Message to Al


Message to AlHi Al,I had a surprise call the other day from your wife. I don’t know how she got my number but she said she had found pics and vids of me wanking over her. She said she did not understand what was going on or how I had got the pictures but wanted to discuss it with me in person.I booked a hotel room near your place and arranged to meet Janet in the bar. This was last night. She turned up at about 7.00 pm. At first it was really awkward, but after a couple of drinks she started talking and asking about the pics and vids. I explained it was nothing to worry about and that you just liked to see other men appreciate her body and that it excited you. I asked why she had really wanted to meet me.The conversation went something like this.”I wanted to see what kind of man you were that enjoyed my old sagging body so much” she replied.”Janet, you may be old but you are great shape and your body is not only wonderful but also very sexy and so what do you now think of the man you watched on the vids?” I asked.”Honestly, not what I expected. I was expecting some dirty old man, not a professional clean looking type””I will take that as a compliment Janet, thanks. So what did you think when you watched my videos? I asked””I actually got quite excited. I didn’t want to but I couldn’t help it. There was one where you wipe your thing between my legs. I watched that several times””Do you want to see my thing again?””No, of course not! I am married”At this point I took a moment to look at what your wife was wearing. She was dressed very demurely, black jacket, white blouse, black knee length skirt, black tights or stockings and black heels.She saw me looking at her legs.”What?” She asked.”You have fantastic legs Janet. Are you wearing stockings?””No, tights, why””I don’t like tights Janet. Go to the loo and take them off!””What, no!” “Janet, do it now or I am leaving”When she got up and went to the loo I knew I had her.She came back and sat again on the bar stool now with bare legs.”That’s better Janet. You know all the while your husband has been sending me pics of you I have been dying to touch your legs”I reached forward and placed a hand on her knee. She flinched a bit, but did not try to move it. I slowly slid my hand up under her skirt. She was more concerned about being seen than what i was doing, until I reached the gusset of her knickers. Then she clamped her thighs shut tight on my hand.I leaned forward and whispered in her ear “Janet, open your legs”She slowly obeyed. She was mine for sure now.I slowly stroked up and down the outside of her knickers. I could feel them moisten under my touch. Then I located where her clit was and pushed hard against it. She let out a groan and closed her eyes.Then I stopped and removed my hand from under her skirt.She stared at me, not knowing what was coming nextUnder her blouse I could make out a light coloured bra encasing her magnificent boobs.”Go to the loo and take off you bra, I told her”This time, no argument.She came back with her jacket done up. “Open your jacket Janet”She looked around to see the bar was now quite full. “What if someone I know sees us?””Maybe they will realise what a naught tart you really are!” She looked worried. “Just tell them we are all school friends meeting for a drink while I am in town on a business trip” I reassured her.In any case Janet’s jacket was open enough for me to see her stiffening nipples against her blouse. They were not the only thing stiffening.I told her she was getting my “thing” hard.She looked at my crotch. “Do you want to touch my thing, as you called it earlier?””Yes, please Si””Okay so tell canlı bahis me you want to touch my cock then Janet.””I want to touch you cock Si, please””We’ll see. You have to earn it first.”I called the barman over and ordered fresh drinks. Janet closed her jacket.I told her to take her Jacket off. She did, but sat facing the bar away from the rest of the room. She knew her blouse was not doing much to hide her pendulous boobs swinging loose. The barman came back with the drinks. He saw your wife’s tits and nearly choked. She went bright red!I thanked him. “Janet, go to the loo again and this time I want to see your panties in you hand when you return.” She went to grab her jacket but I told her to leave it. She glared at me, but did as she was told. She hurried to the loo. Most people were too busy with their own conversations to notice her, but a couple did.While she was gone I settled the bill.She returned looking very flushed. I held out my hand and she gave me her panties. “Now you are a real slut Janet! No panties and no bra, in public with a strange man! How does it feel””Weird” she said “but exciting”.I told her to put her jacket on as we were leaving. She couldn’t get it on quick enough.”Where are we going” she asked”My room””Oh!”I was so tempted to touch your wife in the lift, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop and we were only on the third floor. But I did get her panties out of my pocket and after locating the damp gusset I put it to my face and inhaled your wife’s scent.Janet stared at me. “Did you know your husband Al loves to taste your dirty panties Janet. He has told me what you taste like and smell like”.I think she was lost for words.Once in the room, I pinned her against the wall and kissed her on the lips. She soon responded and before long our tongues were searching each other’s mouths. Her hands were all over me, pulling me against her. I know she could feel my hard cock against her stomach as we continued to kiss passionately.After a few minutes we pulled apart. I went and sat on the bed and told her to strip, slowly. She started to kick of her shoes, but I told her they stayed on. Off came her jacket and blouse. Her breast were even better in real life than I imagined. She hesitated as she lowered her skirt to the floor. She stood covering her pussy.”Hands above your head” I instructed and there she was stood in all her glory exposed to a stranger. Her gorgeous shaved pussy on display and her tits swinging low but firm.”Turn around and bend over” I commanded.She did. “Open your legs and spread your arse cheeks” She did this also and I then had a perfect view of her open cunt and beautiful anus.By the time she turned around and faced me I was also naked, my cock as hard as it ever gets.”What do you want Janet?” I asked”Your cock Si, please””Okay, come and suck it”She dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth. She is a very good cock sucker Al, as you know. She must have had a lot of practice at some time.I told her to lick my balls, which she did, sucking them into her mouth. Then I laid back on the bed and lifted my legs. She seemed to know what I wanted and started licking around my arse. “Put you tongue in my arsehole” I demanded.She did and seemed to like it. All the time she was wanking me with a tongue in my arse at the same time I could have shot my load there and then. So I had to stop her.I told her to lay on the bed and spread her legs as wide as she could.I asked her if she wanted to cum.”I haven’t orgasmed in years Si. I can’t anymore””Rubbish” I said, just relax and enjoy it.I got between you wife’s thighs Al and it was fantastic. The scent and bahis siteleri the taste of her excited pussy.I started gently licking along the length of those moist lips, getting wetter by the second, before focussing my tongue on her clit. I told Janet to hold her lips open for me, so I had both hands free. My left hand reached up to grab her breasts, flicking and pinching her nipples, enjoying the soft mature flesh.I took a breather and asked if she liked me licking her pussy? “Yes” she groaned,”Tell me””I like you licking my pussy Si, it is so good”I eased my index finger on my right hand inside of her. Gently in and out, then I pushed in my second finger also. She was surprisingly tight. I assume she has not had anything big in her for a while.From the noises she was making, I knew I would make her cum. I removed my second finger from her cunt and started to wipe it around her arse. I started to push it in.I felt her clench her buttocks as I probed her small brown hole, but she didn’t stop me.Eventually, she relaxed and I slowly eased my well lubricated finger inside her tight arse. I started to finger her holes faster as I intensified the sucking on her clit. She was pushing up off the bed into my face. I was grabbing her breast hard now as I knew she was close. Then all off a sudden she went over the top and shook uncontrollably as she came for the first time in ages. Her thighs clamped around my head so tight I thought she would break my neck.When her orgasm subsided, she looked exhausted.”How was that Janet?””Fantastic, thanks””Do you want me to fuck you Janet””Yes please Si, do you have a condom?””We don’t need a condom Janet. I know you haven’t fucked anyone other than Al in over 20 years and you are a slut now, so condom’s are out.”Do you want my hard cock in your wet pussy Janet”Oh yes, please fuck my pussy””Tell me you want it in your cunt Janet. Tell me what you want. Talk dirty like the slut that you are!””Si, please put your hard cock in my dirty wet slut cunt. Fuck me hard with you meat. Make me cum on your cock. Please do me now. I need your hard cock. Please put it in my dirty whore cunt and fuck me hard”I almost came listening to her, but instead I plunged my cock straight into your wife Al. She was very tight but very wet and I went balls deep with the first thrust. She gasped out loud. There was no fitness now, just a hard shag. I fucked your whore of a wife until she was ready to cum again. But before we both came, there was something else I wanted to do.I withdrew my cock and got Janet onto her knees. I plunged back into her from behind. Her cunt was nice and loose now. At the same time I eased a finger into her arsehole again. This time she welcomed it more readily. I used it to open her up then added another digit. Still no protest.Then I removed my very wet and lubricated cock from her cunt and pushed it against her rear opening.”No Si, please, it won’t. You are too big!””How do you know Janet, have you had a cock in there before?””No, never!””Well let’s find out then. Just relax.”It took a while, but eventually the end of my cock pooped into your wife’s arse. She screamed as the head penetrated her virgin hole. I rested there for a while given her chance to expand. Then very slowly started to push more in. After the initial entry it was easier. Her arse opened up to accommodate my hard length. She was still very tight. I know you don’t know this Al, but it is amazing to fuck Janet’s arse.Soon she relaxed and started to enjoy it. I felt her reach between her legs and play with her pussy. I wanted watch that so I pulled out of her arse, so fast she screamed again bahis şirketleri as the swollen head of my cock popped out. Oh Al, if you could see what that little brown puckered hole looks like after it’s been fucked! Beautiful, gaping wide.I spun Janet onto her back and lifted her legs high in the air. The smell in the air was intense, pussy juice and the smell of her arse on my cock. Her anus had contracted again, but this time I plunged my cock straight in, no preamble. No scream this time, just a groan.I told her to play with herself as I started to ram my cock into her arse.”You like having your arse fucked don’t you Janet? Tell me, my dirty little mature slut””Yes Si, I like having my arse fucked. Please fuck my arse with your big cock. Fuck my dirty old arsehole.”I was now fucking her so hard I am sure we will both have bruises. She was getting so worked up again. The words coming out of her mouth as she started fucking her cunt with her fingers, first one, then two and eventually three on one hand while she worked her clit with the other.”Make me cum again Si, make this old whore bitch cum again, yes, do it. Fuck my arse. Fuck my big old arse. I love it!”She was rubbing her clit so hard as I started to cum.I pulled my dirty cock out of her arse and plunged it into her cunt, just as we both came, her for the second time.I think I shot more cum inside her than all the times I have cum over the pictures you sent me put together. I just kept spurting as I watched your wife’s pretty face enjoying her own orgasm. I stayed inside her and leant forward. We kissed lovingly and she thanked me. As I withdrew my now sore cock from inside her, some cum dribbled out. I pushed it back in and told her to stay with her legs in the air. I found her panties and pulled them back onto her legs. I really wanted to keep them as a souvenir, but they had a more important use.She asked me what I was doing.”Si, I need to have a shower.””You can’t Janet, you need to go home.””But what about Al””Don’t worry about Al” I said.I pulled her skirt back up and put her blouse on for her and did it up. I quickly pulled on some trousers and a shirt. I found her hand back and removed the tights and bra. I explained that I was keeping them, the bra as a reminder of her superb breast and the tights in the hope that they had some of her scent on them.I walked with her out of the room and back down to the lobby, where I gave her instructions while we waited for a taxi.”When you get home tell Al you love him so much and want to do something special for him. Get him to lie on the bed face up. Strip down to just your panties then sit on his face. Let him taste you through the panties for a while. Watch his eyes. See if he registers a different flavour. Then pull the gusset aside and let him eat you out. While he is doing this I want you to rub yourself to another orgasm. Think of how my cock feels in your arse. “”I promise you Al will be fine, only disappointed he wasn’t there to see it, but hopefully next time. And next time maybe you will get to see your hubby sucking cock!”The taxi arrived. I put Janet in the back. We kissed again and said goodnight.Well Al, I hope she did as instructed. If so, how did she taste? Did you like the mixture of my cum and her juices and the taste of her dirty arse? Did you swallow all of my seed? Could you tell that I had been in her arse? Or did she confess that. I know she doesn’t let you fuck her there. Oh and by the way that must remain the case. Her arse is mine and mine alone until I say otherwise, okay.I may let you watch me fuck her arse next time and let you taste it on my cock if you are good.There are so many things I didn’t get to do to Janet, but didn’t have time. Anyway, she is mine now to use as I please. Keep her pussy happy for me and make her cum more often, but remember her arse is mine.

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