Mom Sent Back to School Ch. 05


Spanked in front of neighbours

Rose looked at her eighteen-year-old daughter, Janice, and cringed. Janice was having great fun teasing her step-mother, while the woman had to endure playing the role of schoolgirl. Janice pretended to be the mother, and it was proving to be highly embarrassing for Rose.

Embarrassing her step-mother wasn’t the only reason Janice enjoyed playing the game. Having an adult of twenty-six bend to her wishes was exciting, and fun.

In a store her mother had been behaving like a teen, and was about to have a temper tantrum. It was from the frustration of the past week, being controlled, and having to act like a schoolgirl all the time. Of course the woman was frustrated, and needed to let loose.

Janice didn’t want trouble in the store, so she grabbed her mother, and quickly spanked her. It had worked. Janice had watched her mother withdraw more deeply into the schoolgirl role, and had promised to be a good girl.

Seeing the sincerity in her mother’s eyes worried Janice. For a moment she wondered if the game should be halted, to give her mother a chance to recover from the role. Teasing her and pushing her deeper into the part, hadn’t helped the poor woman.

What Janice didn’t know was that her mother had been playing around with a boy from school that afternoon. He’d driven her to the edge of an orgasm and kept her there, then sent her home. Rose was still on edge, needing an orgasm. Instead of going to her room to deal with the frustration, Janice dragged her out to shop for clothes.

When Janice dropped the bombshell upon her, that she had to keep up the ruse for another week, Rose couldn’t find the strength to complain. All she could think about was her boyfriend, Paul. Not having to say she was breaking up with him, was a great relief. Thinking of spending another week in school, several things went through her mind at once. Paul giving her another orgasm, seeing Paul in class, and being held by Paul all week.

‘Paul,’ she murmured.

‘What?’ Janice asked.

‘Oh! Nothing, mom,’ Rose automatically responded to her daughter.

It was vital not to let her mom know what she was thinking. She meant her daughter, but it was difficult to keep the act out of her thoughts. Calling Janice her mom, had her thinking of Janice as her mother. If mom found out she had been seeing Paul, another spanking would be received. No way did she want that.

In this store she had been publically spanked, and it had been horrendous. From now on she was going to behave herself, and be a good girl for Janice.

‘Try this on next,’ Janice told her mother, making it sound like an order.

She held up a pink dress, decorated with ribbons. Janice was really pushing it now. The store had discounted it below cost, as no one would dare wear such a dire garment. Maybe the small sizes had sold for young girls, but in her mother’s size one was still available. No wonder!

Rose was about to rebel. This was going too far. Being dragged around the store by her daughter dressed like a dumb blond, was the absolute limit. The sting in her bottom had her hesitating. The ridiculous pink dress, or another spanking. It was a close call. Something had to give, and it was obvious she had given in completely to her daughter. Janice was now in charge of her, and that was that.

‘Hi Janice,’ Anita laughed.

About to give in and try the dress on, Rose froze on hearing a girl from class. She had the pale blue dress up around her hips ready to change.

‘This is my boyfriend, Andrew,’ Anita gleefully introduced the new boyfriend.

‘Nice underwear,’ Andrew laughed.

Rose quickly pulled the hem down into place. He was another pupil from her class, and knowing they would gossip about her on Monday, was an awful prospect. The embarrassment was excruciating.

‘Do you want to come for a soda?’ Anita asked.

‘Err, I can’t,’ Rose said, looking highly embarrassed.

They were staring at the dress, decorated with fairies and butterflies around the hem.

‘Of course you can, honey. Get this dress on, and you can go with your friends,’

Janice smiled with glee at her mom.

It was so funny seeing her mother dressed like a teenager, and it was absurd that she was going off to play with a couple of school friends. Obviously her mother didn’t want to hang out with a couple of teens. Manipulating her into going with them heightened her sense of power. Wasn’t that what mom’s did? Push their kids into doing something they didn’t want to do, for their own good. Even if it wasn’t.

Janice was now the adult in their relationship, and that felt so very good. Trying to bring the smile under control was difficult, it kept springing back into place.

‘Go play with your friends, and you don’t have to put this pink dress on, Janice,’ Janice told her mother.

‘Alright, mom, you win,’ Rose sighed. ‘I’ll need same decent underwear with this dress,’ Rose whispered to her daughter.

Janice pushed her daughter toward the two smirking teenagers. sivas escort

‘Off you go then. I’ll select some clothes for you, and buy your new school uniform. I’ve got your size,’ Janice smiled.

‘Mom!’ Rose whined, needing something better than a thong to wear.

‘What do you want now? Oh! Sure, you’ll need your allowance. Here, take this pocket money, you can buy the soda’s,’ Janice laughed.

Rose couldn’t ask for decent underwear in front of these two from her class. Her mother slapped her ass, sending her on her way. It was highly embarrassing being dressed by her mom, and given an allowance. Worse still was her classmates witnessing her embarrassment.

All of this and more combined to keep her in the schoolgirl role. Rose wondered when it was all going to end.

As they walked through the store, a breeze from an air-conditioning unit blew the hem up around her thighs. The A line dress flared out from under her bust, and the material was filmy. Her daughter had only meant it as a tease, not for her to wear it with friends.

As they walked into the mall, she had to keep pulling it back into place. The flighty material just wouldn’t stay down. When it did, it was only around her upper thighs. When it blew up, it was under her breasts, showing everything off.

Both Anita and Andrew laughed at her, at first.

‘I know what it’s like. Mom’s can be so bad. They won’t let us grow up,’ Anita sympathised.

‘Does she know about Paul?’ Andrew asked.

‘She does now! She caught us coming out of my bedroom. She was home early from the office, and we were sneaking out,’ Rose explained.

‘Oh! Bad!’ Anita laughed.

‘What were you two up to in your bedroom?’ Andrew asked, putting on a heavy parental voice.

‘Like, sorry, daddy, I was sucking my boyfriend off,’ Rose giggled, and suddenly realised she’d gone too far.

‘No! Way!’ Anita dramatically exclaimed.

‘Naughty girl. Bad girl! You deserve to be spanked,’ Andrew mocked her.

He went to slap her ass, but both girls stopped him.

‘Like, mom already did that, alright,’ Rose giggled.

‘Oh, my, god. Did she catch you at it?’ Anita asked.

‘Like, no. I would be dead, from embarrassment, and my mom’s hands. She guessed we were up to something. Oh! Shit! Like I told her. I was being mean, you know, like yea, mean,’ Rose said.

‘Oh! Yea! Know what you’re saying. Have to be mean to my mom occasionally, to keep her off my case,’ Anita said.

‘I don’t. They leave me to it. If I ask, they might advise me. Dad sounds like a bank manager sometimes,’ Andrew mused.

Rose sat on a high stool at the counter. It wasn’t a good idea but there wasn’t much room left in the popular diner. The short hem floated around her thighs, impossible to control. A roof fan didn’t help.

‘I had one of those dresses when I was younger. It was called a bubble dress, I think. Sorry, I know your mom chose it. Just don’t worry about it. If anyone asks, I’ll say you’re, Janice, my little sister,’ she laughed.

‘Thanks, you are so kind,’ Rose laughed along with her.

The three of them laughed for a moment, then ordered alcohol free cocktails. Rose was about to ask for a Bloody Mary then brought herself together, to order a strawberry shake.

‘Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone in class. We’ll say you are fun, won’t we Andy. Hey! Stop ogling her legs, you’re mine,’ Anita said, and pinched him.

‘I’ll tell Paul,’ Rose teased.

‘Alright, I just can’t help it. Every guy in here is staring at her panties,’ Andrew complained.

Rose looked around and found it was true. As Rose, a shy mature woman, she couldn’t take it. As Janice, a mischievous teen exploring a new sexuality, teasing guys, exploring this power over them, it was possible. Using the name Janice, gave her a new persona, so she could do anything without censure.

‘Hey! The guys keep bumping into me. That guy groped me when he went by! I nearly fell off the stool,’ Rose complained.

‘I saw! They are such babies. Not you, sweet thing,’ Anita cooed at Andrew.

‘Could you phone Paul? He’ll keep the wolves at bay,’ Rose grimaced.

Rose spent the rest of the time sucking on a straw, while watching the door. As soon as he entered she waved at him. Some nerdy guy waved back at her and animatedly spoke to his friends. She sighed, guessing at what he was telling them. They looked across at her, and she lifted the dress, to show them her bare legs, and little red thong.

They looked as if they had cum in their pants. Anita, Andrew, and Rose laughed loudly. Paul turned up to join them but didn’t want a drink. They looked like a regular eighteen-year-old couple, no different from their classmates. Rose no longer acted like a teen, she was a teenager again.

‘So, what are you three up to?’ Paul asked.

‘We’re laughing at the nerds over there. No! Don’t look,’ Anita warned.

It was clear who they meant, and Paul grimaced in their direction, flooring more than just the one. They looked away, finding the floor so very interesting.

‘Come on, let’s go. This place is too crowded,’ Paul told Rose.

Rose okayed and nodded her head to her new friends. A habit she hadn’t given up yet was used to say goodbye. She grabbed Anita’s shoulders, and air kissed her cheek. Doing the same to Andrew didn’t win her a favourable smile from Paul.

‘Nice dress, you look cute,’ Paul said, while they were getting into the car.

Looking down at herself, she was reminded of the cute butterflies and fairies flying around the hem.

‘Yea. Something mom picked,’ Rose explained.

He wouldn’t know stylish if she hit him with it. Still, he had some other qualities that she admired. He was there for her, and could cuddle away the direst trouble. In his arms she felt safe, and wanted. Not like in a wanted poster, but, like, appreciated, like a valuable painting. The notion curled through her thoughts and left her feeling silly.


While Rose was off with her friends from school, Janice went ahead and bought her mother some clothes. Without the woman complaining she was free to buy whatever pleased her. After having to spank her mother as a reminder of who was in charge, she felt as though the point needed to be reinforced. Rose was no longer a woman, she was a girl, and would have to wear girls clothes.

Maybe she had gone too far with some of the outfits. They were a little too young for the eighteen-year-old she was meant to be. They were certainly far too young for her mother. One or two outfits were too revealing for a woman to wear. It would be fun making her mother try on the clothes at home, and seeing the look of embarrassment on her face. It was done now, and they hadn’t been expensive, so it didn’t matter if she never wore them.

Selecting items for a school uniform was easy, as every item was set by the school. However, buying a school uniform for her mother was weird, and somehow wonderful. If she hadn’t been there when the mistake happened, she wouldn’t have thought it possible that her mother could take her place in school.

Her father always said anything is possible, even coincidence, otherwise we wouldn’t have a word for it. Once her mother pretended to be Janice in school, they were stuck with the deception, or face the consequences. They both accepted it, and got on with it.

Janice broke into a giggle when rummaging through a rack of skirts, looking for her mother’s size. Rose was smaller in height, and build, compared to a lot of the girls in her grade, so there was a good selection. Her hips were fuller than her own, but they were more or less the same size. That had been proven when her mother put on her school uniform.

With a devilish smile she chose a skirt, and asked for it to be shortened.

Selecting a blouse was more difficult, as her mother had bigger breasts than most eighteen-year-olds. Not huge, but certainly larger than hers. A bra was needed, as well as a sports bra. Should she let her mother’s breasts bounce around the netball court, to entertain the boys?

Boys? Hell! No! She had to keep her mother away from boys. Rose was a mature woman and should be able to make her own decisions when it came to a sexual partner. The problem was, she wasn’t on the pill, and didn’t know it. Janice was taking it and replacing it with a placebo.

Not only that, how could she let her mother play around with a boy from school. It wasn’t right! Surrounded by randy young guys all day, while acting as a schoolgirl, Rose was in a vulnerable position.

Encouraging her mom to go out with a boy from school, seemed funny at first. Janice had pushed her out the door with the boy, telling her to behave herself like a good girl. Imagining her mom fending off the boys wandering hands all evening, seemed so very funny.

There were dire consequences if she got too close to a boy, and she was surrounded by them every day, all day. The guys would be chasing her remorselessly, for she gave off a woman’s sexual confidence, and of course there were her big breasts to interest them.

Janice just couldn’t leave her mother to decide who to start a relationship with. If necessary she would ground her all week. Boys of eighteen couldn’t be trusted.

They were eager to screw any female within sight. If not willing, they would try to convince her, and some were really good at that. Mom was particularly vulnerable after being married for a few years, and used to having sex so often. For two years Rose hadn’t had a relationship, and that made her susceptible to desperate boys.


‘Where are we going?’ Rose asked.

‘My place. My parents are out,’ he said, not asking if she wanted to or not.

They arrived and he quickly led her to his room. No flirting, or discussion was attempted. Rose wondered if she was turning into a slut. Surely she should have made him work harder before getting onto his bed.

Tightly held in his arms, she forgot about everything. Being his girl was all that mattered.

‘You don’t like that dress, so you might as well take it off,’ he said, between kisses.

So he had noticed her feelings after all.

‘I want to please you, Paul,’ she dreamily spoke.

‘I too want you to please me,’ he teased.

Rose hit his shoulder, wanting more of a commitment. He knew it but wanted to play.

‘You’re just my sexy slut. Isn’t that right, girl?’ he taunted her.

The look in his eyes gave the game away. Before hitting him it dawned upon her what kind of game he wanted to play. As an experienced woman she had come across sexual games before. As a teen it should have been a nasty boy-thing to be rejected.

‘I’m just your plaything, a sexy slut, willing to do whatever you want,’ she breathed close to his ear.

A feeling of humiliation rocked through her being. As a mature woman this was a fun game, with a husband. As an adult, declaring such a lewd thing to a mere boy was unseemly. More than that, it was downright improper, vulgar, slutty, and so very arousing.

‘What will you do for me, slut?’ he demanded.

The more severe he was, the more aroused she became. There was no chance to understand why, she was just hot and sexed-up by it all.

‘Anything! I’ll suck you down my throat, I’ll ride your cock, anything you want,’ she breathlessly moaned.

‘Open your legs, slut,’ Paul demanded.

Rose pulled at her panties, ripping them off her legs. She fell back on his bed, and pushed her legs apart, as wide as she could. A need to be his young slut was dragged deep into her mind, by an animal lust taking her over. She couldn’t be a teenager for him, but she could be a very experienced slut.

Feeling him roughly enter her vagina was magnificent. Her husband had always needed to be guided in. This boy knew his way without encouragement. He always had her dripping wet, and ready to bone her. He pressed home, fucking her long and hard. Right from the first plunge he went deep.

An agonising moan left her lips, not from pain, but from a primal urge.

‘Fuck me hard! Paul! Oh! Paul! Yes, fuck me, Paul,’ she cried out.

Very near to nirvana she beat her fists on his back, and gripped his bottom hard with her heels. He couldn’t hold back any longer. Already this was a record, though she would call him gross for saying so.

A shudder, a slight expansion of his cock, were signs of his orgasm. He was deep and tried shoving in further. He began to shoot her vagina with hot semen. A second, a third, and more, he spurted sticky hot cum into her.

‘Oh! Fuck! Wonderful, Paul! Yes! Yes! No! Oh! God! No! Hold still, please,’ she whimpered.

He grinned a double happiness, from seeing her orgasm so strongly. She was trying to break his back but it didn’t matter. The girl was shorter than him so he couldn’t kiss her when fucking. Right then he wanted to engulf her in his arms and tell her she was his, and that he loved her. Instead, he had to hold up his weight on both hands, or suffocate the lovely girl, his girl.

He kissed the top of her head, and got a mouthful of hair. Never mind.

‘Can I remove my penis from your vagina, miss?’ he asked.

‘Wha? Oh!’ she giggled. ‘Never!’

He pushed himself off her, only she clung on with heels and hands. She didn’t want to let go of his cock, but eventually it slithered free. He slid to her side, and grabbed her naked body. As usual he sucked on her nipples and massaged her breasts.

A hand went round the back of his head, as he suckled on her nipples. It was a grand feeling, a nurturing feeling, washing through her entire body. He always spent time on them, while they were sensitive after being teased, or after an orgasm. Even in the classroom he had mauled them. At least they had settled down to being more sensible in class.

‘No more, they’re sore,’ Rose told him.

Paul was a sensitive lover, and liked to pay her attention. He learnt what she liked and gave her plenty of it. It was no wonder she was head-over-heels in love with him. Sometimes she felt she was a silly girl, with an infatuation for a school boy hunk. Maybe she was, but it was wonderful to feel this way.

‘It’s getting late, I’ve got to go,’ Rose quietly spoke, not wanting to leave him.


Rose got home later than she meant to. Hoping her daughter hadn’t seen Paul drop her off outside, she walked into the kitchen looking worried.

‘Did you have a good time with your friends?’ Janice asked.

‘Like, alright, I guess,’ Rose reluctantly uttered.

Her mother was useless at lying, as it plainly showed on her face. Playing poker would be out for her.

‘How was Paul?’ Janice probed.

‘Alright, I guess, like, don’t know, yea,’ she prevaricated.

Knowing she’d given herself away, she tried to slide off to her room.

‘Come here! What have you been up to?’ Janice demanded.

‘Nothing. I don’t have to tell you everything. I’m old enough to decide things for myself,’ Rose asserted.

Janice thought her mother sounded like a petulant kid. She heavily sighed, wondering what to do with her. As long as she didn’t go off with that boy, her mother could do what she liked.

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