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Me And Daddy?????????????????????Hi! I am a long legged girl of 19 years, with a fair complexion, and satin smooth skin texture. I possess a slim figure with assets of 34c-27-33. I being a slim girl, my boobs jet forward prominently which bounces heavily when I walk.My father Ramakanth is in a real estate business. He is 45 with good physique. I have two younger brothers 16 & 13 respectively. Suresh and Satish are their names. My mother is 40 years and a normal house wife, with slightly obese. She is a pious woman and deeply religious. Likes to visit temples and shrines regularly.When I was 18, I completed my inter. I am a very clever girl and scored 100% marks in science and math and overall % is 98.5%. When I wrote Engg. Entrance exam, I was hoping below 100 ranks but don’t know what happened I got >2000 rank. I was disappointed and wanted to write again and took long term coaching and did regular practice. This year, I got 42nd rank.My mom and Dad were very happy that I scored such a good rank. While kissing my cheek and putting a sweet in my mouth, mom said “if Teju gets a good rank, I have vowed that I will come to Tirupathi and perform pooja” and look at Dad she said that she wanted to go to Tirupathi next day only. “is Teju coming with you?” Dad asked.“No, this pooja, I will perform, so I will be going with Sathish & Suresh. Teju can go later whenever she wanted”Dad had booked Tatkal AC I class tickets for mom and brothers. And said to me “Teju dear, we will go later”Next day, when we are about to start to drop mom at the railway station, Dad said to me “Teju dear, wear a traditional dress, we also will go to Balaji temple at Chikkadpally after dropping mom at the station. I wore silk lehenga and Voni (half saree) and tied my long silky hair into a braid and put on Jasmine mala.Dad was stunned to see me and commented “my god Teju. Teju how charming you are looking” saying so, he came to me and putting his hand around my shoulder gave a peck on my rosy cheek. After that, we dropped mom and brothers at the railway station and after the departure of the train we went to Balaji temple and performed pooja.On our return, Dad said again “baby you are looking terribly cute and you have turned from simple looking girl to a young, beautiful woman. He put his right palm on my back. I don’t know why I got a tingling sensation in my body.While returning Dad took me to a garment shop and asked me to purchase what I like. But I said you only chose Daddy you are the best selector. Dad chooses a beautiful floral frock for me and from there we went to a jewelry shop and Dad purchased a gold chain with a heart shaped diamond studded pendant. When we entered the car Dad giving me the chain said “Teju, my dear this is for you.2This is a gift to you on your success. Really I am proud that my daughter had scored such a good rank. I took it and said “thank you, Dad, you are such a loving Dad” and I hugged him tightly putting my hands around his neck.By the time we came home it is 7 pm. We packed dinner for us from a hotel. After reaching home I had a bath and wore the new frock and went t Dad’s room. Dad also finished his bath and is in a vest and white pajama.He sits on a sofa in his room and in front of him on the central table was two glasses one filled with foreign whiskey and in the other bottle, the raspberry juice is there. He welcomed me and said, “come to Teju let us celebrate for your success”. I smiled at him and sat his side on the sofa.He encircled his arms around my back and said again “you are looking gorgeous in this frock and dragged me closer to him. I again thanked him. I encircled my hand around Dad’s and sat still closer to him. My firm boobs were pressing to Dad’s elbow. Dad took whiskey glass and gave me juice glass and said “cheers”. I took a sip of it. It tasted very sweet with a good aroma but lightly tangy. “Dad, did you mixed alcohol in it?’ I asked.“Very little baby. Is it not tasty.?”“Very tasty Dad but, alcohol.” I stopped.“Teju my dear. Little of alcohol doesn’t do anything. If you don’t like leave it.”“No, Dad. It is fine” and I started slowly sipping and to be precise I am enjoying the drink. You have grown up girl now baby. Not only that sometimes you have to accompany me to the clubs Then, there if someone offers a drink you can’t deny. So it will be beginning now.’ Dad said and put his hand my right thigh and soothing there.Dad’s hand there gave a tingling sensation in my body. I took Dad’s hand in my free hand and pressing it. It never occurred to me that Dad’s must not put their hand on daughters’ thighs.We were talking about many things particularly about my studies and in which college I will join and much more. While talking when I looked at Dad I found him staring at my boobs which are bulging from the frock when I looked myself I found that my deep cleavage is clearly visible as I slightly bent forward.Dad looking at me asked “baby shall we dance?”“Yes, Dad.”I accepted his proposal and Dad put some fine music and we were dancing. Dad’s right hand is around my slim waist, while his other hand is in my right hand. Whereas my left hand is on Dad’s shoulder. After few minutes of dancing, I felt Dad’s palm slipped from my waist and rested on my fleshy bum cheeks.Dad’s hand there was giving me kind of thrill & joy. While soothing my bum he dragged me closer to him. With this, his frontal portion touched my swollen pussy between my thighs. And my fine globes were crushed under his strong chest.3Dad’s actions on my buttocks and hot breath on my cheeks and neck and Dad’s bulge poking me, as I know what is poking me and it created an interest in and I thought. How would it be? And to be precise I was eager to see Dad dick.After dancing for some time we have relaxed. We both went to the sofa and sat side by side our thighs were touching each other.“baby do you have boyfriends.?” Suddenly, Dad asked. I felt shy for Dad’s question and lowered my head with shy and said “Oh! Daddy.!”“don’t be shy. Now a day’s very young girls of 15-16 are having boyfriends. So don’t be shy. Do you have any.?” Dad kept his hand on my shoulder and pressed.“No Daddy I don’t have any boyfriends.”“do you romance.?” he asked another question.“Oh! Dad. What kind of question is this.” I blushed. And I felt the hot blood rushing to my cheeks.“my sweetie. These are the essences of life. One has to know about these things. Ok if don’t like I will not ask” saying so Dad kept quiet. He did not spoke anything for few minutes. I felt sorry that I did hurt Dad and said: “Dad talk something.”“you only said don’t ask. So I kept quiet.”“Oh! Daddy. I am sorry. Ok. Ask what you want to ask.”“that’s good girl. You are my sweet daughter.”He said and dragged me closer to him. I also moved closer to him and said “. And you are sweet, loving Daddy.” and I garlanded my arms around Dad’s neck and gave a small kiss on his cheek.By the time Dad’s hand raised from my waist to upwards under the armpit and his fingers were touching my (his daughter’s) side bulges of the boob. Dad’s touch there gave a thrilling sensation and my body shuddered.“baby do you know what pornography.Is?” Dad asked. Though I felt shy I didn’t hesitate to answer and said. “it is the material on sex like stories, articles photos, and films etc.”I don’t know why but I am enjoying the company of Dad and his talk on such things causing goose pimples on my body.“what do you mean by sex.?” he asked again and I found that his palm which was on side bulge of my tit moved further and now directly touching my firm boobs lightly. Then, within a minute he pressed softly. “aah. Sssss.” a soft moan came out of my mouth. I understood that Dad wanted to4Listen to bolder answer from his daughter buca escort so I said. “.Ummm. Sex is. Fucking & sucking and a lot of other things that a partner gets joy by his or her actions.“Good.Very gooood.Ummm” and gave a kiss on my lips lightly and pressed my boob now a bit hard. It was thrilling to me that I am talking such things with my Dad. Who gave me a berth. And I also found the same kind of glow in Dad’s face also.I looked at him mischievously and winking him asked.Huskily. “am I.Correct. On sexxxx Dadddddy”“yeah dear you are very correct.” and he hugged me so tight that my breath became hard. I found Dad’s face beamed with happiness. I am everything for him and he for me. Dad says that he was only a clerk in a private firm.After my birth, Dad had invested the little amount in real estate business and today it prospered well. He says that I am his lucky charm, and he says I am Siri means wealth. He fulfilled every desire of mine. Even at the age 10/11, he used to feed me by making me sit in his lap.Whenever I performed well in school he used to hug me and gave a peck on my soft cheeks. When I passed my 10th with the highest grade while congratulating me he gave a light kiss on my lips and said “I know my baby could do it, and see now you have proved” and again a light kiss on my lips. And a light hug. It was a titillating sensation in me when Dad kissed my rosy lips. When he hugged me my growing buds under his strong chest.”I know Dad never received much attention from mom. I don’t know the reason. But I know there is some tension between them. When I was 12 only Dad’s bed room was shifted.Only three four times he used to go into moms room but I saw within 15 minutes Dad used to come out with a gloomy face. When I was in 9th class my class mates said to me that they had seen their parents in the bed in action. And they used tell me in detail that how their Dad’s moved up and down on their moms.How their Dad’s thing was going in & out of their moms. After listening to them I tried to peep into my parents’ room when they are in the room. But I was not so lucky to witness their love game.Rather mom always says that she is not having a mood, or she is not interested and one or the other excuses for not entertaining Dad.Poor Dad. How gloomy his face is. How can I make him happy? And Then, only I have decided to make him happy whatever it may be. Because I love my Dad very much.“why did you ask such questions Dad?” I asked looking deep into his eyes.“nothing special Teju. I wanted to know whether my daughter is good only in subjects or in other things also.”“did I passed in your test Then?”“Definitely.Sweet heart. You have passed with 100% marks, one more question.”“what is it, Dad?’Friends, you are reading this story on indiansexstories dot net5“do you know what is i****t.? He kissing on my neck asked.“what is it. Insist. Or.?”“no. No. Not insist. i****t.” and he pronounced the spelling ‘i****t’As I didn’t hear that word and saying the same I asked “what is its meaning Dad.?Dad was silent for a few seconds and said. “i****t means. The sexual relationship within the family or close relatives.Like, mom and son. Brother & sister.!”Though I was enjoying his words and his hand roaming on my body, I asked. “is it not wrong Dad.?“no. If both had agreed to the same, ” and now Dad pinched my stiffened nipple visible through the thin material of the frock. My boobs being firm I didn’t wear a bra inside. As Dad pinched my nipple I moaned with pain. Aaaahhh.Ufff.Sssss.D.A.D.” though there was a pain I also felt a thrilling sensation in my body. Because of such talk for a long time the impact of the cocktail I had, I was feeling very light and enjoy.“What happened, baby.” Dad asked“aaahhhh.Be soft. You are pinching very hard. It is hurting.” I squealed with pain.“I am sorry, baby. Are you feeling nice when I am playing with you.?” “yes Dad. Very much” and I hugged him. Then, I said you were telling something.“. If i****t is done with both partners acceptance it is not wrong.”“. But Dad I heard that. Having such relationship is taboo.”“You have studied history. Isn’t it? In history, you learned that Cleopatra married her brother to become queen of Egypt.She belongs to a dynasty called Ptolemy. To keep their blood not to be polluted they married their sisters and brothers. A king of that dynasty married his own 17-year daughter when his wife could bear a male c***d for the throne.”“yeah. Dad I read about Cleopatra is there any other examples in history.”I asked now I was also interested to know more about i****t.“yes. There is a Roman emperor called Caligula and he had a sexual relationship with his both the sisters, Agrippina the elder and Drusilla the younger sister. All these happened in bc. What do you understand by this?I smiled at him and looked at him.6His hands soothing on my thigh are causing a thrilling sensation in me. To be frank I am enjoying is touch and wish he must talk like that only. I kept my palm on Dad’s palm and pressed.“you know one thing once community people used to play a game called ‘ravikala pandiga’ (festival of blouses)”“what.? Festival of blouses.? What is it, Dad.?”“Why up to that. Even today it is practiced in tribal communities”.“. What is that festival Dad.?“on a full moon day,” Dad was telling “these tribal people get together in an open place as soon as it is dark. Then, dine and dance merrily consuming an intoxicating drink prepared from forest flowers. In this festival, all the men and women/girl from the age 14 years participates.Very old will take care of very young. After the dance, all the women/girls remove their blouses and put them in a big bamboo basket and mixed well”.I was listening intently about new vistas opening for me.“After mixing of blouses every male member who is blindfolded will take a blouse from it. The women/girl whose blouse it belongs to has to spend the night with the man who got the blouse.”“.Wowww. Dad. Is it.Real.?” I asked in surprise.“Yes, baby. And you know the blouse he took may belong to his sister or daughter or mother or daughter-in-law. In this way, there is always a chance that a woman may get her father/brother/father-in-law like that. That night they enjoy fully with their partners and wait eagerly for the next full moon”.“My God. It is really fun.” I said in excitement. Dad seeing my excitement he dragged me on to his lap and cupped my boob and squeezing it said “baby you know one thing. The man or woman will not get monotonous.Every month he/she will get a new man and new joy. During the festival, this game goes on for three days, a day before and a day after the festival. It means in three days one will get 3 separate men/women to be enjoyed fully. Irrespective of relationship.“My God. It is quite fun Dad. I am thrilled.” I said enjoying his palm on my tit and pressing my butt on his bulge. Between my thighs, my pussy is itching and the preliminaries are oozing.”“Teju. Where is the chain that I purchased for you.?’“It is here in my pocket Dad.” saying so I took out the chain from my pocket and gave to him.“Come let me put it in your neck.” and Dad led me to the dressing mirror and made me stand before it and standing behind me, put the chain in my neck. As he stood close to me I felt his erection7Poking my soft fleshy bum. Then, he moved slightly back. And quickly I moved backward and pressed my bum on Dad’s erection.“see how cute my daughter is.” and his left hand around my slim waist and dragged me on to him and his other hand cupped my right boob. I turned and facing.I garlanded my arm around Dad’s neck. And said. “. I know how handsome my loving Dad is.” I hugged him so tight that my tits flattened on his chest.Now, Dad’s escort buca both hands were on my ass and squeezing softly and soothing. For a while, we were in that position enjoying the pleasures of each other’s body touch. Then, I looking into Dad’s eyes called.“Dad.!!” “yes.Baby.!”“Do you want to do i****t.??” smilingly I asked. “if my daughter agrees yes.” he said.“how can I say no to you Daddd. You are such nice darling.!“thank you baby. “ and this time his fingers dug my fleshy bum.“.Mmmm. Dad, rather I was waiting for you to ask me this.!” this time it is a shock to Dad. “what.?”“yes.Dad. I am after you from the time I have seen your manhood.” I said smiling at him. This was another shock for him. “what.? Have seen my dick.? When.?” in a surprised tone he asked.“During my I year inter, when I was preparing for the I year exams. You used to stay with me till late night till I completed my studies. It was one such day while I was studying, you took a book and sat in the rocking chair.When I finished my studies and got up, I saw you in a sound sleep. The book you were reading is on your chest. Your pajama buttons were opened and your erected manhood came out and facing the roof. My god! How sweet it was, Dad.?. Long, stout and the front portion swollen and pinkish. My cute, it appeared.!I wanted to touch it, fondle it. But I was afraid that it will disturb your sleep. So I covered a bed sheet on your body and switched off the light.” saying this I moved closer to him that I can feel his dick on my crotch.“Come.” he took me to the bed and was sitting on it, he made me sit in his lap. As I sat, I felt Dad’s dick poking my fleshy bum. Dad was kissing all over my face, pulled the zip of the gown and removed it from my shoulders.With in no time I was disrobed except my bra and panty. “my.My. Teju. You are Venus.” and kissing on my lips put a hand on my boob. It is a french kiss. Mouth to mouth kiss. As he sucked the juices from my mouth my whole body trembled with desire.“Dad. Something is poking me.! I enjoying his kiss said.“don’t you know what is poking.?” Dad mischievously asked. I understood that he is playing games with me. And I also decided to play.8“You are the one who is poking. How can I know what is poking me.?” I looked deep into his eyes and said.“It is Dad’s modda (dick) dear, it entered into mom’s pooku (cunt) and produced you.” Dad squeezing my tit hard over the bra said.“.And now it wanted to in your daughter’s pooku.Isn’t it.? I said.“Only if you want it, baby.!?” he pressed my boob hardly.“aaahhh. Slo.Ww. Not so hard Dad.! Aahhh. Let me see how it looks.?” I got up from Dad’s lap. Pulled his pajama down.”aahhhhaa. There it is. Fully erected.Long and thick with the purple knob. And moving its head to and fro.As I stood Dad saw my crotch and said. “Teju. You are wet there. “saying so he pulled down my panty. My fair, smooth well swollen triangular mound was in front of him.“my god.! How swollen it is baby.? So smooth.” and he grabbed my pussy under his palm and pressed. “aaahhhaaa.! Ssss.Ss.! Da.Dad.” I moaned. Then, I took Dad’s dick in my fist and looking at it said. “how cute it is Daddy. And how big & stiff.Aaahhh. So cute. I want to kiss it.” and I fell on my knees and kissed the knob first. Then, I poked the small opening with my tongue tip.“aaahhh. Babyyy.” Dad moaned sweetly and pressed my head there. I too willingly took his long tool in my mouth and sucking & licking it while my right hand is weighing his heavy balls.It is only two or three minutes Then, Dad said “ baby. My dear tejoo. I am very horny. It has been a long time. I enjoyed fully. Are you ready to give pleasure to your Dad.?” he pulling my head said.“as you wish Dad. I am at your side to do anything you want. I am here to fulfill your desire.”Dad laid me flat on my back and came over me. Before coming over me he fingered my pussy. It is already oozing. But the only tip of his finger went in. He came in between my thighs and held his dick in one hand rubbing its head between my pussy lips. He Then, slowly pressed it in. “aaahhh.“ I moaned as it widened my lips and tip entered in me.“Are you o.K. Teju. My dear.” lightly pressing his tool in me asked. As I was enjoying I didn’t answer but raised my bums up. Understanding my intention Dad pressed some more and I felt I am being stretched wide. There was a little pain. “aaaahhh. Da.D. You are big. Aah.Uff.It is hurting.” I said.“Do you want me to take it out baby.?” he kissing my fore head asked. “nooo Dad.I raising my buttocks up and enjoying his k**s said “I mean to be slow. Don’t be harsher” and inserted my right hand between us, took Dad’s tool. The only head has gone in remaining is still out. “oh! My.God.!How big it is? Can I take it fully in me.?” I thought.9By the time put his mouth on mine and started sucking my luscious lips while playing with my boobs, pinching the nipples one after the other. Dad’s actions were mesmerizing me a kind of thrill ran through out my body. Now I felt that my cunt is oozing and the pain is subsiding. I raised my waist up. My both hands are now on Dad’s hips and pressing him down on me.Dad gave a strong push “aahhh.Uff.Ss.Ss.Mmm.” I felt that Dad is tearing me apart “iisss.Aahh.Dad. Pa.In.” before I could complete my word Dad gave one more push hardly and his whole dagger is in me up to the hilt.It was such a pain and I was almost to scream, but by the time Dad had put his mouth on mine. The scream turned into a feeble muffle sound. I wriggled my waist to ease the pain. The pain had aggravated, so I stay still. My eyes filled with tears. I learned from my friends that there will be pain during the first time. But I didn’t expect such a pain. Dad also lay still on me. His tool embedded in me. His strong chest crushing my boobs.After three or four minutes or so Dad removed his mouth from mine and Dad said “Teju. My dear. Baby.It’s over. This is the first obstruction. Now you are a woman and enjoy the sexual life as you like” and he licked my tear filled eyes and kissed me on my cheeks. His kissing and licking and his counseling words soothed me. I smiled weakly with my tear filled eyes.“Papa. You tore my pussy.Yours is very big. Don’t push more.” I mumbled.“tejoo. You are a brave girl. I didn’t tear your cunt. Your hymen membrane has been torn.Now any dick can enter into you easily. The second thing is there anything left to shove in you. Your this luscious pussy had swallowed mine fully.”“what.?” I said in surprise.” is the total gone in me.Oh.God.! I can’t believe.! My my how big it is.? ” aaahhhaa. How could go fully in.?”“yes, baby are you not feeling my groin kissing your groin.? And he took my tender lips again and kissed. Yes after Dad’s words I felt that Dad’s crotch is touching my crotch. This can only happen when he is entirely in me.“my god!. Papa. How did that giant had gone in my pussy.? “cunts have a characteristic of elasticity. Teju. Now your choot can take much bigger than mine.” and he pressed my boob hardly and pinched.Ohhh!.Nooo. Enough is enough. I don’t want any bigger than this. “naaku mee modda chaalu.” and I garlanded my hands around his neck, and hid my face in his neck.Dad took my petal like lips in his eager lips and chewing and sucking them. He inserted his tongue in me. It is moving all sides of an inner mouth sucking my tongue and what not. I too took his tongue and sucking it. By the time Dad’s one hand came on my boobs, pressing them hard one after the other and pinching the nipples now and Then,10Dad’s these actions gave a tingling sensation all over my body and it shuddered. “aaa.Ummm hhhaa.Ssss.“ I moaned in his mouth.A while later he withdrew his tongue and now he took my soft erected nipple buca escort bayan in his lips and tightened them around my nipple. “ooommm. Aahhh. Papa.Papa. Aaaa. Daad.” I said and snuggled like a pet. Now my both hands are on his head and pressed it to my boobs. At the bottom, my pussy started secreting the love juices making my cunt lubricate.Now his total concentration is on my boob. He took my nipple and sucking, now and Then, pressing with his lips and trying to take larger part my boob in his mouth. While he is squeezing my other tit kneading like chapati atta. I am enjoying his roughness though there is some pain in my boobs and also in my pussy.By this time I am totally relaxed. The pain in my pussy had subsided. My cunt started releasing the fluids are oozing in my inner walls. This oozing had given me soothing effect.I wriggled my ass up and put my hand on Dad’s taut buttocks and pressed him down.Dad understood my intention and raised his head and looking into my eyes asked. “want it, baby.?” I winked and wriggled my ass again. Dad pulled his fuck pole out up to its head and thrust it deep in me. As he pushed there is still pain and I squealed. “ummm.Haaa. Papa. It is.Pain.I.Ng.” and I closed my eyes. “baby. You are a brave girl.Just bear for 5 months.See you will be. In heaven. If you feel pain still I’ll stop.” Dad kissed my cheeks and said.Though I was in pain. But I don’t want to disappoint Dad. He is such a loving person. Sao. I closed my eyes in acceptance.Dad started kissing my earlobe. Nibbling. And stamping warm kisses below the neck. When he kissed the neck, I got a tingling sensation in my body. Then, Dad started playing with my firm, soft boobs. Squeezing, pinching, twisting the nipple and kissing all over my face.Though there is still pain, yet I enjoyed Dad’s kisses and actions on my body, I too started responding equally by kissing, licking his face and now I am pinching Dad’s small nipples, which made to shudder. I thrusting my tongue in his nostrils & ear etc. I am feeling happy as I am giving joy to Dad and fulfilling Dad’s desire.Once Dad found that I am responding and aroused. He started humping over slowly not removing his tool from me, without pulling and pushing. His strokes continued for three four minutes Then, he slowly pulled his fuck pole. “Aaah.Sss.Aaaa.” his cocks friction n my cunt walls giving excruciating pain.I gritted my teeth not to scream or cry. I simply laid under Dad for some time. After a while, Dad slowly started a movement.Up and down. “haaahahahh.”By the time Dad’s action & my response started working on me. My pussy walls were secreting the fluids and Dad’s cock coated with my juices and causing free movement in me. Now ram rod is slightly moving easily. This is because of lubrication. Now Dad’s tool giving pleasure in me. I also slowly started wriggling11My ass as Dad’s rod is moving in & out. Dad slowly increased his speed, and I am responding equally to his movements by raising my bum up to meet his thrusts.“iis it o.K. Baby. Now.?” Dad smiling at me asked. I encircled my arms around his head & pulled it down on my boobs. Dad understood my intention and took one nipple in his mouth while he pressing the other hard. “I know. My tejoo is brave.!” Dad kissed me below the ear on the neck “sssss.Aaaa hhhh. Mmmm” I moaned pleasantly.Dad’s lund is moving freely now.It is sliding in and out of me causing tingling sensations. “mmmm. Papa.Papa.Aaahhh.Isss.” my sounds and the sound of tapak tapak echoing in the room. Dad is also groaning with joy and fucking me hard thrusting his tool deep in me. We both were sweating now.On the other side Dad sucking my one milk pot and playing with the other, he increased his speed in my pussy hole. I am not in a position to with stand the triple attack on me and I am shouting. “oh. Papa. Please fuck me hard. Yes. Yes. That’s it. Aahhh. My god how good it is.” as I am moaning sweetly Dad’s lund is moving speedily in my lubricated choot. I am also raising my bum up as fast as he poking in me.As Dad increased his speed, I am also raising bum up force fully. I am in the seventh heaven. There is such joy.”aaahhh. Papa. My.Aaa.Sss.Immm.Papa. Fuck. Fuck your daughter hard. Oh. Oh. Why didn’t you gave me this pleasure before? Papa.Isssiii. Oh!.Papa. Ummm. Some thing is oozing from me. As if getting piss. Leave me to let me pee and come.” I said huskily and hugged him tightly.“tejoo. My dear baby.Don’t worry release it. It is not pee. This is your orgasm. You are enjoying the game of love.Isn’t it.?”“yesss.Dad very much. Aaahhh. Dad, how is my choot. Is it giving the joy you want.?” I tightly hugging him asked.“You are a sweet daughter. My dear. I didn’t get such a carnal pleasure not even from your mom. Aaahhh how tight it is. See how your pussy is gripping my tool in it. Ahhh.Mmm, what a juicy cunt you have dear. Take. Take your Dad’s cock in your pussyyy.Aaahhh”By the time I am more excited and raised my bum up to meet Dad’s trust. And released my juices drenching Dad’s tool as soon as I am out I loosened my organs and the hands which clenched the pillow loosened.I laid there like that for 2 / 3 minutes. Dad also laid on me flatly. Dad is still tight in me. After 4/5 minutes Dad again started moving his waist up and down. His dick sliding in out of me. Though I am exhausted still loving Dad’s movements.Suddenly, turned upside down, by which he is for me and I am over him still his dick in me. As Dad was in between my thighs, as I came on him my legs were on either side of his body.Dad now pressing my bum cheeks and pressing them said “baby. Now you move over me. See how you will enjoy” I didn’t expect this, with the thrilling mind I sat on him and moving my waist up and down.12His dick is moving in me again. The juices, which I released were dripping from my pussy and making Dad’s thighs sticky. I moved like that for 5 mths and I again exhausted. Dad seeing my situation again turned upside down and started fucking me hard. “aaahhh.Iisss.Mmmm.Umm.D.Ad.” I moaned with joy.Dad fucked me for about 10 minutes like that and saying. ”aaahh. My.My.Tejoo. Wow. I am finished. I am coming to take Dad love juice.”“Yes, Papa. Papa. Give me.Give me.Oooh.Aaaahh” I said Dad also groaned and discharged his cum in me. I felt that my cunt is inundated with his juices.As he finished he fell on me. We were there like that for about 5 minutes and Then, Dad slid from over me and lied beside me. I don’t know for how long we lay there. I woke up and shook Daddy.He opened his eyes and hugging me said. “thank you. Dear.” and pecked on my cheek softly. I also gave him a kiss. When I got up from the bed Dad asked: “where.?” I showed him my little finger. He smiled.As I got down of the cot, my legs tumbled and I was about fall, Dad held in his hands. “come let me take you to the bath room” and like doll, he took me to the bathroom and made sit on the commode and said “pee”Though I was fucked by him so far and he had seen everything of mine, I felt shy to urinate in front of him. “Dad. I am feeling shy. Please go out.” said I.“You silly, sweet girl.” he pinched my cheek and went out. After I peed I called him. Dad came in took his dick in his hands and peeing. His crystal clear, light yellow color pee is coming out like a jet. Seeing that I don’t know.Why I felt like that. Suddenly, I sat in front of him under his urination and my face, boobs, and body were showered by his flow.Some went in my mouth which tasted salty. Then, we both had bath came out and went to the dining table. Dad took up to that and we both had dinner. Again we came to the bed room and lied on the bed side by side. There was satisfaction in Dad’s face. I smiled at him mischievously and asked: “how are you, Dad?”“He hugged me tightly and said “thank you sweety. You are really sweet.”That night, he enjoyed me and gave me the pleasure two more times. I will let you know about these in my later writings.How do you like this sex story, please give your comments

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