Mistaken Identity Part 2


Mistaken Identity Part 2But surely it couldn,t be Christina as 1, She lived in London. 2. She had a fiancé who she lived with quite happily. She WAS very talented at acting, dancing and Singing, but had always drawn the line at porn modelling and stripping so it just Could Not be her. The couple were now openly kissing and passionately embracing each other till the woman keyed the door and the male removed his suit coat and tie and joined her in the spacious back seat. I zoomed the cameras in more and watched as they began to kiss some more gradually removing items of clothing till the blonde only wore bra, knickers, stockings and suspenders, the Male in well tented tight briefs. Like any talented porn starlet the woman peeled off his briefs and began to gently stroke his sizeable cock to try to make it even harder as he unclipped her lacey bra and freed her halkalı escort large titties so he could fondle them and gently pinch her engorged nipples. Now on her shapely knees the woman leaned over to kiss the tip of his trouser snake then running her tongue up and down his shaft and sucking his testicles before taking the full length in her luscious mouth to suck. I could almost feel her cat,s tongue as she worked her oral expertise on the Male while he could only smile and enjoy her attentions. I can only imagine he pulled away to return the pleasure as he slipped down her body to kiss her sensitive clitoral bud and lap her labial lips while probing her depths with two fingers as she spread open to fullest extent. I could almost Smell and Taste her womanly juices as the taksim escort male licked and sucked her pussy making her groan though her moans were inaudible through the car windows. I loved how the zoom on the camera enabled me to imagine it was me eating the delectable fanny when I was brought to earth” Hey Joe. Why are you keeping such a hot show to your self?” I knew then most idle operators would dial in to watch the couple like voyeurs and then realised none of my colleagues would recognise my daughter if it WAS her so breathed a sigh of relief as the office joker began a funny commentary on the impromptu performance. The male knew how to build the woman up and when to stop licking soon replacing his mouth with his prick and after letting her get used to the feel of him buried in her count began the familiar in and şişli escort out fucking motions till they were really going at it, changing positions from time to time. The male managed to time it right and exploded letting his heavy cock cream pump in her twat till it flooded back out. The couple tested then, the radio now on so it was difficult to hear any conversation they were having while they rested. The rest did not last long before they were at it again the woman on top this time as she bounced happily on his stiff fleshy pole. These two could make lots of money in pornographic movies as they continued to fuck and suck each other before they finally decided to call is reluctant halt and got dressed again. They snogged again for about ten minutes, then the woman started the Range Rover, turned on the lights and they drove away. The whole scenario took three hours eight minutes, sixteen seconds according to the video tape and after the manager enjoyed it all my other colleagues viewed it as well. The upshot of it was that it Was Not daughter Christina!! I,ve seen the woman a few times in advertisements on television, but no idea who she is except SHE,S THE SPITTING IMAGE OF MY DAUGHTER!

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