Me , a friend and his polish girlfriend !

Female Ejaculation

Me , a friend and his polish girlfriend !After chatting to my friend on xhamster (who i shall call Martin to protect his identity) about our sex lives ,fantasies etc he decided that we should meet up at his house. Martins gf had just returned from a trip back from her native Poland and he wanted to make his fantasy come true. So i packed my things and caught the train to York !It was late evening by the time i arrived and Martin met me at the station and took me to his house. In the car we came up with a story that i was an old school friend who was just crashing for the night after breaking up with my gf. He began to describe his gf Zofia (name changed) about 5’8, dark hair, choppy layered look, brown eyes, cute cheek bones, 32b tits, firm arse, tight shaved pussy, belly button pierced ! I was already getting hard thinking about her she sounded gorgeous, he continued saying she loved doggy style and being on top riding him! Martin glanced down at my crotch and said he couldn’t wait to see my cock being swallowed down Zofia’s throat!When we arrived at his house the door opened and there was this stunning looking girl standing there in tight fitting jeans and a top that almost showed her tits off ! You told me she was pretty but you never said she was this hot you jammy bastard istanbul escort i said ! Zofia said that the take away had arrived minutes ago so we were just in time . Great i’m starving we both said ! We sat down and cracked open some wine and beer and ate dinner! A few bottles of wine and several beers later we went to the living room to watch some tv . We were all a bit tipsy and chat soon changed from weather ,jobs and the usual shit to sex ! More drinks and things began to get steamy as Zofia got on all fours in front of us to show us how she liked to be fucked ! Show us your pussy Martin said so she stood up and removed her jeans to reveal her underwear , now your top ! She was down to her undies in no time . You two she snapped , off with yours ! We needed no further prompting and in seconds we were both stark naked with rapidly hardening cocks !She removed her bra to reveal her perfect breasts, her piercing sparkling in the soft light. She turned away from us , bent over and slid her panties down showing her shaven pussy off ! Omg ,this is really going to happen i thought !Stand up both of you ! We stood before her facing each other as she kneeled down grasping avcılar escort both our cocks and rubbing our cock heads together, precum oozing from our piss slits !She began licking our cocks and rubbing them together before taking us in turn deep into her warm mouth ! God it felt so good , Martin looking at my cock as it filled his gf’s mouth. Something felt slightly weird and i realised Zofia was trying to get both our cocks into her mouth but only the heads would go in our cocks too big for her pretty mouth .We moved , Zofia now on her back ,as I began to lick her bald pussy martin gave my ass a quick smack his finger brushing my arsehole ! He moved around to her head and began to gently face fuck her, after a few minutes of this she came hard , her pussy juices flowing onto my tongue as i pushed it deep into her hole ! Martin positioned Zofia into doggy ,i moved infront he behind . We looked at each other then together thrust into each end at the same time , she let out a grateful moan as we built up the pace , his thrusts pushing her mouth further and further down my shaft until she was almost gagging on it ! We pulled out and swapped ends , savouring her own juices on martins cock we began our assault ! A few minutes had past şirinevler escort and i looked down at her light brown arsehole and smeared some spit on it ! She let out a loud moan as i eased a single finger into her tightest of sex holesand finger fucked her ass at the same as my cock fucked her pussy ! We continued to fuck in several postions , swapping ends before martin decided he wanted her ass. I sat down next to him as she bent over giving him full access to her anal hole, he pushed his cock onto her ass but the head only gaining a little entry, some lubricant was needed! Pulling the head out of her ass he grabbed my head I instinctively put my mouth around his cock and he foced it down my neck covering it in saliva .Martin pulled his cock out of my mouth and returned it to Zofia’s arse, this time her anal muscle gave way and his cock slid all the way dowwn until his nut sack stuck to her dripping pussy ! I watched , furiously wanking my cock as Zofia moaned out loud as Martin pounded her arse hard ! I knew he couldn’t keep the pace up and a few moments later he announced he was going to cum! He pulled out leaving her arse gaping wide, Zofia turned onto her back and we began wanking our cocks ,Martin sent a huge jet of hot thick white cum up her body onto her tits and face this set me off and i unleashed a torrent of cum on her face , a few remaining jets of martins cum landing on my cock as we offered our spent cocks to her mouth, Zofia licking and sucking our sensitive bell ends clean before we all cleaned up and fell asleep in the same room. I left the next day exhausted but with great memories ! Hoping to repeat the experience in the future!

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