Michelle’s Story – Part 3


Michelle’s Story – Part 3Michelle Part 3Michelle lay by the pool. It was only a few hours ago that Frank had taken her and gave her what she craved but…she had no idea he could be so dominating. Part of that turned her on but part of that didn’t, she felt conflicted. Also, Jake was due home soon and she felt conflicted about that too. She had committed the ultimate taboo with her son Jake and she had no regrets but she felt as though she cheated on him with Frank. That was silly she knew because Jake dated other girls, but the love she felt for Jake was different from the raw sexual hunger she felt with Frank. She had gone from years of not having sex to having sex with her own adult son and his close friend within the space of 36 hours. What kind of woman was she, she thought.She loved laying by the pool and was able to relax while the suns warm rays browned her skin. She had on one of the new skimpy bikinis that she bought last night and was hoping that Jake would like her in it. She had sipped some wine and even though her pussy was sore from earlier, it began quivering at the thought of Jake coming home to find her. She wanted to make her boy happy.“Mom…mom!” Michelle heard as she woke up from a nap and looked up and saw her beautiful son Jake standing next to her outside. “Hi honey, I must have fallen asleep” she said as she sat up. She could see him looking at her body and could see a bulge in his jeans.“Mom…you look great!” Jake said. He had always loved his mom’s body and couldn’t take his eyes off of it wearing nothing but a skimpy white bikini.“Thank you baby” she said, glad that he liked what he saw. Jake sat down next to her and said “Mom…I’m sorry I was out last night. I worked late and was really tired.”She put a reassuring hand on his knee. “That’s okay baby, I know you have your life” she told him. “I missed you” he said and she told him “I missed you too.” There was an awkward silence between them. Michelle then stood up and, reaching out her hand, said “Let’s go inside baby”. He took her hand and she led him back inside, their hands together. Jake couldn’t take his eyes off of his mom’s ass in that bikini. He was so turned on he could barely think.Once they got inside and closed the door she turned around and Jake began kissing her deeply. They were like two teenagers in love, ripping each others clothes right there in the family room that faced the pool. In what seemed an instant, they were both naked and she was on her knees grabbing Jake’s cock and sliding it into her mouth. She began to suck hungrily on it, working it slowly deeper into her mouth. She had done some crazy things with Frank, it was only fair she do those things for her boy. She would do anything her boy wanted. Anything.Jake looked down and had his hands on his mom’s head as she sucked his cock hard. “Oh..mom…that’s so good.” He looked down and could see her asscheeks sticking out of her bikini bottom and got harder. He loved a nice ass. His mom had a great, firm ass and he couldn’t take his eyes off of it. He moaned and this made Michelle suck even harder. She wanted her boy to be pleased. She sucked his cock for several minutes, tonguing his balls and sucking on them too. She wanted him really turned on but didn’t want him to cum just yet. She had a wicked idea. She istanbul escort pulled back and stood up and stroked Jake’s cock. “Come on baby, follow me” she said and she led Jake by the cock to her bedroom. She got on the bed and said “Baby, what do you like about me the most?” She thought that maybe she could break him out of his shell with her, get him a little more turned on that he would be more dominant, like Frank. She wasn’t sure what would happen though. Part of her wanted to give him anything he wanted so he wouldn’t date those sluts he went out with.He stood there, with his cock so hard it was pointing up. He began stroking it which turned Michelle on even more. “Mom…you have such a great ass…” and she turned over and got on all fours and said “you like mommy’s ass baby?” she teased as she rocked her ass back and forth. “God mom…it’s so hot…” was all he could manage to say. She turned her head back and looked at him. “You can do whatever you want baby, mommy wants you happy” she said. Jake then got on the bed and, spreading her asscheeks began to lick her ass with his tongue. Michelle had never had anyone do that to her ever. And she loved it. She never knew how sensitive she was back there but the sensations that Jake’s tongue gave her shot through her body. “Ohhh…baby….that feels good” she moaned. Jake was tonguing her ass deep and pushing it inside her a little. Michelle loved this and was lost in the feeling when she suddenly felt a smack on her ass! Then another! Jake was spanking her ass while he was tonguing it! She had never had anyone do that to her but she liked it. Where did Jake learn all these things? She wondered. Probably from those girls he dates.Jake kept working his tongue in her ass and began to finger her pussy at the same time. Michelle loved this and it wasn’t long before she came. Jake pulled his mouth from her ass and began to push his fingers slick from her pussy into her tight ass. “Ohhhh!” Michelle exclaimed as she felt his finger slide into her ass. It was a weird feeling, something she’d never had done to her before.“Just relax mom” Jake said as he began to rub her pussy. That made her feel better as he slid his finger in her ass. “Ohh…baby….that’s so dirty” Michelle moaned as he slid another finger into her ass and began to slowly work them in and out of her ass. Michelle couldn’t believe that this was happening but she wanted to make her boy happy. She wanted him all to herself and maybe if she gave him what he wanted he wouldn’t spend time away from her house. She felt badly about being manipulative with Jake, but she wanted him as much as she could have him. “Do you want me to stop?” Jake asked.“No baby…keep doing that. Mommy likes it.”Jake’s cock was as hard as steel now. He couldn’t believe how luck he was to be with his mom after all this time, doing these things to her. After a few minutes he pulled his fingers out of her ass and guided her onto her side as she lay on the bed. He got up and went to her nightstand and, opening the drawer, took a small bottle of lube he saw when he first visited her and applied some of it to his large, stiff cock. He stroked it all over his cock and Michelle stood mesmerized by seeing his cock glisten with the lube. avcılar escort It looked even bigger. She was scared that she wouldn’t be able to take all of that inside her but she knew she would do anything to please Jake.He then squirted some on his fingers and moved onto the bed and began to apply it to her tight ass, slowly working it in. She moaned as she felt his fingers stretch her again. Then he laid down behind her and grabbing his cock, pushed it up to her ass.“This is going to hurt a little bit at first, rub your pussy and it won’t hurt as much” he told her and she wondered again how he knew all these things. But then she felt the big knob on his cock push in her ass and she let out a yelp. He slowly pushed it in and it felt like nothing she’d ever felt before! She thought she was going to split into two then began to rub her pussy and it felt better.Jake was slow and deliberate. He didn’t want to rush it and hurt her, he just couldn’t believe how luck he was. When he was fucking Ann, he would close his eyes and pretend it was his mother but now he had the real thing! Except Ann could take his entire length and at his maximum thrusts while he had to be gentle at first with his mom.Slowly he worked half of it in and began to thrust in and out slowly. “Oh god…oh god Jake..it’s so big…it’s so big!” she moaned as he began to fuck her ass. But in a few minutes she became used to it more and he was holding onto her boobs with his free hand and playing with her nipples as he slid his cock in and out of her ass.“Is this good baby?” she asked and Jake said “damn…so good….the best I’ve ever had” and she smiled knowing she was giving her boy what he wanted. He pumped in and out of her ass for several minutes until he couldn’t hold back any longer. “I’m going to cum mom…” he moaned and she suddenly felt her ass fill with his hot cum. Another strange sensation for her as cum shot into her ass. After a while his cock slid out and he lay on his back panting. She turned around to face him and saw his cock and remembered what Frank had said and began stroking it. She saw it, covered in cum and thought about what else she could do to make him happy. Then she moved closer to it. She had done the most taboo thing she’d ever done with her son and she knew she couldn’t hold onto being so conservative. She needed to do crazier things for him. So she opened her mouth and began to suck his cock.“Oh god!” Jake said as he felt her mouth go down on his cock. Knowing that it was in her ass sort of scared Michelle but his cock tasted good, muskier, like Frank’s and she began to suck it hard. She wanted to drain Jake. Do whatever it took. Jake, totally lost in the lust put his hands on his mother’s head and pushed down. “Yeah, suck my cock mom, suck it good!” he barked as she took more and more in her mouth. She began to gag a little but Jake didn’t let go and she kept sucking. Saliva and bile spilled out from her mouth but she kept at it until the entire length was in her throat! She did it! “Oh fuck!” Jake yelled as another load of cum erupted from his balls and Michelle could feel it go down her throat. But the cum made her gag and she spit up saliva and cum all over Jake’s cock. “I’m sorry” Jake moaned as he finished cumming.“Don’t worry baby, şirinevler escort I’ll do whatever it is you want me to do.” And she meant it. She just gave him her ass and she didn’t mind as long as she Jake.Later that night, Jake waited for her mom in the living room. They had decided to go to dinner and have a secret “date”. Michele came from her room dressed in skintight jeand that hung low on her waist and barely covered the top of her ass and a white halter type of top that made her boobs look huge. She skipped the bra and panties. “Wow! Mom, you look so hot!” he said. “Thank you baby, I want to look good for our date”.“You’re going to turn a lot of heads looking like that” he said. “Don’t be jealous baby, your mom only wants you” she said as she kissed him. She knew she was lying to herself though. She wanted other men to see her like this. She wanted the attention.The next day, Michelle showed up at the gym and the girl at the front desk said “Frank wants to see you in your office.”“Okay” Michelle said, a little concerned. She knocked on the door and she heard Frank say “come in” and she opened the door and he was standing there in a pair of exercise shorts and a tight t-shirt. As she walked in, he went to the door and locked it.He turned to look at her “Well, hello Mrs. Curtis” he said with a smile. “You look good today”.Michelle felt uncomfortable. “Frank…about yesterday…” but before she could continue he put his hand over her mouth. “Listen up, you are one hot piece of ass and we’re going to have some good times together. You play ball and we’ll be fine. If not, it’ll get around that we fucked and Jake will find out. I don’t know if you’d like that.” She looked at him with angry eyes. She nodded “no”. “Good” he said as he let her go. “I wish we had more time, I’d like to get my hands on you again but your first client is here.”“I didn’t know I had a client now, I thought it was in a half hour”. “This is a special client. It’s a special client of Rick’s and he wanted the best trainer I had to work with her. That’s you.”Rick. He was the owner of this gym and others in the city. There were always rumors of him being involved in an escort service and she had heard that he was getting into pornography but she thought those were crazy stories. Now she wasn’t so sure they were crazy.Frank continued “She’s 41, had a k** about 6 weeks ago and looks pretty good. She was in great shape before the pregnancy and Rick wants to make sure she’s in good shape again for…one of his businesses.”“Okay” Michelle said, angry that she was involved in Rick’s slimy business.“Don’t you want to know her name?” he asked. “It’s Ann. Ann Smith”.Michelle left his office and was flustered. She didn’t want to be blackmailed by Frank but it was too late now and she did love his cock. But she was beginning to dislike him.A few minutes later, Michelle looked up and saw a curvy woman, about 5’ 5” walk up to her. She wore an exercise bra that barely held her huge boobs in and her shorts barely covered her round but shapely ass. She looked at her and thought “funny, we sort of look like sisters in the face”. The woman walked up to Michelle and extended a hand. “Hi, I’m Ann, I’m looking forward to working with you” she said. “Hi, I’m Michelle, Michelle Curtis.” Ann looked at her quizzically. “Curtis…do you know a Jake Curtis?” she asked. “About 19, tall, really handsome?”“Yes…he’s my son” Michelle replied and there was an awkward silence for a moment until Ann said “Oh, he’s done some work for my husband and I, he’s a really nice young man.”“Thank you!” Michelle replied. “It’s a small world, isn’t it?”

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