Molly Learns Ch. 1


Jamey and I were having lunch in the cafeteria. My divorce decree had been signed the day before and it was a relief for it to be over. Then we started talking about men. I had been married for 10 years and never cheated on my ex, even during the divorce proceedings, my attorney recommended against dating. I followed her advice and we came out pretty good. It had been a lot of years and I didn’t know how to go about getting back into the dating habit.

The girl from the next table stopped over and said, “I didn’t mean to eavesdrop but I did overhear part of your conversation. I have a friend that goes to the Holiday Inn every Wednesday night. They have dancing and it draws a pretty good crowd, some nice, some jerks. Why don’t you try it and see what happens. I’ll tell my friend to look for you.”

I raised some protest and then the lady said, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained. My friend is kind and gentle and the kind of person that will care about you and how to make you happy rather than the other way around. Anyway, I won’t tell you anything about my friend and just see what happens.”

Jamey and I talked about this through lunch without much resolution, About 20 minutes before quitting, Jamey gave me a call, “We are going shopping after work, so just be ready”. Jamey took me to the mall and we went to Victoria’s Secret. I bought a bra, panties, garter and nylons. Then we went over to Lord and Taylor’s and bought a simple black dress, short sleeves modest vee neck and hit about mid thigh, then we bought a pair of black sandals with spike heels. We finished by buying new nail polish, lipstick and perfume.

When Wednesday came, I again saw the girl in the cafeteria, she asked if I was going that night and I replied that I was. She smiled and said; “Great, 9:30 or so would be a good time to arrive.” After work I went home, took another bath and tried to relax before getting ready to go. Relaxing was not part of the mix.

The place was starting to fill up when I arrived, but there was a high table that I was able to get. I ordered a drink and listened to the music. It didn’t take long before men starting hitting on me. Most were businessmen or salesmen, married men on the road looking for a quickie. There was one young man in ataşehir escort a three-piece pin striped suit sitting alone that had been watching me since I arrived.

A slow song was played; he stood up motioned to the dance floor, made a pleading gesture with his hands and looked at me. I excused myself from the salesman of the minute and met the young man at the dance floor. He held me firmly but at a distance as we began to dance, by the third song, I had snuggled into his arms, leaning against him. I had told him my life story in two short songs and he comforted me and all I knew about him was his name was Chris.

The third song ended and he led me to his table. We each had a drink and talked, mostly about me. Chris was tall, thin and very good-looking, even pretty. His face was delicate, he had big eyes and long lashes. His hands were soft with long slender fingers and well manicured nails. He was good looking in a Michael Jackson kind of way. Then Chris said, “You need someone to make you feel good, to be tender and kind and to be devoted to just you and your pleasures. I have a room upstairs, I’d like to take you up and make love to you, make you realize how pretty and special you really are.”

I wasn’t sure just what I wanted and another slow song was being played and I asked him to dance with me. He held me gently in his arms, whispering in my ear as I relaxed against him. I moved my body tighter against his and could feel his organ lying against his body. Chris was softly singing the song, his voice throaty and sexy and his breath at my ear. My body was reacting to his touch, his voice, even his smell. By puppies were up and hard and my panties were damp. I wanted laid desperately and here was a kind, gentle person, who was exciting me and also wanted me. Then I looked up at him and we kissed, softly gently, our lips meeting and our tongues exploring. The music stopped and eventually we did too. Then I asked Chris to take me to his room.

The room was spacious, Chris found a soft music station on the radio, turned the lights down and we sat on the sofa. He slid an arm around my shoulder and then he kissed me, slowly, tenderly, and our breathing increased, his lips parted and my tongue was exploring his mouth. He kadıköy escort slid his arm around me and pulled me tighter to him, I was building quickly. I then pulled back and began kissing his eyes, his nose and slid my face along his, and I felt his smooth soft skin. I kissed his ear, nibbling and licking, Chris was moaning too and I loosened his tie as I began kissing his neck.

Chris stood me up, unzipped my dress and let it fall to the floor. Then he unhooked my bra, his hands sliding from my back around to my shoulders, then down my chest, hesitating and then cupping each breast. My nipples were hard and when he took one in is mouth, my knees buckled. Chris lifted me and lay me on the bed. As he removed his jacket, he turned off the lights, plunging us into total darkness. I could no longer see him as he lay beside me and began kissing my neck. He would kiss my neck, take a little nibble, then lick my neck. I shuddered and moaned as his tongue worked on my neck and ear, I pulled his head tighter against me. His fingers were gently rubbing and tweaking my nipple as his tongue moved down from my neck, across my shoulder and then he took my breast in his mouth.

Chris worked his lips and tongue over my mound, gently nibbling on my nipple and sucking as much of the orb as he could. His hand caressed the mound as he sucked and nibbled. Then slowly he moved from one to the other, sucking and nibbling, my nipples aching from the excitement. I quivered and writhed as his tongue moved down my tummy, stopping at the navel as he French kissed my little indentation. One hand was on each breast as he licked and sucked on my stomach, my hips grinding to meet him. Chris lay between my legs and I was thrusting my pelvis into his chest.

His hands slid to my buttocks, raising my groin to meet his eager mouth, my panties wet before he bit into them. His teeth nibbled at my mound and I nearly burst as his fingers pulled the material back and his tongue penetrated me. His teeth and tongue found my clit and I was now screaming for him to continue. His tongue licked and sucked and moved in and out, and as Chris inserted a finger, I climaxed. I thrashed and moaned and wiggled and Chris drove his tongue deeper into me while his fingers massaged bostancı escort bayan and tweaked my clit, lifting me off the bed to him, his mouth and hand increasing in tempo until I shuddered and relaxed.

After experiencing the cunnilingus performed by Chris, I realized that I had never climaxed before. I brought him up to me and we kissed gently for several seconds, my hand now resting on his hard rod. I stroked his tool through his pants and as I reached for the zipper, he stopped. “Not just yet”. Then he held me for several minutes.

Lying there I felt wanted and needed and beautiful and now I wanted to make love to Chris. I began to kiss his ear and neck as my hand moved again to the rod in his pants. Then he rolled me onto my back as he moved to the foot of the bed. Chris took my foot and began to caress it, massaging and kneading it until, I stirred at his touch. Then he kissed and sucked my toes as his hands moved up the calf, rubbing and caressing. With one foot over his shoulder he began on the other foot, with his hands quickly moving up my leg to my thigh, stopping where the nylon ended and the skin began. Then he slid his head between my thighs and I squeezed his head, his hands now on my hips. Then Chris pulled my panties off, rolled me onto my stomach and mounted me from the rear.

Slowly and gently he entered me, moving in and out, one hand caressing a breast, the other finding my pussy. Slowly he moved filling me, exciting me, and building with me. As my excitement grew, his tempo increased, again and again we would rise and he would drive me to the bed, until finally I was writhing and moaning in the throes of another orgasm. Exciting and thrilling and fulfilling, but not the dam bursting of the first. Then we lay quietly, his rod firm in me as I slowly came down to earth. Then he pulled from me and zipped up his pants.

As he gently kissed me, I rubbed his groin, the cock still hard and firm, then I realized that I had not felt the wetness of his load exploding within me. I was hurt that I had not been able to make him cum. Chris held me and told me I was beautiful and sexy, but he wanted tonight to be for just me. This was about pleasing one person, making her know she was important.

He kissed me gently, and said for me to rest. He guaranteed me that we would meet again. He said next time he wanted me to make love to him, but I needed time to be sure. This had to be about what I wanted and he was not going to rush me into anything. Then he kissed me and left.

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