Midnight moon


Midnight moon*somethings are destiny*I am Mia. Female 30 .This is based on a true story.the night was snowing. Stormy . The haunted home creaked. As I saw her pass my door peaking. Aunt Kim eyed me threw the door. I saw her pulsate as I fell asleep to the sound of the rainstorm. When the evening took a turn. I felt her on me.Aunt Kim ,,s had creamy breasts rose; her Glistening eyes sparkling devilishly watching me. I Felt the heat of her..Overwhelming. As she lay beside me her breasts creamy and glowing. Hard. As she hugged me tight. I felt a finger slowly glide high in my vagina and twirl. Twirling deeper deeper inside me. Hands sinfil rubbed my vagina softly. “Mystery ‘ she moaned. Rubbing hard. Glide… deep. Deep.. touch..her massage on my vagina grew deep.dark. As she began to nuzzle my vagina is a dark sinfil delight. Eating me out slow. Her canlı bahis breast hugged me as she glide slowly between my legs circling me with hot wet kisses and licks. Caressing me slowly.. stroking my vagina.slowly .. Deeply.Massaging me slowly.softly. Deep.Pulling and twisting her finger higher and higher deeper. ‘ delicious ‘ she whispered. Latching to me and suckling. Deeply suckling. Snuggle me softly hugging me softly.Her breast hugged me as she finger fucked me slow.my bottom grew firm as she massaged and spanked me. Snuggling close to me. The massage getting darker. Wicked.Diving to my breast she covered me in kisses.and squeezed me slowly. Nibble nibble of my nipple..nuzzle on my vagina. And Caressing my breast circling me with a graze her hot touch .lick. Kissing my nipple slowly.soft and biting my vagina she latched to me :suckling bahis siteleri me deeper.Darker.Biting me slowly soft on my breast. Caressing me with heated wickedness.nibbling soft. On my breast. ‘ mystique ‘ she moaned. Gliding fingers higher deeper inside my vagina.twisting, twirling.Opening me, her toungue felt magical inside me.twirling. Her hot kisses caress devoured me vagina. Massage growing dark wicked.tougue circling inside me in heated darkness.Caressing my breast with hot kisses.her touch flamed caressing my breast.As she hugged me tight. Spanking me slow. Snuggling close to me. Her body pulled to mine. She lunged in me slowly. Softly. Fucking me slow. Deep. In cowgirl.as we *69 in waterfall. 4 hours . the Rub of my vagina hot wet. Tugging my vagina and biting. The massage grew darker. Hotter. Melting to her slow suckle on my vagina. bahis şirketleri Her caress burned on my skin.My nipple rose as she pulled me in* suckle suckle rub. To her .i wrapped myself in her hips kissing her nipple as we swiveled.intertwined. Fucking in waterfall for hours.The flaming hot kiss twirl of her toungue inside me grew deeper hotter wetter.Caressing me in wickedness. Aunt Kim hugged me tightly.I melted to her hot caress andKisses .aunt Kim Hugged me tightly. Suckling me deeply. Nuzzling me with kisses I melted to her sinfil hot caress .suckling me dark deeply demonically for hours. Nuzzling my vagina, as I lay in her embrace we slept . Nibbling her Breast and caressing her nipple with my kisses. Suckling me deeply all night. With Nuzzles on my vaginai lay in her curls hugged in her torn in her forbidden caress as we melted to hours of hot oral sex. * Ahh. Aunt Kim,s.. forbidden hot touch twists of her tongue. We got lost in sin.. laying in each other for hours.of wicked oral sex. ‘ I love how you feel ‘she whispered. Hugging me close.suckling..deeply.

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