Memories Pt. 01


Chapter 1

His eyes fluttered open, raising his head he looked around the room, when he tried to move his arms he discovered only the right one would move, turning his head he saw tubes attached to his left arm, the arm strapped to the bed frame.

Through the partially open door he cold hear the soft murmur of voices and the squeak of rubber soled shoes. He realised he was in a hospital, closing his eyes he tried to remember why he was here. His mind filled with quick flashes of images, driving over the brow of a hill, two sets of headlights bearing down upon him, the squeal of tyres. He jerked his eyes open, his body bathed in cold sweat, as he heard the door to his room push open.

“Hi, you’re awake.”

“Yeah, so it would seem. If you don’t mind, could you tell me where I am?”

“Sure, you’re in St. Joseph’s Hospital.”

“How long have I been here?”

“You were brought into the A&E nearly eight months ago.”

“Eight months, shit, what’s happened to me?”

“You were involved in a car crash and for the past eight months you’ve been in a coma.”

“OK one more question, who am I?”

“I’m sorry?”

“What’s my name? Fuck, how old am I? I can’t seem to remember anything,” he said a note of panic in his voice.

”I’d better go get the doctor.”

Lying in bed he waited for the nurse to return, he tried to remember anything about himself, but it was hopeless, the only thing he seemed to remember was the few seconds before the crash. He had no memory of his previous life; his name, age; family and childhood were gone, wiped away by two arseholes who thought it would be fun to race each other on a quiet country road.

“Hello, my names Doctor West, Nurse Shore told me you were awake, how do you feel?”

“I don’t know, a bit scared, who am I doc? Why can’t I remember?”

“Your name is David and you’re nineteen years old. As for why you can’t remember, we’ll need to run some tests, you were brought in with pretty bad head injuries and you’ve spent the last eight months in a coma. As I said we’ll need to run some tests, but hopefully it’s only a temporary problem.”

“You mean my memory will return.”

”I don’t know, as I said we need to run some test.”

While a nurse phoned David’s parents, the doctor had him wheeled away for a CAT scan and various other tests.

The scan and tests took most of the day and when an orderly finally wheeled David back into his room there were three people sitting in chairs by his bed, a man, and two women.He wasn’t exactly stupid, three people in his room all crying, he guessed the man and older woman must be his parents, he wasn’t sure about the younger woman at first, but the resemblance between her and his parents was enough for him to guess, sister.

David had no sooner climbed back onto his bed when he found himself enclosed in his mom’s arms. She held him close kissing his cheek, while tears streamed down her face.

“Mom I…”

“Shh baby we’re all here.”

It took some time but David finally managed to untangle himself from his mom’s arms, she sat on the bed holding one of his hands, his sister sat on his other side holding his other hand.

“Mom, dad.”

David looked at his sister and paused, trying to dredge up her name from his lost memories.

“Mom, dad, sis I don’t know if the doctors have told you anything, but I don’t remember anything.”

“That’s OK honey, the accident doesn’t matter, and you’re OK that’s what’s important.”

“No mom you don’t understand, I don’t remember anything, not you, not dad, not sister, hell not even me.”

David’s sister looked at him in surprise,

“What do you mean you can’t remember anything?”

“Nothing, my memories a blank.”

Three sets of eyes looked at him in surprise and sorrow,

“Nothing at all?”

“Zero, zip, zilch.”

David’s dad squeezed his arm,

“That’s OK son, what can we do.”

”Tell me about myself, all I’ve been told is that my name is David and that I’m nineteen, tell me about you and our family and my life.”

“OK, before we tell you too much we’d better speak to the doctor, but your name is David Stewart and as the doctor told you, you are nineteen years old. As you probably guessed the young girl sitting beside you is your sister Cathy, she’s eighteen. I’m your dad Paul and your mom’s name is Sarah.”

Paul had just finished talking when a doctor walked in,

“Good afternoon David, Mr and Mrs Stewart, Cathy.”

David looked at the doctor,

“OK, I may as well ask straight out, how long?”

“How long what?”

“How long before I’ll be able to remember stuff and how long before I can get out of here?”

The doctor looked from David to his parents and sister,

“We’ll need to keep you in for a couple of weeks at least for observation and physio, but then you will be able to go home. As for your memory, I’m afraid we don’t know, as I told you, when you came in you had some serious injuries including a trauma to your head. The coma was your bodies way of getting over it, the Escort bayan memory loss, well I won’t lie to you, your memory could return tomorrow, next week, next year or never.”


“I’m sorry David.”

Shortly after that David’s family was ushered from the room and he was left alone to his own thoughts and a pretty horrible meal. David refused a sleeping pill and instead spent the night tossing and turning, trying to discover some memory of who he was.

The next morning David was awoken early by a nurse, he lay there still half asleep as she took his temperature and pulse. After she’d left he climbed from the bed and headed to the bathroom, he was shocked at how weak he felt as he stood there peeing. After only a few minutes his legs were starting to shake and he broke out into a sweat as he forced himself to stand. Washing his face and shaking hands in the basin he walked unsteadily back to bed.

David was forced to remain in hospital for a further three weeks, three weeks of tests, physiotherapy and visits to a hospital shrink, the tests to find the extent of his memory loss and the physio to get his body working again.

The psychiatrist quickly drove David to hate her; she taught him seemingly useless exercises to help him regain his memory, all the time with a smug knowing smile on her face and a condescending manner, as she tried to get him to talk about his feelings and dreams. As the weeks passed his physical body recovered from the coma and he started to feel stronger, although his memory remained as blank as when he had awoken.

When he wasn’t being tortured by the physiotherapists or spoken down to by the psychiatrist David found himself staring into space, trying to remember the faces of the steady stream of visitors. After a few days of daydreaming and hoping for a miracle recovery he asked his parents to bring him any old school and college books to read. The only good news he had was while reading these, he found that as he read the various text books the knowledge seemed to be still in his head and it became more a process of refreshing his memory rather than re-learning. Unfortunately this didn’t seem to be the case with his personal life, no matter how often he looked at family photos, without someone to tell me who the people were and when it was taken, his mind was blank. The pictures could have been of complete strangers, the same was true of the various Aunts, uncles, cousins and school friends who visited him.

Sarah and Cathy visited David every day, at first they found the visits hard, the son and brother who had left the house nearly nine months ago wasn’t the same person sitting in the hospital bed. Cathy found herself enjoying talking to David, something she’d never experienced before, the old David had been very sure of himself and rather arrogant. The new David was quieter, shy and unsure of himself. Finally after a particular visit she decided to talk her feelings over with her mom.

“He’s not the same is he mom.”

“David, no, no he isn’t. He’s still our David though.”

“I know. I know I shouldn’t say this, but I like him better now, that makes me a horrible person doesn’t it?”

“No honey it doesn’t. Your brother wasn’t exactly nice to you when you were growing up, hell after he went to University he became…”

“Arrogant and argumentative,” they both laughed “I miss him though.”

“We all do, now we have to help the new David discover himself.”

Paul visited his son every other day or so depending on work, he seemed to spend his time dashing between home, the hospital and his office.

David was rather shocked when he found himself suddenly dreaming about his mom and sister, he was never sure what the dreams were about, but he would awake from them with a throbbing erection and a feeling of loss. He didn’t dare mention them to the hospital shrink, for fear of what she would say.

Chapter 2

Finally on a sunny day in early June, nine months after being carried into hospital, David was wheeled out to the family car. The first time David really looked at his dad in the bright sunlight he was shocked at how tired Paul looked, even as he smiled and asked David if he was feeling OK, David could see the bags under his eyes and the fatigued look to his face.

An hour after leaving the hospital Paul pulled into the driveway of a detached house in a quiet village.

“Here we are, home at last, do you recognise it?” asked Sarah glancing back at her son.

“No, sorry mom.”

“That’s OK honey, let’s get you inside.”

Cathy was waiting at the door and she gave her brother a big hug.

“Welcome home big brother.”

“Hi Cathy, it’s good to be home.”

As Cathy hugged him, David was embarrassed to feel his cock responding to the contact; it quickly hardened, pushing against his jeans and against Cathy’s stomach.

“Come on move out of the way, let’s get inside.”

Paul carried David’s bags in before kissing Sarah goodbye,

“I’m sorry I can’t stay at home with you, but there’s a lot on at work, so I’ll see you Bayan escort tonight, OK.”

“Yeah, sure dad, no problem.”

After his father had left David wandered around the house for a while before gravitating to his bedroom, he looked at the pictures on the walls and the shelves full of books, trying to remember something, anything, but his mind was blank. Finally he wondered over to the desk and switched on his computer, ‘maybe this will tell me something’ he thought while he waited for it to boot up. Windows XP started there was his name and a password box, he had no idea what he should enter and so he pressed the return key, a message told him that he had entered an incorrect password and gave him a clue to the correct word.

‘Are you sure?’

What the hell did that mean, what sort of use was that as an aid memoir,

“You OK Davy?”

David looked round and his eyes almost popped out of his head, he felt his cock jumped to instant erection.

Cathy was standing naked in his bedroom doorway; he looked at her, his eyes exploring her body. She was about five foot five, with a slim figure and full breasts, 36-24-34, long brown hair and green eyes.

“Uhh, hi Cathy, yeah I guess, I was trying to get on my computer, but it requires a password.”

“I’m just going for a shower, let’s have a quick look.”

David was surprised when she walked unashamedly into his room, not that she had anything to be ashamed of he thought.

Cathy felt David’s eyes burn into her body as she walked naked into his room, it was only then she realised that this David had never seen her naked before. She saw his face redden as he looked at her as she bent over to look at the computer screen.

“Are you sure? Very cryptic brother mine, but not very helpful.”

“Tell me about it.”

Leaning over Cathy tried typing a couple of passwords but to no effect.

“Sorry Davy I can’t help you, I guess I’d recommend looking through your stuff in the desk, maybe you wrote it down. If you need a hand I’ll help you after I’ve showered.”

“OK thanks Cathy.”

After Cathy had gone for a shower David sat and stared at the screen for a while, his mind filled with images of his naked sister, he felt so lost, unsure of the feelings that filled his body. Finally shaking his head he switched the PC off and started to check through his desk, hoping to find something out about myself.

Sarah heard the shower running as she walked up the stairs, she glanced into Cathy’s bedroom noting the dress laid out, before moving to David’s open door. She looked at her son sitting on the floor, paper spread around him and her body seemed to fill with love.

“Lost something honey?”

David looked up at his mom standing in the bedroom door.

“Hi mom, I don’t know, but I hope so, I’m looking to see if I can find the password for my computer.”

“Do you need a hand?”

“That would be nice, if you’re not busy.”

Sarah sat beside her son on the floor and together they started looking through the papers, books and junk that filled the desk.

“Are you doing OK David?”

“Sure mom, I think so. It still seems a little weird, not knowing anything about myself, and you guys. I’ve lost so much and I’m scared I’ll never get it back.”

“It’s OK baby, in a way we’ve all lost something. It’s just a matter of redefining our relationship and doing the best we can. You do know your dad and I love you and so does Cathy.”

“I know mom, I love you guys too.”

Sarah hugged her son and kissed him lightly.

“I’m so glad you’re home.”

“It’s good to be home,” he said as he returned her hug.

They continued to look through the desk, but to no avail.

“Mom, can I ask you a question?”

“Of course, what is it?”

“What was I like before?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well from the various visitors and reading some of this crap,” David pointed at a notebook and diary, “I get the feeling I was an arsehole.”

Sarah couldn’t help laughing.

“You weren’t that bad, just…”

“An arsehole.”

“Not all the time.”

“I’m sorry.”

“What for?”

“The problems I must of caused, and the worry I’ve given you.”

“That’s OK Davy, you’re back with us now and that’s all that matters.”

David smiled at his mom, and then frowned.

“Is dad OK? He looks even more tired than when I first met you all, and I don’t know he didn’t seem himself this morning.”

“He’s just tired, he’s got a lot on his mind and he’s very busy at work.”

“I bet I haven’t helped.”

“He was worried about you, but now you’re home it’s one less thing on his mind.”

“Is there anything I can do?”

“No honey. Well there doesn’t seem to be anything here.”

“No, I think I’ll leave it and take a shower, and hope for divine inspiration.”

“I’ll leave you in peace then,” said Sarah with a smile.

She stood up, as David started to undress, and walked towards the bedroom door. He’d stripped down to his underwear when Sarah suddenly walked over to him Escort and hugged him.

“I’ve missed you.”

As she hugged her son Sarah was shocked at how thin he was. As David returned her hug she suddenly felt her penis press against her thigh, she felt it move and realised he was getting an erection.

“Do I get a hug?”

They both looked towards the bedroom door where Cathy stood. She was dressed in a light, short summer dress that revealed her figure perfectly.

“Come here,” said Sarah.

David found himself in a group hug, sandwiched between his mom and sister, his erection pressing against his mom’s stomach. As they pulled apart Sarah brushed her lips against David’s and then Cathy’s mouths, before lightly slapping David’s butt.

“Are you going for a shower?”

“Yeah,” David said as he turned and headed for the bathroom.

Closing the bathroom door David thumbed the lock to the locked position before slipping out of his shorts and stepping into the shower. The hot water felt good as it poured over him, finally washing away the smell of hospitals. As he soaped his body his fingers brushed against his erection, he was surprised by the sensations that the contact caused in him. Unsure about what the feelings meant he quickly finished washing and stepped from the shower.

As David dried himself his cock started to soften until it was hanging flaccid between his legs. He had just finishing drying himself when the bathroom door opened and Sarah stepped in. David’s eyes bulged as he stared at his mom’s naked body and his cock twitched and quickly grew to an erect state again. Sarah was five foot seven inches tall with full breasts, slim hips and firm legs; she had shoulder length hair, and much to David’s surprise, a completely hairless pussy.

David felt himself blush, he didn’t know whether to cover his erection or not.

“O David, I thought you’d finished.”

“Sorry mom,” he apologised “I thought I’d locked the door.”

Sarah smiled at her son, noting his aroused state,

“The lock doesn’t always work, and don’t apologise,” said Sarah as she looked at her son’s naked body, feeling a flush spread over her body as she looked at his large, hard cock.

She quickly pulled her eyes away as she realised she was licking her lips. ‘My god’ she thought ‘this is my son’ another part of her seemed to answer ‘Is it, is this the same person who was involved in a car crash nine months ago’.

Trying not to stare at her son’s naked body she walked towards the shower feeling heat rise through her body as she walked past him, her eyes glancing down exploring his erection.

David tried not to stare at his mom as she walked past him, as she stepped into the shower he quickly made his way out of the bathroom.

As the hot water hit Sarah’s naked body she found herself having to fight the urge to touch herself amid images of her aroused, naked son. ‘What’s wrong with me, I’ve never felt this way about David before’.

David walked towards his bedroom; he jumped in surprise as Cathy walked out of her room. He saw her eyes moved down to his erection and her face become red.

“Hi David.”

“Hi Cathy.”

David stepped into his bedroom pushing the door too; he had just opened a draw to grab some clean underwear when the bedroom door opened. Looking round he saw his dad standing there. It seemed everyone was going to get a look at his boner.

“Just checking you’re OK David.”

“I’m fine dad.”

Paul took in his son’s aroused state and smiled,

“Sorry didn’t mean to disturb you; I’ll shut your door so you can take care of that in private.”


“Well you know, you’ve been in hospital for a while, you’re probably in need of some sexual relief.”

David looked at his dad blankly.

“You probably want to see Mrs Palm and her five daughters.”

Still unsure what his dad was talking about, David just smiled and nodded.

Chapter 3

Over the next week David’s became used to seeing his family in various states of undress and they seemed to become used to seeing him in an aroused state. He found that just a glimpse of his mom or sister in their underwear would send his cock pointing towards the ceiling.

David continued to go to physiotherapy and to see his psychiatrist; the first helped his physical recovery, while the second just seemed to make him angry. Finally in his second week as the psychiatrist tried to get him to discuss he feelings and dreams he lost his temper.

“Fuck, this is a waste of time, what’s the point in me coming here; all you do is talk to me like I’m a little kid.”

“Perhaps we should talk about this anger and these feelings David.”

“Stop that, I don’t want to talk about it, nothings happening, my memory is still as blank as it was when I started to come here five weeks ago.”

“I sense your frustration, tell me how it feels.”

“What? I’m wasting my time coming here and I’ve had enough, forget this, I’m leaving and I won’t be back.”

Without a backward glance David walked out the doctor’s office, he had to fight the urge to slam the door behind him. As he left the building he felt a sudden lifting of his spirits, he may not know who he had been, but he finally realised he could accept who he had become.

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