Millville Ch. 23: REAL MILL CLUB


Suzie and I had been invited by our best friends Bob and Julie to go with them as their guests to the BDSM club outside of our hometown, Millville, Tennessee. Bob was one of the founders of The Mill Club. He and his wife Julie had been into the BDSM scene for many years, and yet, as well as we thought we knew them, Suzie and I didn’t have an inkling that their private lives included so much “kink”. When Julie revealed, about a year ago, to Suzie what their lifestyle was, we were shocked. It didn’t take long, though, for Suzie and me to start experimenting ourselves. With the encouragement of Bob and Julie, we got involved more and more until now, they feel that we’re ready to “go all in”, so to speak.

Suzie and I readily agreed to go to the club with them and tonight, Saturday, was the night. We were a little apprehensive as we prepared ourselves to visit The Club. We had been there once before at The Club’s annual Gala, and what we saw that night had almost freaked us out. That, of course, was a show put on to entertain the audience. Tonight would be very different. Everyone there would be the entertainment. Bob and Julie had assured us that everything that goes on there is consensual and Bob said that he would stay with us to explain things and be sure that we were comfortable. We were still nervous.

It didn’t take long for us to dress for the occasion. Julie, who is a sub like Suzie, said that while at the club Suzie should be naked except for high-heeled shoes…the higher the better. Once there she would be given a collar to wear indicating that she’s a sub. Bob had told me that I should wear leather and boots, a typical outfit for a male dom. I had stopped by Ye Olde Pleasure Shoppe in Knoxville during the week and purchased a black leather cod piece and halter. I already had black work boots. All we needed to do was wear something to cover our bodies until we got to the club. Our friends were picking us up 8:30.

When Bob and Julie pulled up in front of our house she got out and waited for us to come from our front door. Noticing Suzie’s attire she said, “Well look at you, Suzie. Those very sexy heels go well with that raincoat you’re wearing.”

Suzie responded, “And what’s with the tennies you’re wearing? Didn’t you say I should wear heels?”

“Oh, I have heels with me. I’ll put them on when we get there. They have 6″ spike heels and they’re not easy to walk in, especially on rough sidewalks.”

The girls got in the back and I sat up front with Bob. The girls had to rearrange the duffel bag that was on the seat in order to fit. “What’s in here?” Suzie asked.

Bob answered, “That’s our equipment to use at the club. You know, cuffs, fasteners, paddles. The club has some stuff that anyone can use, but I like to have my own. Did you bring your stuff, Tom?”

“Yep. It’s in my gym bag here by my feet. Mostly just the cuffs and fasteners. We don’t have too much else.”

“Good,” Bob said. “Now on the way over to the club let me explain a few of the club rules. I won’t go into everything because I’ll stick with you and can steer you away from doing anything wrong. OK?”

“Sure,” I answered. “Go ahead.”

“Number one should be obvious. No cell phones, cameras or recording devises are allowed. If you have a cell phone you can leave it in the locker provided, but can only use it outside or in the reception area. By the way, did you bring a combination padlock for your locker?”

“Yep. It’s in my bag.”

“Good. Number two: No alcohol or drugs on the premises. If you’ve used them before arriving that’s OK, but if you’re at all inebriated or acting like you are you’ll be asked to leave.

“Number three: Don’t interfere with a scene or touch anyone’s gear without permission. Watch and enjoy but keep your distance unless you’re invited to participate. The doors to all the rooms are kept open so you can see what’s going on. If someone wants or expects privacy they should play at home.

“Number four, and perhaps the most important: Safewords. We use the same ones that most people use. Easy to remember. Red for stop immediately and release the person. Be sure he or she is alright. Yellow means slow down or change what you’re doing. The dungeon master will be attuned to hearing safewords and will make sure they are followed. The members present, too, will pay attention when they hear ‘red’ called out and check to see that things have stopped. We all look out for each other. Sometimes things get out of hand in a scene.

“That’s all I’ll hit you with for now. When we get there you’ll both have to register as my guests and sign a waiver stating that you know the nature of the activities that go on at The Club. I’ll have to sign it also vouching for you and taking responsibility for your behavior. So be good!”

Suzie and I said in unison, “Oh, we will.”

No sooner had we said that when we entered the parking area in front of “The Mill”. Suzie and I were both visibly trembling as we exited the car.

“Come on, girlfriend,” Sahabet Julie said to Suzie, taking her arm. “You’ll be fine. In fact, you’re going to love it in there.”

“I hope so,” Suzie said. “But I don’t know.”

Bob held the front door open and we entered the reception area. We had been there before, of course, but this was different. We were just watching then. Tonight, I expected, we would be participants.

At the reception desk the same woman we had seen at the Gala was seated. Bob greeted her. “Hi, Millie, how are you tonight?”

“I’m fine, Bob. How are you and Julie?”

“We’re both fine, thanks. Millie, I don’t know if you remember these folks from the Gala, but they’re here tonight as my guests. They may be interested in becoming members.”

“I do remember them, Bob,” she replied. “I don’t remember their names, though.”

“Of course. I wouldn’t expect you to remember everyone who comes through here. This is Tom and his wife, Suzie.”

“Nice to see you again,” Millie said.

“Likewise, Millie,” Suzie replied.

Handing me two papers, she said, “Here are the forms you’ll need to fill out. One for each of you. After you sign them Bob will have to sign also.”

“No problem,” I said.

I overheard Bob saying to Millie, “Put their guest fees on my account, please, Millie.” That was the first I had heard about guest fees. I made a mental note to ask Bob about that.

When we handed Millie the signed forms she said, “Here are the collar and wrist band for you to wear tonight. Did Bob explain them to you?”

“He mentioned something about collars, but I don’t recall about these ones for us.”

“Well,” Millie started. “The purple color signifies that you’re guests. They lack any marks designating your preferences. Anyone interested can just ask you. The wrist brace is for the dominant one and the collar, of course, is for the sub. I assume you two are one of each.”

I answered for both of us. “You assumed correctly.”

Bob chimed in, “Notice the wrist band is made so it won’t be confused with the wrist cuffs that many people will be wearing. Of course, they would be wearing one on each wrist. Now, I think we’re done here, let’s go into the changing room here and get ready for the grand tour of the facilities. Anything you’re not going to wear or use just put in a locker and put your padlock on. Just don’t forget the locker number, or the combination to your lock.”

We followed Bob and Julie into the changing room next to the reception, both of us feeling the jitters again. Here we go!

I stripped down to my codpiece, harness and boots, adding only the purple wrist band. Julie and Suzie got naked except for their high-heeled shoes. They helped each other fasten their collars around their necks. Bob told both of them that they might as well put on the wrist and ankle cuffs rather than waiting until later. Bob had only to take off his long coat, revealing his black leather pants and harness. Reaching into his duffel bag he pulled out a black leather half mask that covered his eyes and nose.

Bob said, “Looks like we’re all ready to make our entrance. Put anything you won’t need with you into a locker and put your padlock on it. Tom and Suzie, both of you should memorize the locker number and combination. Julie and I always do that.

“Let’s go,” he said after our lockers were secure. I was carrying my little gym bag and Bob had his duffel bag as he opened the door which led to the lounge.

As soon as the door opened we could hear screams and moans coming from the door leading from the lounge to the next room. “Oh, my,” Suzie said. “Listen to that.”

Julie replied, “You’ll get used to that, Suzie. It’s like that all night here. Often it’s worse…or better…depending on how you look at it. After all, that’s why everyone is here. Soon it’ll be me and you doing the screaming. That is if Bob and Tom are doing things right. And who knows, maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll let some others have a go at us. That’s when it can really get good.”

Suzie had a shocked expression on her face. “Oh, Julie,” she said. “Do I really want to be here? It’s so different than just being with Tom at home, or even at your house.”

“Just hang in there, Suzie. Believe me, you’ll be OK with everything once the shock wears off. Look around the lounge here. These folks are just relaxing in here, oblivious to all that screaming. They’ve probably already been part of the scene and are taking a break before going back in.”

I looked around and saw a half dozen people sitting on the sofas. They did indeed look relaxed, chatting away, drinking what looked like soft drinks, sitting on their towels.

Bob said, “Let’s go in and see what all the commotion’s about.” He went to open the door. I noticed signs on each side that said “The Stockade” on the left side and “The Zoo” on the right. I wondered what those referred to. I soon found out as we entered the room where we had been Sahabet Giriş served an elegant meal at The Gala almost a year earlier. It was hard to believe that this was the same room. Instead of the soft, romantic lighting of the dining room there were bright white floodlights shining down on both sides

On the left were several different types of stocks like were used in the olden days to punish or humiliate people who had violated the customs or laws of a community. On the right side of the room were various shapes and sizes of cages, hence the name “Zoo”. There were screams and moans coming from both sides. It was sometimes difficult to tell whether they were elicited by pain or pleasure…or both.

Suzie grabbed my arm and pointed to one of the stocks on the left. A naked woman, bent at the waist, faced us with her head and hands protruding through holes in the stocks. Her feet were attached to the platform, legs spread apart. “Look at that, Tom,” she said. “There’s a sign hanging from her neck. What does it say?”

“I don’t know. I can’t read it. Let’s go closer.”

The sign was hand written, and read, “Please spank me. I’ve been naughty and need to be punished. When my master returns if my ass is not bright red he will cane me until I bleed. He will show no mercy. I beg you. SPANK ME!!”

Julie and Bob joined us reading the sign. The woman, sounding frantic, said to us, “Please help me. You have to spank me hard. He’ll be back any time. Please!”

Bob said, “We can’t ignore this poor girl’s cry for help can we?” He stepped behind her and started spanking her butt with his hand. Harder and harder until I thought his hand must hurt. Instead of crying out the girl just kept thanking him. I walked behind her and saw that her ass was getting pink. “Take over here, Tom. My hand’s starting to hurt. I think she wants more color than this.”

I took his place at her side and started spanking. Still she kept thanking me and urging me on. So I started hitting harder until she her skin passed pink and became red. As I started slowing down she said “Don’t stop yet. I can feel that I’m not red enough to suit my master. Please allow your slaves to spank me too.”

Bob said, “This girl really means it. Her master must be a nasty son of a bitch. Julie, you heard what she wants. Do her a favor. Let her have it.”

Julie stepped up and took her turn. After a few minutes the girl started reacting like she was starting to hurt. “Oh, thank you, thank you. I just need to stay this way until he comes back. I don’t know when that will be.”

Julie stopped and said, “Suzie, you should have a turn. She wants to stay this dark crimson color, but it will fade if isn’t reinforced. Then she better hope that other folks add to it.”

Suzie, following everyone’s lead, started flailing away. Now the girl was starting to scream after each hit. “I think that’s enough,” Suzie said, backing away from the dark red ass she had been spanking.

Bob said, “Yep, we did our part for her.”

The girl with the sign hanging from her neck said, “Thank you. Thank you.”

Suzie whispered to me, “Do you really think of me as your slave?”

“No I don’t. I guess some people think of this kind of relationship as Master/Slave. I suppose when we’re in a scene you are sort of a slave, in that you have to do whatever I tell you. It’s just play, though.”

“Well just don’t go too far with the slave thing.”

“Don’t worry, baby,” I said.

In all our concern about helping the woman who wanted her ass reddened we hadn’t noticed what else was going on in “The Stockade”. Among the several various types of stocks was one in which a woman was being flogged. It was she whom we had heard from the lounge. She was sitting on the leather-padded platform (on a towel, of course, since she was naked) with her legs outstretched in front of her, ankles extending through the holes in the board. Her wrists went through similar holes in a board above her knees, shoulder high. Wrists and ankles were about 24 inches apart. From the marks on her back it seemed like she had been flogged for some time. Her breasts and abdomen were also marked, although not as much. Her loudest screams came when the tips of the flogger snapped against her vulva, which due to her position in the stocks, was exposed.

“Look back in the corner there,” Tom said, pointing to what looked like a telephone pole. A naked man stood facing the pole, his arms were stretched high and fastened together on the back side of the pole. A woman was flogging his back, buttocks and legs. His skin was also red and angry looking.

“Bob,” Suzie asked. “Isn’t that Angie from the Gala whipping him?”

“Yep. Good memory, Suzie.”

“But I thought she was a Lesbian.”

“She is. Look closely at her wrist band. See the rainbow on it? I guess she only goes to bed with other women, but she doesn’t care who she’s tormenting. Actually I think the men kind of enjoy having her work on them. She can Sahabet Güncel Giriş be pretty mean.”

“I remember that from the Gala” Suzie replied.

Glancing over to “The Zoo” side of the room, I asked Bob, “What’s going on over there at that cage?”

Bob looked for a minute, and then said, “Oh, that’s my friend, Sydney. The guy outside the cage. Inside that’s probably his partner, Ronnie.”

I looked closely and saw that both Ronnie’s collar and Sydney’s wrist band had rainbows on them. Bob walked over near them. “Hi, Sid.”

Turning to Bob, Sid said, “Oh, hi Bob. What’s doing? Looks like you have a couple of guests with you. Hi, Julie.”

“I do,” Bob answered. “Mind if they come over and watch for a bit? Your setup here will be new to them, for sure.”

“Sure. Bring ’em over.”

“Thanks. Please, go on with what you were doing. It’s interesting. I want to watch, too.”

Bob waved for Suzie and me to stand next to him to watch. Julie followed us. She said, “Wow, I’ve never seen this technique. It’s weird.”

The cage Sydney was using with his partner was about seven feet tall and two feet square. Just enough room to stand in, but not enough to squat or bend down. The opening was at the back. Sid wasn’t using the door, though, and it was left open. Ronnie couldn’t back out, however, because of the bondage system Sid used.

This particular cage had the bars on the front only one inch apart. The other sides and the top had bars two inches apart. The front of Ronnie’s body was pressed closely against the bars in the front. He was held their by his own balls. Sid had eased Ronnie’s cock and balls through the bars, and then, by wrapping a cord tightly around the balls, trapped them on the outside of the cage. There was no way to pull them back inside. There was one more point of attachment. Ronnie’s tongue protruded through the bars and had a pair of chopsticks clamped onto it using rubber bands to tighten the chopsticks together.

And so, using nothing other than his balls and his tongue, Ronnie was trapped in and attached to the cage. His hands and arms were free but were useless. He was at Sydney’s mercy. We all watched as Sid played with the cock, gently running his fingers up and down the shaft. Ronnie purred for a while and then groaned pleasantly as he got nearer to having a climax. Just when it seemed that he would orgasm, Sid took his hands away and then started whipping the cock and balls with a mini flogger. The fine, leather strands were just six inches long but from Ronnie’s reaction must have had quite a sting.

After a couple of minutes of this, Sydney stopped and came over to talk to us. “What do you think?” he asked nobody in particular.

Suzie said, “Did you figure all that out yourself. It’s very clever.”

“I did. I’m probably not the first person to figure it out, but I hadn’t heard of it.”

Bob asked, “How many times have you edged him like that?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Probably a dozen so far tonight. I’m not nearly through, though.”

“You going to let him come?”

“Probably not. He never knows whether I will or not, though. Once I left him like this for a couple of hours while I wandered around the Club watching and playing with other folks. He never knows what I have in mind for him. Don’t tell him anything, but I think tonight after another hour or so of edging we’ll go home and after he blows me for a bit I’ll ream his ass. I’ll cum, but he won’t. He’ll be so horny the next few days he’ll do anything I ask. I mean anything.

We left Sydney and Ronnie to their routine and looked around to see what else was going on in “The Zoo”.

Bob said, “By the way, Suzie, remember that while we’re in The Club we’re having a scene. That means that you, as a sub, keep your head down and don’t speak unless told to by Tom. That includes talking to other people whether they’re doms, like Sydney, or subs.”

“Tom, may I speak?” Suzie asked.

“Yes you may. What is it?”

“I just want to acknowledge that I understand what Bob just said. I’ll try to remember everything. It’s just so new. Oh, can I ask something?”

“Yes, you may.”

“What’s with the girl over there in that cage?”

I looked behind me to see what cage she meant. There was only one cage with anyone in it. It was about six feet long by three feet wide and three feet high. One of the ends was hinged so it would swing open unless it was latched. There was a place to put a padlock on the latch, however there was none. In fact the latch wasn’t even shut.

The girl in the cage was backed up to the rear of the cage. She was on her knees with her head resting on the floor of the cage, which was also padded leather. Her hands were behind her back, tied together with some kind of bondage rope. In her mouth was a red ball gag which was strapped around her head. From time to time she moaned softly.

I said to Bob, “Look at this, Bob. The girl in the cage here. Seems like she could crawl out if she wanted. The latch on the door isn’t shut. I don’t see any other rope attached to her to keep her from moving.”

Bob walked all around the cage. “Come over here, Tom. Behind the cage. See this?”

“Yeh. But I don’t understand it. What is it?”

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