Meeting the One


Note from the author:

My stories are usually Interracial. So if this offends you or not to your taste, you should not read them.

The characters in my stories are not based on anyone that I know of or events that I have experienced, also most of the women in my stories are well endowed in the chest area. So if this is not what you like, please don’t read.


“Flight 645 will be departing from gate A4.” the lady at the gate said. “Departure will be in thirty minutes please have your tickets ready.” She continued. Looking over at the desk she was joined by two other airport personnel and a security guard. Obviously there was some commotion going on with an elder man and what must be his wife. Shrugging I dove back into my tablet reading the schedule that was sent to me.

I looked out the window at the airplanes landing, or being pulled or pushed back and forth and thought back on the events of the past three year. I got thrown out of my house by my ex wife, she had found someone else and deemed it necessary to throw all of my belongings out of the apt we both rented. Since then life has gone downhill, lost my job, had a stint in jail after a misunderstanding with a bar owner. I shook my head at the memory of that night then pushed the memory to the back of my mind. When I came out after a few months, decided to take my life by the horns and take control. It paid off I found a place to live, a second hand computer and decided to write on some forums, first it was just life forums then I got asked to moderate a forum website and then more writing jobs came at first slow then fast till I had a full time job writing short stories for internet based comics. But one year ago things took a drastic change, a big name comic company decided to buy out a smaller internet comic and they decided to hire me full time, One of the projects they put me on was a fantasy based comic. I jumped at the chance now here I am a year later, with that project well on its way and a major hit in the public circuit. Now I am moving up in the company and heading to a comicon to meet the head of the next project if things go right I will be moving to Philly, and goodbye old life. That thought made me chuckle a little too loud after all that had been going on the thought of a new life just made me laugh. My phone began to ring looking down at it I shook my head.

“Yes Amanda?” I answered my ex with no interest, she only called me when she needed something. I still don’t know what possessed me to give her my new number. There was silence and I knew she was crying. “What is it now?”

“He left me.” she said I could tell she was crying. I took a deep sigh.

“What do you need?” I asked. Looking out to the tarmac. I wondered what I saw in her.

“A place to stay…. It will only be for a few days Tre, I promise.” she said. I took another sigh then I remembered what I saw in her. Not only did she have a great voice but I could picture her blue eyes, and red hair and those 40DDD tits that I loved so much.

“Fine.” I said. “Go to my place, I will call the leasing office and put one more month on the lease that will give you two months. But that’s it Amanda after that you are on your own. Understand?” I said putting my foot down. This was the last time.

“What? You won’t be there?” she asked.

“No I am leaving Texas today and I don’t plan on returning.” I said just saying it out loud made me feel better. There was silence, which I took for good news. “No more bailing you out, you left me remember?” I said.

“Yes” she answered.

“Goodbye Amanda.” I said and hung up. I had said goodbye many times but I had always answered, had always been there for her, but this time I knew I wouldn’t. I looked through the contacts and deleted her number and all her information. All of her pictures including those wonderful pictures of her boobs, which I had saved. I sat back and looked at the planes, leaving and taking off.

“Now boarding passengers for flight 645.” the lady said so I stood up and headed for the terminal.

“Hi” I said to the cute flight attendant. She smiled back and took my papers.

“Ummm” she said with a ruffled look on her face. “your ticket has been upgraded to first class.” she said looking at her assistant. The assistant nodded me over to the counter where I put my carry on down.

“Just need to verify a few things then you will be on your way” she said looking at me and my ID. I stood there looking at her. I knew I looked like my ID I had just taken the picture a few weeks ago. Tall black guy at 6’2, somewhat out of shape due to lack of motivation to go to the gym, but not overweight. Dark brown eyes and shaved head. “It seems your job upgraded your ticket.” she said handing me back the ticket. “Your good to go.” she said. As if on queue my new boss called.

“How do you like the upgrade?” he said.

“Thanks” I answered as I went down the terminal into the plane.

“I won’t keep you but, When you land head Porno 64

to the rental car kiosk and give them your name. I had someone get your rental car ready, it has a gps just hit hotel and we will talk when you get there.” He said.

“Ok will do.” I answered.

“Great to have you aboard Tre.” he said hanging up.

Things were finally looking up for me. I said to myself as I sat in my comfortable seat. The flight attendant came by and offered me a drink. I smiled and accepted.

“Thank you.” I said to the man as he gave me the keycard to my hotel room. It was an extended stay hotel. So far I liked Philly it was colder but the streets were easy to navigate. I got into my room and called the bosses cell phone.

“I see you made it here. How do you like it so far?” Gary asked.

“I love it.” I answered “But isn’t this a bit much all I did was…” I began to say then I heard a laugh.

“Tre you have no idea what you have done, you’re a writer and that goes with the territory. Turn on the television.” Gary interrupted. I grabbed the remote and turned the television on. “Go to the business channel.” He ordered. I could hear other people on the line.

“Do you have me on speaker?” I asked nervously.

“Told you he was smart.” Gary said. “Yes we do, we are at a board meeting, I am the vice president of Operations and projects, I have the President and the vice C.E.O and the C.E.O here as well as many high powered members of the board here.” he said.

“I feel light headed” I joked but only slightly, the nerves in my stomach where causing major problems I needed to sit down. “Ok business channel.”

“We only dabbled in comics because of the large demand for them in the public eyes, say movies, books, toys and cartoon shows. We were so close to closing the project down till you came along we gave you the fantasy comic because it was a dead end project. But Tre… you brought it to life. Now not only is it a hit, we already have movie studios asking for the rights.” He said. I didn’t sit on the couch I fell. The room began to spin. “Tre? You still with us buddy?’ he asked.

“Yes I think it’s the jet lag.” I said excusing my silence.

“We won’t keep you, but we want to show you what you have done.” He said. “You see the ticker tape at the bottom of the screen?” he asked.

“Yeah the stock exchange stuff.” I said I never paid attention to this crap, who really did?

“Yeah that stuff” he laughed. “Well that stuff shows how a company is doing, small negative numbers in front of a name is a bad thing, two years ago we had small numbers with the negative sign by them. We were ready to close warehouses and other projects.” He said. For the past few months we had positive numbers. You brought us back into the game.” Then I saw it the company name which was on the receipt for the car, the name on the credit card I got sent flashed on the screen.

“That’s Marvel and Dc and … ” my hand cupped my mouth.

“That’s right Tre, they turned you down when you asked for a job and we didn’t we gave you a chance and now look, with just one project you have made it, to the big leagues.” He was smiling I could tell.

“The big leagues?” I said in disbelief.

“Well not the big big leagues but yeah, you’re not playing in the minors anymore most definitely.” Gary said. “Get some rest we will talk more tomorrow.” he said. I nodded as if he could see me and hung up.

I opened my lap top and punched in the name of the company, I had done it only once or maybe twice before but not to do a complete search just for the website itself. But there it was in black and white, a company on the move, specializing in books for kids mostly, some novels but they were manly biographies. Then it showed the comic I had been working on. I slammed the lap top closed. They had put my work up there with the golden ages of comics, and other high profile comics. My head was spinning, I felt dizzy and giddy at the same time, like I wanted to pass out on the floor but also laugh till my stomach ripped open. “Lie down.” I said to myself out loud. The room was quite large it had two parts. As soon as you came into the room there was a hallway which opened up to a living room area, that had a couch on the right, the screened patio that had a great view of the city, a desk with lights on it, on the left, followed by a large flat screen TV on the wall. Then the kitchen directly behind the hallway wall. The second part was by the couch, there was a door that led to the bedroom which had a large king size bed, large open windows which had a view of the busy intersection that the hotel was located on. And a full size bathroom. It was quite welcoming, and seeing how I was going to be here a while it was very good. I unpacked and laid down to bed.

The night passed quickly with no problems. After the usual morning routine, I headed downstairs to which the lady behind the counter pointed out they had the breakfast bar open. Konulu Porno I took a peek in and decided against it. Stating I didn’t really eat in the mornings. Getting into the car I noted that it was colder than I expected which was a good thing coming from the heat of Texas. I exited the parking lot and headed for the convention center that was plugged into my GPS. After searching forever I found a parking space. I forgot how fast these comic con’s filled with people. Walking through the parking lot I smiled at the amount of kids and adults dressed up as their favorite characters from comics to anime to movies. I took my phone out and took a picture of a few of them. But I couldn’t help to wonder would someone be wearing a costume of any of the characters I will make. As I got near the entrance I saw somebody holding up a board with my name on it.

“Hey that’s me.” I said to the guy.

“Hey Tre.” the tall man said, I was tall at 6’2 but he was much taller. “The office did not give me your phone number and well they forgot to send you these in all the hub bub.” he said smiling he was tall but very skinny and very much in need of decaf. He handed me a decal which had the name of our business and Staff written all over it. We walked through the doors passing everybody. “You’re a bit late but that’s ok. Sure your not used to this type of thing.” The convention center was huge inside there was stalls everywhere, selling everything from toys that were old or very new, vintage and new comics.

“Never been to a comic con before?” the man said who was walking back to me.

“Not since I was 12.” I laughed looking around, the upstairs had a window with people looking down waiting to get down here. Everywhere I walked I bumped into someone dressed up. “Is it always this crowded?” I said trying to keep up with him.

“This is just the beginning.” he laughed. Then I remembered the crowd outside trying to get in. We walked further to the back, it began to open up and I could finally breathe again. “Welcome to artist’s row.” he said. “The calm in the storm.” he laughed looking back at me. “Here we are” he said pointing to a row of tables with five guys sitting behind them. They all nodded at me and went back to drawing. Walking behind the tables I took a seat. It was nice and calm with a few people walking by. The tall man coughed. “My names Jeff, that’s Sean, Jason, Trevor, Damien, and Serg.” he said pointing the guys out. “We are all part of the new team for the new series, we worked on the project that you re wrote and well…” he paused. “It was a blast.” the other guys nodded.

“Nice work” one of them said I think he was Trevor.

“Thanks.” I said shaking his hand.

“Yeah man, kept us up all night on that shit, it was going nowhere, and no interest at all till you came along and flipped that shit on its head.” another said. I knew it would take me some time to get their names right.

“So anyway.” Jeff said sliding a laptop down to me. “That’s yours, I put everything you will need on it and the current project is on there, the big wigs want you to take a look at it and well do your thing” Jeff smiled. Definitely decaf I thought to myself. “Anything else you want let me know I will be running around so you guys don’t have to get up in this pandemonium.

“A drink.” I said “Preferably Iced tea.”.

“on it” he said taking off in a frenzy. I shook my head and opened the lap top.

“he means well.” one of the guys said.

“yeah but he needs to lay off those energy drinks.” another said. I smiled. As everybody got down to business. Soon a cup landed next to me and I was off into wonderland. The project had great potential but it was written all wrong in my view and since I was lead. I deleted everything and started from scratch. I redesigned a few characters which the guy Damien was happy to jump on as soon as I had a layout, then Trevor came behind me with a note pad and began to draw the design for the new city.

“Word that would look awesome.” he said as he walked over. Every time he talked I expected to see a black guy but he was a short white guy with a hat turned backwards and baggy clothes that looked like they were three sizes bigger than they should. I asked who did the designs for interiors as I wanted their view on the base of a new base of operations for the new characters. Sean volunteered and wheeled his chair over, we sat there going over a few things as he sketched and re-sketched until we agreed on a final draft. He patted me on the shoulder and wheeled himself back. He was an older gentleman probably in his forties. Soon the whole team was running on all cylinders as I got to work on the first book, well a rough draft of the first book. I did take notice to a few people passing, some of the girls I wondered about, how could they leave the house looking that way, half naked or might as well be naked.

“Hey Tre?” Trevor said pointing to a woman who came round the corner, dressed Porno İndir as poison ivy from the batman series. “Check out those.” he said. The lady was very well endowed up top and nearly spilling out. “Bet you they come out if she bends over.” he said. I laughed nodding my head.

“I’ll take that bet.” Jeff said. Trevor grabbed a pencil and just as she passed he rolled it off the table so it landed in front of her.

“Here let me get that for you.” one of her friends said picking it up. “Nice try.” the friend said laughing at him before rejoining the rest of her friends. We all laughed.

“Hey they would of came out if she picked it up” Trevor laughed.

I returned to my work and within moments I was back in wonderland before something hit me in the head. Looking down it was a pencil.

“Hey day dreamer!” Sean said. “You got a visitor.” I picked the pencil up and turned to face a wall of cleavage.

“Holy crap!” I thought to myself, my eyes began to focus out. Standing there leaning over was a beautiful lady with light blue eyes and a perfect face, she must have been just over 5’5 or close to that, but what stuck out the most was a her huge boobs, huge being an understatement.

“Hi.” she said with a nice smile.

“Hi.” I said coughing “Sorry got caught in wonderland.” I said trying to clear the awkwardness.

“I see.” she said looking at the guys that were staring at her. She was dressed as Emma frost, her blonde long hair that went straight down just by her shoulders, a white top that came down just under her large chest, her mid section was open revealing a nice stomach not overly big but just in shape to show the outline of her abs, and long white skin tight pants, with a white lacy over top. She was wearing high heel boots which I noticed when I picked up the pencil. “I was asking them if they knew how to write out a character for me and they told me you were the writer.” she said her voice was very mellow.

“Sure.” I said closing the lap top revealing more of her. She looked back at her friends with a thumbs up. Her friends were two guys and three girls, the girls were dressed like the power puff girls which I found very funny. “Nice costumes.” I said. They waved back. The girl dressed like Emma frost walked back to one of the guys and pulled a large binder out from his back pack. I immediately noticed a nice round bubble butt.

“How doesn’t she fall over?” Damien whispered to me since he was the closest

“Shh!” I replied but I had thought the same. She came back and opened the binder to a row of pictures of a woman that was more than amply stacked. “Wow.” I said with a smile.

“Yeah my ex, used to say she was too big on top, but I told him that’s how the comic book world was, women with huge boobs, plus I like it.” she said I looked through the pages and the same woman was drawn over and over.

“I would say you more than like it.” I replied which we both laughed. Then I saw a similarity. “Isn’t this um?” then I stopped did not want to give myself away for someone that liked porn or anything.

“Chelsea Charms?” she asked.

“Yeah!” I said trying to sound surprised but I knew who it was.

“Didn’t think anyone would notice, yeah I met her a few years ago and asked to draw her and she let me.” the girl smiled. “You know your boobs.” she said.

“Boob guy. What can I say?” I shrugged. “But yeah I can do something with these.” I said. ” give me about an hr and I will have a write up for, did you want an episode or just a character overlay?” I said opening my laptop.

“Just an overlay will be fine, I always messed things up with it so..” she said shrugging and walking back to her friends.

“Here is his card.” Sean quickly said. Handing a card over to her.

“Thanks.” she said walking away.

“HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!” Trevor said out loud to which other people in the row agreed with by nodding. Even a woman across the path nodded.

“Did anyone expect her to fall over?” cause I know I did. Damien said.

“No way are they real.” someone said from the tables behind us.

“They could.” I said already working on a character layout.

“No way, they are fake beyond fakeness.” Trevor blurted back.

“Yeah man I am gonna have to agree with fake thug here.” Serg said. “No way portions are all wrong, if they were real she would have to be like huge or something.”

“Come on” I turned to face them. “Why is it that guys and woman.” I turned to face the woman across the way. “See a woman with huge boobs and its automatically fake!” I smiled they all turned to me.

“Cause it’s not possible.” Jeff said. “The human body is just made to be proportioned and if its not then. She my friend would be bent over like a hunchback, just cause the weight alone!”

“Ok I give you the weight but with proper exercise and diet she would be able to keep them.” I retaliated.

“What do you say?” Trevor asked the only lady within earshot.

“I would have to agree. I’m proportioned and I am big” she said standing up. “Sorry but those were fake.” she shrugged.

“See even she agrees.” Sean said. “Fake” they all turned back.

“I disagree, not saying they aren’t but just saying they might be real.” I said.

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