Masked Visitor


Masked VisitorHe sat on his patio overlooking the courtyard. On the table before him was a bottle of red wine, a plate containing cheese, bread, and g****s, and a near-empty wine glass. His vacant stare into the courtyard was interrupted by the sound of the next-door neighbour’s patio door open. At one time the apartments had been one, but after the war, they were subdivided. Now only a small planter of boxwood separated the patios. John turned his head and sighed. “Hello, beautiful lady. Your beautiful smile brightens my evening.”“Come on, John,” she chuckled. “With the mask, you cannot tell if I am smiling. I could be mouthing an obscene greeting.”John just laughed and took in her figure silhouetted by the purple of the evening sky. She was petite and still had a girlish figure. Dafina was of that indeterminant woman’s age between thirty and fifty that radiated experience, sexuality, and determination. “Care to join me,” he offered.“We are not of the same social circle,” she replied defensively.“We share the same apartment number and mailbox.” Then he added with a smirk, “No one needs to know we are separated only by a mere partition and two interior doors. Besides, I would enjoy your company.”“Ok, if you insist. Just let me get rid of this mask and wash up.” Dafina turned and walked back into her apartment. John admired how her blue jean pockets accented he ass kocaeli escort as she disappeared into her darkened apartment doorway.When she returned John had added another chair, more wine, and some fruit to the table. Dafina hopped over the boxwood and moved the vacant chair close to John. He could smell her fresh perfume. He also noticed that the top two buttons of her denim blouse were now undone to reveal a significant amount of cleavage. He enjoyed the view and she welcomed his appreciative glances.The sun had completely set. Twilight’s coolness now enveloped the patio. The conversations had been intense and enjoyable. Only a few g****s and a bread crust littered the plate. John looked at the empty wine bottle and said, “There is more wine inside, would you like some?” He began to rise from his chair.“I am a little cool, could we go in?” asked Dafina.“Sure,” replied John.“Here, let me help clear the table.”As they placed the glasses and plates in the sink and the empty wine bottle on the counter, her body brushed tightly against his. His hands found the back pocket of her jeans and he cupped her buttocks. She turned into him and for a moment they gazed into each other’s eyes. Then they kissed, tentatively at first, and then with passion. Her tongue teased his lips and danced across his tongue. His hands moved up and down her back and caressed her ass. She arched kocaeli escort bayan her back pressing her pelvis against his thighs and allowed his hands to stroke first her hair, then her neck, and finally her breasts.They never made it to the bedroom. They made it as far as the living room rug. In that brief distance from the kitchen to the living room, Dafina had managed to remove John’s shirt and undo his pants. He in turn had removed her blouse and was trying to suck on her nipples as she slide-stepped backwards. When his pants fell to his ankles they stopped, consumed with giggles and gasps.John quickly kicked his pants from his ankles and removed his underwear, and then dropped to his knees. His fingers, lips, and tongue followed Dafina’s fingertips as she removed her jeans and panties. Her hands now guided John’s head. She enjoyed his hot breath against her skin and the way his fingers kneaded her buttocks and the backs of her thighs. She readjusted her stance. He followed her wordless suggestion.John’s fingers worked their way up Dafina’s thighs. Encouraged by her deeper breathing and soft mewing, his fingers teased the hair around her pussy as his tongue traced patterns on her belly. Then they found her warm wetness. Dafina pushed down on the back of John’s head as she slightly arched her back. His tongue found her cleft and then her clit. She gasped izmit escort and whispered, “Oh, yes…” John’s tongue felt like magic on her clit. The heat and tightness were building in her body. Then John’s fingers pushed inside her.The sensation of her hot wetness on his fingertips flooded over his brain. His tongue fervently danced on her clit. Within her wetness, his fingers moved slowly at first and then their rhythm increased. “Ohhh fuuuuck,” she screamed as the muscles of her pelvis spasmed and she gushed over his fingers and tongue. “Don’t fucking stop!” she screamed. John did not stop until a limp Dafina pushed down on him and he found himself lying on the floor with her pussy against his mouth.John eager worshiped her pussy. He enjoyed the taste of her juices and the way she ground her clit and vagina against his face. His hands alternately played with her pert breasts and nipples and her sweet ass. She, in turn, reached back and her hand, in syncopation with his tongue, worked his cock and balls. John arched his back. Daphina pressed down against his mouth. They came together in a shuddering mutual orgasm.As they cuddled on the rug, Dafina coyly asked, “Does this mean we share the same social circle.”John laughed and then remarked, “Well, Dafina, we share the same front door, the same mailbox, and I am certainly willing to worship at your social circle anytime you would like.” He then moved forward to kiss her.Her hand stopped him. “You are a dirty old man, John, but I will take you at your word. With that, she pushed him back onto the floor and proceeded to climb on top of him.

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