Missing You


I stand in the kitchen rinsing the dishes. I feel your presence as you step up behind me. Your fingers lift my hair as I feel your breath on my neck. Your moist lips send shivers down my spine. Your fingers seek out my already erect nipples through the fabric of my top. I moan and lean against you, enjoying your attention. Your lips leave my neck to devour my waiting mouth. You wrap your arms around me and take a few steps back to a nearby chair. I follow you eagerly and sit on your lap as we reach it. I turn to face you and get caught in your hands. You bring my face to yours and kiss my cheeks, my nose, my eyes.

My fingers are running through your hair, holding you close. My breath comes faster as I encourage your kisses lower. I gasp as I feel your hand slip escort bostancı inside my blouse to touch my naked breast. My hands grasp the back of your head, pushing you lower. I want to feel your moist lips sucking on my nipple. My panties are already getting wet.

You pull away from your kisses and look into my eyes. Neither of us needs to say a word. I stand and begin removing my clothes. You stay in your seat and watch the “show”. When I am naked from head to toe, I sit on the table in front of you. You stand between my legs and wrap your arms around me pulling me close for a passionate kiss before you help me to lie back on the table. You gently place each leg on the back of the chair giving you an excellent view and perfect access to my ümraniye escort smooth shaved, dripping wet pussy.

You take your place back in the chair and watch as your fingers slide across my swollen lips. My hips come off the table to meet you as you lower your face and inhale my musky scent. My fingers find the back of your head once again to encourage you inside. I want to feel your tongue in my slit. I need to feel you sucking my clit deep into your mouth. “Please, lover!! Please eat me!!”

You don’t disappoint me as you bury your face deep in my pussy and let your fingers slide where they will. I soon feel you exploring both of my holes. I am in ecstasy as you fuck and lick me. My hips thrust against your face driving you deeper and deeper. kartal escort bayan I can feel my orgasm building. You sense it too. My hands clamp down tight on your head to hold you in place as I ride the waves.

Before I am back again you pull away and stand. I see you have taken your raging hard cock from its confinements as you step closer. My legs open wider to allow you in. You sink to the hilt on the first stroke, taking me over the edge again. My moans echo of the kitchen walls. We move as one while you saw back and forth, brining us pleasure beyond imagination.

My whole body tenses when I feel you stiffen. We are going to cum together. My pussy muscles milk you as you shoot jet after jet of hot, creamy cum inside. I am screaming and holding you close as we ride the final wave together. We cum and cum in the bright light of the kitchen.

When I have cum as much as I can I open my eyes to look into yours. That is when I realize I am alone, in my own bed, feeling very lonely.

I miss you, my love!!!

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