Masturbation fantasies 2 – Amanda, queen of the pe


Masturbation fantasies 2 – Amanda, queen of the peA guy visits a peep show with unexpected results. As he gets to watch a girl with something special, he discovers his hidden desires.This story contains: peep show – voyeur – gloryhole – fake tits – group masturbation – male masturbation – shemale – frottage – titfuckingWhen William finally managed to get past the area that sold sex toys and movies and get near the back of the store where the peep show cabins were located, he felt as if the worst was behind him. His heart, racing till some moments ago, was starting to regain a normal pace as he became more acclimated to being in the sex shop. He eluded as much as he could other customers; the personnel on the other hand was not really an issue as they were very discreet and barely there. That day he was dressed for the part, with simple jeans, a red hoodie from a sports club over a t-shirt, jogging shoes and sunglasses: he was wearing them even inside the shop, waiting for when he would feel comfortable taking them off. He thought that either he looked like a d**g dealer or exactly what he was, a guy going for the first time in a sex shop.As he got calmer, all the difficulties he faced getting inside seemed a bit silly in restrospect: he had sat in his car in front of the shop for a good half-hour, waiting for all the patrons of the bar next door to clear the outside tables. A family with two c***dren were taking their sweet time, and even if he had found himself silently cursing their presence he couldn’t blame them: after all, he was the shady guy who was going to jerk off in a peep show cabin and some part of him didn’t want to be the seen by the k**s while going inside. “Who the hell opens a sex shop beside a bar, anyway?!” Given that Will was a young lawyer working for a prestigious firm, he was terrified that someone could see him get in, since he could always meet them one day in court. Even if he was only 27 his hard studies and right connections gave him a respectable position and good monthly earnings: thing was, he was still a virgin, as the time he dedicated to get a career going never allowed him to really get close to any woman. He wasn’t ugly, not a hunk but of average height and build. He more or less regularly went to the gym, had nice hair, just a bit of a crooked nose from a c***dhood incident but nothing terrible. However, he never really connected with any girl, not in high school, not in college. It’s just, his priorities were others, and he was a bit shy while girls usually liked boisterous dudes.But things got to a point recently where he felt tormented by sexual thoughts: maybe it was too much work, maybe it was seeing his friends have hot girlfriends while he remained single, but he really felt the need to get to know a girl…closer. He felt less and less interest in porn and wanted to do things with a real woman. However, he really felt everything concerning the female world was too much work, and he already had a hard job to do. The only recourse had to be a paid girl. Since he was too scared at the moment to go with a prostitute (he was sure he would embarrass himself, or maybe he would catch some STD given his luck…) the option that was left to him was basically only one: go to the local peep show he found on internet and get a private dance from a live girl.And so he there he was, past the guy near the register who gave him an uninterested look as he went in, past the dildos, sex dolls and customers minding their own business and finally into the cabin area. After a large door he found a bifurcated corridor, with neon signs indicating that one direction led to the public shows cabins where a girl danced for all customers present, while the other led to the private shows. He took a deep breath, prepared to go in this last direction, but then he began to be assailed by doubts: he, by himself, alone with one girl? He knew he would cum immediately as soon as he saw her tits, and then she would then tell the others girls after work, and they would laugh at him. No, it was better to go to the public ones, he felt safer knowing he was just one of the guys, he could test the waters so to speak, get used to the feeling. He reversed his direction and went the other way. The illumination got scarcer there, forcing him to get rid of his sunglasses to see where he was going. As he walked he saw a couple of men going hurriedly beyond him from the other direction, evidently having finished their “business”. He reached another bifurcation, where two LCD monitors, one for each direction, lighted the corridor with cold light. On the monitors where shown the images of two girls: on the left a slightly ethnic, big boobed, almost muscular girl with fake boobs and bleached blond hair in a black leotard. Under her photo there was a crawling text “Amanda Live – SPECIAL SHOW”. On the right there was a European looking brunette in a red bikini, with nice, proportioned boobs and a slender frame. The text said “Caterina Live”.“Wow, too much choice”. He looked at both of them, then felt more attracted to the fake blonde, probably latina, girl. She had a more savage and, he dared to say, vulgar look that really attracted him: also, he wondered what the special show was.“I hope they don’t charge extra” he thought as he went that way. Some other guy he could barely see in the scarce illumination went behind him in the same direction, his awkward companion for the short road to the cabins. When he reached them, they looked like he imagined they would be. They were arranged in a half-circle, ten of them at a glance, and above each there was a light that was turned red or green to indicate if the cabin was occupied or free. Seven were green at the moment. While he wondered where to go the other guy surpassed him, going straight to the closest cabin, opening the door and disappearing inside. The cabin right beside his was free, but it felt strange to know that this dude he just saw was there wanking next door so Will chose another one: it was still next to an occupied cabin, but at least he didn’t even know who was there.He opened the door and entered the small room bathed by blue light. He immediately felt nearly overpowered by a smell not unlike that of the male changing room back in high school, mixed with that of cleaning products. Ignoring the strange aroma, he went in. The cabin was not much bigger than a broom closet, it had a small plastic chair in the middle, a simple washbowl with a tap and hand sanitizer on the left and a metal container for paper tissues on the right. Under the container, there was a plastic waste-basket. Right in front of him, a panel of glass was occluded by another opaque dark plastic panel on the outside. From the glass he could hear what sounded like house music muffled by the two barriers. Beside the glass, a device that accepted all kind of cash with a luminous plastic sign that showed the price for five minutes of viewing; it wasn’t cheap but it wasn’t that much of an issue for him. He noticed that under the first sign there was another one similar to the first one, but with the light turned off. It offered an option that surprised him: apparently in the cabin there was a glory hole that opened for 50 dollars and stayed open until the “service” was done: he wondered if that was bornova escort even legal. Tense, he sat down on the chair and immediately hit something with his foot: it was a bottle of what he recognized as lube, and it went spinning on the floor. He picked it back up, realizing it was sticky. He immediately put it down and washed his hands, sanitized them, then took a deep breath to calm himself: everything was kind of gross but there he was and beyond the glass there was a hot girl was posing for him so it would be nice to finally get a look at her. After cleaning the bottle with a paper towel he sat on the chair and put in enough dollars enough for 10 minutes. The plastic panel slid away revealing a small circular stage flooded by multicolored lights. A dancing pole stood in the middle of the stage and beside it he finally saw her: statuesque, with light brown skin and bleached shoulder-length blonde hair, Amanda stood there dressed only with blue overalls not unlike those of a construction worker, apparently her stage costume for the show; she wore military boots and work gloves, on her shoulder she had slung a fake pickax. Right now, she was taking off a construction helmet, letting her hair free with a sensual motion. She had very full lips (probably fake), gorgeous brown eyes accentuated by the heavy makeup and strong features. Under the overalls she was naked, her bare arms and shoulders visible along with her large fake boobs barely contained by the work clothing: they pushed on the chest area of the overalls, tensing the suspenders and menacing to spill out at any time.As she let her helmet fall, he met her gaze and as she winked to him. This made him realize that the glass was also transparent on her side. The stripper turned her firm ass toward him, moving her hips slowly and erotically for a few seconds. He felt a bit nervous by knowing she could see him, but soon after he forgot his unease as he was enthralled by her movements. Some time passed before he noticed that when looking at the other glass panels in the room he could barely make out the customers inside the cabin. Almost opposite from where he was he saw a guy, barely more than a foggy silhouette, already rapidly moving his hand at the height of his crotch. Realizing that he was really there, in a circle with other men who where already masturbating to the girl on the stage, suddenly made him a bit aroused, and he started to feel his member pushing against his pants.He fixed his gaze on Amanda, ogling her as she got rid of part of her stage costume’s legs. Apparently they were detachable by unbuttoning the sides. After she got rid of them she was left with was like an overall top part mixed with hot pants at the bottom. Her beautiful, toned legs were now exposed along with part of her ass. William admired the fitness of her physique: muscular arms, long, sensual and strong legs, wide shoulders and a firm butt. After a short dance on the pole, she started sucking on her fake pickax rear end, rubbing it between her still covered tits. When she started playing with the overall’s front zip, slowly unbuttoning it with her gloved hand, showing her chest inch by inch as her boobs started to spill out, Will decided it that he could not wait longer. He unbuttoned his jeans, pulled his pants down to his knees along with his boxers, careful not to let them it the floor: it didn’t feel that sticky walking on it, but just in case. With his erect dick free of constraints, he put some lube on his hand and started massaging his hard-on while looking at Amanda’s tits as they were revealed more and more. Like the tease she was, however, she stopped just short of pulling them out. He could already make out her nipples pushing against the overall’s fabric, barely covered by the costume.She proceeded to take away her work gloves, biting on them with her teeth while pulling out her hands. With her hands now free she caressed her body all over, massaging her crotch area while swaying her hips back and forward. William was picking up the pace of his masturbation while being careful not to come too soon as he wouldn’t want to miss the best parts. He kept wondering what the “special show” thing was: as of now, beside the unusual attire for a stripper he didn’t yet see anything that special. As the girl kept her sensual dance up and was now humping the pole in the middle of the stage, he suddenly noticed a strange detail: on her crotch area, he saw a huge bulge he didn’t see before pressed against the metal pole. Maybe she was wearing a strap-on or something like that under her clothes? His thoughts were immediately interrupted as a moment later she released her tits by pulling the front zip down to just above her belly button. Her large fake boobs bounced for a second when freed from the costume. He had a bit of a fetish for fake tits, and he felt getting that bit closer to coming; slowing down his stroking, he ogled Amanda’s breasts, round and full, marred only by barely visible surgery scars. He glanced at the other customers through the glass, all five other of them seemed to be wanking hard judging by what he could see. Amanda caressed her breasts and played with her nipples for a while; William noticed that the time was almost running out, so he fumbled to his wallet and put in enough money for another 10 minutes. He just finished putting in the cash that the nature of the special show became apparent: the hot stripper unzipped another 5 inches, going very slowly and carefully as she reached the bulge and then letting out what beyond any reasonable doubt was a huge, swollen dick. It’s skin tone was a bit darker than Amanda’s, it was very erect and its length was well above average size. For a moment he thought this confirmed his suspicion about a strap-on, but he soon realized that it was too realistic to be a fake dick and accepted the truth of the matter: the stripper was a shemale.His jaw dropped and his movements stopped as he tried to make sense of what was happening. “I have been conned” he thought, before mentally correcting himself “No idiot, it’s you who didn’t do your homework, somewhere on the peep show website it was surely written that they had shemale dancers”. In his long history with porn, he never really cared to try out shemale vids: the thumbnails made him very curious he had to admit, but he chalked it up all to gay pornography, and he had no interest in trying that. And now he was there, with his dick in his hand and another 9 minutes already paid, coping with the fact that he had been stroking to a transsexual this whole time. The revelation put in perspective her statuesque build, large shoulders, small hips and fake everything He was going to pull up his pants and go away, but he really hated wasting money. “Maybe I’ll just let this roll until the 9 minutes pass, maybe it will teach me to look more carefully before I do this kind of things”. He sat there with a dazed look, his hard-on starting to vanish; probably Amanda noticed his waning interest from her position since she turned toward him and while gyrating her hips she pulled out her cock from the costume completely, balls and all, grabbing it with one hand while with the other she fondled her testicles as she jerked off in front of him. She looked ecstatic escort bornova and happy to show him her hard dick as her mouth was open in a smile that was at the same time a gasp of pleasure. He instinctively looked away, somewhat disconcerted, and glanced at the other guys “Wow, that shemale dick’s is way bigger than mine…I wonder if I am the only dumb one here who didn’t know”. It seemed so, since they were still masturbating, now with even more passion. His eyes went back and forth between the shemale dancer and the men in the cabins. Probably a minute had passed that suddenly one of the guys stood up while still jerking: he couldn’t make it out well, but he clearly saw the liquid that was being spurted on the glass from inside the cabin. Amanda smiled as she calmly went there and licked the glass in correspondence with the stain before rubbing her cock’s head in the same place. Will felt flustered all of a sudden by the spectacle: he had to admit that he found it really hot. Seeing all of those dicks pulled out for the same reason gave him a strange sense of camaraderie; at the same time he was getting very intrigued by the bizarre juxtaposition of Amanda’s erotic female graces and massive throbbing member. It was then that he realized that his hand never really left his dick. Tentatively, he moved his hand back and forward, discovering that in a moment he was already getting hard again. “Well, it is kind of hot and fun after all, and I paid for it already…might as well do something with my time. She does look like a woman after all, I’ll look at her tits and ass, no problem. Man, still it’s strange to see such a cock on a such a sexy body, it’s really something…”. Amanda, seeing that he was back on track, smiled at him sweetly and then proceeded to grab the pole, running her back up and down on it with her arms above her head, showing her flopping cock to the audience. Minutes went by, and William realized that paying attention only to the female bits while that thick dick was out in the open was easier said than done. Moreover, he realized that he seemed to have no real interest in doing that: he found his gaze going back and forth between Amanda’s tits and cock, and at the same time he found himself looking at the other guys he could hazily see.It was when the stripper got rid completely of her costume and boots and then got on all fours in the center of the stage, tight ass up in the air, asshole visible and cock dangling below, that he realized it was impossible to deny what he was feeling: he loved watching her cock, he loved being there with other men all stroking together, he loved catching glimpses of their cocks. He realized having felt something like that on a school trip back in the last year of high school, when during the night two of his roommates produced a bunch of porn magazines and openly masturbated while flipping through them: he felt too embarrassed to do it and mocked them for doing so but after he had to go to the bathroom and jerk off alone, so strong was the arousal he felt. Almost trembling with the excitement he started wanking with passion, lost in the show. Amanda was teasing her ass with one finger, and near the end of the 10 minutes she turned around, opened her legs wide while sitting on her heels and pushed her hips forward while at the same time bringing her torso and head down towards her crotch: with the length of her member, in that position she managed to not only lick her cock’s head but to put it in her mouth. When he saw that he really lost control and while mumbling to himself “yeah, suck your big cock” he quickly jerked his dick, cumming a second later with four spurts that got to the glass and then dribbled all over his jeans and on the seat.After his cock started going flaccid he regained a bit of composure. He silently cursed at having stained his pants but it didn’t really matter that much. He felt a bit ashamed for the gross situation he was in, but still his main issue at the moment was that he wanted to enjoy more of the show. He quickly cleaned up with tissues as good as he could, trying not to miss what was going on beyond the glass. Amanda got out of her awkward self-sucking position and was now jerking off while laying on the stage on her left side, taking her sweet time and looking teasingly at the other men while licking her lips slowly. He noticed that the guy who came before was already gone. By the time he finished cleaning himself and putting in enough money for ten other minutes, two other guys had already come. He watched them jizz, one against the glass, the other apparently in a bunch of tissues he held in his hand. Seeing this, he felt he was getting hard again. Three other spectators went in the cabins in the following minutes, probably determined to do their business as quickly as possible as they rapidly got to jerking fast and came soon after: William remembered that while he finished his job a bit sooner today, this was the hour at which most offices closed. He got harder thinking about respectable professionals getting there to quickly wank one out to a shemale stripper like horny teenagers before getting back home, maybe with their wives waiting for them.The time was almost running out for a second time when he felt like he would able to cum again, . Beside him ,only one other guy was present at the moment. Amanda had produced from some hidden drawer on the stage both a bottle of lube and a large black dildo, and was now in the process of penetrating her own ass with it. It was then that in the other occupied cabin a pretty big hole opened in the wall under the glass, and at the same time the “glory hole” sign in his cabin lighted up in red. While his time was still running, he saw Amanda get up, dildo still in her ass, and go toward the hole. He quickly deduced how things worked “You can enjoy looking at the service given to someone else, but you need to wait till it is finished before you can request one yourself and put your time on hold. Clever, and costly for everyone else…” Still, he was now sure of what he wanted: as soon as the guy finished he would request Amanda’s attentions. He put in 5 minutes, slowed his pace and watched the show.Amanda was exchanging some words with the other guy, and soon after his erect penis emerged from the hole. The shemale girl knelt and after putting lube all over her chest proceeded to wrap her tits around it, jerking it off with her breast. From where he was, he could see the penis head going in and out of her tits, almost hitting her chin every time. No more than a minute passed that the guy took initiative and started thrusting his hips while Amanda kept her boobs steady as the man literally used her chest as a masturbation tool. William couldn’t deny that it was incredibly exciting, and he had to stop stroking altogether and take his hand off his dick if he didn’t want to risk cumming. Still, he couldn’t help but to hope that the dude would finish soon (time is money after all, literally in this case) and couldn’t help but to feel pity for him: you have this tranny goddess in front of you and you ask for a tit fuck? What a wasted chance. He was figuring in his mind exactly what to ask, and this aroused him even more…it was something that he came up with bornova escort bayan suddenly, probably inspired by some half-forgotten stupid racy dare he did with some other guys ages ago.The tit-fucker took his sweet time as Will had to put in other five minutes. In the meantime a couple of lucky bastards went in, wanked one off to the show and got out. Finally, the guy came with a groan so loud even William heard it from where he was, shooting his copious load on the stripper’s face and chest. She laughed with delight as she licked it off her lips and from the top of her breasts.“Wow, fuck me that was hot…well, no time to waste” As Amanda pushed a button near the hole it closed, and the sign light in Will’s cabin turned off. Quickly he produced fifty dollars and put them in the machine: his “glory hole” sign lighted with green light. He felt a mechanical buzz as a panel removed himself revealing a hole at crotch level big enough to push a leg in. Immediately the music that filled the performing room, no longer muffled by the barrier, flooded his cabin. Amanda went towards him, and he really felt her undivided attention. She had a mischievous smile, but at the same time felt it felt very sweet. She spoke with a bit of an exotic accent in a low pitched voice “Hello honey, I saw you gave your all before, you really like the show don’t you?”. Even with the hole open, he barely heard her above the music and through the glass, but he was so focused on her that he didn’t miss a word.“Yeah…yeah” he got red-faced and couldn’t look her in the eyes .“Soooo….?” Amanda stood there smiling and waiting, playing with a strand of hair with one hand and keeping her cock hard with the other. William dazed off for a moment, unsure what to do.“Idiot what are you doing? Tell her what you want!” he said to himself. He was profusely sweating.“Miss…”“Call me Amanda sweetie”“Amanda…can you…stroke our cocks together?”“I sure can.” The look she gave him was almost enough to send him over the edge, it was almost as her eyes were saying “what a naughty boy, this is such a perverted thing to ask”. It was driving him crazy.“But you have to pull it out” she pointed at the hole.“Oh…right” he advanced clumsily with his pants to his knees, and they fell to his ankles and hit the cum stained ground of the cabin. “I am an idiot…” William pondered.Finally, he put his crotch against the wall and held out is penis in the open space beyond the cabin: simply standing there with his cock out was a strange and erotic feeling.“My, you’re big boy” She probably says this to everyone, he thought, but it felt nice hearing it. She then held her own cock out near his, and he could watch and compare the two members from the glass part of the wall. He suddenly felt inadequate “How can she say I’m big, I’m barely more than half of that monster!” At the same time, knowing his inexplicable lust to feel his cock against hers was going to be realized, got his heart racing.“Mmmm there we go”. With these words Amanda grabbed with one hand both her own cock and Will’s, holding them in a strong grip. Will felt her dick’s hardness against his own shaft, it’s head pressed against his balls, caressing them with its touch. It was incredibly arousing.In Will’s mind he knew exactly what was going to happen: “Oh shit no not yet”. Feeling almost like electricity, pleasure was rapidly building up between his legs.“You like it big boy?” Amanda started slowly stroking both cocks together and no more than 5 seconds passed that William blurted out “Sorry, I am sorry” while moaning.Amanda was wondering about what he was sorry for, as a spurt of his hot cum hit her pubis, followed by another, and another and another. Her mouth agape in an expression of surprise she rubbed both dicks rapidly as he came, spreding the cum all over them and adding to his pleasure. He was squirming against the glass, grinning his theeth and grunting as he kept spurting out semen.“Oh que delicia, spurt it all out my sweet boy, don’t worry, it’s all right, shoot out all your hot cum on Amanda’s cock.”Both dicks where now covered in sperm, and the shemale balls where dripping with William’s load. She kept lovely caressing both cocks.“Mmmh wow, so much spunk, you naughty naughty boy, you came here thinking about this moment didn’t you? I bet you jerked off alone, thinking about coming on my cock ”Will, ashamed by his sudden and precocious ejaculation, felt strangely reassured by the stripper’s dirty talk. He blatantly lied “Yeah…”Amanda smiled and the winked at him “Since you think about me so much, if you stay just a bit more I’ll leave you with a special treat to remember when you are alone”She let go of his cock, and he stumbled back as she gestured for him to get away from the hole that quickly closed as she pushed a button on her side of the wall.He realized he had to put in more money, and as he did so he watched Amanda sit on the stage, facing towards him, legs splayed as she stroked her cock with both hands. Even if he saw that three other people where now in the other cabins he clearly felt that all the shemale focus was only on him. As she masturbated, Amanda was evidently using his sperm as a lube, spreading it carefully all over her member from balls to tip: this got him so excited that his post-orgasm semi-flaccid cock never went totally soft and as he kept stroking he was hard again and ready to go in little more than five minutes.The shemale girl by now was evidently lost in pleasure, moaning while facing towards him as one hand stroked her long cock while the other softly pushed back and forth the black dildo in her butt. The pace of her masturbation picked up as she evidently got closer to her orgasm. Two of the guys by now had already came but Will was not paying them any attention: he was completely focused on Amanda, wild desires he never had before completely filling his mind as he vigorously stroked. “Yeah I want to see you shoot your cum, I want to fuck you in that nice ass, I want to suck that giant cock of yours, I want to lick it all, taste it all…” His stream of inner obscenities was interrupted by a sudden thrust of the shemale hips, followed by three spurts of cum that went toward him and one long dribble that ran all over her hand, her penis shaft, her balls and finally her asshole. Exhausted, she laid down on her back. He came together with her, screaming with pleasure while he shot his load in his cupped hand; most of it dripped down on the floor, but he licked what remained of it from his fingers, imagining it was hers.As the last guy in the cabins came, Amanda picked up her stuff, blew a kiss toward Will and got away through the door to the backstage.William sat there for a bit while cleaning himself, letting the opaque plastic panel outside the glass close itself as his time ran out.By the time William got out the sun was setting. As he opened the front door he saw a couple sitting at the nearby bar tables, having a beer: they looked at him, whispered something to each other and laughed a bit. “Who cares?”. Watching them drink, he realized he was really thirsty. The peep show was unbelievably hot and humid, and he went in way overdressed with his hoodie. He could really use a beer.He went toward the free tables and sat at one of them, waiting for the waiter who quickly came take his order.William didn’t know where to go from there: what he just experienced was beyond his wildest imaginations and left a mark on him. Still, he felt bolder than before.Sipping the beer that just arrived, his mind wandered.“What shall I ask her next time?”

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