Matt , I Ch. 02


This story is based on real people but the scenario is fiction. This part follows Matt and I submitted previously.

Here I was, on my knees, or thereabouts, looking up at my youngest son. His muscles seemed tense but his penis was hard and was between my lips. The thoughts of how we got here had gone through my mind and were now added to silent screams of we shouldn’t be doing this. Instead I was enjoying the apparent pleasure I was bringing him.

“Oh! Mom! Let’s, ummmm, yeah come on.” With that he raised me up and moved me toward the bed. He pressed me down, face first, leaving my backside totally open to him. It was only seconds before I felt his penis pressing against my opening. I was wet, believe me, I was wet and he slid in so easily. I could sense his need and wondered if it was for his sexual release or for his affection for his lover. I hoped for the latter.

He began moving rapidly, seeking his release, and I could hear his body slapping against me. His hard penis was driving deeply into me and his hands were gripping my waist. I knew he was near his climax as his grip became tighter and his penis even harder. It was then I felt it begin to shoot inside me and fill me with his semen. He moaned softly and his grip lessened as he finished spilling himself.

He was breathing hard and withdrew from me letting me turn and rise from the bed. I could see his glistening member, covered with our wetness but it was still erect. “Matt?” I questioned as I looked at it, still hard.

“It’s your turn, Mom.”

With that I rolled to my back and he drew my legs against his torso, my feet near his shoulders. He was quickly inside me again, standing, pressing his length into me. It was my turn to be lost in the frenzy of the passionate moment, my turn to find release. He was rubbing my legs, my old ugly legs, and groaning with each movement in and out of me.

He leaned down placing his hands on each side of me and cradled his face against my neck. I was nearing that favorite moment, the few seconds when your body floats in space and has no attachment, those pleasurable seconds when your body feels the wonderful release. It was coming, my orgasm. I could feel my body tense and I knew I was thrashing wildly against his groin. Inside I was shouting with my impending climax but outwardly I was quiet. His soft moans against my ear let me know he was near and I released. I entered the momentary world of darkness where all light and purpose escapes me, then the span of flashes and brilliance of pleasure. I needed this release, this orgasm. I needed to feel my son inside me once again.

It was something I had been denying, to myself and to him, but I could not refuse him. I felt his manhood pulse, harden more, then spurt his semen inside me. I could not have been happier at that moment. Once again our lovemaking had succeeded in achieving our closeness. Matt raised himself on his arms, much like a pushup. “Mom, I, – I love you. You do know that don’t you?”

I could only smile and look into those dark shining eyes. “Oh, yes! I know how much and how you love me. I love you too, son. Perhaps more than I should.” I told myself that was the reason I was breaking my vow to end our elicit relationship.

He leaned down and kissed me, deeply, our mouths open and our tongues Escort bayan dancing in searching rhythm. His body was atop me, pressing me into the bed and I could feel his penis shrinking inside me and begin to withdraw from me. “You must let me get up, son. I have to shower, again, and go to work.”

“Uh, Oh, yeah. Uh, me too. I’m sorry, Mom, I didn’t mean to —“

I put my fingers to his lips and stopped his statement. I knew he was going into an apology for what we had just done and there was none needed. “Shhh! We will talk more, later, perhaps tonight. Right now I have to go. I mean really have to go.”

I quickly showered again. As I passed his room on the way out I cautioned him. “Matt? You remember that Mike and Angie are coming tomorrow don’t you?”

“Shit! I mean, uh, yeah, I guess so.”

I leaned against the doorway watching him pull on his surgical scrubs. “I know what you are trying to say, but your big brother and sister-in-law are coming and that’s fact. You and I and your Dad will be gracious hosts, you understand?”

“Yeah! It means, well, no more of you and me.”

I didn’t answer. There would be some precious moments before they came, precious moments.

That night was like every other, Harry preparing a simple dinner, consuming at least one glass of wine, and making small talk. Matt helped me with the dishes then went to the basement to play on the computer. Harry and I spent yet another night in silence, our eyes on the television. My mind wandered to the basement but I had to dash those thoughts, for now.

Harry was up early as usual and I could smell the coffee. He poured a cup for me, kissed me on the cheek. “Are, uh, Mike and Angie coming today?”

I nodded as I sipped the coffee.

“I don’t think I can be home early, but I’ll try. See you later.” He bent down a kissed me on the lips, one of those meaningless see you later kisses, and he was out the door. I heard his truck slip down the driveway and away.

I turned to get up and saw my beautiful son in the doorway. He was wearing only briefs. I could see the outline of his cock but it wasn’t fully erect. “Is there time for us?”

I walked to him, stood on my tiptoes, and pulled his head to mine until I could kiss him. Our mouths met in a most passionate kiss, hard, long, deeply searching tongues. His hands were holding me up, against him. Our kiss finally ended and I stood back down on the floor that I had forgotten was there. He untied the belt around my robe then lifted my gown over my head. Only my house slippers kept me from being completely naked. He kissed me again, but this time his hands were exploring me, my ass, my back, my neck, and then my aching nipples. He pushed me back, toward the kitchen table. “Here?”

“Yeah! Right here. You are my breakfast.” With that he lifted me onto the table and sat in a chair between my outstretched legs. His hands were rubbing my inner thighs and I could feel his hot breath on my vulva. Then his tongue was there, slipping upward between the folds of outer lips, dipping inside me, then up until he had touched my clitoris. His magical tongue! His searching fingers! Both were working to bring me to a wonderful explosion of pleasure. God! How I had missed this.

He kept at me until my body was thrashing against Bayan escort his mouth and I could feel the most wonderful release moving over me. Once again he moved me into the special place of darkness followed by overwhelming pleasure. I thought he would let me up, or that he would enter me, but he did neither. He continued working his tongue against me until he brought me to a second orgasm. Only then did he sit back. I opened my eyes to see him staring at my vulva. His hands were rubbing my outer lips, bringing them open, and then closed. It was as if he was marveling at this part of my body, as if he had never seen it before, or felt it, or been inside it.

He stood up and slid his briefs down to the floor. His penis was hard and straining forward from his groin. I thought he would slide inside me but instead he moved around the table until he had brought his need to my mouth. I let it slide between my lips, into my mouth, into my throat, as I tried to take him totally inside once again. He was working himself in and out of my mouth. I was letting my tongue trace upward on his glands each time he withdrew, and would then play against the small slit beneath the head where it is most sensitive. Each time he would moan, hold himself still for my tongue, then press in again. His movements became more urgent and I knew he was nearing his climax. He groaned deeply as he began to spurt his slightly salty semen into my mouth and down my throat. I enjoyed him. I savored him. I swallowed each drop and cleaned his penis of any residue.

When he bent to kiss me I knew he could taste himself but he seemed unconcerned. I wanted him inside me, thrashing about in my womanhood, but he was finished. I had achieved orgasm, and so had he, but it was more that I was wanting today. I watched his naked butt move away, down the hall, away from my view. I slid from the table and followed him, gathering my clothing on the way. I had never before walked around the house naked, at least not on purpose. Even those months that we were making love regularly I would always be dressed. But today I felt different, as if being naked in my own home was the greatest thing there was. I stopped, looked around my kitchen, and dropped my robe and gown to the floor. I walked to the sink, then to the table where I quickly wiped away puddles of my own secretions. I wondered if any neighbors had been window peeping. If they were, or had been, they would know more about me than they should.

By the time I finished my shower Matt was dressed. “I will be home around noon today. What time will you leave the hospital for lunch?”

“Well, I guess around noon. Would that be OK?”

“Perfect!” We both knew the meaning. It would be our final moments before filling the house.

When I got home his car was in the driveway. “Matt?” “Matt?” I called out but he didn’t answer. I laid my coat and purse on the table and made my way down the hall. I didn’t see him until I turned into my bedroom. He was there, in my bed, apparently naked.

“You’re a little late.”

I had stepped out of my shoes and was unbuttoning my blouse as he watched. “You think so? Well, maybe I can make up for it.”

I undressed as quickly as I could and crawled under the sheets beside him. We kissed, I held and stroked his erection he Escort rubbed my breasts and then suckled them. I bent down and took him in my mouth, for a brief time as I wanted him deeply inside me. I straddled his body and held his massive erection as I positioned myself over it. I slid down until he was fully impaled inside me. I sat there motionless enjoying the sensation that filled my vagina. I began moving slowly, up and down, in and out, enjoying the feeling of his hard manhood against my clitoris. We moved together in harmony until I began to feel my orgasm and it arrived. He came, filling me again, and I felt it leaking out and onto his stomach.

He was holding me and I was thinking aloud. “There is something I would like to talk to you about. How is Christy? I mean, I know you have been dating her for several months but I’m not sure where or how your relationship is with her. I guess I’m worried that you and I are, or will, interfere with what you may have with her.”

“Our relationship is just fine. I mean we like each other and take care of each other. We aren’t having intercourse, if that’s what you’re asking. We, uh, we do take care of each other’s needs in our own way. She is saving her virginity for marriage.”

“Ah! Admirable of her. So are you —?”

“She sucks me, I eat her out. The only person I fu–, er, have sex with is you, only you

I wanted to shout that I was his only intercourse lover. I leaned my head into his shoulder and felt so proud and so wanted. We were quiet for a while and then I became motherly again. “You need to shower and go back to work. Mike and Angie should be arriving in a few hours and I have so much to do. Um, let’s see. I need to change this bed, wash sheets and towels, fix the bed in the basement, and, uh, many more things. I thought we would let Mike and Angie sleep in your room and you could stay in the spare basement room. Ok?”

“I had already figured that out, Mom.” The ‘Mom’ part was pronounced hard and it hurt. I guess I was babbling on like a Mom, not like a lover who had just been fully satisfied.

He left me without saying much and went to shower. I began stripping the bed and getting the house in order. He came out of his room ready to return to work. “Mom?”

“In here.”

“Look. I’m sorry for acting like a child. I guess I felt like one just then. You know I love you and how much I love being with you, don’t you? Well because of the way I feel sometimes when you talk I feel like a little boy and I don’t think of us that way.”

His words were a ton of bricks, truth. “I, uh, I understand. I won’t treat you like a child ever again.”

“I’ve gotta go. I’ll see you this evening.”

He started out the door but stopped and turned back around to me. I was wearing only a big t-shirt when he pulled me to him and kissed me. I could feel his body pressing into me and his hands were caressing my ass. He kissed me like his lover.

I watched him drive away then turned on the Christmas tree lights. I was still in that t-shirt and I smelled of sex, wonderful sex. I did as much of my work as I could before showering as I wanted to keep the feel and smell of what we had done.

Around 3 hours later my eldest son and his wife arrived. Mike looked trim and fit as a good Army Sergeant should. Angie was her beautiful slender self, her dark brown hair pulled back into a small pony tail. It would be a long time before I could have Matt again, or so I thought.

I hope you enjoyed this portion. If so there will be more to follow.

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