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“The Shady Lakes Cottages provides a quiet, discreet getaway from the rat race, a place where the cares of the world can be left behind for the simplicity of nature accompanied by comfort services, excellent food, and warmly appointed lodging.”

That’s what the brochure stated and when the Cottages were new in the 1980s that was spot on. Nearly thirty years later, not so much.

The cottages were still nice and the lakes were as peaceful and picturesque as ever. Alana could still whip up a mouth-watering meal. But guests had been fewer for several years. Some cottages had been closed up and some of the staff let go. Now it was Alana, her daughter Emery, and a part-time local for upkeep.

Alana Rosbova had inherited the land and lakes from her father, Royce Rosbova, who had made his money in a variety of trades in the 60s and 70s. Royce had built the cottages and main house as a retirement investment though a heart attack at age 55 took him before he could enjoy it.

Alana had sold what she could of her father’s estate elsewhere except for the Manhattan apartment. The money went into making the cottages an upscale resort, hire a big name chef, and more. The opening had gone very well and for a good twenty years, Shady Lakes was a getaway for New York City celebrities and intellectuals. The proximity to Chautauqua had been a draw as well.

The cachet of the Cottages had worn off by the new millennium and the economic shocks reduced the regulars significantly. Alana put all her efforts into making every guest feel special, trying to hold on. The rental income from the Manhattan apartment covered a lot but not all her costs.

Alana’s daughter Emery had returned upon graduating from college in California. Her education had been almost entirely been funded by a trust from her grandfather. Degree in hand, she knew her mother needed help so she was resigned to returning to the Cottages for a year or two until things recovered or they had to sell the place.

While she had many great memories of growing up at the Cottages with her mother, the staff, and the regular guests, it still was ‘living at home’ and no 22-year old wants that when the world has such promise for them, anywhere else. It was just these promises that Emery was mulling over while she tended the desk at the main house when a guest arrived.

“Welcome to Shady Lakes,” she began before looking up. Seeing Jack Thomas walking in brought a smile to her face.

Jack was one of the few regulars they still had. A little older than Emery, she remembered him from her childhood as a handsome boy she’s secretly crushed on. Now that he was nearing thirty, that attraction hadn’t lessened for her.

Standing at a modest five six, Jack was not an imposing figure. He didn’t exude a lot of testosterone or bravado. Still his face was almost beautiful and his style was impeccable. She knew he was a novelist now and had sold a couple books, enough to give him a good life.

“Hi Emery,” he said smiling warmly. She got up and stepped over to give him a hug. He even smelled good. His hug felt genuine while maintaining propriety, not lingering.

“I saw you on the books for this week. Still just the one week?”

“Actually, it might be longer. I’ve got a new project and I thought I’d try to work on it while I’m here. Take advantage of the seclusion and quiet.”

“That’s great. I read ‘Hidden Wings’ last winter and I really liked it. You really got into the fashion industry and into the heads of those models really well.”

“Well, thanks. I appreciate that. I wish more people felt the way you do.”

“They just haven’t heard about it. Word will spread. I told all my friends at college about it.”

“You just graduated, didn’t you?”

The conversation flowed easily as if no time had passed between them. It was only the entrance of Alana that interrupted them.

“Oh Jack! I’m glad the rain didn’t delay you,” said Alana as she swept theatrically over to him for a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“I’ve been looking forward to this visit from the moment I drove away last year.”

“Emery, could you get Mr. Thomas’ luggage settled into his regular cottage? Paul already went home and I’d like to catch up with him a little over coffee.”

“Oh she doesn’t need to do that,” said Jack quickly.

“Nonsense, it’s part of our way, dear,” countered Alana, nodding for Emery to go on.

“I’ll take care of the unpacking,” he said to Emery nervously. She nodded.

Emery was annoyed at being sent off but focused on taking care of things. Her mother had told her often that the future of Shady Lakes depended on creating a special experience for the guests every day. Valet-type services were one of the resort’s long-standing traditions.

Jack had quite a bit of luggage so it took her several minutes to move it all into the cottage. She was tempted to get things hung up properly since he had two suit bags, but that wasn’t what he wanted. She did a quick spot check of the room.

They had cleaned and prepared the room the day before. The fireplace was prepared and Kartal Sınırsız Escort extra wood held in a cradle. The small kitchenette was stocked with plates, cookery, and utensils. The small refrigerator had several bottles of spring water and was chilled nicely.

After turning down the bed, Emery left a couple lights on and headed back to the main house. Walking in she heard them talking in the kitchen.

“I think my sister should be here by eight this evening if you’d like to come over and visit,” he was saying.

“I’d like to very much. I always enjoy visiting with your sister.”

The outer door closed noisily and the kitchen conversation stopped. Jack walked back into the foyer with Alana following.

“Thanks, Emery. I’m sure you’ve taken good care of me.”

“Will you be eating with us this evening?” she asked hopefully.

“Not tonight. Your mother and I agreed to plan a big meal for this weekend. I’d like to get settled and do some work. Have a nice evening.”

With that, Mr. Thomas headed out to his cottage.

“I don’t remember Jack having a sister,” commented Emery quietly, a little confused.

“Oh, well, I guess you could say they discovered each other only recently. Shady Lakes gives them time to spend time together. She’s very shy though. You won’t see them together and she has always declined joining us or the other guests for any meals.”

“What’s her name?”

“Jenny. Jenny Brown.”

Emery was cleaning up after dinner. Several of their guests had retired to the parlor to play bridge. Alana was preparing a tray of the evening’s meal.

“Do you want me to bring the second tray?” asked Emery, expecting her mother to make food for Jack and Jenny.

“No, no, this will be sufficient. I’m sure Jenny… ate on the way here. Now I’ll be visiting them for awhile. You need to man the fort here. I’ve got the wine breathing and some little desserts for when the card players take a break. Go ahead and close up when they’ve retired. I might be late.”

Emery watched her mother walk across the grass to Jack’s cottage, passing Jack’s car parked in the lot. The cottage door opened bathing Alana in a warm light. Emery could see her talking happily. Stepping up, a woman leaned out of the door to exchange cheek kisses with Alana. Emery glimpsed a white low-cut, mid-thigh length dress but then her mother entered the cottage and the door closed.

The bridge players were in fine form and didn’t wrap up their play until after eleven. Emery handled a couple small requests and then tucked the main house in for the night. The lights were still on at Jack’s cabin when she headed upstairs to go to bed.

For the rest of that week, Mr. Thomas would either settle by the lake with his laptop writing or take day trips to parts unknown. He was still friendly to Emery and part of her fantasized about asking him out. He wasn’t married as far as she knew and there was no incriminating paleness where a ring might have sat on his left hand.

She didn’t get much opportunity. Either he was writing, off on a trip, or her mother was visiting his sister, Jenny. On Friday night, her mother prepared another tray meal and headed over to the cottage. Emery watched closely and the same woman answered the door, this time in an elegant ruby evening dress. Emery had always been a jeans sort of girl though her mother wore simple dresses from time to time.

While coming back from delivering a late evening snack to another guest, Emery couldn’t resist the temptation to peek into one of Mr. Thomas’ windows. The curtains were closed but not fully and she could see around one edge.

Her mother was sitting on the couch with Mr. Thomas’ sister but Mr. Thomas was not in the room. There were two wine glasses on the coffee table, each with lipstick marks. As she watched, Emery saw that her mother was holding Jenny’s hand. A moment later, they leaned in and began to kiss.

Emery practically fell jerking away from the window and struggling to get past the bushes. Her face was flush red and she tried to walk normally back to the main house.

Her mother? Jenny Brown. Kissing?!?

After grabbing a glass of wine for herself, Emery sat at the kitchen bar. She felt unsteady, like her world had been knocked just a little off-kilter. As she drank the wine she searched her mind for anything that could have told her that her mother… well… was a lesbian.

Emery had never known her father and he’d only been described a summer worker at the Cottages who drifted on before Alana had known she was pregnant. There’d been so little to go on that Emery’s attempts to track him down had all gone nowhere.

Over the years, her mother had dated men, locals mostly though a couple times they were guests. None of them had ever lasted very long or ever threatened marriage. Her mother had always just seemed very casual about it all.

The glass was empty again and she was still perplexed. She’d never gotten any hint of her mother liking other women and Emery felt that her gaydar had been pretty Kartal Suriyeli Escort good at college. Well, at least with the guys. There’d been Jansette, a friend of hers who had propositioned her one night. They’d spent most of that semester together and ended it as friends. Emery still considered it a ‘youthful fling’ and had been quite satisfied dating men.

It was late and it looked like her mother was spending the night with Miss Brown. Emery shook her head in lingering disbelief and turned off the lights in the house.


Jack eventually left and the summer ran on uneventfully. Emery never brought up Miss Brown with her mother and it all seemed to return to normal. The finances weren’t looking very good but they looked like they could give it one more year, if Emery would stay that long. Even with the big world calling, she couldn’t walk out on her mother so Emery agreed.

Emery dated a young man from a nearby town over the winter, but it wasn’t going anywhere and ended by the time the ice began to thaw in the spring. As June approached, she found herself thinking about Jack and Miss Brown. When they appeared on the guest schedule, her stomach jumped a little in happiness. Maybe this year, she would find some answers.

A week before Jack’s arrival, Alana fell while trying to repair shingles on a guest cottage roof. She would eventually recover but it looked like it would be several weeks in the hospital. Emery worked her butt off to keep the Cottages running well and still visit her mother each day.

When Jack arrived Emery was sure that his smile and hug were a touch flirtatious. He looked so disappointed when she explained about her mother.

“She’s going to be fine, but I don’t think she’ll be here during your visit.”

“Please ask if I could visit her while I’m here, would you? I want her to know how concerned I am for her.”

Emery nodded and ran his credit card.

“So, is your sister visiting this year?” she asked carefully.

“Well, I’d planned on it, but with your mother, maybe it’s best she doesn’t.”

“Oh, don’t say that!” blurted Emery, catching him by surprise. “I mean, don’t ruin your visit. I’ll make sure you have everything you need. In fact, I never had the chance to meet Jenny last year and I would love to.”

“You do?” he asked his face big with surprise. “Did you mother tell you about Miss Brown?”

“Everything,” Emery lied. “I’d love to make her a nice meal and bring it over tonight.”

“Emery, are you sure? I mean I’d love to have you I just wasn’t sure you felt the same way.”

She was a little confused but plunged onward. “Jack, don’t worry about that. Remember I’m the tomboy who had a crush on you for years.”

He grinned a bit at that and finally agreed that Emery should visit that night to meet his sister.

Once the plans were made, Emery was beset by doubts. What right did she have to pry into her mother’s relationship with this woman? What did she expect to happen? She told herself it was just a light supper but the delicious twinge in her pussy betrayed her real hopes.

Luckily the Cottages had few guests and she was able to steal away for awhile to get ready. She showered and did her hair, pinning it up in a simple fashion that made her feel a little fancier. When she went to her closet, she stopped. She had all of her regular underwear and clothes but this didn’t feel like a regular night. If it went as she secretly hoped…

Emery bent down to her bottom dresser drawer. Underneath some sweaters she rarely wore were her “gettin’ lucky” undies. She pulled out the satin thong and matching satin bra. After just a moment’s hesitation, she grabbed the stockings and garter belt too. She found herself smiling as she slipped into the clothes making sure to put on the stockings and garters before her panties. One night with Jansette she’d forgotten and they’d wrestled with her panties trapped under the garters until she’d stripped it all off. Well, even the wrestling had been pretty fun…

Underwear sorted and her D-cup breasts settled just right in the tight bra, she pulled out a knit top and calf-length skirt. The pink of the bra was hidden under the dark knit top but it was tight enough to betray the outline of the bra. Emery thought it looked sexy as hell. A pair of heels and the outfit was complete.

Mr. and Mrs. Valencio complimented her when she took care of their bill and teased her about having a hot date. She’d blushed and smiled and they left with knowing glances.

The sun took its good old time setting but finally the clock had crept to eight o’clock. Emery pulled the dinner out of the oven and covered it on the tray. Her knees were a little wobbly as she strutted across the yard to Jack’s cottage. Swallowing and bolstering her courage, she knocked on the door.

At first she couldn’t see the person who opened the door clearly, silhouetted by the light inside. Her brain said Jack first but then she registered the lovely dress, long hair, and heels.

“Miss Brown? I’m Emery Rosbova. I hope Jack mentioned Kartal İranlı Escort that I wanted to come by and visit this evening?”

Jenny paused for a moment but kept smiling.

“Of course, dear, come in,” she said, stepping back so Emery could get through the narrow door. Her voice was pretty but a bit husky. When Emery’s arm brushed past Jenny’s breasts, the girl felt her face flush a little. Setting the food down on the table, she brushed at her skirt nervously and looked back at Jenny.

She was definitely Jack’s sister. Emery wondered if they were twins since their features were so similar. Jenny had long blonde hair with a slight wave to it. She was wearing a muted purple cocktail dress which had a conservative neckline but was trim enough to reveal Jenny’s hourglass figure and remarkable breasts. Emery spotted stockings and matching heels before her ‘glance’ would have become uncomfortable.

“Jack and I knew each other when I was a little squirt and he was an older boy here at the Cottages,” began Emery nervously. Jenny reached out to touch her hand and calm her.

“It’s all right. Jack… told me all about you. I hope your mother is doing better.”

With that they fell into easy conversation. Jenny heard the teapot whistle and brought in a pot of tea. Pouring and doctoring the cups gave her hands something to do. Emery asked Jenny about her life and the woman was evasive enough that Emery backed off to respect her privacy.

“So did you enjoy college?” asked Jenny after a lull in the conversation.

“Yes, very much. I learned a lot from the professors and about life in general.”

“It tends to do that if you’re open to it. What was the biggest surprise to you?”

Emery paused and sipped her tea. She felt comfortable with Jenny and was sure that there was sexual tension there. Many comments had had the edge of flirtation to them. Remembering her mother kissing Jenny on the couch was the last encouragement she needed.

“Well, before I went to college I never realized that I… well, liked girls in the same way I’d always liked boys.”

Jenny’s eyebrows shot up in surprise but she was smiling as well.

“Oh, really? How did you discover that?”

“Well, one of the friends I’d made, a girl named Jansette but I always just called her Janz, had come over to my dorm room to watch a movie. My roommates had gone home for the weekend so we had the little place to ourselves. She’d picked the movie and it turned out to be about a torrid affair between two female socialites. I started to notice how close she was sitting about halfway through the film. When it got to a very racy love scene, Janz leaned over and kissed me. I was surprised but some part of me had kind of known. When I felt her lips on mine and then her hand touched my body, I just… responded. She felt so good I wanted her to feel good too.”

Jenny was flushed now.

“It was a wonderful night. We spent most of that semester dating quietly, well, as quiet as you can be in an all-girls dorm with 132 girls. When the semester was over, we felt our fling was too.”

“How wonderful,” said Jenny quietly. They looked at each other for a pause that lingered and sizzled.

“So she just sat close to you…” began Jenny as she moved from her chair to the love seat Emery was using. She sat down, her arm brushing Emery’s. “And when the time was right…”

Emery moved first, leaning in to meet Jenny’s lips with a soft, tender kiss. She could taste Jenny’s lipstick and smell her breath. When Jenny’s hand slid around Emery’s back to hold her, all pretenses was over.

It felt much like any first time with a new love: tentative touches, closeness, and lingering kisses. Emery thrilled to Jenny’s soft skin and her delicate perfume. They smiled and giggled between kisses, drinking in each other’s eyes.

Jenny upped the game by moving her hand to Emery’s right breast. She cupped and massaged the curve and weight of it, moaning softly in their kiss. Emery felt her body responding happily, her nipple firming up under her clothes and her pussy getting warm and damp. She shifted her hips a little in pleasure but careful not to lose Jenny’s hand.

The fondling moved more quickly with both soon giving attention to breasts, hips, and legs as their breathing got faster along with their heart rates. Emery’s mind was whirling in delicious anticipation. Jenny was a beautiful woman and Emery craved everything about her. It was like finally getting her Jack but in a lovely package.

Jenny’s hands were tugging on Emery’s skirt so she half-stood to let the material be pulled down and kicked away. Impatient, she pulled her top off as well, leaving her in just her gettin-luckies. Jenny was captivated looking her body all over before reaching out to touch her.

Emery went to get Jenny’s dress off but the woman stopped her. “Let me play,” she said with a wicked smile. “Come back to the bedroom…”

Led by the hand in her lingerie and heels, Emery felt like a slut and she loved it. Jenny urged her back on to the bed and then knelt between Jenny’s legs. Leaning forward, their lips met again and Emery pulled her down on top of her for a full embrace. The satin of Jenny’s dress muted things a little but there was no mistaking the breasts equal Emery’s own. They kissed until both were moaning and Emery was trying to move her body for stimulation.

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