Midnight Dream


You arrive at the door to my home, the sound of your heels on the walkway echoing through the neighborhood. I am filled with a sense of adventure and excitement. You are sure that we will soon become lovers and your excitement is the result of the expectations and fantasies which have become the prelude to this meeting. As you approach the door you to stop to straighten your skirt and notice that your nipples are hard and poking through the silk of your blouse. You know that you look beautiful, sexy and oh so very desirable, but are at the same time nervous at meeting the man that until now you have only known through the medium of electronic transfer of thought and desire.

The wind gusts as you reach for the doorbell and you feel it’s coolness against your naked pussy. I open the door and welcome you with a hug and a brief kiss which you realize is only a hint of more passionate kisses yet to come.

I offer you a drink and we move to the living room and begin a rambling conversation about our likes, dislikes, turn-ons, things we have in common (which turn out to be many) and other topics of interest. Our conversation is characterized by a certain amount of nervous intensity which can only be the sexual tension that is building between us. The fact that I am sitting a discreet but comfortable distance away only increases the tension in the room. It is clear to both us that we are extremely compatible, sexually and otherwise, and that our relationship will develop into a passionately sexual friendship.

Finally, when the sexual tension has reached a crescendo, I rise, walk over to you and take your hand. I help you to your feet and kiss you deeply and passionately.

“Do you trust me”, I ask? You simply nod your response.

I reply by saying, “Good, I want you enjoy being here with me. Just relax, and have a good time, and please feel free to give me any suggestions you might have. After all, part of the excitement of being with a new lover is learning what excites them, right?”

“I sure hope so”, you reply.

I kiss you deeply, exploring your mouth, tongue, and lips with my own. We break the kiss and your small gasp tells me that you are the sensual person that I knew you would be, ready and willing to enjoy the sexual adventures and pleasures we will soon share. As I hold you in my arms I feel the hardness of your nipples and the fullness of your breasts pressing into my chest. Likewise you enjoy the strength of my arms around you and feel the stirring of my cock against your belly.

“Close your eyes and don’t open them until I tell you to, OK?”

“OK,” you reply in a breathless excited whisper.

I lead you through the house to my bedroom. I kiss you again, the heat and passion is increasing in your kisses, and remind you to keep your eyes closed. I begin to undress you, removing your skirt and blouse. Soon you are standing before me, naked except for a garter belt and hose. I walk around you, standing naked in the middle of the room admiring your beauty…the fullness of your breasts, the hardness of your nipples standing erect from the excitement I know you are feeling, your round lush ass, the soft roundness of your belly, and your trimmed bush hinting at the pleasures that lie beyond its gates. You feel slightly embarrassed but primarily excited by being viewed in this way. It brings out a long hidden exhibitionist streak within your personality that has long lay dormant.

I take your hand and help you lie down on the bed while telling you how beautiful you are and how much you excite me.

You hear the rustling of clothes as you relax on the bed. Your anticipation continues to grow as you wait for me to join you. Your hands slowly and gradually glide over your body, sensually stroking your body. Your nipples press into palm of your hand as it glides over your breast and sense the growing dampness between your legs as your fingers gently slide between them.

You feel the bed shift slightly as I sit beside you and hear me say, “open your mouth, I have a treat for you.” The next thing you feel is something sliding between your lips. “Bite into it”, you hear me say. As you do, you recognize the taste of a chocolate covered strawberry. This followed by assorted other fruits including sliced apple, peach, orange, melon, and grapes. The tartness and sweetness of the foods meld and contrast against each other, raising your senses to their extreme limit. Your sense of smell is particularly active and you can sense my presence through the subtle, masculine smell of my cologne. You are aware of my presence not through touch or sight or hearing but from your nose. The primal nature of this thought excites you as helps to bring all your senses to a fever pitch of acuity. The cool sensation of the sheets beneath you, my warm breath on your skin, and the soft sensation of air conditioned breeze is also filling the sensory images within your mind.

Your mind is jolted back to reality as I kiss you and lick the fruit juices from your lips and chin. I help you sit, the feel of my callused hands electric on your sensitive skin, and remind you to keep your eyes closed. escort ataşehir “Taste this”, I whisper into your ear as I raise a glass to your lips. The tart taste of champagne fills your mouth as you drink from the glass. The taste mingles with the residual sweetness of the fruit and the bouquet floods through your nose. You drink deeply and fulfill the thirst that the acid from the fruit has produced.

Your thirst quenched, I lower you back to the bed. Your curiosity is running wild as you wonder what sensation I might invoke from your sensitized body and mind. You are overwhelmed by the sensuality of the experience. “Enjoying yourself so far”, I ask. Your reply is in the form of a moaning growl which can only mean yes.

As you mind again begins to dwell on the sensual memories of the experience, it is suddenly shocked into reality as I slide an ice cube across your breasts, concentrating on their nipples. The tranquil silence of the room is suddenly banished by the passionate moan of surprise which escapes your lips. The coldness of the ice produces an exquisite contrast to the heat within your quivering breasts. My efforts are rewarded by the obvious pleasure you derive from this. I lean over and lick the melted water from your breasts and drink from the pool which has collected in their cleavage. The feeling of my warm lips and tongue against your chilled skin makes a wonderful counterpoint and serves only to increase the pleasure of the sensation.

I slide the ice cube into my mouth and suck deeply upon your nipples, alternating between them so that you are not able to anticipate my intentions. Your breasts seemed to be super sensitive as my mouth produces alternating patterns of heat and warmth. Your nipples are standing proudly erect, almost challenging my mouth to attack them. Your mind and body are again jolted as you feel an almost electric rush through your body as I begin to gently nibble on your nipples. I slowly increase the pressure until I find out how much you can take. Your sighs and moans seem to increase in intensity and volume as I continue. The melted water coats your body and gives it a beautiful sheen as I lavish my full attention on your tits.

Suddenly my mouth is gone and you are left with a sense of emptiness as pleasure that my mouth has produced is removed. The emptiness is soon replaced by a heightened sense of anticipation as you await the next sensation that I will subject you to. You do not have long to wait as you feel the warmth and roughnesses of a steamed towel as I dry you with it. The texture of the towel only further excites your sensitized breasts and I hear you moan “Ohhh god, that feels sooo good.”

However, the ice cube quickly returns as I begin to slowly rub it all over your body. I watch as it leaves goose bumps in its trail as I move it over your body. I skip around your body, from your arms and shoulders to the roundness of your belly to feet and legs. I roll you over and apply its coolness to your back and ass. Your skin seems fully alive and electrified as the ice continues its journey. You suddenly realize, as the ice slides over the round globes of your ass that your pussy is leaking juices profusely. You are overwhelmed by the sensation of cold water dripping down the crevice of your ass, across your asshole and mixing with the juices coating your cunt and thighs.

The ice is again replaced by the hot towel. Its heat again throws your senses off balance. I roll you over and continue to slide it over your aroused body. You feel the warmth of my mouth on your body as I drink from the water trapped within your navel. I can’t help but sit back and admire my handiwork, perhaps getting lost in my own ego for a second, reveling in the pleasure that I have been able to provide. I find myself amazed at your patience with my slow approach to lovemaking while I watch you sliding your hands over your breasts and belly stopping to pull and pinch your erect nipples. I stir from my momentary stupor and decide on my next course of action.

Grabbing a fresh, hot towel, I drape it across your pussy. Its warmth and texture feels good against it and promises further pleasures to come. The warmth of the towel is removed and is quickly replaced by icy cold as I return to the ice cube. I slowly rub it across your delta of hair, allowing it to melt and the fluids to drip down across the exposed and sensitive flesh of your pussy. Your senses are again shocked into a high state of awareness by the water flowing across your clit and labia. You again feel the ice water blending with an increased flow of juices from the recesses within.

My attention is diverted from your lower regions by the moans that awards my efforts. I remove the ice and replace it again with a hot towel. Its heat, at first, seems scalding against your chilled skin, but is soon replaced with a comforting sensation of familiarity. The sensation does not last long however, as the towel is removed and replaced with the coolness of the air.

I watch with amusement as you again fill the void between sensation by sensually stoking your body. Your mind is jolted back to reality by the kadıköy escort bayan familiar sound of a vibrator. An electric jolt shoots through your body as you feel it against your pussy. The sensation is enhanced by the fact that I have kept it chilled next to the bed. The combination of the vibration and cold against your hot, wet pussy results in pleasurable tremors shooting through your body. I hold it against your clit and pussy lips raising your level to a higher and higher level. Your moans and cries of pleasure also continue to increase as indication of your arousal. I move the vibrator, teasing your cunt with its sensation. Your impassioned mind follows it path as it circles your clit, teasingly slides between your labia, and across your thighs.

Finally, I slide it home into the depths of your pussy, its temperature a marked contrast to the heat which has grown within your honey pot. The sensation overwhelms you and I become aware that you are rushing toward an orgasm. But not yet, I have other plans for you, other pleasures to experience. I remove the toy from your depths and tease you with by trailing it across your erect clit, just long enough to elicit the passionate moan that I knew it would.

Your groan of frustration is music to my ears. I now realize that the teasing manner which I have treated you is starting to have its rewards. You have reached the high state of simmering sensuality that I had wanted. But now what should I do about it? I sit back, relax, and reflect on the question for a moment as I consider it. I watch as your hand finds its way slyly to your pussy and begins to stroke the heart of your “honey pot”.

You sense my movement and realize that I am ready to continue. Your hand guiltily retreats from your cunt. “Are you still enjoying yourself”, I ask with a laugh in my voice.

“OHHH yes, put I’m so hot. I didn’t know I could get this turned on and not come,” you say with a passionate, aroused growl in your voice. “Please, don’t stop. I want more, please give me more.”

“Don’t worry, I wouldn’t consider leaving you hanging. There is much to come, much more. Just relax and let me take care of you. I promise I won’t disappoint you. Have I so far?”

“God no, this is great, but please hurry my body is on fire, I can’t take much more”, you reply.

“You’d be surprised how much more you can take, now just relax and enjoy the pleasures of your body.”

I ran my hands across your thighs, stroking them, enjoying the contrasting feel of your naked flesh and the nylon of the hose that you still have on. I look up your body, appreciating the way the garter belt perfectly frames your pussy. I also notice the heaving of your marvelous breasts and the anxious pout of your lips.

Your reverie and the feeling of my hands on your thighs is interrupted by a new sensation, the sensation of my mouth on your pussy. The warmth of my lips along the length of your shaved cuntlips brings forth an entirely new set of impassioned thoughts flying through your mind and erotic electricity flows from your cunt to your brain. You groan loudly and just as your mind and body begin to adjust to this new set of pleasures, you feel my tongue wrap itself around your clit. However, what takes your mind a few seconds to recognize is that I have an ice cube in my mouth. The icy smoothness of my tongue on your most sensitive of erogenous zones produces feeling from there that you could not previously imagine.

I feel the pleasure shuddering through your body. Your thighs tense and grip my head more strongly to your core. I allow some ice water to leak from my mouth and drip across your hot cunt. My mouth leaves your clit momentarily and I drink from the juices flowing profusely from your cunt. My mouth and nose are filled with the tastes and smells that are your womanhood.

Returning to your clit, I strum it with butterfly licks of my tongue. I begin a cycle of licking the length of your pussy from your asshole to your clit alternating with direct attention to your clit. I look up and see the passion in your expression and watch as you energetically pull and pinch your nipples. Your loud moans of ecstasy fill my ears even though your thighs encompass and insulate them. The hardness of your clitoris fills my mouth as I suck deeply upon it. I begin to alternate sucking on it with gently running my teeth along its length, teasing you with the alternating sensations.

I quickly realize from your cries of passion and the tension of your body that you are rapidly approaching your climax. Wanting to continue, I slow my efforts until I am merely licking and sucking the tender flesh of your thighs. The agony of the anticipation fills your mind, occasional licks and sucks on your cunt and clit maintain your high level of arousal without allowing you the release you so desperately seek. You begin to plead with me to continue, to allow you to cum, but to no avail.

The feeling of my hard fingers thrusting between your pussy lips stops your wails of frustration. My fingers continue their journey into the depths of your sopping cunt. As the fingers begin to stroke in and out of escort bostancı you, strumming against your G- spot, and they are joined by my mouth on your clit. My mouth, the ice long since melted, begins to warm as it nuzzles at the core of your pleasure. Your cunt has adjusted to the presence of my fingers and their thrusting begins to increase in pace. Your moans and cries of joy fill the room once again as if I had never stopped. I feel the animalistic arousal building within your body, realizing that your long anticipated explosion is imminent.

Wanting to extend your pleasure for as long as possible, I begin to alter the pace of my efforts, keeping you at a high state of arousal just short of cumming for as long as possible. Soon, however, I realize your orgasm is inevitable. Your hands fly to my head, pulling my mouth harder into your core. Pre- orgasmic shudders race through your body and your screams of ecstasy fill the room.

My tongue flutters wildly across your clit and my fingers are flying in and out of your cunt at a feverish pace. Your juices coat my face and I struggle to breath as you clutch my head with your hands and thighs. Just as I realize you are seconds away from falling into the abyss that is now inevitable, I slide another finger into your asshole and you scream your release.

You grind your pussy into my face your eyes now wide open as your orgasm flows from one end of your body to another. Your sensitized nerve ending screaming release. You thrust your hips back onto my fingers burying them to their full depth in both your ass and cunt. The fingers of one hand are pulling hard on your nipples and I worry that you might hurt yourself.

Just as I think that you are sliding into a state of post-orgasmic euphoria, your body erupts again into another mind boggling explosion of shear lust. I watch your face, enjoying the expression on it, and realizing that this is what makes sex so wonderful. The beauty that I see in your face at that exact moment truly makes life worth living.

As you eventually come down from your orgasmic high, I extract myself from between your thighs. I excuse myself for a brief moment and retrieve a wet towel with which to wipe off the perspiration that now covers a majority of your body. After a couple of minutes, you head rolls toward me as I lie next to your exhausted body and you smile. That tells me everything I needed to know. I watch the sexy rise and fall of your breasts as you struggle to catch your breath. I prop your head up with some pillows and raise a glass of water to your mouth and watch as you thirstily drink. Finally able to talk, you say, “That was un-fucking believable, thank you, god that was wonderful, just what I needed.”

“Then I take it that you enjoyed yourself”, I say with a laugh.

“You know I did, but I hope we’re not through. Give me a second to rest and I want some of that,” you reply while staring at my hard cock pointing proudly from between my thighs. I realize that this is the first time you have seen me without my clothes and the look you are giving my cock gives little indication that you are through for the evening. “Yea know, the only thing that could make this evening better would be to top it off with some good ole fashioned, and maybe some not ole fashioned, fucking,” you say with a grin and a glint in your eye. “That had to be the orgasm of the decade, and the fuck of the decade would surely make some good dessert.”

With that you push me back onto the bed and dove onto my cock, hungrily taking it into your mouth. The sensation of your lips and tongue quickly brings my cock to its full length and girth. The feeling of your lips and tongue on my balls send tremors through my body. The warmth and softness of your mouth as well as the pleasure resulting from it causes me to drift off for a moment into my own little world.

You wrench me back to reality by straddling my hips and engulfing my cock into the hidden but oh so wet recesses of your cunt. My cock is surrounded by the velvety walls of your pussy and I could not help but reflect on the fact that it seemed we had been lovers forever but that this was the first time I have had the distinct pleasure of this moment. The sensation of entering a pussy for the first time had always seemed magical to me, but even more so this time.

I lie back and enjoyed the feel of your velvety pussy while you thrust away upon its length. “OHH, this is good,” you moan, “you fill me up so good.” I couldn’t help but reach up and feel the weight of your tits in my hands, occasionally tweaking the nipples and listening to the moans that it caused.

You continue to slowly slide your pussy up and down the full length of my cock, feeling it stretch your pussy with each stroke. I feel your pussy lips gliding along the length of my cock. Your hands move to my shoulders and mine move to your beautiful round ass as you began to pick up the pace. I lift my hips off the bed, allowing you full access to the length of my cock. Your long slow thrusts soon develop into a grinding rapid motion as you bury it deep within you, rubbing your clit against the base of my cock. I feel the muscles of your pussy grabbing my cock as you contract around it. Your soft murmurs and moans soon became more urgent and passionate as they keep pace with the movement of your hips. I can’t help but think about how sexy your moans of pleasure sound to me.

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