Met with our first swingers couple in town


Met with our first swingers couple in townI decided that I was going to go to a swingers club when the time came i was very excited and nervous and I was dressed in a nice grey suit and smelling nice as I got to the door head another few people coming up the stairs and when I looked to see who it was and I saw a guy in his sixties and also a two couples about mid twenties and the girl was blonde with a great figure and the other was dark haired with a more curvy figure and the blonde girl saw me looking at her with her mini dress and nice small tits and her dress did not hide the fact she had no bra or knickers on she knew I was eyeing her up and down and she said to me is this your first time and I said yes and she looked at me saying I smell amazing we all want in and a lady asked me if I wanted showing around I said that would be great and I was chatting to her telling her i was separated from my wife and saying I would love no problem bakırköy escort picking up saying it was smelling amazing she showed me the play room and porn room and bondage room and the quick fact room and I said thanks to her and went to the couple room and it’s a bit dark but I could see a couple and a pair of guys and a woman with her dress up getting a good fucking from the back and her tits were bouncing and he moaned saying here’s my load and he came up her and he just left I could see the woman getting up and fixing her dress and she looked round to me and it was my wife and she smiled and come over to me and I said she looked great and she said do i want to get back together and I said yes very much as she kissed me saying had I been with many women I said I had a regular fuck telling her the things she did with me li said she knew her she said was she someone I always wanted to fuck so I said I had beşiktaş escort fantasised about her fucking her many times and she said to me she was very horny thinking it was Paula but didn’t think it was her and saying that she wanted it to her her and she said yes I am fucking Paula I said yes she said tell me about her fantasy and what she like to fuck saying is she hairy or smooth very very hairy and she is very vocal and she said she had fancied her for ages and she would lick her cunt as I know you won’t be your w rong and I lick her so much she is very heavy cummer and wears sexy outfits for me like her sisters short dress which she has to pour her self into we had met with a few other couples and I said I better tell you that she likes to watch the suck the guy as well as fucking the wife she is very horny and dirty and she had imagined you coming over to her house and she was getting my cock and I had beylikdüzü escort met with edwina and Brian and we had been fucking crazy and she said she would love to see him getting his cock into my mouth and he was chatting to me about it and watching a bi porn and wanking out cocks and he was talking about him fucking you and she came back and we played dare and he had a cover over us and she dared me to rub his cock and I did it under the cover and she was going to the loo and left me with her husband and he said that’ he had imagined me sucking his cock saying that I was looking at it all the time asking me what I liked about it and he gave me poppers and said look at the guy in the porn and I looked at the guy taking the other guys cock in his mouth and I was not even hard and then the guy got very hard in his mouth and he said to imagine his cock getting harder in my mouth and I thought about it and got so excited and horny as I played with his cock and she come back in and she did not see me as the cover over him and he whispered to me to imagine his cock sliding in my mouth slowly as he gave me poppers and I was wanking him off and he said. To her about it and he moved into me and put it to my mouth and I sucked it

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