Mom and girls outing

Mom and girls outingKelly was walking through the woods with her mother, Emily, when they came upon a lake.”Do you want to go for a swim?” Emily asked her daughter.”Sure, just let me grab my bathing suit out of the bag… It’s not here, I guess we can’t go swimming”Emily gave a wry smile “Sure we can””What do you mean?” Kelly asked her mother.”We can swim with our clothes on right?”Kelly responded “But we don’t have anything to change into””Sure we do””What do you mean?”Emily asked “Well we’re relatives right? It’s not like anyone would see us, if we, you know.”Kelly shrugged “Well it’s supposed to be around 105 degrees today, its a small price to pay”With that, the two women began stripping off their clothesNow would be a good time to introduce you to the two women. Kelly is currently 17 in high-school, she is a blond, around 6 foot tall, has nice, C-cup breasts and the most beautiful ass you’ve ever seen. Emily, like her daughter, is a blond, about 6’2″, and is 35 with D-cup breasts.Kelly wasted no time in getting into the water, she waded in until the water reached her neck. Her mother, on the other hand, had dropped something and was bent over to pick it up. Kelly admired her mother’s ass, her shaven vagina was beautiful, and right above it, was her partially open asshole. Emily looked over her shoulder at her staring daughter, then rose. Emily slowly waded into the water, her beautifully large breasts bouncing a little with each step. Kelly realized that she was staring an turned away, turned on by the sight of her naked mother.The two women swam for a while. Emily, never the swimmer, got out after about 15 minutes in the lake, and spread herself out on a rock. From Kelly’s angle, she could see her mother’s gleaming vagina perfectly. Further up her mother’s body, Kelly could see Emily’s shining breasts. Kelly only stayed in for a few minutes longer until she joined her mother, breasts still wet, on the rock.”I saw you staring” Emily said coolly, never shifting her gaze from the sky”Kelly was indignant “I was not!””It’s okay, I know you want to, don’t resist it, we’re family here, right?”Kelly was in shock “Mom, that’s just perverted!””Hey, I never said to touch, but if you want, you can look. I can spare you the sight in exchange for the things you do around the house.”Kelly still didn’t know how to feel “But still, your family.”Emily turned over onto her side, facing away from Kelly. Emily looked back as she spread one ass cheek away from the other”I know you want to look”Everything Emily had said to this point was true, Kelly wanted to stare at her mother’s beautiful body all day. Emily showed no signs of aging yet, even at the age of 35.Emily got onto her knees, faced towards her daughter, and leaned back. Exposing her beautiful vagina while giving her daughter a complete view of her breasts.Kelly briefly put her head in her hands, then stared at her mother. “Go ahead baby, touch me””Mom!” Kelly was thoroughly disgusted, yet so turned on.Emily spoke up again “Look honey, I WANT you to touch me. I know you want to. I can see you getting wet and now I’m demanding that you touch me.”Kelly was left with no choice and began to touch her mother. She started with her mother’s breasts, gently rubbing, and then squeezing them, Emily let out a little sigh. Kelly rubbed some more before running her hands down her mother’s sides and then against her thighs. Emily was lightly moaning by now, clearly turned on as the only part of her body still dripping wet was her vagina. Kelly quickly ran her hands over her mother’s vagina, Emily gasped. Kelly ran her hands back over her mother’s vagina again, more slowly and more firmly. Kelly gently pried Emily’s vaginal lips apart, and rubbed her clitoris gently, then more vigorously. Emily was moaning in ecstasy. Kelly took two fingers and ran them along her mother’s vaginal lips, Emily’s moaning died down a bit. Kelly took one finger and slowly pushed it into her mother’s pussy. Emily’s daughter began pushing further in, and then pulling out. Slowly, then more quickly. Kelly wanted to experiment, so she took her finger out of her mother’s warm pussy, and stroked her asshole. Emily moaned loudly. Kelly kept stroking her mother’s asshole. Emily kept moaning, louder and louder. Kelly pushed one finger into her mother’s asshole, she could feel her mother closing up all around her finger. She the began pumping her one finger in and out of her mother’s asshole. Kelly then pushed her middle finger into her mother’s ass, and resumed pumping her fingers in and out. Emily was screaming by now. Kelly reached her other hand up to her mother’s pussy and rubbed her clit. Emily was in ecstasy. As Kelly pushed a finger into her mother’s vagina, Emily let out an especially loud gasp. Within seconds, Emily was orgasming. Kelly felt her mother’s pussy and asshole close up around her finger in rhythm. She then pulled both hands out of her mother, then leaned back a bit.”I guess this is why I’m an ass girl””You too honey? I want to hear about this.” Emily saidKelly began her story.”About 4 years ago, when I was 13, I was masturbating one day. I had laid myself down on my bed, and I was slowly rubbing my vagina. I decided to lengthen my strokes, to see how it felt. I kept taking longer strokes, they just felt good to me. As my strokes lengthened, I started grazing my asshole, when I realized that it felt good to rub my asshole, I flipped over onto my stomach, spread my legs, and bent my knees slightly. I started rubbing my asshole and pussy from this position. It felt amazing to rub my asshole, so I started to focus on that. The longer I pleasured myself this way for, the more I wanted. Soon, I slipped a finger into my asshole. My finger felt huge in my ass, I felt so full. All it took was a little rubbing against the side of my ass facing towards my vagina to give me an orgasm, it all felt so good. Not wanting to stop, I flipped over onto my back and put my legs back, stretching out my pussy and allowing me to comfortably stimulate my asshole. I started by just putting the tip of one finger in, wiggling it. I pushed my finger in one knuckle further. From this angle I could easily rub my vaginal wall. It was the most amazing thing I had ever felt. Before I inserted my index finger to the last knuckle, I pulled it out and started using my middle finger for the extra length. I pushed my middle finger all of the way in and then I began rubbing my vaginal wall. I continued like this for several minutes until I stuck a finger in my pussy, when I realized that it didn’t feel as good as I had hoped, I pulled my finger out of my pussy and put it to use rubbing my clit. I used long, hard strokes in my asshole and I vigorously masturbated my clitoris. Two or so minutes later, I started orgasming, but it wasn’t like normal, this time, I orgasmed for at least five minutes. After I was done, I took shower. I washed my body as usual, until I came to my asshole. Normally, I would wash my ass quickly and much like the rest of my body. Today though, I decided I would do some “deep cleaning”. I put a large amount of soap on my hand and smeared it up my asscrack. I then rubbed soap over one finger, and slid it into my asshole. It was the most amazing feeling I had ever felt. The soap burned, but in a sexy way. I took my finger out of my ass, the soap still stung in my ass. I rubbed soap onto both my middle and my index fingers this time. Both finger slid in so easily, but I felt so full. I kept gently pumping my fingers in and out of my asshole, in and out, in and out. I barely had to move to experience to most pleasant sensation I had ever felt. At one point I decided to get down on my hands and knees to give myself a better angle. From here, I could push my fingers in further. I kept finger-fucking my ass until the water ran cold. I then rinsed off, got out, and got dressed.”As Kelly told her story, she had placed her hands on her pussy and was rocking back and forth, rubbing her unshaven pussy in the process.Emily smiled “I owe you one honey, why don’t you just lean back for me and I’ll handle the rest.”Kelly was too horny to say no. She leaned back and waited for her mother. Emily started by kissing her daughter on the neck. She trailed kisses gradually up to her daughter mouth. When she finally reached her daughters mouth, Emily started rubbing Kelly’s breasts. Emily squeezed and pulled on her daughter’s breasts, rubbed and caressed until Kelly started groping Emily’s breasts. Emily stopped rubbing and ran her hands down to Kelly’s thighs, rubbing back and forth, closer and closer to her daughter’s pussy. Emily removed one hand and set one hand rubbing over Kelly’s vagina and one hand squeezing her breast. The two women kissed. Kelly opened her mouth and began French kissing her mother. Emily pulled away and stepped back, laying down with her head right on her daughter’s pussy, Emily began finger her daughter. Spreading Kelly’s pussy lips, Emily reached out and caressed her daughters clit, rubbing her fingers in circles around it. Adding another finger in, Emily ran her two finger up and down her daughter’s vaginal lips before spreading Kelly’s inner lips. Pinching the upper edge of Kelly’s canlı bahis inner pussy lips, Emily pulled it away, revealing her daughter’s beautiful pink pussy. Emily brought her mouth close to her daughter’s vagina and licked once slowly. Kelly moaned a bit. Emily lowered her face again, this time licking around Kelly’s outer pussy lips. Kelly was moaning even more. Emily picked up the pace, Kelly clearly was enjoying herself. Spreading apart her daughter’s pussy lips once more, Emily licked straight up from her daughter’s vaginal opening to her clitoris. Emily licked faster and harder. Eventually, she stopped licking her daughter’s vagina and stuck to licking her clit. Emily’s strokes became shorter and shorter.”Oh god yes!” Kelly screamed”We aren’t even to the fun part yet, lift your legs higher.”Emily stopped eating out her daughter out to admire her asshole. It was still tight despite her daughter’s love of anal play. Emily licked her daughter’s asshole, sticking out the tip of her tongue and going in circles. Using her left hand, Emily started furiously rubbing Kelly’s clit. Emily, broadening her tongue, then took one long, hard stroke up Kelly’s ass crack. Emily kept repeating these strokes on her daughter.Kelly was screaming “Fuck yes! That feels so good!” Emily stopped for a minute to take a break, and pulled herself on top of her daughter. “Mother knows best” Emily whispered into her daughter’s ear before French kissing her. “And boy does your asshole taste good.”Kelly pulled away after several minutes “Are you going to finish the job?””Fuck yes girl!”With that, Emily returned to her daughter asshole, taking broad strokes, but this time, Emily’s strokes were much faster.”Fuck yes.” Kelly moanedEmily lengthened her tongue and pushed it into her daughter’s ass. Moving her head back and forth, Emily fucked her daughter’s asshole with her tongue. Emily pulled her tongue out after several minutes of this, sucked on one finger, and pushed it into her daughter’s asshole, it went in smoothly. Emily rubbed Kelly’s vaginal wall with a “come hither” gesture for a while. Periodically, Emily would take her finger out and suck on it some more. Before she could suck her finger for the third time, Kelly volunteered to suck on it.”Mommy?””Yes you dirty slut? Responded Emily”Can I suck on your finger?”Without answer, Emily pushed her finger into her daughter’s mouth. Kelly sucked on it for a while.”Mmm, that tastes so good mom!””You haven’t tasted the real deal yet honey”Emily sucked on her own middle finger, and pushed them both into her daughter’s asshole.”Oh god! Fuck me yes!”Emily start pumping her fingers in and out while doing her “come hither” gesture. Emily’s head descended on her daughter pussy, spreading both pairs of lips apart, Emily pushed a finger into her daughter’s pussy as she licked her clit.”OH FUCK Yes!” Kelly was orgasming. Emily kept finger-fucking her for the length of her orgasm.”YES! GIVE ME MORE! GIVE ME MORE YOU DIRTY SLUT MOM!” Emily fucked her daughter extra hard. Her finger was pumping in and out of her daughter’s wet pussy, her tongue tasting her clit, and most of all, her fingers were in her ass, going in and out of that warm orifice on her daughter’s body. Emily’s orgasm didn’t subside for another ten minutes.Emily pulled herself out of her daughter’s body. “Oh god it’s five o’clock! We need to leave now.”Kelly stood up. “Well thanks mom, that was amazing””You didn’t do so bad yourself.”Kelly blushed “I just did what I’d do to myself at home.””Let’s get dressed” Emily said.Kelly Grabbed her shorts and her T-shirt and put them on without panties or a bra.”You know honey, that’s probably a good idea, it’s hot out and we’re both still wet, we’d probably chafe if we wore panties.”Kelly had on last question for her mother “Mom? Can I put my hand in your pants while we walk back to the car?”Emily stuck her hand in her daughter’s pants.”Thanks mom, your the best!” Kelly then put her hand in her mother’s pants where she gently stroked her asshole.”You whore!” Emily saidKelly pushed her finger into her mother’s asshole. “I learn from the best.”When the two women go into the car, it was extremely hot.”Fuck!” Emily yelled under her breath.Kelly, who was not familiar with her mother using that sort of language, asked what the deal was with that.”You told me to fuck you back there, can’t I say the word “fuck” too? Besides, I’m still horny, I swear a lot when I’m horny.Kelly offered some advice “why don’t you take your pants off, after what we just did, I think you’re okay to masturbate while I drive the car.””sounds good to me.” Emily removed her shorts.Kelly admired her mother cunt. “You have the most beautiful pussy I’ve ever seen, when we get home, can you help me shave mine?”Emily was flattered “Your pussy isn’t too shabby either, sure thing, I’ll help you shave it when we get back.”Kelly started the car, put it in reverse, and drove out of the parking lot for the park. She could hear her mother breathing more deeply. She looked over, her mother was tracing her vaginal lips, eyes closed. Kelly could hear her soft whispering.”Oh god”Emily had added another finger and was rubbing back and forth on her pussy lips.”Yes”Kelly kept driving, she looked over just in time to see her mother spreading her lips. Pushing two fingers in, she pumped back and forth. Emily started to moan softly. Kelly put her mother’s seat back. Emily opened and eye, looked over at her daughter, and then continued. Kelly saw her mother push a third finger in, how good that must feel, she said she was an ass girl though.Emily had been pumping in and out for a while, the drive to and from the park was about an hour long. Emily withdrew her three finger’s from her cunt and licked them all clean.”mm, pussy tastes so good.”Emily shifting in her seat, exposed her pink asshole. Licking two fingers, she rubbed it back and forth.”Fuck Yes.”As Emily kept rubbing, her moaning got louder and louder. Periodically, she would lick her fingers. After around 5 minutes of this, she finally pushed a finger into her asshole. She only went two knuckles deep before she licked her index finger, middle finger, and ring finger. Reaching down, Emily pushed her ring finger all of the way into her asshole and left it there as she rubbed her pussy with her left hand. Pulling her ring finger out, Emily licked the same three fingers again.”oh my god this tastes so good.”Kelly couldn’t hide how wet she was. Emily pushed two fingers into her ass now, her middle finger, and her ring finger. Kelly looked over and saw that she had three fingers in her vagina again, and noted that her mother was rubbing her vaginal wall with her two fingers in her ass. Kelly took off her shorts to avoid completely wrecking them, the car seat would be easier to clean up. Emily looked over at her daughter bare pussy. “You’re so hot girl.”Kelly looked over, taken by surprise, and saw that her mother had her third finger in her ass. Kelly couldn’t was impressed at how much her mother could fit in her ass. She was screaming though.”OH GOD YES! THIS FEELS SO GOOD!”Kelly kept driving, deciding that she could drive with one hand, Kelly got off the seat and sat down on her middle finger, driving it up her ass. This felt wonderful. Emily liked the idea too and repositioned herself to be more comfortable. Kelly could tell her mother was reaching climax. Her large breasts were heaving up and down, and she was moaning loudly when she wasn’t yelling. “OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, oh god YES! I could do this all day!” Emily flipped her head back and was gasping for air. Seconds later she sprayed all over the car.”I guess I won’t though” Said Emily, breasts heaving. The two women started laughing as Kelly drove them home. Eventually, Kelly’s hand started to go numb. Pulling her hand out from under her ass, Kelly licked each finger, feeling dirty every step of the way. A few minutes later, the women were home. They both put their pants on and snuck into the house, hoping to avoid Jenna, Kelly’s younger sister, until they had cleaned up. When they walked in, they found Jenna asleep on the couch in the living room. Quietly, the two women walked upstairs. Before Kelly could turn left, Emily grabbed her shoulder.”Want to go one more time? We have to be quiet though.”Kelly was thrilled “sure, where will we do it?”Emily guided Kelly towards her bathroom. Emily turned on the water, cranking the heat up all of the way. The water was scalding hot. “Ow!” “Just enjoy the water honey.” Emily said to her daughter.”you bitch!” Kelly joked, pinching Emily’s nipples. The shower was large enough for both women to lay down, side by side without either woman needing to place a part of her body off of the shower floor. The two women lay there, caressing each other’s breasts, until Emily spoke up.”I need to take a piss, I’ll be back in a minute, you can watch if you want.””No need” Kelly said “Just stand up and go.”Emily rose, starting to take her piss, Kelly stopped her.”This hurts, why did you stop me?” Emily asked her daughter. “Stand over me while you do it.”Emily stood over her daughter, admiring her glimmering breasts. Emily’s boobs were larger, but they weren’t quite as perabet giriş firm. Emily let go, raining piss down on her daughter’s breasts. Kelly leaned forwards to catch some in her mouth, swallowing some of it, but saving the rest. After Emily was done, Kelly got on her knees and kissed her mother on the lips, swapping the piss in her mouth with her mother. Emily swallowed it.”Oh your a naughty little girl Kelly””I think you might need to spank me.”Emily slapped Kelly’s ass, the two girls giggled. Emily laid down.”My naughty little girl needs to piss before I can punish her.”Kelly crouched down, positioning her pussy over her mother’s mouth. Before Emily had opened her mouth Kelly started pissing. Piss splashed down on Emily’s face until she opened her mouth and drank. Emily swallowed every last drop.”No drink for my naughty little girl.”Emily reached up and grabbed her daughter’s boobs. Using her daughter’s C-cup breasts as handles, Emily yanked Kelly down over her knee. Emily smacked on of Kelly’s ass cheeks and watched it jiggle. Emily admitted to it, Kelly definitely had the better ass, it was larger and a bit more soft. Emily brought her hand down again, smacking both cheeks. Emily smacked her daughter’s ass a few more times, gently, but still several more times. Emily stood up, bringing Kelly up with her.”I think you’ve learned your lesson now” Kelly’s mother said sexily.”I think I have too.” Kelly French kissed her mother”Did you learn that we’re both dirty sluts?””No, I learned that we’re naughty relatives” Kelly said sexily.”Well we don’t have much more time for that, let’s hurry and get washed before Jenna wakes up.”Kelly washed Emily’s body as Emily washed Kelly’s. The two women ran their hands over each other’s body, perhaps excessively so. After they had rinsed off, they both dried off and Kelly returned to her room to get dressed.Emily looked into her mirror. “Damn! I can’t believe we just did that.”Little did she know that Jenna didn’t either, Jenna, Kelly’s 14 year old sister, had listened in on their shower. Jenna, a 5’5” brunette, has B-cup breasts and a relatively large ass.Kelly and Emily walked downstairs, Kelly was wearing denim shorts and a tank top, and her mother was wearing skinny jeans and a tight T-shirt. Emily was starting dinner when Jenna walked up beside her.”What are you making?””Chicken fajitas”Emily bent over to grab something, Jenna put her hand on Emily’s ass and rubbed it.”I love your chicken fajitas”Emily gave Jenna a confused look”I’ll just cut to the chase, I heard the two of you in the shower”The blood drained from both of the girl’s faces.”Well don’t worry about it! I understand.”Kelly was attempting to deny what had just happened “You understand what?””That you two would want to screw around without me, didn’t think you would know.”Kelly was still fumbling to avoid the situation “Know what?””Well since you two were just messing around in the shower I guess I can “come out” now.”Emily took the conversation from here “Well that was just a freak thing, it won’t happen again.”Jenna gave them a disbelieving look “After what you two did, something’s going to happen again.”The women gave up “You’ve caught us” Kelly said.The girls ate their dinner in silence.”I don’t think I was clear enough, I want a threesome.””we know Jenna, its just awkward” Emily said”You two were drinking each other’s piss, a threesome couldn’t be that bad.” Jenna said with a slight smirk on her face.”No not that, just, I don’t feel right talking with you girls right now.”Jenna finished her last bite “Well I’m done my dinner, I’ll be in your room mom.”Kelly finished too “And so will I”The two girls left, leaving Emily alone. “What have I started?” She asked herself. Finishing her last bite, she too walked upstairs.Kelly was already naked, and Jenna was still in her underwear. Emily’s girls were lying in her bed, finger’s lying on each other’s breasts. Jenna was wearing a thong. Emily crept up behind Jenna, reached into her asscrack, and tried to pull off Jenna’s thong. As she and Jenna fought, the three girls women were giggling. Kelly tried to take off her bra.”Alright alright, I’ll take it off myself.”For her height, Jenna’s breasts were fairly large, and her ass was too, clearly, she had some room to grow. Emily raked her hands through her daughter’s beautiful brown hair. “I love you two girls.” Emily said as she took off her clothes.Emily laid down in the bed.”So let’s begin, why don’t we start with Jenna?”Kelly gave an enthusiastic yes, Jenna wasn’t quite as sure but gave the older women the go-ahead. Kelly laid down on top of Jenna, putting her pussy in Jenna’s face. Kelly gasped a little bit when Jenna kissed her pussy. Ignoring this, both of the girls started eating each other. Jenna mimicked Kelly, Every time Kelly would lick her one way, Jenna would lick Kelly the same way. Kelly started with some broad strokes over Jenna’s closed lips. Jenna shuddered a bit. Kelly kept licking Jenna this way, loving how it felt on her. Kelly looked up for a minute, her mother wasn’t there. Kelly put her head back down, using the tip of her tongue to trace her sister’s pussy. Pulling apart her sister’s lips with her hands, Kelly licked her sister’s vagina. Jenna moaned a bit. Kelly licked upwards towards her sisters clit. Rimming her sister’s clit, Kelly started pushing a finger into her sister’s pussy. Kelly felt a finger go into her own pussy and moaned a bit. Licking her sister’s clit, Kelly pushed another finger into her sister. Jenna didn’t seem to feel very much. Kelly turned over so that her pussy was no longer in her sister’s face. Pulling both of her finger’s out, Kelly licked them clean of their pussy juice and licked one more. spreading her inner-lip away, Kelly pushed three fingers into her sister. She could her Jenna’s soft moaning now. Kelly had remembered hearing about something called the g-spot. Reaching around in Jenna’s vagina, Kelly found what felt like a rougher patch of flesh. when Kelly started rubbing this, she heard Jenna start to moan a bit. Reaching up with her thumb, Kelly rubbed Jenna’s clit. she could hear that her sister was beginning to enjoy this. Picking up the pace, Jenna kept moaning more loudly.”Yes! Please, more! harder!”Kelly rubbed her sister even harder, Jenna, gasping for air, was exhilarated. “Fuck my pussy s*s! Keep rubbing”Kelly was getting more wet by the second.”Oh god yes!” Jenna moan, Kelly could hear her start to gasp “Yes! More!”Kelly picked up the pace once more until Jenna stopped panting and screaming.Emily had seen everything. When the girls looked over again, their mother had returned. She was sitting in a chair, quietly masturbating. When she made eye contact, she stood up and walked over.”Let’s finish up with Jenna before we move on, sound good Kelly?”Kelly nodded her head, pleasuring her sister made her so horny.”So what do I need to do?” Jenna asked”Well honey it would be great if you would get on your hands and knees” Emily replied”What should I do mom?” Kelly asked”Just sit over there.” Kelly needed no further instructions.Emily licked Jenna’s asshole, using the tip of her tongue to run circles around her rosebud. Reaching up with her hand, Emily rubbed Jenna’s clit.”Oh that feels good.”Emily broadened her tongue and licked straight up Jenna’s asscrack. Emily kept shortening her strokes to only be on her daughter’s asshole.”mm, that’s nice”After some time licking, Emily got serious, and pulled out a bottle of lube. Squirting some onto her hand, Emily wiped up her daughter’s asscrack with the lube, then putting more on the tip of her finger, she rubbed it in circles onto her daughter’s asshole. Jenna was purring to the sensation of having her clit rubbed. Emily pulled out a strap-on from one of her drawers, it was 9 inches long and two inches in diameter. Having her daughter suck on it, Emily applied lube to the rest. After she pulled it out of her daughter’s mouth, she put lube on the rest of it. Slowly but surely, Emily pushed her strap-on into her daughter’s ass.”Oh god it’s huge!””shhh, just calm down baby, relax.”Emily pulled her strap on out a little bit, and then slowly pushed it back in. Rubbing her daughter’s clit, Emily pushed in, and then out.”Oh god mom it’s so big!””but doesn’t it feel good sweetie?”Emily pushed in, a little bit harder this time.”It hurts.”Emily pulled out, and then pushed in.”But it must feel good because you’re getting hornier.”Emily fucked her daughter’s ass some more.”Mom, it hurts so bad!”Emily pulled the giant strap-on out and applied some more lube before pushing it back in.”Does that feel better?””It still hurts.”Emily continued to fuck her daughter in the ass.”But doesn’t it feel so good?Emily picked up the pace.Jenna’s eyes watered as she said “Oh god yes! Fuck me harder”Emily starting thrusting harder. Jenna started to cry while yelling “Fuck me harder”Emily pulled the strap-on out again to re-apply lube, this time she used up the rest of the bottle. She offered no mercy as she put her strap-on in again for the last time. Pushing it in and out, Emily could see her daughter’s asshole stretching back and forth. Jenna stopped crying as she began to wholeheartedly perabet güvenilir mi enjoy the experience.”This feels so good! Oh my god, fuck me, fuck my asshole!” Emily reached out and fingered her daughter’s pussy.”Harder! mmmmmm, yes, this is so fucking great!”Emily gave her last few shoves as much force as possible.”OH Fuck me yes! Yes! Fuck me harder mom! Oh god!”Jenna started orgasming”Oh god, oh god, yes!” Jenna screamed between panting breaths.”Fuck yes!” Jenna screamed as she squirted all over the bed.Jenna turned over. “Oh god that was amazing” she said, still panting.Jenna and Emily looked over to see Kelly with two fingers up her ass and three in her pussy.Emily called Kelly over “Kelly, get your slutty ass over here girl.”Kelly stood up, pulled her finger out of her ass and pussy, and walked over to her mom. Jenna got up a walked out, thoroughly satisfied.”It’s looks like it’s just you and me again” Emily said to her daughter.”I guess so” Kelly said.Emily pulled her daughter up onto the bed, where the two women lay, caressing each other’s nipples. Emily pinched one of Kelly’s nipples.”Stop that!” Kelly barked.”Oh it’s all in good fun.” Emily told her daughter. “Well can we have some “good” fun now?” Kelly asked her mother.”Just get on all fours” Emily instructed her daughter.”Now I’m going to take this slowly, okay honey?”Kelly nodded.Emily started by licking her finger’s clean of any lube that was left behind. Drying her fingers off on the sheets, Emily started stroking Kelly’s asshole.”I guess we’ll find out how much of an ass girl you really are.” Emily said to her daughter.Emily reached into her drawer and withdrew and enema”Is that for me?” Kelly asked, disconcerted.”No not at all, just for me.”Emily opened the bag and pissed into it, after she was done, she offered the bag to her daughter.”Would you piss in this for me baby?” Emily asked her daughterKelly took her piss in the bag, it was about 3/4 of the way full, it could only hold a liter of water. Emily hung the bag up on a hook and plugged the enema into her ass. Opening the valve, she released her breath. Kelly wiggled her ass a bit to remind Emily about what she was supposed to be doing. Emily pressed her hands down on her daughter’s bare back and pushed her torso downwards to make for an easier angle. Licking one finger, Emily pushed it into her daughter’s asshole. The girl must be used to the feeling of one by now. Without any lube, Emily pushed her second finger into her daughter’s asshole. “rub my clit?””sure thing”Emily started rubbing her daughter’s clit. thrusting her fingers in and out of her daughter’s asshole, Emily withdrew them both and sucked on them. With a couple quick licks, Emily returned to fingering her daughter’s asshole. Pushing two in, she tried to add a third, it barely fit.”Oh god it feels like a need to take a shit”Emily smiled “That’s what it always feels like, isn’t it wonderful?Kelly moaned gently “Oh god it is”Emily start pumping these three fingers in and out softly. With both of Kelly’s sphincter’s “open”, Emily could feel the shit being pushed out.”Oh god I’m sorry!”Emily held a cool demeanor “Don’t worry about it”Emily pushed her three fingers back in.”It still feels like I need to take a shit””And doesn’t it feel great?” Emily asked her daughter.Emily pulled her three fingers out and tasted her ring finger, and then offered her other two fingers to her daughter.”This is so dirty!” Kelly exclaimedEmily pulled her enema out and licked it.”You don’t know the half of it.”Going back down to Kelly’s ass, Emily licked all the way up her daughter’s ass to clean her off. Licking four of her fingers this time, Emily pushed all four in, wit her pinkie ticked under the other three fingers. Emily pushed her hand further into her daughter’s ass, all of the way up to the thumb.”Oh god mom, how many fingers are you putting up there?” Kelly asked”This is four”Emily proceeded to pump her hand back and forth in her daughter ass.”Oh god there’s so much!””Are you enjoying yourself honey?””Yes, your so good mom!”Emily withdrew her hand, sucked her fingers clean, And then started to push her entire hand in. “Oh my fucking god this feels great!””Glad to hear it honey, we’re not using any lube”Emily pushed her hand further in.”Oh my god yes, push it in further.”Emily pushed her hand in until she got to her second set of knuckles.”Keep going mom!””Just relax baby”Emily pushed her hand all of the way in.”FUCK YES!” Screaming Kelly.Emily pushed her hand in to the wrist and thought to herself, I never even went past the wrist.Kelly wanted more “fuck me with your arm!”Emily couldn’t help but be amazed at how much her daughter was taking.”Fuck me!”Emily couldn’t resist her daughter. Emily shoved her arm in as hard as possible and pulled it out with equal force. Back and forth Kelly moved, rocking back and forth in time with her mother’s arm.”OH GOD YES! HARDER, HARDER!”Emily put as much force as she could muster into her arm and fucked her daughter like this for half an hour with Kelly orgasming several times in the process. Eventually, Emily stopped and pulled her arm out. Looking at her daughter’s asshole Emily began laughing.”What? Why did you stop?””Look honey, I’d love to keep going, but I’m too tired and your asshole was the size of my wrist when I pulled out, it’s time to stop.”Kelly was disappointed. “That was so good, I just want to keep going.””Well I have something you could use, but I need some time to clean my room.”Kelly looked at her mother. “Let me pleasure you first”Emily looked up “Fine”Emily laid down on the bed, legs up in the air and towards her head. Kelly approached her mother and kissed her on the lips. Running her hands down her mother’s breasts, Kelly started to play with her mother’s pussy. Rubbing inside of her mother’s pussy lips, Kelly licked her mother several times. As Kelly pushed tow fingers in, her mother shit out all of the piss she had in her ass. Kelly started laughing as she kept playing with her mother. Gradually, she eased a third finger into her mother’s pussy. “Mmm, that feels good.”Kelly started rubbing her mother’s clitoris as she kissed on of her breasts “I know it does”Kelly pulled her fingers out and started eating her mother out again. Gently, she bit her mother’s inner pussy lip.”Oh god that feels good” Emily said.Kelly kept chewing on her mother’s inner vaginal lips for a while until she pushed her tongue into her mother’s vagina. “Its tastes so good!Emily laughed “I thought so too when I first ate a girl out.”Emily sat up for a minute. “Before we continue let me get you something.”Emily pulled a set of large anal beads out of one of her drawers. “Just pop these into your asshole and leave them there, they feel great.”Kelly attempted to put the beads in her ass, before she had much more time to attempt, Emily walked over and assisted her. “push them in one by one” with each bead she would put in her daughter’s ass she would push her finger up there too. Emily went back to her bed and allowed her daughter to keep fucking her. Kelly pushed her three fingers into her mom’s pussy again, slowly pumping them back and forth.”Oh yes baby, let’s try that in my ass.”Kelly flipped over and spread her asscheeks apart, it was a beautiful sight with the most beautiful pussy and asshole Kelly had ever seen.”Just give it all to me, I’m too horny to fuck around.”Kelly bunched her fingers into the “silent duck” position And started pushing it up her mother’s un-lubricated ass.”Oh god!” Emily yelled when she felt Kelly’s fingers go up to the second knuckle.Kelly pushed her hand the rest of the way in as her mother did to her.”Oh god yes this feels so good!”Kelly started pumping short and slow strokes, her mother orgasmed.”Fuck yes! oh god, oh god yes!”Kelly could feel her mother’s asshole contracting on her hand rhythmatically.”Oh god yes! Don’t stop!”Kelly didn’t stop and picked up the pace, her mother swaying backwards and forwards to drive her fist further into her ass.”Oh god, mm! This feels so good!”Kelly picked up the pace once more, her mother still orgasming.”Fuck yes! oh god!”Kelly stopped once she saw her mother cum. Looking around, her mother’s room was a mess, a sexy mess. Emily stood up “Okay, I think we’re done now, let’s go downstairs. Before the women could open the door all of the way, they saw Jenna peeking inside, masturbating. Kelly waved, Jenna blushed. “Jenna, could you come in here?”Jenna walked into the room “You two were going at it, can’t blame me for peeking.”Emily responded “It’s not an issue, I just wanted to know if you girls wanted to sleep in my room tonight?”Kelly looked at her mother “You’re asking me, if I want to sleep with that” she said gesturing towards her mom.”Well I’m sorry you feel that way honey.”Kelly looked at her in disbelief “Can we sleep in here every night? You aren’t married and your bed is large enough for three.”Emily smiled at her daughter “Sure thing honey.”Jenna wasn’t so enthusiastic “I’ll sleep in my own room, I like some privacy while I sleep.””No problem honey” Said Emily, kissing her daughter on the cheek. Jenna walked away.Kelly kissed her mom passionately “I love you so much mom”Emily Kisses her daughter back “I love you too, now will you help me clean up this mess?”Kelly smiled slyly “I think we’ll be making another too soon for it to matter.”Emily walked her daughter to the shower “Well let’s not get the rest of the house dirty like this in case we have guests.”

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