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My eyes gradually get used to the dim light as I sit in the stuffy closet and wait. I can hear the beat of the music through the walls and the occasional burst of laughter. I wonder if they are talking about me. About what a slut I am. If they only knew. My cock is rock hard, giving away the fact that I am very horny. As the minutes go by, I idly stroke it, which is a big mistake. It throbs in my hand and a drop of pre-cum forms on the tip. It feels sooo good. Under Jasmine’s control I have had very few opportunities to touch my own cock. I keep stroking slowly, unable to stop as I fantasize about sucking cock, about tasting cum. I know I am not allowed to orgasm, all I am doing is torturing myself. Still, my hand slowly moves up and down. My mistress is right about me, I want this. I crave cock. I wait, looking at the hole in the wall. My thoughts drift to James. How big is his dick, I wonder. His big black dick. I’m going to suck it and then fill up my pussy with it. I stifle a moan. I hear more shouts from the other room. Maybe Jasmine is auctioning me off; selling my services to the highest bidder; Frat guys bargaining for the use of my mouth. My cock is now slick with pre-cum and my pussy is creaming. I hear a noise, closer, maybe a door opening. Then a shadow sweeps across the glory hole. Someone is outside. A shiver of fear and anticipation runs up my spine.


Jasmine is indeed organizing things in the main room. The frat guys are all well aware of the implications of putting someone in the closet. And under the influence of the special brownies, they are more than anxious to participate. Jasmine is having whispered conversations with them, making secret deals for the use of Penny. The unlucky ones who are ruled out begin pairing off with the more than willing sorority girls. With Penny’s arrangements complete, Jasmine looks around the room, needing to take care of another important detail. She spots April talking to one of the frat guys, her hand inside his shirt; his hand on her ass. Jasmine heads over to them.

“Excuse me. Sorry to interrupt, but I need April,” she says to the guy. Looping her arm in April’s, she drags her away before the guy can muster a complaint.

“April, I have something I need you to do,” Jasmine tells her as she leads her towards the front door. They step out onto the front porch and Jasmine stops. “You do remember that you are still on probation, don’t you? And that you have been assigned to help me in whatever way possible?”

“Of course… what do you need?” April asks nervously, fearful of what might be requested of her, but already resigned to whatever fate Jasmine has in store for her. April is already aware of the shift in power at Delta Omega, and that Jasmine is the one in control.

“See that guy over there next to the van?” April looks over and nods.

“He’s a good friend of mine, his name is Victor. He’s in need of some companionship this evening. Why don’t you go over there and introduce yourself. And treat him nicely,” Jasmine says with wry smile.

April clearly understands Jasmine’s meaning about ‘treating him nicely’. But she doesn’t care. She is feeling horny and needs someone to satisfy her needs. She was working on hooking up with that frat boy when Jasmine interrupted, but perhaps the dark stranger will also do the trick. She looks him over again. “Yes, he does look promising,” she muses to herself. “I’ve always had a thing for older guys, and college guys just don’t seem to know anything about how to please a girl.”

“Ok, no problem,” April responds to Jasmine, and without further discussion heads down the steps and across the lawn.

“Hi, Victor? Hey, I’m April. Nice van, is it yours?”

Victor smiles and reaches a hand out to April.


I sit nervously, waiting, watching. I hear rustling, then the sound of a zipper, then more rustling. And then a hard cock is poking through the hole. I gasp and momentarily take in the sight of it. It’s a decent sized cock, from my experience, probably seven inches in length. Circumcised, I like that. I reach out and wrap my fingers around it, feel the softness of it. I slowly slide my fingers up and down its length. Leaning forward, I flick my tongue just underneath its tip. The cock twitches. I smile and do it again. I run my tongue from the base to the tip, tasting it. I lean back and use my fingers again, stroking it slowly for several minutes. In the dim light I can see moisture seeping from it. I lean forward and lick, tasting the pre-cum. I want more. I continue to stroke it. I’m not touching myself, but my rod remains rock hard. I open my mouth and wrap my lips around the tip of the unknown frat guy’s cock, sucking out the next drop of pre-cum. I feel it spasm in my mouth. Slowly, I take it deeper into my mouth, ticking the underside of it with my tongue. I feel it hit the back of Pendik escort bayan my throat. I back off, and then do it again, taking it a little deeper. I hear a groan from the other side of the wall. I idly wonder which frat guy that groan is coming from. I continue to move my mouth up and down, each time pressing it harder against the back of my throat. Getting used to this, I push forward and feel my throat open up and the cock slide all the way into me. I quickly back off, gagging, but then I take a deep breath and do it again. More moaning comes from the other side of the wall. I increase my pace and wrap my fingers around the saliva coated rod and begin to stroke in rhythm with my head bobbing. I can feel his shaft straining, getting even harder. I stroke more firmly, anticipating. And then suddenly the cock explodes, filling my mouth. I swallow, tasting the saltiness. The cock continues to spurt. I swallow again, but some of the cum dribbles down to my chin. The amount of cum is much more than I expected. My own desires rocket higher, I feel my cock throb and pulse. I know if I even stroked myself once it would release all my pent up cum. I groan in need and frustration, it takes all my willpower not to touch my dripping member. I focus on his cock, sucking the last bit of cum from it, licking it clean.

His cock finally spent, I see him pull back it through the hole and disappear. I fall back, my body shaking with lust. I’m not sure how much more of this I can take. I’m closer to the edge than I’ve been from the morning teasing sessions I’ve received from my mistress. My cock has a steady dribble of pre-cum dripping from the tip. I lick my lips and taste more of the cum from the spent cock. In my haze of lust I can only guess that the guy’s cum is the cause of my current extreme arousal. Without thinking I run my finger up my chin, collect a drip of cum and bring it to my mouth. Oh god. Just the taste on my tongue causes my cock to twitch again. I try to take deep breaths to calm myself. It does little good, my body still tensed on the edge or orgasm. I groan, and try to focus on pleasing my mistress. And I sit and wait, listening for the sign of my next visitor.

I hear noises, and then suddenly the door opens and Jasmine is standing over me. “So, how’s my toy doing so far?” she asks.


“Toy doesn’t know how much more she can take, mistress. I think the guy’s cum is having an effect on this toy.” Penny looks up at Jasmine. “Please, may this toy cum now?”

Jasmine stoops down to get a better look at Penny’s condition. She runs her finger once up the underside of her cock, which pulses at the sensation and cum oozes out, dripping down her rod. Penny moans. “Please mistress!” she begs again.

“Interesting… So toy loves to suck cock. I knew you would!” Penny can see that Jasmine is considering something. “And I see toy has obeyed me and not cum yet, that makes me very happy. But I think toy has reached her limit of self control. Turn around and face away from me.”

Penny turns. “Hands behind your back,” Jasmine commands. Penny complies, and then feels the cold metal and hears the distinct click as the handcuffs snap around her wrists.

“Please mistress…” Penny trails off.

“Now be a good toy and take care of the rest of the frat boys. I’m counting on you.” Jasmine abruptly closes the door, leaving Penny alone in the dimly lit closet once again.


I tug at the cuffs, but know it’s useless. Now I can only use my mouth on the guys. So if it is their cum that is doing this to me, I’ll be forced to swallow even more of it! Shit! How much more of this am I expected to take? How many more guys is she going to send to me? I try to get comfortable, but just can’t. I look down at my rock hard shaft, unable now to give myself relief. In this stuffy closet I can smell my arousal. The noises from outside continue to drone on. I listen, awaiting my next visitor.

I don’t have to wait long. I hear the door again, and then soft noises outside the glory hole. Just like that I am facing another hard cock. I study it momentarily, comparing it to the last one. This one is shorter, but fatter, and curved upwards instead of being straight. I inch forward on my knees. Sticking out my tongue, I lick the underside, tasting saltiness. I lick his balls, coating them in my saliva. Then I draw one of them gently into my mouth, running my tongue around it. I hear a groan from outside. I sit up straight and fill my mouth with the fat member. The voice on the other side of the wall curses his approval as his cock twitches in my mouth. I wonder whose voice it is this time. I feel my lips stretching as I barely fit the fat member into my mouth. Pulling back, I form my lips around the tip and begin to suck on it, inching it in and out of my mouth. After a minute of this I can taste more saltiness. He moans again, and my cock throbs at the same time. I begin to take it deeper, completely filling my mouth. I Escort Pendik increase my rhythm, taking it as deep as I can and then going back to sucking the tip. Without the ability to use my hands I find my jaw getting sore, but I ignore this and continue. More curses come from the other side of the wall. After several more minutes, and just when I don’t think my jaw can take any more, the cock tenses and then sprays cum deep into my mouth. I swallow, but more cum fills my mouth. I swallow again. Just as before, I find my body teetering on the edge of orgasm as more cum coats my tongue and lips. I slip back, just as more jets of cum land on my tits. My cock throbs, pre-cum oozing from it as I thrust my hips into the air.

The cock pulls away, finally spent, and I’m left alone again. I begin to cry in frustration. “I need to cum!” I shout to the empty closet. I begin to envy the cocks that were thrust through the hole and allowed to cum in my mouth.

Two more times I suck frat guys’ cocks, and two more times I take their cum in my mouth and on my face. I’m left in utter frustration, ready to hump the doorknob by this point. Still, I sit, waiting, cum coating my face and dripping down onto my tits. My cock throbs with every heartbeat, and pre-cum continuously drips down from the tip.

But then a big black cock appears in the glory hole and I can barely register what it means. Oh my god! His cock is huge! Well, not quite as big as mine is now, but still! I leap forward and eagerly bath it with my tongue. I take it into my mouth, stretching my lips around it. But I can barely fit half of it in before it hits the back of my throat. Still, I do my best to suck it, and hear him compliment me by telling me I’m a good cock sucker. I try to take it even deeper, wanting to please him. Finally unable to wait any longer, I pull back and ask, “Please sir, may this toy fuck your beautiful cock?” James gives his permission so I stand up and turn around, figuring the only way this will work is doggy style. Still, with the cuffs on I discover how awkward this is going to be, especially since he can’t help guide his cock into me. “Shit!” I let out a curse as I fumble and nearly tip over, his rod poking me everywhere but my pussy. I eventually find a position on my tip toes that seems to be the right height. Slowly leaning back, I feel the tip of his cock slide easily into my very wet hole. Oh god, I need this so bad! I move back, his cock sliding a little deeper into me. The feeling is exquisite. I can feel every ripple of his rod inside me. I begin to rock, his cock stretching my pussy. My pussy is teetering on the edge of orgasm. I shift my weight and am able to take him deeper. “Oh my goddd!” I cry out. “That’s it baby, fuck that big black dick!” I hear him say. I rock back, his cock filling me up. And then I fall over the precipice, my pussy contracting around his massive member as I orgasm. Through the haze I hear him encouraging me to fuck him harder. I do my best, grinding against him. I pull back from the wall as best I can, then fall back, each time his cock rams into my pussy. I feel another orgasm quickly approaching. My cock is rock hard, jutting out from my body and steadily dripping, feeling like it’s going to burst at any moment. My calves are straining from being on my tip toes as I continue to fuck James’s shaft. “That’s it babe, fuck me lick the slut that you are,” James tells me through the wall. My pussy orgasms again. I cry out. I continue to fuck him, already feeling the next orgasm welling up inside me. And then, maybe from the effect of all the frat boys’ cum, or maybe from being held on the edge for so long, my pussy orgasms a third time. At the same time, my cock explodes, cum spraying out in the most intense orgasm I’ve experienced so far. My eyes roll back in my head as my whole body convulses. James begins to cum as well, his cum quickly filling my pussy and dripping down my thighs. Cum is spewing from my cock, hitting the far wall of the closet and forming a puddle on the floor. I lose my balance and fall to the floor. With my hands still held in cuffs behind my back, I land on the slippery floor, my body now completely covered in cum. Still, more cum jets from my cock as I tremble with pleasure.


Stacy pops the last bite of the brownie that Selena has given her into her mouth. “This is good, who made them?”

“Jasmine did, for the party last night at Zeta Phi,” Selena responds.

“What! A party at Zeta Phi? Who’s idea was that? I leave for one day and you let this happen?” Stacy looks at Selena angrily upon hearing this news. A party without her consent, with who knows what going on at it, was not likely to look good for her as president. And one bad incident with Penny could be disastrous.

“It was fine, don’t worry! I don’t know, they just sort of invited us. Look, we saved you a brownie!” Selena smiles, trying to calm Stacy.

“Don’t worry??? And what about Jasmine and Penny? Were they at the party Pendik Rus Escort too?”

“Sure, everyone was there,” Selena responds.

“And nothing happened? They just sat around, doing nothing all night?”

“Well, I don’t know. I mean, well, Jasmine danced for the guys, but not for very long. And then I didn’t see her much after that.”

“Shit!” Stacy shouts. “Go get them, both Jasmine and Penny. Bring them to me at once.”

Ten minutes later Selena ushers Jasmine and Penny into Stacy’s office. Selena then lets herself out, winking at Jasmine as she leaves, knowing she has successfully done what Jasmine asked of her. Jasmine looks at Stacy, seeing a slight flush on her cheeks, knowing that it isn’t just from her anger.

“So, what do you have to say for yourself, Jasmine? I gave you a big responsibility, and here you are taking Penny to a frat party? And Penny was dancing for the guys? How could you think any of this was a good idea?”

“You’re so right, Stacy! I was very clear to Penny. She was to just hand out the refreshments. But then I find her dancing on the table! It was completely unacceptable, and I stopped it as soon as I could. I punished her afterwards, but I just don’t know how effective it was,” Jasmine responds.

“Dancing on a table??? Damn it, how could you?” Stacy turns her anger to Penny. Penny looks stunned. This isn’t what happened! Why is Jasmine putting the blame on me? “This toy is sorry, miss, but I didn’t…” Penny squeaks out.

Jasmine interrupts. “I know you gave me this responsibility, and I take full blame for what happened. But Penny has been a handful, to say the least. You know how she is, right? I know she wasn’t the best behaved girl at Delta Omega last year. I was actually hoping to ask you a favor since you’ve known her longer, but I was afraid to ask.”

“You’re damn right it’s your responsibility. I could throw you out of this house for this! And now you want me to do you a favor???” Stacy replies angrily.

“Please Stacy, I need your help. I try to keep Penny in line, but I don’t feel like my words have as much weight as yours would. In fact, I was hoping that you could punish her for what she did. I’m sure it would have a much more lasting impact than anything I could do.” Jasmine watches for Stacy’s reaction, hoping she has read her correctly.

Stacy is taken aback by the request. She is angry with both of them. But it is Penny that has been a thorn in her side for the last year. It would be satisfying to get even with her for the troubles she has caused her and this house. Penny, meanwhile, is shocked by the turn of events, confused about why Jasmine would say these things about her.

“What do you suggest?” Stacy asks Jasmine.

“I am sure a good paddling would let her know who’s in charge here. Look, I even brought a paddle, just in case…” Jasmine keeps a poker face, but smiles inwardly, knowing the path they are about to go down.

Stacy looks at the paddle, and then at Penny. “Yes, she does deserve a good paddling,” she thinks to herself.

“Very well. Penny, come over here. Put your hands on the desk,” Stacy commands.

“May I suggest something, Stacy? I think it would be much more effective if Penny were naked for her punishment. The paddle will sting more.”

Stacy pauses and looks over at Jasmine, and then speaks to Penny. “Yes, of course. Penny, remove your clothes.”

Penny looks over at Jasmine, pleading. “This isn’t fair! I didn’t want to dance on the table!” She wants to shout out, but instead begins unbuttoning her dress, looking down at Stacy’s feet and saying, “Yes ma’am.”

Penny slowly unbuttons her dress, and then slipping it off her shoulders she lets it fall to the floor. Stacy lets out a gasp as she sees Penny’s currently soft member. Even in this state it is impressive in its size. Jasmine allows Stacy a few moments to take in the sight, then hands the paddle to Stacy. “Turn around and put your hands on the desk again, toy. And stick out your ass,” Jasmine commands Penny.

Penny complies, nervously awaiting her fate. Stacy moves behind her, looking at Penny’s smooth firm ass. She gets an urge to reach out and touch it, caress it. “Shit, what’s wrong with me?” she admonishes herself. Raising the paddle, she strikes Penny’s ass softly. Penny hardly feels the strike. Stacy tries again, swinging the paddle a little harder.

“I think she needs a hard paddling,” Jasmine encourages Stacy.

“Mmm, yes, you’re right.” Stacy swings the paddle again, a loud smack echo’s in the room. Penny jumps, but then resumes her position. Penny turns her head to focus on her mistress, pleading with her eyes to end this embarrassment.

Smack! Smack! Stacy paddles Penny’s ass, which is beginning to turn red.

Smack! Smack! “Let this be a reminder to you, Penny!” Smack! “You will do as you are told!” Smack! “You will not embarrass this sorority!” Smack! “You will not act like a slut!” Smack!

Penny’s ass is bright red, and Penny is now cringing with each new strike, gripping the edge of the desk tightly.

Smack! Smack!

“Please mistress, no more!” Penny blurts out.

Smack! Smack!

Tears well up in Penny’s eyes as she grips the desk even harder.

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