Melanie Ch. 02


Chapter 02

The beautiful mystery woman is drugged

A short flight on a private jet brought the packing case to a large mansion house overlooking the sea. A short middle aged man eagerly undid the clasps and pushed aside the smelly packaging to find a pair of dainty feet. The other end of the box revealed a beautiful face at rest, in sleep.

Bernard stepped back wiping his hands on expensive suit trousers then thought better of it. The urine would stain so he held his hands out away from him not wanting to be contaminated with the noxious substance.

He nodded to one of the women standing at attention and she bent to the head, the only part of the body exposed apart from the feet. On pressing a vial of fluid to the lips the eyes opened. There was no sight in them just the look of surprise and confusion.

Melanie accepted the water and though it tasted bitter greedily sucked it into her mouth taking a deep draught of it. Her lips were parched from dehydration and reached the point of hallucinating, unaware of where she was.

Before she had a chance to come round properly her eyes began to flutter. A sign they waited for as the drug took hold numbing her thoughts. The box was gently leaned until she slid out onto a rug. Once more she studied a floor close up. It was a very expensive antique Persian rug although she saw it as slightly faded but very clean carpet.

The string used to secure her body was cut away. It seemed such a long time ago that this strange journey started yet it was less than twenty-four hours. Sunday morning and she was lying naked in a huge room many miles from home.

Even if she could have mustered the will to move, her limbs were too stiff to even flex. At a wave from the man’s hand the two women helped straighten her limbs.

“Beautiful. Very feminine, very shapely, she will do nicely.” Bernard said.

The man spoke gently with a refined voice leaving the impression a Boston banker had been appraising her assets. She was stretched out flat on her back facing him with legs spread wide while he examined his purchase. Still groggy and stiff she could do nothing to ward off those heavy serious eyes.

“Take her.” He said with an imperious gesture to the women.

They were floating in her peripheral vision like fairies dressed in gossamer. In a daze she was taken away, supported by the two women, to be bathed. Her lower body was sticky with urine and other bodily fluids.

“Where am I?” she croaked with a weak voice. They both raised a finger to their lips, and Melanie caught their meaning though she was too fragile to manage more so had to remain silent. Guided into a large bath she was pampered with lather and silky ointments. Once patted dry with fluffy bath towels she was led back along the same long corridors.

Her eyes concentrated upon an oil painting for a moment as she passed the image carried with her for a few paces until another replaced it. It was all a dream with a string of disconnected images passing through her mind.

The interior of the grand house was furnished simply and elegantly expensive. Led by the elbows she entered a book-lined study furnished with heavy masculine furniture. The master of the house was a slightly built man engulfed among documents strewn about the large leather-padded desk.

She felt small and insignificant standing silently before him bringing back feelings of being an errant schoolgirl before the headmaster. It was difficult to concentrate and her eyes wandered around the room aimlessly. Her legs trembled beneath her and thankfully she was guided onto the floor to sit before she fell.

The strange quiet women stretched her out on the floor and all she wanted was too sleep.

The man gestured at the prone figure lying naked on the study floor.

One of the women reached forward and stroked an inner Sahabet thigh while the other ran open palms over both nipples. When Melanie lifted her hips both hands cupped her crotch engulfing her bottom and pussy.

It was a surprise that her body responded to their touch so crudely. It seemed a part of her mind was still locked away concentrating on being taken by Martin. The hands pumped her breasts while fingers firmly worked upon a more intimate exploration of her vagina.

An inner self agreed with the persuasive touches hoping this was the moment craved for; she was surely going to orgasm this time.

Able to move her eyes Melanie looked up at the gentleman directing the two pairs of hands and assessed his suit as being the most expensive she had ever seen. Sensibly and coolly she waited for that other-self to reach its ambitious orgasm.

The sensible self wanted to scream as she was spread-eagled before a stranger who was directing two women to expertly work her naked body into a state of ecstasy. This was some weird dream she thought.

The other-self reached its climax, so long craved for, with an expected dramatic conclusion drawn out over many minutes, seeming to take forever. A small conscious mind felt the embarrassment wandering on and on as the stranger smiled at her in satisfaction.


As soon as her head touched the pillow she was again dreaming, this time of floating with fairies being delightfully molested by them.

It was early morning when the two women woke and dressed her. Although muscles were still stiff she could stand and the string marks were beginning to fade. Her mind seemed to be on the mend to. They gave her a drink which she greedily supped hoping the fuzziness in her mind would clear.

They were both dressed in a transparent silk shift, slung low off the shoulder and well above the knee. Glancing in a mirror she saw she was too. Was this a continuation of that dream?

Led to a kitchen she sat at a table while they prepared breakfast and the smell of food brought about a ravenous hunger. How long ago was it she ate? How long had she been in that damn box?

Melanie wanted to ask questions but it seemed so difficult to focus, to form the words. They led her along a familiar corridor into the study.

He took no notice of the indecent way she was dressed treating it as normal attire, which it seemed to be in this place. He looked at her and she couldn’t help but look down, which was a mistake, for she became embarrassed at the sight of her nipples visibly pushing at the thin silk.

Her nerves were already as thinly stretched as the material covering her body and now she wilted under his gaze. There was a sense of power in those eyes. He was middle aged, assured, used to order in his life and ordering those around him.

“There is only one rule in this house. Obey. Do as you’re told and you will be treated well.” The man left the ‘or else’ as a silent threat. “I purchased you through an intermediary so I don’t know your history. I am informed you are untrained but no leeway will be granted while you become used to this household and its ways.”

Melanie listened carefully like a student wishing to impress yet the words didn’t seem to make sense. “Yes, Sir.” She stammered. It was difficult to make sense of what all this meant.

“Sophia and Sapphire will take care of you. I shall call you Ruby, yes that will be your name while here. Go now and learn your duties and be ready for my call,” he told her. With a nod to Sophia the woman led her away before she had a chance to ask questions.

‘What kind of game were they playing here?’ she wondered. As though walking into a door she stopped, skidding slightly on the smooth marble floor on bare feet. This must be the game Roberta had been playing that weekend!

The whole scene was Sahabet Giriş so overpowering and masculine like a Roman film set. Was all this set-up for her? It couldn’t be. Had she really been teased into an orgasm yesterday or had that been in her imagination?

Her name was Ruby ‘while here’, so it wasn’t a permanent situation. Until she found out how long the stay was – a weekend or maybe a whole week – and more particularly what the punishments were, she would have to obey the rules of the house.

A little thrill ran up her thighs like the tickle of fingers earlier. Had Roberta arranged all this as a treat for her? Looking around it seemed rather an expensive place to hold naughty games. But then it depended on who else was involved and what was expected in way of game play. Perhaps she would be paying for this by playing to someone else’s fantasy too.

A tingle of fear of the unknown brought a shiver to her spine yet the goose bumps down her thighs revealed a quit different set of feelings. She was excited with the idea of playing at being purchased, of being owned by the master of the house, a trained slave in his household.

She would see how it turned out, torrid or sad, but in the meantime she couldn’t resist taking up the challenge. As usual she would work hard putting all her efforts into making this a special treat, something to remember.


Bernard watched Ruby leave with a frown on his face. It was risky not knowing her background though William was a trustworthy finder and knew his job. If she didn’t settle in she was still a sound investment if sold on.

He called William, a member of their private circle. “Good to speak to you. Thank you for giving me first refusal. Yes. I think she will fit in well here. Are you sure you couldn’t trace her origins. It’s a pity.

She will need training of course. Yes I agree he’s very good. At the moment she seems to be accepting things for some reason, probably still in shock. Make an appointment with the trainer, the sooner the better. Thank you and you too.” He hung up pondering how to treat this latest and unexpected acquisition.


The two idiots had run out of money so decided to set up the scam again to get enough funds to leave town. On the phone Bob arranged a visit to estimate a price. He didn’t recognise Roberta’s voice as Melanie had made the arrangements last time.

Roberta was growing tired of the removal men visiting uselessly. They were polite enough arriving but damn rude when she told them it had been a mistake. They scanned the empty apartment and hurriedly left.

This time she recognised the truck and the two men approaching. She stood back inviting them in and was relieved they didn’t recognise her. They looked around then turned to her with puzzled looks on their faces. That soon changed to fear.

Roberta held a starting pistol close to her body pointing it at them, pleased with the effect. “Where is she?”

Bob spluttered an incoherent reply. With awe in his voice Tommy said, “Are you the kidnapper?”

Roberta creased her brow in confusion quickly changing it to anger. “Where is she?” Levelling the harmless gun at Tommy she repeated with a flat level voice the same question. They looked intimidated but needed an added incentive. Looking over their shoulders to the bedroom door she nodded.

When they naturally went to turn around she barked at them. “Turn around and I’ll fire. You don’t need to see him.” There was no one there but it had the desired effect. “Where is she?”

Tommy looked petulant. Bob began to speak with half formed words. He licked his lips and tried again. “We don’t have her. We took her somewhere I’m sure she’s OK. No. I can’t tell you where.”

She levelled the weapon at Tommy, making an exaggeration of squeezing the trigger. He realised it was pointing Sahabet Güncel Giriş between his legs and burst out with the one name repeated a coupe of times as though it should be recognised. “Eddy! Eddy’s got her.”

“Shit Tommy, you’ll get us in trouble you stupid bugger,” Bob cursed at his friend.

“He didn’t pay us did he?” Tommy complained.

“Where is this Eddy?” Roberta asked.

“She won’t be there. He would have sent her somewhere. He has contacts.” Under the stare Bob began to tell what little he knew from drinking with one of the heavies at the brothel.

The two misfits walked quickly down the stairs then broke into a run for the truck. It wouldn’t start then burst into life; as though already in gear it lurch down the street and away. Before it ran out of gas they would siphon someone’s tank and keep going putting as many miles as possible between them and fear.

Roberta got out of the taxi a block away from the address they gave hoping she hadn’t been spun a yarn. It was a nice respectable street with large houses protected from prying eyes by high walls and hedges.

The one she wanted was no exception. Buzzing an intercom she talked her way in. Talking her way further into trouble gave her a stammer and nervous gait. Her legs felt as if they would give way.

At last sitting in a very male office, un-littered with paperwork she noticed, a large man walked in. She stood up nervously with an apologetic smile. She had seen what the place was on the way to his office. It was a brothel.

“Sorry to bother you, sir,” she said.

“I only have a few minutes so best state your business quickly,” he told her. The smile was designed to put her at ease but held little warmth.

“I need money. A lot of money. In a bit of trouble too.” Roberta stammered. He asked as expected and she mentioned names as references. The promise not to mention the bastard’s names was broken but that was of no consequence. She had been accepted as having the right background.

“I don’t know anyone else to ask. I was thrown out of my apartment and owe money. My boyfriend is out soon and I don’t want to be around when he hits town. Bob told me some time ago you might help,” she said. The words plummeted from her mouth leaving her deflated in the chair.

The little pathetic voice fitted the pathetic story and he was buying it.

“I could make a phone call now. You could be far away from here living in a rich mans house. Once free of his service you would have a tidy sum to start over,” he said.

“Oh! Thank you, sir,” she looked up to offer a little pleasant smile. He was looking at her slim body that wasn’t hidden much by the cheap light summer dress she wore. She felt disgusted by that look but hid her face in the long black hair hanging over her face.

“Stand up. Let me get a good look at you. You will be serving in a rich mans home so I need to be carful before recommending you. Take the dress off,” he said.

“But sir,” she protested lamely.

“It’s alright I’ll stay this side of the desk, I’m not interested in you like that. You need to learn to obey orders girl,” he said.

Knowing the put-down was a part of his assessment didn’t help for she felt embarrassed anyway. “Yes sir. I’m sorry sir.” Roberta meekly said, trying hard to turn the red faced anger into the appearance of the humiliation he expected.

She stood with shoulders bent forward and with hands knotted in front of her trying to hide her body.

“Stand up straight, shoulders back, hands at your side,” he barked, as though she were on parade.

Flinching at every command she meekly obeyed. She tried a weak smile as though trying to win his approval. It worked.

“You’ll do!” he told her. “Wait outside,” he said with a dismissive tone. “Take that dress with you,” he added.

Roberta felt so clever at purposely moving toward the door without the dress she didn’t care about bending over in front of him in the thong. She was on the track of her friend and could feel the guilt melting away.

Perhaps she would have a peaceful sleep tonight at last.

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