Meeting Anita


This is not a fantasy or a recollection of an encounter gone by but a description of something yet to come very soon. Everything in this story is about to come true on the fifth of December.


I first met Anita on line and got to know her as a special lady – I guess you could put both of us in the ‘mature’ bracket but it hasn’t dimmed this gorgeous lady’s libido one bit. Long curling hair and pale smooth skin, she’s petite to say the least. Her skin is smooth and sensitive, her buttocks and breasts still firm mounds just crying out to be fondled, sucked, pinched… but more of that later. Most of all Anita is woman who loves to please. She is a regular swinger and has other partners, but when she is wearing my collar, she belongs to me. She trusts me to push her to her limits and encourages me to use her. She knows that at the end she can say “no” and it will all stop, but somehow, instinctively we know what each other need.

In a few weeks I will be flying out to Brazil on business. I have already booked the hotel at the airport the night before I leave and Anita will get her instructions, things will go something like this…

The morning before Anita will start to prepare herself – She knows what “Sir” likes. Taking her time she showers and shaves her lovely mound smooth, applies a little delicate perfume. Already she’s moist, but “Sir” has forbidden her to play with her pussy. She fingers her rosebud anus, makes sure her rectum is clear for when I choose to fill it. Through her almost ritualistic preparations her arousal and excitement builds throughout the morning, so by late morning she’s naked except for stockings and heels in her hallway just behind the unlocked door waiting for me to arrive.

I park the car in her driveway, and climb out, I’m wearing a dark business suit, crisp white shirt. I knock on the door, push it open and stop to relish the sight. Kneeling, naked in the hall way Anita’s ready, eyes demurely turned down, hands clasped behind her back. When she speaks her voice is quiet but soft and sensuous “Good morning Sir,I’m yours to command.” On the floor in front of her is her collar.

“Good morning Anita I trust that you’re ready to please me today?” She nods slightly, then lowers her gaze again. I step forward to her, place my hand under her chin, tilt her head upwards until she looks up at me. She’s still kneeling, and as I tilt her head back, her beautiful breasts thrust forward. She’s already breathing deeply and I can’t resist a sharp pinch on her hard nipples and am rewarded by a sharp intake of breath.

I fix her collar in place – Now she’s my property. “Turnaround: all fours, push that bum as high as it will go.” I command, obediently she drops to her forearms and presents her gorgeous rump to me I can’t resist fondling the gorgeous flesh – I crouch lower over her, feeling the smooth globes in my palms, such a wonderful fit.

Her position already opens her cleft, and with the fingers of my left hand I split her wider for me to observe and enjoy. I slip two fingers into her sopping pussy – Anita’s well trained enough to know not to touch me, herself or cum without permission whilst she’s mine. I work my fingers in her pussy until she starts to groan. I rub her clit firmly- her juices coat my fingers. When aroused Anita sobs and gasps, and as she starts I pull my fingers out “enough for now – you may lick my fingers clean.” She turns round, still on all fours and sucks her own taste from my fingers slowly.

I stand her up – load her bag in the car and she puts on a long coat. She’s not to button it until permission is given. It’s a half hour drive to the hotel and at several Sahabet points Anita is required to get out and expose herself to Sir. It’s December and I see she’s cold but I still have her remove the coat completely in a deserted lane a mile or so from the Hotel. I take a souvenir photo or two and permit her to get back in the car.

Reaching into the bag of toys I remove a Butt plug and some lube. I lube up her arse liberally. Anita purrs and grunts just slightly as the butt plug (not too large) slips into her hole. I let Anita wrap a silk scarf to disguise her collar.

I go in, whilst she waits obediently in the car. It’s a reasonable three star and the guy at reception the checks me in. I go to the room and start to unpack our toys, make the room ready and text her the room number to join me.

When she taps on the door I respond with a short “enter!” The door pushes open and she enters to the room – it’s darkened and I’m sitting by the light in silhouette. “Step up to the switch on the floor.” There is a light cane lying on the floor about ten feet from me and she walks as far as the line

“No further for the moment Anita.” She nods – she has not been given permission to speak.

“Well no need for that dreadful coat now is there? Or that scarf is there?” Again she shakes her head – eyes downcast, and the coat and scarf fall to the floor. I instruct her to pose for me showing off her body – hands above head, bending over turning on the spot. Then “Kneel!” swiftly, she adopts the position, head down, hands behind her back. I throw her the end of a rope. It has a clip on the end – “put this on your collar!- So Anita, I hear you’ve been misbehaving is that right?” A slight nod. “I think you’d better tell me what you’ve been up to”

“I’ve been with other men.” She admits.

“Been? – What exactly do you mean by been, Anita? – tell me what did you do with these other men?” Bit by bit she admits her guilt, revealing all piece by piece kneeling before my seat.

“I let them fuck me master… one came in my arse… I swallowed another’s cum, I rimmed another, and another came all over my face and breasts – forgive me master.”

“Did you like it Anita?” she bites her lip, nods and looks down

“But who do you belong to now Anita?”

“You Master, just you. I wear your collar – my pussy, my lips, my body, all belong to you now”

“That’s Better, Anita – but you must still be punished don’t you agree.” Again she acknowledges me with a nod. “I deserve it master, I want you to correct me.”

I raise her to her feet by the rope though her collar – She’s still got the butt plug firmly in place. Now I put her on the bed, face down attaching her wrists by cuffs to the King size bed head, her feet splayed wide tied to the bottom corners I tighten the ropes and place two cushions under her hips; finally there’s a blindfold.

There is a sound of a match striking and a sharp smell in the air.

“I’m lighting a candle Anita and I think you know what I’m going to do with it. You’ll feel the wax hot on your skin, but where?” My voice is low and calm.

My voice comes from different sides as I walk round, her body tenses against the expected shock, but it can’t stay that way, as she relaxes I let a drop land. This is new for Anita, so I go carefully building up, testing her thresholds. A single drop on her calf – she flinches and lets out a tiny gasp. Escalating slightly to three or four drops across her buttocks. She groans; pain or arousal? they sound so similar. I slap her writhing buttocks sharply and she squeaks in a most gratifying way, and grinds her hips into Sahabet Giriş the pillows. Still she doesn’t call a halt.

Her round pink bum now bears the redness of my hand as well as the track of congealing wax, her tolerance seems to build as a few drops turn to a trickle, running down into the cleft of her ass. Now I change tactics, slipping the butt plug out of her arse I tease the tight rosebud with an ice cube from my drink – her body tenses against the shock and I trace the cold ice down over her perineum liberally smearing her vulva. Relaxing after the first cold shock, I drip more hot droplets on more sensitive parts of her body.

Now I start to tease for real. Ice, wax, and my prying fingers bringing her to the edge of orgasm but never letting her cum. With each treatment she jerks with each drop and slap, yet she never calls a halt to my torment. After minutes of spanking, ice and hot wax, Anita’s flesh is spattered with droplets of wax. As I’m holding her close to climax she begs “please Sir, I need to come OH please, please!”

I know her well enough to know that she can’t take more without release and I use my fingers to bring her off to her first orgasm, she jerks and twists as it takes control, I hold her firmly as she pulls against her restraints until she starts to calm again.

All this time I’ve been dressed and it’s time that my pet should please me in new ways, I unclip her and fasten her cuffs behind her back, using the rope on her collar to guide her to once more kneel at my feet, the blindfold to one side.

“So Anita, are you sorry? who does your body belong to? – tell me what belongs to me?” I’m holding her by a handful of hair behind her head, tilting her gaze up to look into my eyes.

“Yes Sir, I’m so sorry – everything is yours, my lips, my pussy ,my arse sir, use me as you want”

“I’m glad to hear that Anita. Would you like my cock now?” She nods and I start to undress – she kneels, eyes down as I remove my suit, and a moment later I’m stood before her naked, my thick hot tool just an inch or two from her face. I’m quite erect, my flesh is red and angry. My cock head is a shiny and deep purple.

Unable to use her hands Anita leans forward to encounter the slit in the very tip, able to just touch it with the tip of her tongue. It’s salty and she inhales the musky sent. As she does so, I push my tool deep into her warm wet mouth. I start to fuck her mouth. Deep strokes, my fingers coiled in her darling gold hair, She strives to take me all in, my shaft now slick with her saliva, I pump until I’m almost ready to cum, and then withdraw – I need things to last longer.

She gasps, out of breath from the effort, I love to see her aroused flush her breasts, nipples hard, heave with every sigh. Unclipping the cuffs from behind her, I lift her to the bed – only one thing will do now and I impale her on my cock covering her petite form on the bed, I want to possess this woman totally in this moment, her sopping pussy so teased and aroused is liquid fire. I heave myself into her jabbing hard and deep again and again. As my cock buries itself in her welcoming cunt, two fingers search out her arse to fill her and my tongue now stifles her mouth.

With every thrust she rises to greet me, forces me deeper, grunting and sobbing, until we climax in each other’s arms. I fill her gaping cunny with wave after wave of thick jism gasping like a landed fish. I hold her so tight in my arms cherishing and possessing this wonderful gift.

As I roll from her, She takes pains to slowly anoint her fingers with my semen mixed with her juices from her pussy and savours Sahabet Güncel Giriş the taste slowly, deliberately looking me in the eye, submissive but still with spirit in the her eye. There is now part of me that she owns.

Like a classical Symphony, after the climactic urgency of the first movement, a more gentle movement follows.

“Would you like me to massage you now master?” she prompts already knowing the answer.

I stretch full length on the king size bed and Anita starts to massage her master. She applies oils and knows just how to relieve every tension. Now I lie on the bed, her hot thighs straddling me -I feel the wet furnace of her gaping cunny on my skin. She massages the muscles of my shoulders and back feeling the softness and hardness of muscle under skin, feeling me yield to her probing fingers. As she works lower down my spine I feel her breasts pressed against me. Her kisses now add to the luxury of the massage.

Soon her hands are working, oiling and soothing my buttocks and upper thigh, now Anita applies one of her most magical talents. Spreading my ass cheeks wide, she lowers her head inch by inch – so slowly it’s agonising, feather light kisses down my spine. Now I’m the one helpless and whimpering with lust.

Anita’s tongue tip lightly brushes my anus, and she starts to eat me, slowly deliberately, working her tongue into me. To call this rimming is to reduce this gorgeous act to a just a word as she savours the intimacy, the pleasure she’s giving is so intense. I could lie there feeling her tongue on me for hours, and it seems to go on for ever.

As I’m getting more aroused, she generously lubes a finger and slides it into me – I’m still tight, but she’s so gentle and skilled. Most of all she loves to serve me like this. Her face an inch away, resting on my buttocks, her licking continues between my thighs to my balls and back to my bum, caressing my hardening cock with clever fingers. Once again as she teases and explores. I lie there savouring the luxury of my pet’s ministrations relaxing in the warm glow as her tongue and clever fingers flicker over my manhood and arse.

Its early evening now and we’re naked. I’m relaxed, happy, and roll over to sweep Anita in my arms. I remove her collar and pin her gently to the bed. Our bodies entwine, and I slip my newly hardened tool deep into Anita’s oh so wet pussy. Lover’s strokes now, not the hard punishing possession of earlier on. She sighs and clasps her hands round my shoulders as I push deep within her and kiss her full on the mouth, tongues entwining, then neck and throat. I take my time, slowly mounting to orgasm, I want to take Anita with me when I come. I pick my speed up, my cock slips in and out so easily, slick in her juices until we finally crescendo together and collapse in each other’s arms.

We lie side by side, for a long time, chatting in soft tones. Equals for the moment, we share a glass of cold champagne and relax. Idly, my hands wander under their own volition over Anita’s breasts and through her hair whilst she gently strokes my body. My balls are coated in her juices, my cock still oozing a droplet or two of cum. She stoops to suck them clean.

That evening we go down to dinner and have a light but delicious meal before returning to our room. The night is still young and in the lift up, we kiss. I reach into my pocket and fetch out her collar again and slip it round her neck.

“While you wear my collar you belong to me. I think I might try some rope on you when we get back” I whisper, “you need restraining Anita.”

“Yes master.” she complies – That evening I will enjoy yet more pleasures from my gorgeous sub, I will hogtie and truss her, constrain her breasts and clamp her nipples all just because I can. The best part is knowing that in the morning I will wake to the feeling of her lips on my softened manhood sucking me to hardness before we make love in the early dawn.

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