Micah’s Admirer Ch. 02


Micah just sat there, reading the note over and over. Her mind raced a thousand miles a minute, trying so desperately to figure out who this man was. She had become so lost in thought she didn’t even notice her friends approaching the table.

“Where have you been Micah?” her friend, Shelly asked, “Girl, we thought you left us.”

“What?, no, I just had to use the ladies room” answered Micah, blushing.

“Well listen girly, it’s getting late, we should probably all head home” said Shelly.

Everyone agreed and the group made their way to the doors. Micah was careful not to forget the napkin.

As the girls said good night in Micah’s driveway, she was so tempted to tell them what had happened to her. But figuring they either wouldn’t understand or would probably judge her for fucking a stranger, she decided against it and just waved bye to them.

She snuck quietly into the house as it was way past her curfew. She successfully made it to her bedroom, easing the door shut.

She stood there for a moment, replaying the night’s events in her head. She could still feel Mark’s strong hands on her body, his breath, his moans, mmm and yes, his amazing cock. She could not stop thinking of how good he felt inside her.

She drifted off to sleep replaying the erotic rendezvous in her mind.

Morning came quickly as she awakened to the neighbors next door fighting.

She had never taken the time to get to know everyone in the neighborhood, except for Anna, her next door neighbor.

Micah and Anna became fast friends, almost becoming inseperable since day one.

“Hey Anna!, who are you fighting with?” Micah yelled from her bedroom window.

“Oh nobody girl, just my deadbeat boyfriend” Anna responded.

“Ok, well I’ll be right down” said Micah, closing her window.

The two met in Anna’s yard, giggling like school girls.

“So how was your birthday girl?, I’m sorry I couldn’t tag along, the boss is a real asshole” said Anna.

“It’s ok, I understand” said Micah, smiling, “Last night was cool, I really enjoyed myself.”

As the two walked towards Anna’s house to go inside, Micah was startled by her screams.

“Owww, dammit!!!” yelled Anna, “I really wish Mark wouldn’t throw his fucking beer caps in the yard!”

Micah froze.

“What did you say his name is?” she asked.

“Mark” answered Anna, “And he’s really getting on my nerves lately.”

“I didn’t know you were dating anyone girly” said Micah.

“Yeah, nothing serious, we met a few weeks ago, we date off and on and once in awhile, I bring him home” said Anna with a wicked grin.

“So he was here last night huh?” asked Micah.

“Yeah, it was weird too” said Anna.

“Weird how?” asked Micah, fearing what Anna’s ataşehir escort bayan answer would be.

“Well” began Anna, “He came up to my job, just as I was about to leave and came up behind me, like you see those guys do on t.v. right before they rape a girl … anyway, he drug me into his car and we fucked with such intensity, I had multiples.”

“Wow” said Micah, “lucky you.”

“Yeah, no shit, I’m so sore today, but that’s the not best part, after I got home from work last night, he stopped by and we fucked even harder in the pool” said Anna.

“He was like a madman last night” added Anna, giggling.

“Damn, sounds like you two are made for each other, so why the fighting?” asked Micah.

“Because I have to work tonight and he doesn’t want me to” answered Anna.

“Yeah, I understand that …. well I need to get back home” said Micah, “I’ll catch you later girly” as she hugged Anna and left.

She immediately went back to her room, breathless and nervous.

Was that Anna’s Mark last night? she wondered, No it couldn’t have been. There’s got to be at least a million Mark’s in the world, no way, he would never fuck me, he has to know that Anna and I are like sisters.

Micah struggled to push the thoughts out of her mind, besides, it was probably just a one night stand, she knew she would never hear from Mark again …. Or would she?

That night Micah’s mother announced that she would be going out that night.

“Here’s $20 sweety, order a pizza and go rent yourself a movie” said her mother, “I’ll be home around 1 or so.”

“Ok mom, can I invite the girls over?” Micah asked.

“No I’d rather they not be here when I’m not home Micah” answered her mother.

“Ok mom” said Micah, disappointed.

With that said, her mother leaned over, kissing her forehead and whisked out the door, leaving Micah all alone in that big house.

She decided against a pizza, she didn’t want to damage her cute little figure, so she opted for some carrot sticks and watching some MTV.

Somewhere between the videos and the infomercials, Micah had drifted off to sleep.

She awoke around 11:30, realizing she had drifted off on the couch. She reached over, clicked off the t.v. and headed upstairs to bed.

She had forgotten to turn the lights off before she started undressing … quickly realizing this, she flipped her lights off and jumped into her comfy waterbed.

She was rattled by a noise outside …. figuring it was just her mother returning home, Micah paid no attention and rolled over.

She heard the noise again.

What the hell is that? she wondered.

Just then, a shadow appeared in her window.

Flashbacks of the previous night invaded Micah’s mind. The same shadow that escort kadıköy had filled the doorway of the ladie’s room.

Could it be?

The shadow quickly opened Micah’s window, climbing inside.

She couldn’t decide whether she was turned on or frightened.

“Who are you?” she asked, her voice trembling.

“Hush Micah” whispered the mysterious man.

She knew, at that moment, it was Mark from last night.

“Take the blanket off Micah, I know you’re not wearing any clothes” he whispered.

Without hesitation, she did just as she was told to do, she was under his sexual, mysterious spell.

She heard him undressing, just as he had done the night before.

“Spread your legs for me Micah” he said, “Spread them wide.”

He reached over, opening her curtain a bit, allowing just a little light from the street lamp outside to enter her room.

Her body ached with anticipation, she became wet with just the thought of the 2 repeating last night.

She was sent into a sexual tailspin when she felt his mouth engulf her pussy again, mmmm so much like last night. His tongue swirled around her clit, massaging and teasing it as she wrapped her legs around his neck. She loved that he wasted no time, he just took her, took what he wanted.

He gently slid 2 fingers inside her dripping hole as he licked her, opening her up.

She moaned loudly, gently easing her body up and down on his mouth and fingers. Her hand slid between her legs, digging her nails into his scalp, causing him to suck her clit a bit harder, raking his teeth across.

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, she was on some enchanted island where only she and Mark existed.

His fingers began ramming her harder, pushing her to cum for him.

“Cum for me Micah, I crave your juices baby” he whispered.

She began bouncing on his tongue and fingers, her moans now high pitched squeals as she neared climax.

“Oh my god!!! ohhh ohh ohhhh” she yelled, finally allowing her climax to take her.

Mark continued finger banging and sucking her, sending her over the edge as she rode out the massive climax.

She finally began calming down. Her breathless pants and heart pounding were the only sounds in the room.

Just then, she felt Mark moving, gently rocking her on the waterbed.

Within seconds, he had grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs up onto his shoulders, rendering her sexually helpless, but she didn’t mind, she loved him just taking her.

His cock wasted no time finding the pussy it had fucked just the night before.

Inch by inch he penetrated her, making her pussy completely engulf his cock.

He groaned as he felt her wet tightness wrap around his shaft, milking and teasing him.

He bostancı escort pumped her, faster and deeper, almost unable to hold his climax back.

“Oh fuck, Anna never felt this good” he moaned.

Micah froze again. It was Anna’s Mark!! She was fucking her best friend’s boyfriend.

Something about that turned her on even more. She didn’t care. What Anna didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her, she was not about to let Mark stop.

Just then, Micah pulled her legs down, surprising Mark.

Wasting no time, she flipped him over and proceeded to mount her newfound lover.

She lowered herself down, allowing her sticky juices to drip down to his tip, further teasing him. Then slowly sliding only the head inside her and holding it there.

Mark’s breathless pants bounced off the walls, she could hear his heart pounding, his cock throbbing, almost aching to be back inside her.

He could take her teasing no longer. Grabbing her by the hips and slamming her down, thrusting his cock into her to the hilt.

She screamed and shook, she had never experienced a sensation like that before.

He quickly began bucking his hips, rising to meet her pussy, fucking her with so much intensity all you could hear were pants and water inside the bed shaking around.

Micah was quickly being sent over the edge, she loved how he was fucking her at that moment, so hard, so intense. She arched her back and thrust her pussy down harder, grinding it into his shaft, then tightening and releasing, teasing and massaging every vein that erupted along his cock.

His nails dug into her hips, making her skin burn with lust.

Her firm, yet heavy tits, bounced like corks in water as she rode Mark, fucking him while he fucked her.

He let out a thunderous moan as he neared climax.

“Don’t stop Micah, I’m almost there!!” he pleaded.

Mmm, Micah became overpowered with desire knowing in just a few minutes she would feel his cum inside her again.

She began bouncing harder, their bodies slapping together in an erotic tag team, each of them wanting the other to cum.

Within seconds, they both tensed up, screaming, not caring who heard them.

They fucked each other thru their climaxes, their cum meeting and darting off together inside Micah’s slippery little cunt.

After they both calmed down, all they could do was lie there, in the darkness, breathing heavily and enjoying what they had just done.

Outside, they heard Anna pulling into her driveway.

“Oh shit” said Mark, jumping up ….. “This is our little secret Micah” he whispered, hurriedly getting dressed.

“Leave your window open tomorrow night baby” he said, then kissing her on the forehead.

They both watched as Anna went inside the house, giving Mark time to slip out the window, unnoticed.

Micah watched him leave thru the window, then run across the lawn to Anna’s house.

She couldn’t help but smile. It felt good to be a bad girl, it was a feeling she intended on experiencing for a long time.

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