Met at the gym


Met at the gymI had heard of a gym in the downtown area that catered to men that liked to have sex with other men. I checked out their web site and decided to go check it out. Every since high school when I was attacked by three of the schools bullies and made to give up my innocence, I have had a hankering for male on male contact.No matter how many females I dated or bedded I always found myself underneath another guy from time to time. Matter of fact those same three bullies managed to use me for their sexual pleasure until I finally moved far enough away from them that they could no longer find me.Still I would venture out and seek anonymous sexual relations with men I did not even know. Thinking this was the safest way to maintain my secrete and enjoy my perverted side . OK, if you think as I that it is not perverted for two guys to have sex so be it…yet society thinks otherwise. I am only stating it this way to get my thought across as to the make up of my mind. No, I do not think that every male that wishes to have sexual contact with another male is a homosexual.To me sex is sex, there is no gender association with it, just one is top and one is bottom. I have been both and prefer to be bottom. I enjoy being taken and possessed by another male for his sexual satisfaction and enjoyment. Yes, I do enjoy being with the female as well and do please them with my sexual prowess.As I entered the spa I wonder if I would be accepted as I had to purchase a membership in order to enter. Examining the prices I decided to take one for the year, even if I do not use it all it would be to my advantage finical wise.The two guys at the front desk sort of looked at me decidedly and accepted my coinage and gave me a set of rules and explained to where the shower and lockers were and that I had to pay a separate fee for a locker. After doing so I located my assigned locker and changed into my jock strap and shorts with a t-shirt.As I wondered around the facility I noticed the weight area, pool area and sauna. It was near the sauna that I was taken aback. As I went round a corner their was a guy in his late twenties or early thirties with a towel wrapped round his waist.It was what appeared to be hanging from beneath his towel that caught my eye and all my attention. There was no mistaking it, his penile glans was hanging about two inches below the hem of his towel. I must have had the look of amazement on my face for his words were canlı bahis ‘…what’s the matter. see something you like?…’With my eyes still fixed on his exposed dick head I stuttered ‘…is that for real?…’ He sort of giggled and asked ‘…would you like to touch it?…’ without thinking I found my hand going for the exposed member as he chimed in ‘…if you get it hard you are gonna have to take care of it…’It was too late I had his dick head in the grasp of my hand and it was already throbbing and firming up. I looked up and could only mouth the words ‘…what, how???…’ I was advised to ‘…don’t worry, just stroke it slowly. You will be surprised as to what will happen…’I was already absentmindedly stroking his huge dick shaft gently, looking in to his expecting gaze he said to me ‘…have a changing room or wanna go to mine…’ I just nodded my head slightly as he brushed my hand away and said ‘…OK, follow me…’Down the corridor we went till we reached his changing room and entered. That was when he unwrapped the towel and let it drop, turning to face me I was once again mesmerized by site of his enormously huge anaconda size penis hanging at half mast. It seemed that with each beat of his heart his elongated massive dick would sort of jump to the beat.I looked into his eyes in almost expectant amazement as he instructed me ‘…OK, now you must satisfy it or I’m gonna be really upset!…’ Mumbling I asked ‘…How do I…’ he cut me off by moving towards me and placing his hand on my head and pressing down till I went to me knees. My eyes were still locked with his as he continued ‘…it’s either this way or I fuck you. Which do you want or do you want them both?…’Needless to say that my lust was climbing as I looked up in his expecting gaze hearing him say ‘…go ahead and open your lips and kiss it softly. Taste the sweet nectar of my pre-cum and suck your fill…’ Almost hypnotically I did as he suggested and kissed the tip of his oozing dick head tasting the tangy creamy nectar of his pre-cum.It was then that I realized that my lips were locked round his massive dick head and it was still larger then my oral orifice. He cautioned me ‘…watch your teeth, I don’t like my dick to be skinned by your teeth…’ I lowered my gaze to look at the monstrosity that was in my lips.His pubic hair was cut short yet it seem to be in full bloom, from my lips back I could see where my fingers grasped his elongated bahis siteleri dick shaft and how far beyond my pinky it stretched. A sort of panic grippe me that was over whelmed by the lustful thought of being savaged by that enormously huge monster.I slid my tongue between the slit of the tip of his penis and kissed his dick head as he just stood there looking down at me. Reluctantly I stuck my tongue out and gave a passionate lick at the tender underside of his dick head. He smiled and said ‘…we fuck then…’I was terrified yet could not stop as I stood and undid my shorts and let them fall to my ankles, he took hold of my shoulders and turned me round till my back was to him and I felt his fingers probe my buttocks and spread a slick slimy substance between my buttocks and into my anal opening. I moaned softly in anticipation and fear as his middle finger entered my bung hole and started to massage it from the insides.He removed his finger and released my shoulder, I saw the towel that he had once been wrapped in fly over to the shelf and he pushed my shoulders over till I was bent at the waist. I don’t know if I was to terrified or just dumb founded as his mammoth sized dick head probed my buttocks sliding up and down till it found my puckering anal opening.I came to myself as his enormous;y huge dick head kissed my tender anal flower and started to part my anal sphincter. Fearfully I whispered ‘…plea…please be gentle, you are too big for my ass hole…’ His answer was some what shocking as he said ‘…this will no longer be an ass hole but my boi/pussy when ever I want it!…’One of his hand was in the small of my back and the other I could only imagine was guiding his monstrous dick shaft as he maneuvered it up and down my ass crack. Once again his massive dick head found my anal opening and he started to press his advantage. I felt my anal flower begin to spread as my anal sphincter muscle started to open and engage his momentously dick head. My thighs and leg calves were no convulsing so bad that I almost cried out stop!!!Having his dick head poised partially in my anus he took hold of my hips with both hands and pressed till his enormous dick head popped in past my anal sphincter muscle tube. I gasped in terror and anguish as I felt my anal sphincter snap shut just past his huge penile ridge. He sort of stopped and allowed my anus to get accustomed to his girth.Gently he pulled back, almost playfully to bahis şirketleri assure that his dick head was securely lodged in my anus. Finding it was he started to push and I could feel his thick dick shaft as it start to slide into my luv chunnel. It was the that I realized that he was smearing more of that slick slimy substance along his dick shaft and the outside of my anal opening.When he took hold of my hips again he pressed and his massive dick head and shaft started to go deeper and deeper into my rectum. I whimpered and whined as his massive member entered into regions that had not if ever been opened. He whispered to me ‘…see this dick can go as deep as I want it too…’ Tears were streaming from my eyes as his dick slid in and back to his penile ridge and to go farther and farther, stretching my innards out to accommodate his elongated dick shaft and massive dick head.I was terrified as he gently slid his massive member back and forth touching spots that drove me crazy with lust till I could do little more then beg for him to ‘…fuck me…fuck me…fuck me, make me your bitch, I’ll be your bitch…’ He ravaged my butt hole for almost an hour, sweat pouring from our bodies and peering eyes watching the obscene scene of his enormous dick balls deep in my butt and as he pulled back till only the dick head was still lodged therein.When he finally shot his last load of male splodge and pulled from my gaped bung hole I fell across the small bench gasping as his copious amount of male seed leaked from my anus. I was in no way able to move as my legs and feet would not cooperate and I heard voices ask ‘…OK if I fuck him now…’ and to hear his reply ‘…sure go ahead…’I do not know how many dicks I took that even only that when it was over he once again mounted my sloppy hole and rode me as I begged and pleaded for him to stop, which he did not until some of the staff came to see what was going on and threaten him with calling the police did he pull his dick from my aching sloppy anus and tell me to get my clothes we are leaving!I could not drive and had to leave my car in the parking lot as he pushed me into his passenger seat and took me to his place and ushered me in. My bung was dripping male semen, my underwear was soaked to the point that my jeans wear now stained with the moistness of all the mixed seeds of male cum.But the evening was not over, in his place was another guy whose dick was just as massive and huge as his and the to of them took turns with me all the night and most of the next day. I was so fucked up that all I could do was to try and hold on to who ever was sexing me as if I was a cum crazy bitch, which I was.

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