Mary’s Adventures Pt. 01


-Have you been talking to your ex again?

-Yeah, he texted me last night

-You replied?

-We were chatting for a couple of hours.

-Oh girl. When are you going to end this story?

-I don’t know. I think he still likes me.

-But you don’t, do you?

-Wish I knew.

-You had a relationship twice and both times you didn’t last more than three months. And both times you were the one to end it

-We were young then.

-Yeah sure, tell me about it.

-Come on, we were at high school

-I’ll tell you what. You are gonna date him again and after two or three months you’ll tell him that you like your freedom and you’re not the “relationship” type.

-Probably you’re right, but…


-I think something has changed this time.

-Nothing has changed, trust me. And how do you know that he still likes you? I think that he is fed up with you

-He isn’t.

-I doubt it.

-Look I’ve got to tell you something.

-Is it serious?

-Oh yes, very

-All right, I’m gonna grab a beer. You’ve got that look.

-What look?

-The one that tells me something important is going on.

She laughed. She knew that Anne was right. That was important.

-You want a beer too? Anne’s voice was heard from the kitchen.

-No, I’m fine.

-All right, here I am.

-Look, what I’m gonna tell you is personal. You’re my best friend and my roommate. I trust you. But we don’t tell anyone. Not even Elize.

-Your wish is my command.

She had a deep breath and she started talking.

-At first we were talking about usual stuff. You know series, movies, trips abroad, university etc. Then he asked me whether or not I’ve read all these books, you know, erotic fiction. It was around two o’clock in the morning. He sent me “May I ask you a very personal question?” Starzbet “Shoot” I replied. “Have you considered being part of a d/s relationship?”

-Wow. Did he really ask that? I wasn’t expecting it.

-Oh yes, he did.

-What did you tell him?

-The truth.


-Meaning yes. But I don’t know which exactly my “status” is

-Ho ho ho.

-It’s not funny. I know you like that stuff too

-Doesn’t matter.

-It does.

-All right, tell me what happened next.

-He was surprised. He told me that he wasn’t expecting that from me and he was prepared for an answer like “I don’t know”. Then he asked about what I like. I didn’t know what to tell him, I don’t even know myself.


-And he told me that it is normal. And that his ex didn’t know too. And that she found out after they started.

-Have they broken up?

-Yeah. After some time, she found out that she like the dominant role. He likes that role too. Someone had to take the other one.

-There is something more.

-Then he started to describe some of their experiences together with a lot of details. The ones when she was on the submissive role.

-And? Come on Mary, tell me the whole story.

-And I found it veery arousing. I started fingering myself.

-You told him?

-No chance

-I told you girl. You were laughing when I first told you how much I enjoy a good spanking.

-I guess you were right. Look I had fantasies in which I had the control. But now I believe it’s a chance to try something for real and I don’t know if I even want to have control over a man

-Women are made to be subs. It’s normal, don’t worry.

-I’m really confused.

-And then?

-Then he fell asleep. He had a long day and at some point he stopped texting.

-What do you want from him?

-I Starzbet Giriş don’t know. I think I might like trying something with him. And I trust him. I know him since we were fifteen years old.

-Text him. Now.


-Do as I say. Text him and tell him you want to have a drink

-He is the man. He must make the first move. I’m gonna wait for his text

-Oh god Mary, why are you so stubborn? He already made the first move. Now you have to take action.

-No way.

-Look, he may think that you are terrified. If you won’t text him, you’re going to lose your chance.

-I told you again. I won’t.

-If you’re not gonna text him, I will get your phone and text him instead of you. I won’t let you throw away this opportunity. I’ve been searching now for months to find someone to satisfy me. And you have him. Ready.

After a while Mary replied:

-All right. I’ll tell him to go for a drink in the city centre.

-Good girl.

-Oh stop it.

At that point, Mary started texting John. Her hands were shaking. She read the message four times before she hit the send button.

The next day, she spent all morning waiting for his answer. The message was delivered but not read. She started regretting her decision. Anne was now at her mother’s place and Mary was home alone. She searched her message history to find his messages. She started fingering herself again. At some point she started moaning until she came. She thought that this was one of her best orgasms. He had asked her whether or not she had tasted herself. She hadn’t. She didn’t find a reason to. She starred at her fingers, wet with her juices. For one moment she thought to lick them clean. But instead she wiped them with her sheet. Her phone rang. She ran, thinking it was him. It wasn’t. It was Anne

-Hey Mary, how are you doing?

-Not good, Starzbet Güncel Giriş he hasn’t texted back.

-It’s still early in the afternoon. Maybe he had a lot to do and had no time at all.

-Let’s hope you’re right.

-I just left my mother’s place. I’ll be home in around half an hour. Do you want something to eat?

-No, I’m fine.

-All right, see you.


After she hung up, she noticed her phone’s battery was getting low. She kept locking and unlocking her phone for hours, waiting for his message. Some friends of her invited her for a coffee nut she wasn’t in the mood. She told them an excuse that her sister was sitting an exam and she had to help her. That was obviously a complete lie. She didn’t even called her mother or her sister throughout the day.

She decided to take a shower, hoping to calm down. While she was walking to the bathroom, she stopped in front of the mirror they had. She was starring her idol for a couple of minutes. She wasn’t that attractive. She was tall, definitely. 175cm was an ideal height. She could wear heels (not that she was a big fan of them) without being taller than an average man. But since her adolescence she was struggling with her weight. She finally managed to lose a couple of kilos but still 73kg were too much for her height.

While she was on the shower, she forgot for a moment how nervous she was. The hot water definitely played its role. She was washing her long hair and she was enjoying the massage on her head. That was it. She was much calmer as she walked out of the bathroom. Now she was choosing what to wear. Suddenly her phone rang. She looked at the screen and found out that he called her three times while she was having a shower. She called him back immediately. He told her that he was sorry for not answering earlier but he had spent all day at the university working on a project. He made a counter offer, to go for a drink somewhere else, closer to his home. That was no problem at all. They agreed to meet in two and half hours. She thought it was enough time to prepare herself. After ten minutes, Anne returned home.

-He said yes.

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