Master and His Pet Ch. 02


Editor’s note: This is for Rachel. Also known as:

Tellipsa Temperance. Enjoy.


The dinner that pet had prepared was most excellent and Master allowed His girl to dine with Him. She was very pleased and humbled at the same time. He carefully dropped the linen napkin and pushed away from the sumptuous feast.

“Ahh pet…My dear Rachel. You are truly a wonderful cook and wonderful slave. Prepare and bring My coffee into the study.”

“Yes Sir. Thank you Master…for allowing this one to humbly dine with Thee and serve.” She blushed.

Pet quickly took care of the dishes and promptly brought the properly warmed beverage on a tray. She padded softly into His quiet area and loved serving Him while naked.

He looked up from the computer screen and swiveled the chair to take the mug. He enjoyed the way her tender breasts swayed and her new adornments. “Very nice pet, smells wonderful. Are the nipple piercings healed?”

“Yes Sir. I…I love them.” Keeping her eyes lowered.

“Well. I must tell you I have been corresponding with a very knowledgeable woman online. She is Mistress Janine and has owned and trained many slaves. Men and women. The last e-mail I read is quite erotic. She tells me of a slut She owned…always wet with lust. Remind you of someone? On certain occasions She had the girl stuff her vagina with her own panties. Have you ever performed this?”

“N-n-no Sir.”

“Good. We shall tonight. Select a soiled pair, preferably, and bring Master His favorite scented oil. I’m feeling rather wicked this evening.”

“Yes Master.” Rachel hastened from the study, cuntal moistness already forming from His command. She retrieved a blue thong from the hamper. Sitting on the edge of her bed, legs spread, Rachel began pushing the satiny fabric into her quim. She sighed Starzbet from the lewd act; a dainty finger poked the remaining bit of cloth inside her wet folds. Rachel’s clit was pulsing and she fought the urge to tease the swollen pearl. Instead she lovingly touched the leather collar enclosed around her white neck.

Wearing only boxer shorts, pet instantly recognized the tent from Master’s enormous hardon. She quietly knelt and hugged His lower leg while He finished typing.

“Would you like to meet Her?”

“M-meet w-who Sir?”

“Mistress Janine of course. I’ve told Her a bit about you and She’d adore making your acquaintance. I’ve never shared you with anyone else before but I think it’d be different with Her. What are your thoughts pet?”

“I live to please only my Master.”

“Good girl. Take off My boxers and see what I have in store for you.” He smiled and stood up. Pet slowly drew down the silk briefs and gasped at the tight chrome ring encompassing His ball sack.

“Do you like it pet?”

“Yes…but…but does it hurt at all Master?”

“Not in the least. Lick them pet. Use your tongue and see if you can get them both in your mouth.” Rachel’s cheek brushed against His heated cock and began to lave His balls. The tip of her tongue swirled around the spheres and dipped under near His anus. His groan excited her. She made several attempts to mouth both testes but failed.

“I…I…I’m sorry Sir.” Saliva dripping off her chin, “I cannot…do as You asked. They are…too big Sir.”

“It’s okay pet. I love that you tried and your mouth does love Me so well down there. Sit down now. Sit on the couch so that I can inspect the handiwork. Open your legs now.”

Rachel placed the heels onto the cushion and spread herself feeling shamed in this way. The room was Starzbet Giriş warm and the taste of Master’s balls lingered. He knelt and softly touched pouting outer lips. Waxed smooth. Rachel’s pink clitoris stiffened, peeking out from its tender hood. His tongue lapped there.

“O-h-hh! Sir!” She sighed, feeling her arousal soaking through the panties inside. Tender fingers spread her labia.

“Hmm. What’s this? What’s this inside you?”

“P-p-panties Sir. I…” Rachel winced pleasurably as He pulled on the dampened waistband, extracting the garment. Her scent was strong. A sharp slap resounded against her thigh.

“Why do you disobey Me?”

“Sir?” She quivered with a new frightened panic.

“I said…panties. Not a thong!”

“I. Oh.”

“Turn over. Now.” Rachel instantly spread her nakedness over the couch. The slaps and blows rained quickly and hard. Her derriere, the main target, soon became a blossoming rose. His palm deliberately struck the same areas over and over. Rachel’s small tears sunk into the cushions but she did not…dare not cry out. Instead, she embraced the total submissive act, giving herself to Him. Her arousal becoming prominent.

“Bad girl…damn…” He gasped tiredly.

“More Sir. I am so unworthy. This one needs to be spanked and beaten.” A few more cuffs met her tenderized skin but with a lameness. Often with Master, Rachel would be required to keep count. Her ass tingled as if a hive of bees had stung her.

“Come here pet.” He was sitting with legs spread apart at His comfortable chair. His towering cock stood at full attention, oozing a dollop of pre-cum. Rachel knelt knowingly before Him.

“See? See what you do to Me?” He snickered lewdly.

“Oh Sir. Your cock is…is so beautiful. May I use the special oil? Please Starzbet Güncel Giriş let this worthless slut make love to your precious penis.” Her words only encouraged his erection.

The warmed oil slithered through Rachel’s fingers, massaging the length of His prick. It glistened as she coated every inch. She tightened the grip on His balls and masturbated the stiffened shaft eliciting moans of delight. An oiled finger teased around His asshole. He was hard as a rock.

“So well. You do that so well pet…” He sighed.

“I love your pleasure Sir.”

“Do you…” He grunted, twitching from her strokes, “Do you want…My cum? Are you ready?”

“Oh yes Master! Please please. I want your sperm.”

Rachel’s thumb and index finger gripped the base of His shaft while rhythmically stroking the hard cock. He moved to the edge of the chair.

“Yes pet. Now. Open your mouth. Wide. Like that. Let Me see your tongue. Oh yes. Lap the underside. Don’t stop…here it comes!”

The flat of Rachel’s tongue remained just below the magenta tipped head. Huge white droplets spewed from His cock painting the inside of pet’s mouth.

“Arrrrrrrrr-g-g-g-g-ggggghhhhhhhh!” His ejaculate was enormous and she simply allowed the delicious essence to flow down her gullet. He emptied His balls. Waves of exquisite delight crept across His body. She loosened her grip, milking the remnants of pleasure.

“Mmm. Delicious Sir.”

“Oh God pet…” He gasped while she licked a lingering droplet of cum off His sensitive mushroom.

“Do I please Thee?”

“Yes pet. You please Me. And now…your pleasure.”

“M-m-my pleasure Sir?”

“Upstairs. In the bedroom I have a wicked idea.”

“H-h-how so Sir?”

“Bring the soiled thong.” He chuckled, “I’ll video tape you while you masturbate using it. Rub it all over your soaked pussy and clit. Then lick it after you orgasm.”

“Yes Master.” Her insides fluttered wildly with embarrassment that others would view her intimate act. To please Master…she couldn’t wait.

~To Be Continued~

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