Metro TV


I’m a transsexual. I make no excuses about it – I love being feminine, feeling like a woman, wearing women’s clothing, especially the short mini-skirts with a slit up the thigh, thigh-high stocking, heels, and very sexual bikini panties, with my hard cock straining to escape.

I feel beautiful as a woman. I’m kinda tall in my three-inch heels, about 5’11,” 180 lbs, and I love flaunting my erotic, sexual nature. I’m sexually well endowed, with an eight-inch cock, hard and thick. My bronze hair is down to my shoulders, and I love to tease. Of course, I’m beautiful.

I have large bosomy breasts, which heave fluidly through my sheer open top blouses. My big, nickel-sized nipples are surrounded by large pebbly aureole, and the duggs are themselves puffy, and easily stimulated. They always need to be suckled. They’re exceptionally long, sticking straight out, and they always need to be suckled.

My ass cheeks move liquidly as I walk, my short, tight skirt making promises that I’m always moist and hot between my long shapely legs. Of course, no one knows that my equipment is hard, usually throbbing with need. I can feel it, tight and erect, the head jutting out from its hood, being massaged by my tight fitting panties, the sweat on my thick pubic hairs being aromatic and lickable.

I’m lusty, exciting, and always ready to open my sexual secrets to open-minded people who share my desires, and I want to be sexually enjoyed in a variety of ways, orally, with my long hard penetrating cock, or even adult toys. I need to please and be pleasured in very erotic, uninhibited ways, where I am explored and serviced completely. I love to please myself by masturbating wickedly, but I mostly enjoy men and women, orally, suckling or sucking, penetrating and sometimes, with the right man, being pumped frantically in my pussified ass… That’s the best—that’s when I best identify with being totally a woman. It happened to me just tonight. I can still feel the hardness of his cock, the taste of his cum in my mouth…

It started on the subway, and ended in the parking lot, where… well, let me tell you what happened…

I was on my way home from a club where I hang with other TV/TSs. Of course, I was in full dress—I was on the subway, by myself, and no one on the train had a clue that I’m packing eight inches. I‘d had a couple of drinks, not a lot, but enough to make me act a bit horny. I had no intention of starting anything, but my cock was really lubing, and trying to break free from my Victorian Secrets. My short skirt, black and gold, with a slit up the front of it, on my thigh, was way up my leg, showing the tops of my stockings, and more leg. Hell, I was even turning myself on!

There were only a few other people in the car—a young white guy and his girlfriend, and a black guy, in his 30’s sitting directly across from me. The black guy kept looking, stealing glances at my leggy thighs. I kept showing him more and more, once even opening my legs to see how he’d react. I glanced at his crotch—he was obviously aroused. Then I looked up at his face, to find him looking directly at me, with a question on his face. To make his point, he placed his hand over his cock, grabbed Kartal Ukraynalı Escort it, and shook it at me.

He wanted to play, and I was horny as hell right then. So, I opened my legs, looking suggestively into his eyes as I did so. He took out his cock, and I could see it was massive, with pre-cum already glazing the purple head of it. I could smell his sex! He masturbated it for me, showing me how big it was, bulging with the pre-cum flying off the sides of it.

It was up to me to make the next move. I reached down, and pulled my skirt completely up around my waist, seeing, but not caring that the white couple was looking at us both, their eyes wide with amazement. I reached into the panty leg, and pulled out my own 8-inches, and masturbated it lewdly, watching my prospective fucker as I did so.

He jumped up as if struck by a rock, putting his hands up, palms out at me to keep me away. He virtually ran to the other end of the car, and when the train made it’s next stop, left the car immediately. He obviously had never even envisioned that people like me exist.

The white couple was, like awestruck, mouths open, and just staring at me. I looked directly back—I just stood up and adjusted my panties, putting my cock back, and pulled my skirt back down.

A stop later, in the suburbs now, the girl got up to exit, leaving the young white guy and I alone in the car. As she left, she asked him if he’d be okay. He just nodded.

When the train was moving again, I noticed him looking at me, as if wondering something. I decided to test, or tease him, to see what he was made of. I got up, and sat directly across from him, crossing my legs slowly, making sure he was aware that there was still a bulge in my skirt.

He began to perspire nervously, but I noted that his cock was reacting. I slowly uncrossed my legs, and opened my thighs, to see if he’d look up my skirt. sure enough, he lowered his gaze until I knew he was taking in as much leg view as I would give him. I said nothing. I really wasn’t sure how far I wanted to take this young kid. But, involuntarily, I moved my hand over my skirt to my cock, and idly began to masturbate it through the skirt. He groaned in reaction, trying to stifle it, but I watched him lick his lips in anticipation of whatever he was fantasizing about. I had on thigh-high stockings, black and very sheer. I was made up for fucking that evening, and wanted to be very nasty. So, I began to rub my stockinged legs together, making a swishing sound. He couldn’t take it anymore.

He came over to my side of the train, and sat close by my legs, and without saying a word, began to feel me up, on the inside of my thighs. I pushed his hand away, and closed my legs, but he had found my weak spot. I looked into his eyes, asking him to suck me. It wasn’t much of a word—just, ‘s-s-c-k-k!’ but, he understood. He bent over and pulled my skirt up, viciously grabbed my rock-hard black cock, and began to chew it like he’d done this before!

I took his head, and guided him slowly against my left thigh, rubbing his head against my stockings. I started to hump slowly, letting him feel the heat and hardness of my cock, Kartal Üniversiteli Escort which was glistening with pre-cum.

Tentatively, I put my cock to his lips. He didn’t open his mouth much at first, but then, curiously, he kissed my cock.

He stroked it, then started to pump it, up and down, then longer and more forcefully, until he was masturbating me wickedly with his fist, pumping my huge black dick furiously, watching the uncut dick head opening, and then disappearing into the foreskin.

And then, well, the train reached the end of the line. and we had to get off. I wasn’t sure what would happen next. As I went through the station’s exit turnstile, I was aware of someone behind me, and I was sure it was, hoped it was, him. Since it was almost 1 a.m. on a Sunday morning, and there were very few passengers, I felt I could entice him to follow me. And I still didn’t know anything about him, indeed, hadn’t said anything to him, other than ‘suck.’

As I went into the parking lot, I began the trannie-TV strut, exaggerating my walk, so that my hips rolled, and that my ass moved up and down, so that my skirt rode higher and higher on my thighs.

The parking lot was deserted, and the lights were bright, so I worked my hips, letting him see the sexual slut in me. Knowing he was there, I turned around, walking backwards. I lifted the front of my skirt, and pulled my cock back out. I shook it at him, and asked, “you want some more of this, white boy?” stroking my cock as I asked.

By then, I was at my car. I unlocked the door, as he stood there, unsure of himself. I turned around, leaning against my car, my dick still in hand. “Come, here, white boy,” I said. “Come get some more of this black she-male bitch. That’s what you want, isn’t it?”

He came closer. I was looking directly into his eyes, but needed him on his knees. I pushed him down by the shoulders, and pulled his face into my crotch. I began to fuck his mouth, slowly at first, then more forcefully, using him like a pussy. I fucked his mouth until, I couldn’t hold my juices any longer, erupting into his mouth, and on his face as he pulled away.

I needed more. I wanted to feel his cock in my mouth, so I pushed him around until he was leaning against the trunk of my car. I undid his jeans and pulled his meat out. I intended to make sure his girlfriend was going to regret leaving this white boy on the train alone. That’s what I thought about at that minute.

I pulled his cock into my mouth. I stroked his dick grotesquely, yanking it up and down, left and right, sniffing it, loving the way it smelled.

My eyes were glazed with desire. I pulled it into my mouth, nipping the bulging head with my lips, and tongued his piss-hole as if I was licking a tight pussy hole.

He looked at me with lust filled eyes. He pulled on the shaft, beating his meat, jacking it off, and sliding his fingers over the lubrication pouring from the cock.

I could smell it, and feel it—I succumbed to the very nastiness of knowing that his seven-inch cock was gonna plunge into my whoring mouth right there in the metro parking lot.

I couldn’t hold out anymore. Kartal Vip Escort I licked into him as he stood, sucking lightly. Then I licked him harder, out of my head with desire. He put his hands on my head, and pulled my face onto his wildly swinging white meat.

Soon, I was sucking him wickedly, tasting his cum, just the way he had tasted mine. And he fucked my mouth just the same way I had fucked his mouth before! I gagged on his throbbing cock! I had saliva and pre-cum running out the sides of my mouth and down my chin. It felt so extreme, there on my knees, my skirt up around my wide open pussy/ass, as I choked on a delicious white cock! I wanted to swallow it completely!

I stood, rubbing my thighs against his as I did so. My mouth was hot, the taste of his juices still warm and nasty. I needed more. I wanted use this white boy, to fuck him right there in the Metro parking lot! I pushed my cock against his, rubbing against him, with my skirt high on my thighs. I turned him around, facing the side of my car, and dry-humped against his butt-cheeks, unbuckling his pants at the same time. When he felt my black cock rubbing against his bare-ass cheeks, he was hesitant. I moved my hands around his hips, and began stroking his cock again until I felt it respond with his need. I knew then that I had him.

Continuing to hand-stroke his cock, I leaned against the car behind me, to get a better angle into his asscheeks with my own rigid meat. He didn’t want to break the contact, and bent at the waist to keep me hard against him.

“You want this black TV cock, baby? You wanna feel it sliding deep into your ass, don’t you?”

He only mumbled, something incoherent, but it let me know he was as hot as I was to couple, and would receive me as far as I wanted to go. I made him pull his asscheeks apart, and felt the heat of his hole on my cock. I pushed lightly, not wanting his first anal experience to be painful. I held myself against his hole, letting him adjust to the feeling. He began to work his ass, slowly against my cock, until I could feel his muscles begin to relax. Then I began to work against his rhythm, in, out, around, in, out, around, until we were fuck dancing each other, grinding cock to ass, and my black beauty slid effortlessly into his ass.

I straightened up behind him, holding him close while I fucked his beautiful white ass, deeply, then withdrawing to the entrance, and again working my thighs against the back of his, letting my cock sodomize his rectum again, and again…

I began whispering to him, “you like this black meat, you need to feel my cum in your pussy/ass, don’t you?”

“Yes-s-s” he responded, pushing his butt ever harder against me. “Fuck this white ass—Fuck the shit outta me!!”

And I did. Finally, not wanting to prolong the late night public fucking out of fear of being caught, I emptied my nuts a second time, this time deep into a tight, hot ass that was begging to be fucked. I withdrew, some cum dripping down from my still hard cock.

Reality took hold, and we began to fear the next train coming into the station, or the Metro cops showing up. I said I had to go, but as I straightened up and smoothed my skirt halfway down my thighs again, I asked why he had succumbed to having sex with a she-male. He admitted that he hadn’t really known I was a TV, until I asked him to suck me on the train. He hadn’t seen my cock showing with the black guy. When he realized I had a cock, it was too late to stop himself.

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