Master of My Soul Ch. 02


It was my night for fantasy. Every once in a while, my darling Master would allow me anything I wished, and I had planned for this day. I looked at the clock for the hundredth time, rushing to pull my hair back and don the outfit I had bought weeks ago, hoping this day would come. He would be home from work soon, and I had his dinner ready and wanted to surprise him.

He was such a loving Master. I wore his collar proudly, to the extent of wearing it out, until he brought home a beautiful necklace that I was commanded to wear when we went out. My collar was for his eyes alone, he told me, so of course I did as he asked.

I was putting my heels on when I heard the door. Quickly throwing my robe over my outfit, I ran down to meet him, throwing myself in his strong arms.

“Well, well,” he laughed as he held me close. “It seems someone is glad to see me.”

I kissed him deeply, I had missed him so much during the day.

“I made your favorite dinner,” I told him with a smile. “And you remember…..”

The deep laugh sent a quiver through me.

“I remember,” he said. “tonight is your night.”

I took his coat and followed him into the dining room. His place was set, along with mine to his right, close enough so his hand could touch at will. We spoke of the day as we ate, I was also complimented on the dinner, always with his smile and soft touches. When we finished, I began straightening up while he went to shower.

I almost dropped so many things in my haste to finish when he did, but was able to be ready with a glass of wine when he came down the stairs. As always, I got a chill as I saw his body. He wore a pair of old jeans, and his well developed upper body almost made me tell him to forget the whole thing, just take me, now, please, but I held my tongue and smiled as I handed him the glass. He led me to the recliner, and I knelt beside it, waiting.

He tortured me, turning on the tv, checking the scores of today’s game, until I thought I would scream. I guess the waiting got to him too, and finally he turned off the set and turned to me with a huge grin.

“Have I made you wait long enough, my sweet pet?” he asked.

“God, yes, Master,” I sighed.

Again the laugh. He was thoroughly enjoying himself. He gave me the glass he held and sat back in his chair.

“Stand up then.”

I put the glass down as I stood before him, my robe pulled tight.

“Tell me, sweetness, what do you have on under that robe of yours?”

I gasped, never thinking he would have me remove it. After all, it was MY day, he had promised, but I knew I would do as he asked, regardless of my own disappointment.

“Well,” I stammered. “It’s for tonight. My surprise.”

I knew he was making me suffer, making me wonder if I had to take the robe off and show him, or even if he would actually let me do what I planned. I stood still, waiting.

“All right,” he finally said. “The night is yours.” I smiled and leaned over to give him a huge hug, then untied the belt. Slowly opening the robe, I revealed my outfit to him. I had bought a black leather corset, one that laced up the front, along with a black lace garter Sahabet belt and stockings. Across my belly, strips of leather crossed down from the corset to meet the elastic of my panties. I wore the black heels that I knew were his favorites.

“I see,” he said, his eyes taking in everything. “And what do we have planned?”

I actually blushed a bit.

“Tonight, I want to Dominate you,” I answered quietly. Suddenly, my idea sounded foolish, and maybe, just maybe, I wanted to change my mind.

“Uh huh,” he muttered.

I stood still, so uncertain as he sat looking at me. My mind raced. Had I gone too far? Had I angered him? He stood up and walked around me.

“Well, you certainly look like a Dominatrix,” he said. “Do you plan whipping, and pain for me?”

I whirled to meet his eyes.

“Oh no!” I cried. “Never! It was just an idea, but if you don’t like it……”

My words were silenced by his finger crossing my lips, then he leaned to me and kissed me gently.

“Calm down, sweetness, I didn’t say I didn’t like it.”

He was still circling me, looking closely, touching here and there.

“Where are we playing tonight?” he asked.

“I thought the bedroom.”

He nodded, then took my hand and led me to the stairs.

“Well, come on then. Let’s see what else you have in store for me.”

I heard the amused tone in his voice and finally let out my breath as we climbed the stairs. Once we were in the bedroom, he turned to me.

“What will you have me do, mistress?” he asked with a smile.

“Could you take off your jeans?” I asked.

He laughed.

“My sweet darling of a pet,” he said, hugging me. “If you want to Dominate, you have to command. Not ask in that sweet voice. Now, what do you want.”

I took a deep breath.

“Take off your jeans,” I said, my voice stronger.

In a moment, he was nude, standing before me. I walked around him as he had done to me, and touched him here and there. “My God,” I sighed. “You’re magnificent. Your body is amazing.”

“As is yours, mistress pet,” he laughed.

“Get on the bed,” I told him.

He did as asked. I looked down at him, at that moment I truly wished he would pull me down and just fuck me silly, but I also wanted to take him. I just stood there, unable to move.

“Hands out to the sides,” I finally said.

I used the silk ropes to tie his hands to the headboard. I knew my feeble knots would never hold him if he wanted out, but hey, I tried. Then I put a scarf over his eyes. I reached under the bed for the big feather I had bought.

“Are you ready to begin?” I asked him as he always asked me.

“Sure,” he answered.

I sat next to him, the tip of the feather grazing his belly. I trailed up, touching his neck, travelling down to circle each nipple, smiling when I saw them harden a bit. Down it went again, grazing his hips, and I let its whisper bring gooseflesh to his thighs. Already, I could see he was growing excited.

“Do you like this?” I asked.

“Yes, mistress.”

I dropped the feather, and with soft kisses, followed every place it had touched. My Sahabet Giriş lips touched his belly and he moaned. They kissed his inner thigh and he wiggled a bit. By now, his cock was almost fully erect. I let my fingers trail over his skin as I just drank in the sight of him. My hands held his waist and I pressed him down gently.

“You want me to touch, don’t you?”

“Yes, mistress.”

His voice was even deeper than normal.

I leaned over and touched the tip of his cock with my tongue. Immediately, it jumped, growing even harder.

“There. Did you like that?”

“Yes, mistress.”

I took the tip of him in my mouth and sucked gently. I knew he wanted more, but I held back. My hands began rubbing his groin.

“Spread your legs,” I told him.

I crawled between them and leaned down again, this time taking more of him into my mouth. He moaned as I began slow strokes, my mouth and hands moving on him. God, I thought, I love the taste of him! My hand reached down and cupped his balls, kneading them as his hips began to rise. His cock was now rock hard.

“More?” I asked.

“Yes, mistress,” he nearly growled.

By now, I was excited as well, my body wanting him. I tore off the panties and straddled him, then slowly began to lower myself onto him. Every time he tried to push up, I rose, making him let me take him at my own pace until I was impaled fully. Instead of rising back up, I began to circle my hips on him, making him moan again as well as turning myself on incredibly. Okay, I thought, this fells great! But now what? I was so confused! I wanted his hands putting on the clamps, tightening them until I writhed. I wanted his mouth on me. As I thought of these things, I began riding him, my body in a state of excitement I knew was his, and I began to cry.

His head came up as he heard me.

“What’s wrong?” he said in a worried voice.

I stopped moving and reached up to take the scarf from his eyes. His hands pulled hard and he was free of my feeble knots, pulling me into his arms.

“Tell me, sweetness,” his deep voice pleaded. “What happened?”

“I wanted to play with YOU,” I sniffled, “to make you feel what I feel, as intense as you make me feel, but I can’t.”

He held me close, stroking me gently.

“You were doing a great job,” he said, “I wasn’t complaining.”

I could hear the laugh in his voice and I pulled back and stood up. I began taking off my outfit, throwing the stupid corset across the chair.

“HEY!” he cried, and I stopped cold. “What are you doing?”

“It was a dumb idea,” I cried. “I’m not a Domme! And you know what? I hated hearing you call me mistress.”

By now I was almost sobbing, even more so because I knew he was doing all he could not to laugh.

“Put the corset back on,” he said.


He jumped up to stand beside me.

“Excuse me?” he said in a deadly calm voice.

I looked up and saw he was no longer laughing.

“It’s my night,” I said feebly as I quickly reached for the corset.

He nodded.

“Yes it is, so I’ll forgive you that ‘no’ I thought I heard. Put the Sahabet Güncel Giriş corset back on.”

I laced it back up and turned to him.

“Now, mistress, what would you have me do?”

I looked deep in his eyes and smiled, my back straightening.

“I want you to be my Master tonight,” I said in a strong voice. “You are to use me as you see fit, and to find your pleasure with this body I give you .” Again I was pulled into strong arms as he laughed.

“As you command,” he said, then lifted me and dropped me on the bed. In a flash, my hands were expertly tied, as well as my ankles spread. He pulled my breasts free of the corset, making me watch as the butterflies clamped my nipples, kissing my cries as they tightened. The feather was turned on me, caressing inner thighs, brushing over my now aching clit. His mouth came down and possessed me, taking me so close to climax over and over, but he held me back, not letting me find release.

“Please, Mark, Master, please,” I begged.

His dark eyes bore into mine.

“Please what, mistress?” he asked.

“Please, be my Master again. Be my love, my soul.”

He reached up and my hands were free to pull him to me. I gasped as he swiftly entered, making me cry out with pure pleasure as he stroked into me. My legs were pulled over his arms and I met each deep thrust. I grasped his arms, holding him as he loved me, took me to the place I knew so well. Pulling out, he slid deep into my ass, and I screamed at the invasion, but soon I was once again rising up to meet him. His head lowered and his tongue flicked across my aching nipple, and again I cried out for him.

“Give me what is mine, sweetness,” he ground out, and a moment later I was clinging to him as I shuddered and shook, deep in climax. He stroked me through it, never stopping until I was drained and limp in his arms, then he pulled away and lay next to me. Taking a deep breath, I straddled him and again lowered myself until his entire cock was deep inside me. I hesitated, allowing the muscles to relax. It always took me a few seconds when I rode him this way, my butt was so tight, but soon I was sliding up and down, wanting this hardness more than life. His hands guided me, slowly at first, I knew he loved the sight of his cock going into me. I put my hand down and let my fingers feel it as it entered. My God, I thought, I can’t believe all of it is inside me, but soon I was lost in the intensity of it. His hands reached up, tightening the clamps, making me arch back, and he sat up, impaling me deeper as I stroked him.

“I want to feel you,” I cried, “I want you to fill me, please!”

He growled something, then pulled me down hard and I gasped as heat filled me. I held him to me as he shuddered, grinding my hips on him as he shot over and over, filling me with his precious seed, and again I cried out as I came with him. We held each other tightly, my Master clutching me to him in a powerful embrace until at last, we both leaned into each other.

After a few moments, he rolled to his side, taking me with him, still inside me. He slowly loosened the clamps, smiling at my tightening around him from the pain until they were removed. My eyes widened.

“You feel what you do to me?” he asked as his cock began hardening again.

“I love you, my Master,” I sighed, knowing I would once again be taken.

“No more than I love you, sweetness,” he said as he began stroking me.

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