Miss Used


So, you wanted something to read… Something to remind you of days gone by… Something to bring back those old feelings… I hope this will suffice…

It’s the same old crowd in the same old bar. Nothing really changes round here, the same people, the same attitudes, the same dramas. So boring. I came here tonight looking for something different, but that’s the very definition of madness isn’t it? Doing the same things over and over and expecting a different outcome…

Tonight was different though, I could feel it. There was stranger in the bar, drawing glances and sideways looks, it seemed like people were afraid to spend too long looking at him in case they drew his attention. I like attention though, even the wrong kind – does that make me a bad person? A slut? Probably, but I made my peace with that the second time my heart got broke. So now, no strings. No attachments. Just fun. He looked like fun, in a dangerous way.

He wouldn’t ordinarily stand out in a crowd, I’m pretty sure he could melt into obscurity if someone was looking for him. There was something about him though, I would say an aura if I believed in that sort of bullshit. He sort of stood out in this crowd of go-nowhere-do-nothings. Like one of those pictures where if you stare long enough the image magically appears, everyone else was just background. There was a sort of a quiet space around him, an empty bar stool either side of him. This was weird, seating in this bar cum hovel was notoriously lacking so usually all the perches were taken. I began to wonder if he smelled bad or something, time to find out…

I slid through the crowd, nodding and saying hi to the familiar faces as I passed. It took a couple of minutes to get to the empty bar stool on his right, I had to swipe away one or two grabby hands on the way. Just because I fucked them doesn’t mean they have the right to manhandle – or in one case womanhandle – me (unless I wanted them to, of course).

I stood by the stool for a few seconds trying to catch his eye in the mirror behind the bar. No luck… it was like I wasn’t there. Hmm. I’d made an effort tonight too. I wasn’t going to let that go to waste. I’d straighted my unruly hair and applied just enough make up to walk the line between nice girl and dirty whore – eyes done in a sexy smoky palette but lips in a demure pink. A cute white off the shoulder top, my favourite jeans and some high heeled boots finished my throwback to the 80s look. I didn’t care if it was retro, it suited me.

I’d like to say I mounted that empty bar stool with grace and elegance, but no such luck. I caught my heel on one of the warped floorboards and pretty much threw myself onto it. In the process I managed to nudge the stranger’s arm, just enough to slop some of his drink over his hand and the bar. Not a good first impression.

I apologised and offered to wipe it up and get him another drink. Finally he seemed to realise I was there and looked at me for the first time. Nice eyes, but clouded with some emotion that I couldn’t quite identify. He gave me a half smile and said it was ok, no use wasting good vodka. I watched as he brought his fingers to his lips and sucked off the spilled liquid. The sight of him doing that made me shiver a little, there’s something about a man who knows how to lick and suck just right that gets me every time. I felt a flush coming to my face as I watched but I couldn’t seem to turn away.

He delicately licked the top of his index finger and half smiled at me again. Oh boy. I wanted to throw another drink over him just so I could watch him do that again. I shook myself and called out to Ed behind the bar to bring me my usual and to get the stranger another vodka. Ed sauntered over in his own sweet time, the place wasn’t renowned for its speedy service after all.

Drinks dispensed and received I turned to the stranger again and apologised once more. I got the feeling he only spoke to me to be polite. He didn’t seem interested in me at all, which only made me more interested in him. I tried all my usual techniques, the head tilt, the playing with the hair, the pouting and licking my lips, the open body language facing his way… Nothing. He was just unflinchingly polite in his answers, which were all pretty generic and didn’t really reveal anything about him. He smiled in the right places but I felt like his heart wasn’t in the conversation.

I started to excuse myself, saying I had to go find my friend, wishing him a good evening. I swivelled on the stool to make my exit when he placed his hand on my thigh. God, his hand was so hot, it felt like it was branding me through the fabric of my jeans. He said two words: “Don’t go”.

These two words had more emotion in them than all the others he’d uttered put together. Pinned in place by both his hand and his words I stayed still, waiting for his next move. Now this was different..

My reaction was different Tipobet too. Normally I’m the one giving the orders, commanding the situation. Now I was startled to find myself obeying. Normally if a guy put his hands on me before I was ready I’d cut him down to size with a look and a comment. If that didn’t work a slap or a punch usually did. I didn’t do any of these things. He didn’t frighten me, I wasn’t scared of him, I just felt … compelled … to stay. Definitely unusual behaviour for me.

It wasn’t as if there’d been scintillating conversation, just some pleasantries and generalities, nothing deep. So why did I stay still? Novelty. The sheer novelty of the situation kept me sitting there, the stranger’s hand burning on my thigh, his eyes looking deep into mine – felt like he was searching for something in me. I let him rummage in my soul for a while (I found it difficult to stop him, to be honest) then managed to tear my gaze away from his.

I shifted a little, trying to get back my normal equanimity. It worked to some extent, but there was still the hand on my thigh. I knew Ed would throw him out if I asked (Ed has had a crush on me since I was legal… Well, probably before that, but he used to let me drink in the bar underage so who am I to complain?), but I didn’t want the stranger gone. I wanted to understand what was happening to me.

Turning to face the stranger again I murmured that I would stay if he would kindly take his paw off me. He waited a few seconds, damn him, then gave me that half smile again and took his hand away. I felt… what’s the word… bereft when his hand moved, it felt so cold now his heat was gone. I had to stifle an indrawn breath, I was trying not to show how he affected me.

He offered me another drink, gosh he looked sexy when he smiled. I’m not a gooey romantic type, but he could have melted the pants off my old mother with that smile. I couldn’t help but think he should use it more often. On me.

The stranger attracted Ed’s attention and got another round in. I tried to pull myself together when all I wanted to do was take this guy somewhere quiet and find out what made him tick. And moan. And squirm. I’m just that sort of girl.

I smiled in thanks and sipped my drink through the straw that Ed had thoughtfully provided. All the girls in the bar thought Ed was a creep who just liked to see girls wrap their lips around something. I knew the truth though… Ed hated lipstick marks on glasses as it doubled the amount of time he had to spend washing them. Lazy bastard, but clever in his own way.

I could tell he was suspicious of the stranger but not enough to throw him out. Well, he was a paying customer after all. Ed cocked an eyebrow at me, silently asking if I was ok. I nodded and smiled to show I was, Ed half shrugged like he didn’t care, but I knew he did. He’d be the first one to give an anonymous tip to the police if I turned up dead. Sweet guy…

I turned my attention back to the stranger. I didn’t want to know his name, that was just trivial. What I wanted to know was everything else. How he looked when he’d just cum, if he’d succumb to my charms and let me have my wicked way with him, if he had even a hint of a kink about him. I gave him my best cum-hither smile and wiggled my derrière on my seat like I was grinding it on his face. There’s something about wearing jeans with no panties that really starts me up, that thick seam of denim slides partway into my slit and just gives a nice friction when I’m walking around or, like now, sitting directly on it. Yeah these jeans need washing every time I wear them without underwear but what the hell, it feels good. I wiggled some more.

The Stranger (yeah, I just capitalised him, that’s his name now… Mr T Stranger, Esquire) looked at me with those eyes and that damn half smile again. It had more effect on me than my trusty old jeans did. I felt a heat building way down deep in my belly. He really was stoking this fire, I couldn’t wait to burst into flame. I just wasn’t sure who was going to burn more, me or him.

The Stranger downed his drink and gestured for the door with an enquiring look at me. I thought for about a millisecond and nodded. I told him I’d follow him out after I’d been to the ladies room (like there were any ladies in this place).

He nodded and slid off his stool. He was only a little taller than me, but powerfully built. I watched as he walked out of the dive, seeing how people just unconsciously got out of his way. Hmm. The guys and girls in here were a tough bunch, what is it about this guy?

Ed stopped me as I slid off my own stool. He asked if I was going outside with The Stranger (I guess he capitalised him too). I told him no, I was just going to the ladies room. I don’t know why I lied by omission to Ed, he’s always looked out for me. I just didn’t tell him the whole plan, I was going to fuck The Stranger into Tipobet Giriş submission.

The ladies room of Ed’s bar leaves a lot to be desired. It has those old fashioned toilets with the tank above and a handle on a chain to flush, and it seemed only one stall worked at a time as they took it in turns to be out of order. I elbowed my way through the stall door and kicked it shut behind me (you didn’t touch anything with bare hands in this literal shithole for fear of catching something nastier than Ed). I took my life in my hands and leaned against the door, trying to get my head together. I was thinking about going with The Stranger to who-knows-where to do who-knows-what. Yeah, I’d been with strangers (the lower case kind) before but he’s something special.

A dangerous air and a cute little half smile that did things to me inside. Talking of inside, I’d snaked a hand down the front of my jeans while I was thinking about the whole situation. My fingers were just reaching my mound when I realised… Ah, what the hell, the way I was feeling it would only take a matter of seconds to release some of that pent up desire.

My clit was slippery under my fingertips, swollen and wet and oh-so-sensitive. I stroked myself gently, back arching as I got closer and closer, slipping my fingers up and down my slit, enjoying the constriction of the tight jeans forcing my fingers against me. I couldn’t reach to slide a finger inside but the clit teasing was enough, I came hard and fast, shuddering with my cunt pressed hard against my hand. I slid my fingers out of my jeans and popped them in my mouth for a quick suck. Yeah, I’m a dirty girl. Hadn’t you realised that by now, dear reader?

I wondered if he’d be able to taste the traces of my cunt on my lips when I kissed him… I wondered if he’d like it… All that friction and thinking dirty had made my jeans wet and I hoped it didn’t show too much. I peed quickly and left the stall, washed my hands (I’m not that dirty) and checked I looked OK in the cracked mirror (yep, just flushed and a little sultry eyed).

I pulled open the bathroom door to find The Stranger there, smiling his little sideways smile again. I was startled and a little flustered… had he heard me give myself a little fingered orgasm?

Unaccountably embarrassed I felt myself flush and I stammered something about him making me jump. He just gave me a full on smile, no apology. That smile made him look a bit feral. Was I scared yet? Nope. Should I have been? Probably.

He took my hand and led me to the bar’s back door, just down the skanky corridor. I hesitated and pulled back a little… No-one would see me leave with him if we went out this way, I knew the cctv cameras out here were just for show. He felt my resistance and pulled me into his arms, he whispered “take a chance” then kissed my neck with burning hot lips. Jeez, this guy’s body must have some sort of internal furnace thing going on. I wondered if his cock would feel as hot inside me. That thought tipped me over into recklessness.

I stopped hesitating and he led me out the door into the cool dark outside. His car was there, something sleek and black and very shiny. He pushed me up against the side of it, took a handful of my hair and pulled my head back so he could kiss me. He did a thorough job of it, his burning lips searing against mine, his tongue invading my mouth, using the hand wrapped in my hair to move my head so he could kiss me deeper. Still holding my head back he kissed down my throat, a hot trail that made me let out a tiny mew of pleasure.

He chuckled against the skin of my throat, it seems my reaction pleased him. Kissing his way back up to my lips I tried to get back some control and tried not to let his invading tongue gain too much ground. He only kissed me harder. I was used to having the upper hand, used to being the one that called the shots, had I met my match?

Did I actually want The Stranger to have his way with me like I was just a run of the mill tart on a Friday night out? Or did I want to show him what I was, powerful with a sweetly cruel streak? This really wasn’t like me at all, I began to wonder if he’d roofied me or something. Oh the irony.

Meanwhile, back in the alley… He still had his tongue in my mouth, still had my hair in his fist but now he’d added a hand on my ass that had hitched me up slightly so I was on tiptoes. He’d also wedged his thigh between my legs, like he knew the delicious friction of my cunt pressed against him would make me squirm. He was right, that cocky bastard.

On tiptoes my balance was shot, I had no option but to let myself rest on his leg which made my pussy even wetter. I found myself almost riding his leg, I could hear his gentle laughter as he told me he’d thought I’d like this after my little performance on the bar stool. Getting cockier by the minute, wasn’t he? At that precise moment I Tipobet Güncel Giriş didn’t care.

I was almost there again, feeling his leg pressed hard against me as I squirmed. He pulled my hair harder, my head arching back, pushing my tits up towards him. His hand relinquished my ass and he pulled on the front of my cute top, revealing my nipples which got even harder than they already were in the cold air. Jeez, does this guy have no shame? No? Me neither.

He touched his lips to my nipple, his heat making me flinch again. He sucked gently, tongue moving in lazy circles. I couldn’t help it, I came, hard and fast again, pussy wet and throbbing against him. He laughed again, damn him. I so wanted to wipe that smile off his face by rubbing my pussy on it. Preferably while he was handcuffed to my bed. I wanted him helpless so I could tease him until he begged.

The Stranger let me down a few inches so I could get my feet back on the floor. He still kept his leg between mine though, but he’d loosened his hold on my hair. My tits were still out for all to see so I quickly hitched my top up and put the girls back where they belonged. My nipples stood out like two ripe raspberries though, and I couldn’t help sliding my fingertips over them. The Stranger watched this all going on with that same cocky half smile. Damn him again.

I looked down, trying to get my thoughts in order, trying to pull myself together. He took hold of my chin and lifted it so he could look into my eyes again.

Disconcertingly he did that soul-rummage thing again, I felt like he was peeling back the layers hiding my innermost thoughts and just rifling through my personality until he found some morsel he liked. I tried to do the same to him but he wasn’t as easy to read as it appears I am – who knew that big bad me could be turned so easily?

All the above, dear reader, had happened in almost total silence apart from my little noises of pleasure and the occasional encouraging murmur from him. I was glad that we hadn’t drawn a crowd, at least.

For once in my life I was unsure what to do. I knew I wanted this delightful debauchery to continue, but didn’t know what to say. Christ, this guy was doing a real number on me. Normally I’d just ask the guy if he wanted a fuck and if he fancied something a little less vanilla than he normally got. Most said yes, men are basically sluts. As long as they get their kicks they will usually give anything a try. The Stranger didn’t seem like the type of man who would give in to me though. But damn I’d like to try.

Trying to regain some of my attitude I wriggled away from him. He let me go and leaned back on the car, just watching me, arms folded. I bent over to check my face in the wing mirror. No harm in showing him one of my best sides, is there? I knew these jeans were tight enough to show every curve and I’m sure by now that the seam between my thighs would be wet and glistening. Yeah, you’ve already figured I acted like a dirty slut, you really shouldn’t be surprised, dear reader.

I applied a little more lipstick, he’d kissed it all off before. It gave me a moment to get myself together. I was gonna turn back to him and take control of this shit right now. I guess I took too long because by the time I was ready he’d covered the ground between us and was directly behind me. His arm snaked around my waist and he pushed me to the front of the car, forcing me to bend over on the bonnet.

The metal was cold against my face and body and I’m a little ashamed to say I might have let out a little undignified squawk at this. He laughed, damn him yet again, and pushed his crotch up against mine. Draped over the car bonnet like this with his hand in the middle of my back holding me down and his all too evident cock pressed up between my spread legs I felt like someone had the upper hand and it definitely wasn’t me.

He reached around to start to undo my jeans. Nope, nuh-uh, that wasn’t on my agenda, not here. I started to struggle, trying to get away from this bastard but he made his intentions clear by grabbing my hair again and lifting my head slightly then giving it a quick knock against the bonnet. He was going to pay for that.

My struggles only seemed to make him more determined and he managed to slip the button on my jeans and pull the zip down. His hand pushed inside my jeans and he found me soaking, he leaned over me and did that sexy little evil chuckle again right in my ear. He had more room than I did when I did my little finger dance in the ladies room and he slid a couple of fingers into me, easy as pie. This made me moan and pant which he seemed to like a lot. He let his fingers twitch gently as my pussy pulsed in time with his deep finger fucking rhythm. He slid those babies in and out so beautifully, I couldn’t have done better myself.

I hadn’t realised that he’d released my hair until I felt him tug at my waistband in the back. Jesus, I didn’t want him to pull my jeans down here, just yards from the bar where I had a tough reputation to uphold. I tried to say as much but he just withdrew his fingers from my cunt and put them in my mouth to shut me up…

To be continued!

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