupped then lifted my tits high on my chest as his eyes carefully inspected each pleasure orb. His thumbs roughly slid across the taut erect nipples sending a shiver through my body. With his slacks laying open I slowly crouched before this incredible black stud until I was balanced on the balls of my feet before his throbbing loins. My deft fingers pulled the tap of his zipper down and his hands moved to his hips to slid the fabric off his ass and down. His slacks fell to the floor around his feet exposing his gargantuan cock. Franklin wore no under shorts so his incredible cock swung away from his loins nearly slapping me in the face. “Oh my god!” I exclaimed as the enormous length and girth was presented for my close inspection. Circling or at least trying to circle the shaft near the base my tiny fingers didn’t even come close to surrounding it. My other hand slid up the inside of his thigh to capture two tennis ball size testicles held firmly in his awesome nut sack. His cock felt heavy in my hand and while completely engorged with his rich red blood it still hung down from his loins from the shear weight of it. I closed my hand around the shaft at the base then slowly stroked up toward the head. It only took seconds but it felt like minutes until my delicate fingers slipped over the velvety smooth flesh of his wide flaring corona. “Soft hands.” Franklin remarked as my fingers slipped upward over the head of his cock. Towering before me one hand holding his pulsing cock up the other softly massaging his massive balls I leaned forward and before extending my tongue I whispered. “I crave your taste.” My tongue began on his nut sack then made a slow sensual slide up along the throbbing shaft. His bulging urethra pressing into the moist flesh as it moved. Franklin moaned softly as I flicked my tongue at the sensitive flesh where his circumcision scar blended into the velvety soft flesh of his corona. I flattened my tongue against the head and was rewarded with a tiny droplet of pre cum which oozed from the slit at the tip. His fluid tasted sweet and sour at the same time it’s thick consistency allowing me to coat most of his cock head with the incredible juice. I leaned back and gazed up over his throbbing cock and into his wide eyes. Licking my lips I whispered. “I can’t wait to feel this glorious cock head buried in my throat. As I lowered the head and opened my lips wide my salivary glands involuntarily released lubricating spit. Franklin’s huge hands came to rest on his hips as I slowly pressed his flaring cock head against my bright red lips. My flesh stretched tight at the corners of my mouth as I opened wider to accept the widest part of his cock. The smooth corona slipped beyond my soft wet red lips. Franklin’s eyes were fixed on mine as I sucked hard on just the head his dark very curly patch of pubic hair a good foot from my face. My soft hand gripped him near the base as I moved my head forward toward my goal. I wanted that curly patch tickling my nose and happily accepted the challenge of swallowing a foot of black cock. His cock head wedged into the back of my throat leaving me eight inches from my goal. “Swallow it!” Franklin pleaded. I relaxed my throat muscles and pressed forward. Instantly my gag reflex kicked in and I pulled back slightly to allow it to subside. Swallowing his cock was going to be harder then I thought but I craved the feeling of his throbbing head and half his shaft buried down my throat. I knew that if I succeeded I would be able to deep throat any other cock because I was holding the longest fattest hottest cock on the planet between my moist red lips. I pressed forward again and fought back the urge to gag. His throbbing head made the bend and began moving down my hot moist throat. “That’s it!” Franklin exclaimed as his rock hard cock turned the corner toward my stomach. The feeling was incredible I could feel his bulging cock head stretching my flesh pulling the skin along my sexy neck tight as I moved forward forcing him deeper and deeper. My mouth was filled with cock shaft and it lubricated every inch making him slip deeper with each passing moment. I looked at his pubic mound the curly patch now a scant four inches or so from my nose. My eyes were filled with erotic tears and I knew my mascara would soon be streaming down my cheeks heightening the visual images Franklin was entranced by. “Go for it!” Franklin said. My chest began to burn and I knew that if I didn’t make one final plunge toward my goal I’d have to pull back to fill my lungs with life sustaining oxygen and start at the beginning. I ignored my lungs and pressed him deeper in my throat. Three two one inch separated me from my goal. His scent now clearly wafting into my nostrils a musty scent of lust. Just as my nose touched pubic hair my lungs took control. My need for oxygen over took my craving for his beautiful black cock. I pulled back and in a millisecond his cock slipped from my mouth. A long string of hot saliva extending from the tip back to my lower lip. I sucked hard for air and in doing so sucked most of my spit back into my mouth. “God damn woman!” Franklin hissed. As I repeatedly filled my lungs and exhaled I surveyed my work. His entire cock from the nut sack to the very tip was glistening with my fluids. The engorged shaft pulsing with rich casino şirketleri red blood coursing through the matrix of veins along the thirteen inches of cock before me. The velvety soft flesh of his corona and the incredible cock head shimmering with a coating of saliva. Catching my breath as much as a good cock sucker can I pulled him to my lips. My tongue massaged the head and corona as my soft hand stroked the entire length of his throbbing shaft. I used my flattened tongue to circle his corona several time then licked from half shaft up to the tip. “I love the taste of your cock.” I whispered before sucking him between my red lips again. Knowing I could reach my goal I pressed him deep again. His cock wedged against my throat then slipped around the bend toward my gullet. In half the time it took the first time my nose was nestled into his curly pubic mound. Not just touching but buried in the thick black hair. “Yeah!” Franklin exclaimed as I massaged his throbbing cock head with my throat muscles. I pulled back again letting him slip from my oral grasp and began stroking his massive cock with both hands. “I want you to throat fuck me.” I whispered. With out releasing my sensual grip on his shaft I rose from my crouch and looked up into his eyes. “Use my throat for your pleasure.” I whispered as I released his cock and stepped back to the bed. Franklin stood there watching me as I lay down on the soft white comforter and d****d my head over the edge. Even though he was now upside down to my eyes view his wide smile acknowledged that he understood that I was offering him my throat in what ever way he wanted to use it. His massive frame moved closer as he grasped his cock and lifted it toward my face I opened my lips inviting him to assault me orally. My oral fuck flesh now straight and in perfect alignment with his gargantuan cock I brought my hands up to roughly grope at my full tits and rock hard nipples. His cock head pierced my lips then slipped back popping from the ruby red flesh with a resounding pop. Franklin would take his time before impaling me with his beautiful black fuck tool. He moved forward again pressing a little more throbbing shaft between my lips. As he withdrew this time he whispered. “I love how it feels sliding along your hot tongue.” I extended my moist tongue and let him rock back and forth massaging the top of his cock head and the velvety smooth corona. But I knew that soon enough he’d want to feel my burning throat surrounding his sensitive cock head and as he pressed forward again he entered that burning flesh. My eyes watched as his heavy nut sack drew closer and closer to my face and his cock plunged deeper and deeper into my throat. My hands moved from my tits up to my neck where I was able to feel him going deeper inside. I could actually feel his flaring corona moving down and I kept my fingers pressed against my neck moving them along with his widest part. Franklin leaned forward a bit and reached down to grope my tits roughly squeezing their lush firm fullness and pinching the rock hard nipples at their core. He thrust forward with his hips bringing his nut sack against my nose eyes and forehead. I had what I craved from the first time I’d touched him His absolutely beautiful massive cock was buried in my throat. I swallowed hoping to give him the gentle throat massage his cock deserved but it’s size did not allow much movement of my muscles which were stretched to their limit. He pulled back knowing that while I craved his throat fucking I also needed to breath. As he slipped from my mouth I took as much oxygen into my lungs as I could then reached around to grasp his ass. “Fuck my mouth.” I begged. His cock was resting against my lips as he grasped my tits hard then thrust inside. In a second he was buried in my throat again and his tennis ball size balls slapped against my face. I had begged him to fuck me and that’s exactly what he did. Knowing my throat could and would accept his massive fuck tool Franklin began fucking my mouth like it was a searing wet throbbing cunt. Between plunges I was able to encourage him screaming. “Fuck” or “Hard” or “Fast” each time his cock head slipped from my mouth. I dug my sexy nails into his tight ass cheeks pulling him toward me as he assaulted my mouth. His balls now drawn up tight against his cock shaft slapped against my eyes each time he drove his beautiful black cock down my throat. I knew he was beginning to feel the urges. I knew he was tingling through out his loins. I knew he would be pumping thick sweet and sour cum into my mouth shortly. He pulled back and stroked his massive cock twice. As he did I demanded. “Cum in my throat!” His cock slowly impaled me and as his balls came to rest against my face he groaned deeply. I could feel his urethra surge as those cum filled balls pumped his sweet nectar toward the tip. In an instant my throat was coated with searing hot thick cum. It had no taste since it was way beyond my taste buds but its heat and thick consistency left no doubt that he was cumming. “I’m cumming!” Franklin confirmed what I already knew. He pulled back a little as another wad of sticky thick cum shot into me. With each successive spurt he pulled back a little until his incredible taste finally coated my taste buds. I swallowed every drop his beautiful cock offered. His twitching hips moving back a little each time another shot filled me. “Cock sucker!” Franklin exclaimed as he cock began oozing the final few drops of sticky cum. His cock head was now the only part remaining beyond my lips and I swirled his cum load around the flaring head with my tongue and cheeks. As he pulled back a thick string of sweet cum extended from my lips to his cock head. When if broke it fell down along the bridge of my nose giving me a sexy tattoo of this incredible throat fucking session. He grasped his still rock had cock and slapped it against my chin splashing cum on my neck and lips. The End

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