Mistaken Identity


It was my first week at the new job, and I was drained from learning new protocols and procedures. And how would I remember the names of all the people I’d met? I parked the SUV in the driveway, looking forward to a warm dinner and a quiet evening.

Approaching the house, I see it’s dark. Why isn’t Laurie home? She’s always home by this time. I open the door, and reach for the light switch. A hand grabs my wrist, and a woman’s voice says “Not so fast, buddy.” I almost swing at the source of the voice, but I’m glad I don’t — it’s Laurie!

“What the hell, babe? I thought you were a robber.”

“I might as well be. Because you’re had. Up against the wall.”

The tone of her voice sounds like she’s in her dominant mood. I do as she says. I know better than to disobey my wife when she’s in one of these moods. It only makes my torment worse.

“Put your hands up against the wall, and don’t try any funny stuff,” she orders. Done.

Her hands feel and squeeze my ass through my dress slacks. Next, she reaches around my hips for my belt buckle, and undoes it. Her hand goes down the front of my pants. My rod is stiffening, anticipating what she’ll do next. She massages it until it bulges at the front, making it uncomfortable as it strains at its confines. Mercifully, she unzips me, undoes my pants, and frees my cock.

Laurie strokes my dick with practiced strokes, and I start moaning. I can’t see her well in the darkness, but I smell her perfume, strong as she stands close to me. She’s playing a dominant role. It’s all so unexpected, but she likes to keep me on my toes. That’s one way we keep our marriage alive, paying attention to the little things. And the big things, like respect, and saying things like “Please,” and “Thank you.” Her other hand goes down the back of my pants. She starts to stroke my butt cheeks. I don’t mind at all when her finger snakes inside my hole. We started anal play and pegging long before pegging was a thing, so I’m attuned to the sensations. (We didn’t even call it “pegging,” we called it her fucking me.)

After a few minutes of this, Laurie takes her hands out of my pants. She orders me to turn around. In a flash she’s on her knees, and practically inhales my rod. I gasp at the suddenness of her warm, wet mouth engulfing me. Her lipstick smears on my shaft; she’s put a lot on. I feel her lips on my groin as she deep-throats me. She blows me with wild abandon, her spit slathering my cock. I swear she’s drooling on the parquet floor, she’s so juicy. With her other hand she tends to my balls, giving them a good rub-down. I’m going crazy. It’s just like her to attack me like this after my first week, and relieve me of some stress.

A mounting force wells up inside me. I grasp her head, my moans getting more urgent.

She stops and says, “Keep your hands to yourself, buddy!”

I take my hands off, leaving me desperate to grab at something in my burning lust. The lust intensifies. It burns like a hot, white light from the base of my spine. It travels to my balls, then up the length of my cock.

“I’m gonna cum!” I groan, as my cock lurches.

I explode in her mouth, and she clamps down around my shaft. My cum blasts out like I’m 22, not 39. Laurie lets my spunk squirt all over her face. It splashes around her open mouth, on her cheek. When it subsides, she puts a fucking vacuum lock on my dick! Spurt after hot spurt goes down her throat. She doesn’t miss a drop as she gobbles my juice. Damn, she’s good!

I whimper and moan as she sucks me dry. With her fingers she squeezes up my shaft from the base, making sure to get it all. I feel drained.

“I need to sit down,” I groan pathetically.

She lets me go, and I slide down the wall until I’m sitting on the floor. She gets up from her position on the floor and reaches for the light switch. The hall light comes on. All this has taken no more than ten to fifteen minutes.

Laurie is standing above me, wearing a big grin on her face. A wad of glistening white cum drips in her brown hair,. The parquet floor I’m sitting on feels cold on my ass. Other than that, I’m woozy.

“Didn’t expect that, did you?” she asks, grinning.

“No,” I pant. “I almost took a swing at you, you know!”

“I knew that could happen. I was ready to duck and spin.”

“In the dark?”

Laurie shrugged. “Love is a risk. You choose to open yourself up, or not.”

Somehow, in the next several escort bostancı days, I needed to “get back” at Laurie. “Get back at” is a loving term we use for our little tit-for-tat trysts. She’d surprised me — how could I surprise her in return? I drove home from work one afternoon with the radio off, so I could come up with a plan.

Laurie likes to go for runs with her friend Lisa on some mornings. Lisa’s a divorced mom of two kids who live with their dad. She’s a couple years younger than Laurie, who’s a couple years younger than me — this puts her at 34 or 35. I thought I’d surprise Laurie when she came back from her run one Saturday morning. Laurie always came home without Lisa, since Lisa lives around the block at the end of their route.

I had it planned down to a “T.” I bought a large, cotton garment bag — a whopping sixty inches in length. Once I had the scenario set — every action and result confirmed — all I had to do was to wait for the day.

On the planned Saturday, I spread blankets over our coffee table. To that I attached restraints that would hold Laurie bound to the table. I had lube, toys, and dildos at the ready. All was set.

I hid in the house, naked, and watched through the window blinds, so I ‘d see when Laurie approached the house. I got all excited when I looked out the window for the sixth time and saw a woman jogging toward the front door. I hid behind the front door, ready to pop the sack over her. I was vaguely aware of the sound of the garage door opening, but I took no notice. The door opened, and I popped the sack over Laurie, who started shrieking. I picked her up and carried her into the living room as she thrashed around inside the bag.

Meanwhile, Laurie comes running in from the garage!

“Eddie! What the hell are you doing?!” she shouts.

I stand stunned and open-mouthed, giving her a deer in the headlights look. If Laurie’s standing in front of me, then… who’s in the sack? I know the answer to my question. I’m so embarrassed I forget that I’m naked as a jaybird, and peek into the bag. It’s Lisa! She’s shaking with fright, but none the worse for the carriage.

I let her out of the bag and apologize profusely, still naked. Lisa’s staring at my business. I explain my story, and they burst out laughing. Two women, and you’d have thought it was a room full, with all the hoots! When the laughter died down, that’s when Laurie dropped a bombshell. Laurie looked at Lisa, then at me. A smile came over her face.

“You know what, Lisa? You want to help me get even with Eddie for his mistake? Have you ever pegged a guy?”

“No! But I’ve heard about it, and wish I had someone to try it with. Do you guys really do that?”

“We’ve been doing it for years, before it was called pegging. What do you think, sweetie?”

Understand that I’m standing stark naked in front of two clothed women. And that this is not the way I’d planned the morning to go. But, hey… A threesome? I’m all over it!

“Sure, she can stay,” I reply.

Before long, I’m wondering what I’ve got myself into. Laurie goes off to get fetch the strap-on harness, and two pairs of latex gloves. Lisa stands there in our living room. I’m looking at her, wondering what she thinks of this. At the same time I’m admiring her body in her sweaty running clothes. I go into the kitchen to make some drinks, silently thanking my lucky stars.

I walk back into the living room and set the drinks on the end tables at the same time Laurie appears. She’s cheated — she’s put the harness over her running shorts. I’m disappointed she hasn’t stripped, but then again, I’m the one who’s in trouble.

“Okay, troublemaker. Lie on the table on your back, and spread your legs,” Laurie says.

I assume the position, feeling vulnerable and exposed in front of Lisa. She’s watching us closely. I’m a few feet from where she’s sat in an armchair, so she’ll get a hell of a show. Laurie ties my legs open and back, and my wrists to those bonds — the gear meant for her! She smirks at me from between my legs, and spreads lube on the dildo and my ass. Then she slowly slides it into me.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Lisa is wide-eyed. I groan, and am brought back to the moment as Laurie digs in deeper. We’ve done this many times, and it still hurts a little at first. When we first tried pegging, I got a feeling of how vulnerable women are when they’re fucked. Laurie ümraniye escort said she had new appreciation for how much work that men do in the act. The exchange of roles led to a deeper intimacy in our love life.

“How does it feel with an audience?” Laurie asks as she slides the dildo out.

I don’t reply, I just moan. Laurie sends the dildo on its way inside again. Back and forth, in and out, like inhaling and exhaling. She keeps at it. Her experience with this has made her actions smooth. I feel more helpless and on display than ever, and it excites the hell out of me. My cock is hard. I turn my head toward Lisa, wondering how she’s taking all this. Her nipples are poking through her sports bra and top, and she’s rubbing the crotch of her shorts. Laurie notices what I’m looking at.

“Want to try it, Lisa?” she asks.

She gets all flustered and red, and takes her hand away from her shorts.

“Oh no, I n-never c-could do that,” she stammers. “I don’t want to get in the way, I’ll sit and watch.”

“Have you ever done it before?” Laurie asks.

Lisa shakes her head.

“Then you should try it. Come on. Maybe you’ll find a guy who’ll want to do it, and then you’ll know how.”

“But…” I begin, and Laurie tosses me a scalding glance. I shut up. I don’t even know why I started to balk. I’m in no position to argue the point. She takes off the harness, the dildo bouncing around. It’s a six-inch job, made for anal, one and a quarter inches wide.

Lisa stands up, still red-faced, and takes a couple steps toward us. Laurie hands her the contraption. Lisa sees how the fake dick bounces around at the slightest motion, and grins. Laurie helps her fit it on right.

Lisa is a well-padded blond. “Big boned,” they would have called her years ago. “Rubenesque” is more polite. Her tits are nice and full and round, as are her hips. She’s not as cute as Laurie, but still attractive. She likes to run with Laurie because they have a lot in common.

“What do I do?” Lisa asks.

“Get between his legs and stick it up him!” Laurie says not so tactfully. “Actually, pegging should be an act of love. Do it gently. If you’ve ever seen videos on adult sites, it’s all for show. They do it for ‘likes,’ not love. Pegging shouldn’t be about pounding.”

It’s clear in a moment that Lisa doesn’t have a clue, and I’m useless to help. So Laurie takes the dildo in her hand and guides it into me until Lisa can manage. Even so, her movements are awkward, and she bangs against my walls. That hurts.

“Let the dildo go in on its own,” Laurie says. “It’s a little flexible. Go slow, you won’t have to work it so much.”

Lisa got the hang of it after that, and once again I find myself moaning. My dick has gone soft, so Laurie takes matters into her own hands. We’ve found that having a dildo or finger (or two) inside me has a tendency to make me go soft. We don’t know why, we don’t worry about it and go with the flow. Laurie has prepared for this by bringing the latex gloves — the kind you’d find in a medical office. She puts a pair on and snaps them at the wrist, giving me a no-nonsense look.

Laurie grabs hold of my wilted stalk and massages it back to life. Lisa has found a rhythm, and from her moans, seems to enjoy fucking me. Moans and sighs fill the room, along with the squishy sound of Laurie’s lubricated hand stroking me. My cock feels full and hard, my balls tight. I look between my legs and see Lisa gawking at my bulging cock. I imagine what’s going through her mind as she sees the plump head, the veins sticking out. The thought of this gets me hotter. My panting and moaning increases as my head falls to one side.

“That’s so damn hot!” Lisa says, moaning, her eyes closed.

Laurie and I know from experience that the dildo pushes back at the woman’s clit with each thrust. Lisa is moaning at the sight of me and at the pressure on her clit.

Lisa starts to moan like there’s no point of return, as her passion grows. Her hips begin to thrust wildly. She grabs my knees, throws her head back — and cums. Hard. The dildo inside me pokes at me with abandon, hurting at times. But it’s so hot I don’t care.

“Oh my god,” Lisa says, red-faced. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean for that to happen.”

“No, girlfriend! Orgasms are to be enjoyed! Want to do something really nasty?” Laurie asks Lisa, her dark eyes flashing.

“What?” Lisa replies, in a fog.

“Pull kartal escort bayan out.”

Lisa gently pulls the dildo from my hole.

“Put these on, and spread lube all over them,” she says as she holds up a pair of latex gloves.

“What do you want me to do?” Lisa asks tentatively.

“Give him a prostate massage,” is Laurie’s deadpan reply, as if we always share my anus with guests.

“You’re kidding, right?” Lisa asks as she looks at me for approval.

I manage a shrug as best I can. This has turned into Laurie’s show. As I said, she’s pretty dominant and adventurous. And she has a friendly way about her that seems to get people to do what she wants.

“Um,” Lisa starts, but Laurie cuts her off.

“Put the gloves on. Come on, you have my permission. In fact, I want you to do it since you’ve never done this before. You have to try this, it’s amazing.”

She shoves the gloves at Laurie, who looks confused but takes the gloves. In a moment they’re on her hands and lubricated.

“There you go! I can tell you what to do without even doing it, I’ve done this so many times,” Laurie explains.

Lisa followed her instructions.

“Stick your index finger in, palm up so the tip faces his cock. Go in about two and half inches, and feel around for a walnut sized lump. It takes a little feeling around to find, but when you do it’ll come out to play. You’ll know when you’ve found it.”

Laurie looked back at me with a wink.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” Lisa said.

“Yeah, we went out for a run, right?” Laurie said with a laugh.

“Uh,” I grunted in pleasure when Lisa found the spot.

“Oh my god,” she gasped. “That’s it, isn’t it?”

I moaned hotly as our neighbor rubbed the spot.

“You got it, girlfriend!” Laurie said. “Now let’s get him good.”

Then she looks me in the eye and proceeds to jerk me off.

“Do you like this, baby?” she asks. “Do you like me jerking you off while another woman has her finger up your ass?”

Fucking understatement of the year.

“Oh, yeah,” I moan.

I look down at my rod, and it’s dark pink. The veins are sticking out, and the head is like a big, purple mushroom. It looks like something from Alice in Wonderland. The shaft is glistening with lube, and pre-cum pools at the tip.

“I bet he wants to cum,” my sweet, innocent wife says. “Do you want to cum, baby?”

“Please…” I beg.

“Stop on three,” she tells Lisa, and jerks me off harder.

I feel the cum going from my core to my balls. Fast.

“One. Two. Three!” Laurie says, and she removes her hand from my throbbing pole. It waves and bobs in the air, and I groan.

Lisa stops where she is. She moans as the drop of pre-cum oozes out and becomes a flood. A small wad of cum also trickles out, mixing with the pre-cum, and slides down over the head.

“Oh, man!” Lisa moans. “That’s so fucking hot!”

“Now fuck him hard!” Laurie says, and they both go at me again.

In a minute she does the one, two, three count again, and once more my dick is left trembling in the air. I look down at my cock, which is so slick it looks like a glazed doughnut.

“Fuck him good!” she orders in a loud voice.

There’s no way they can hold me back now. It feels like an explosion is imminent. I let out a roaring cry, and a geyser erupts. Laurie holds my cock straight, so the cum shoots straight up into the air. I blow a load that spurts not inches, but feet into the air. It’s a mighty blast, and flies all over — on me, on Laurie, even splashing on Lisa. Lisa’s wrists and thighs have shining white droplets on them. There’s also a wad on her blue running shorts. I apologize profusely for that, and Laurie hands her a corner of a blanket.

Lisa got flustered again. She pulled her finger out of me, and threw the harness to the floor. It was over.

Lisa left in a hurry. My hunch is that she went home and frigged herself silly with a dildo or vibrator.

The threesome was not what I’d had in mind. (Hell, if you’re gonna have a three-way, do the whole enchilada, right?) Laurie and I talked about the experience, and decided to ask Lisa if she wanted to join us again sometime. It turned out that Lisa had divorced because she and her ex had had marital problems. They thought they could cure them by having an open marriage. Instead, it drove them further apart. Lisa didn’t want to drive a wedge in Laurie’s and my marriage. So any more threesome fun was off the table.

Now Laurie is two up on me. I’m still thinking of a way to get back at her. I’m getting my creative juices flowing. Like she said, “Love is a risk. You choose to open yourself up, or not.”

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