Mom to the Second Power Ch. 02


As I start drifting to the surface of consciences from a peaceful sleep I start recalling my wonderful dream. I’m sitting at the kitchen table, my grandmother lying on the table and I’m eating her pussy. Then my mom is on the table and I’m eating her pussy as my grandmother is sucking my dick. As I wake completely I lick my lips, take a deep breath, and open my eyes. Four things penetrate to my sleepy brain at the same time. First, I’m in my mother’s bed: second, I taste pussy on my lips: third, I smell pussy on my mustache: forth, I’m in bed alone. Then it dawns on me, it wasn’t a dream it really happened.

I sit up and hear quiet conversation from the kitchen. When I look around I see my shorts on the foot of the bed and put them on. I sit on the edge of the bed thinking about what we did earlier that morning and wondering what mom and grandma will say or do now that the passion of the moment has passed. I take a deep breath, stand up and walk to the kitchen to face the music.

As I reached the kitchen I stop to listen.

“I cannot believe what we have just done. How did I… we let it happen?” my mom asked in a sorrowful voice.

“He felt my breast and it has been so long since anyone has done that or even wanted to do that. It felt so good I didn’t want him to stop.” grandma Bee replied. “I never thought it would go that far.”

“As he sucked on my nipple I was so lost in excitement I didn’t even notice his hand slide down under my pajamas until his finger entered me. Then when he knelt down and pull my pajamas down I never expected him to lick me there. No one has ever done that to me. I was repulsed by the idea and almost stopped everything. Then his tongue licked my clit and I had a little orgasm and my mind emptied of everything but the pleasure I felt.” described Bee.

“When I saw his face buried between your legs I was outraged that he would take such liberties with you. Then, as I watched, I saw the pleasure on your face and I was so turned on and jealous that it wasn’t me who was feeling such pleasure.” mom sighed.

Mom thought a moment then confessed. “I tried to get Tom to eat me when we were married but he never would. I did have a guy do it to me once after the divorce but it never felt as good or gave me an orgasm like Danny did this morning.”

“Something else I’ve never done before is suck a man’s dick till he shot off. I would suck Joe to get him hard then I would put him inside me to finish.” Bee confessed. “I don’t know what came over me this morning but when I saw him eating you and his dick sticking out I felt I just had to do something so I sucked him. I planned to stop sucking when he got close to coming and finish with my hand but I got so involved and he came in my mouth. Have you ever done that?”

“I did it to Tom out of love and passion we were first married, like you did to get him hard, but when he wouldn’t return the favor I stopped. Then he started making me suck him off when I was on my period and the last few months of my pregnancy. There was no love however, just ‘Come here and suck my dick Jo’ and he’d drop his pants. I always had to be on my knees in front of him to do it. It made me feel like a cheap whore, which is part of the reason I kicked him out. How did Danny’ sperm taste?”Mom asked

“When his first spurt hit the back of my throat I was surprised and swallowed by reflex so I didn’t taste anything. Then as he started oozing I could taste it. I thought I’d hate it but it wasn’t bad. It was thick like castor oil but with no real taste, just a little salty. I think it will be an acquired taste and I would like to acquire it” The both chuckled.

“Well,” mom sighed, “what do we do now?”

Ok, they didn’t seem mad at me so I stepped in the kitchen like nothing unusual had happened. “Good morning mom” I said with a smile and kissed her on the lips and brushed my hand on her breast. “Good morning Bee”, I smiled and kissed her on the lips with a squeeze of her breast. Neither of them returned my kiss but they did not turn away and said nothing about my touch.

I went to get a cup of coffee and Bee turned in her chair and looked at me. “Honey, go wash your face, you smell like old pussy.”

“Grandma!” I said, a little surprised at her use of the word pussy.”I’ve never heard you use foul language.”

“Why don’t you go ahead and take a shower”, mom added, “We all need to sit down and have a talk about what happened this morning.”

I took a swallow of coffee and headed to the bathroom hoping one or both would join me in the shower. They didn’t!

Since no one joined me I finished my shower quickly, wrapped a towel around my waist and opened the door. Mom heard me come out and called for me to come and have a seat at the table. As I approached the kitchen I saw they were still sitting in their robes so I steeled my nerves and through the towel down in the hall and walked into the kitchen as naked as the day I was born just like it was the most natural thing to do. bonus veren siteler

I may have looked casual but inside I was as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. My manhood was soft and swayed as I walked to the counter, warmed my cup of coffee and sat down at the table. All the while I could feel two pairs of eyes on me.

Once my shaft was hidden by the table the trance was broken. Mom looked at Bee to start the conversation. Bee looked back at mom not knowing how to start. I gave them a moment and when they didn’t say anything I started.

“Well, let me start by saying I love both of you very much,” I said. “I had not planned the events of this morning. I have fantasized about seeing both of you naked and touching and sucking on your breast. I even thought about what it would be like to make love to each of you. This morning sort of just got out of hand or maybe it got into hand. Either way it was a dream come true for me and you both seemed to enjoy it. I know it is incest and thought of as morally, biologically, and legally wrong.

“The way I see it, if you mom, or you Bee, had given in to me when I asked to see and feel your breast when I was 16 then it would have been morally wrong. However, I’m 30 now and we all are consenting adults. At least you both seemed to consent to receiving my oral administration and I most definitely consented to give it.

“The other reason incest is morally wrong is because it sets up a competition between the father and son for the affection of the wife/mother. Mom, dad left you 7 years ago and isn’t coming back. Bee, it’s been 3 years since Joe died so that competition is not in play.” Mom and Bee just sat and looked at each other then back at me.

After a moment of no response I continued, “The biological danger is inbreeding and since both of you have had hysterectomies that is not a danger.

“As for legality, our actions are most definitely illegal. However, we are consenting adults and in the privacy of our own home, so as long as we do not start telling everyone we are OK to continue expressing our love for each other.”

“Continue?” they both said in unison with a surprised look on their faces.

“I don’t know if I can continue.” Bee says. “I’m so embarrassed about what I did and let you do. I have never had a man put his mouth where you had yours and I can’t believe I sucked you dick. Then let you shoot your sperm in my mouth. I’ve never done that before.”

“Bee, you surprise me again; first pussy now dick. I guess I was a little naive, I didn’t realize you knew those words, much less used them.

“I know then and allot more that I can use at the appropriate time,” Bee chuckled.

“Well, I’m glad I was the first to give you that pleasure and make you cum so hard. I bet you didn’t realize your pussy squirts when you have a big orgasm did you? Mom, yours does too.” I watched as both of them blushed bright red. “As for sucking my dick, if that was your first time you have a natural talent because that was the best blow job I ever had.”

Bee just sat there with a pleased look on her face and thought about what I said. “How about you mom, how do you feel about continuing?”

“I’m not sure how I feel. I do feel uncomfortable about what we did.” mom said as she lowered her eyes.

“Do you feel uncomfortable because your son has seen, felt, and had intimate knowledge of your body or are you uncomfortable because your son gave you such a strong orgasm after all these years without a man?” I asked

“I know both of you may be uncomfortable and nervous about this morning but didn’t you feel the same way when you first started having sex. It’s the same thing now. You are both starting over. Except this time it is with your body understanding what it is doing and what it wants. Also, this time, it will be with a person you already love and who already loves you.”

“I’d like to continue this intimate relationship” I said as I stood up. All this talk started getting me hard so I walk over to Bee, bend over, kiss her lips, and reach inside her robe to caress her breast as she reaches for my dick. She opens her lips and accepts my tongue and offers me hers as she strokes my hardening dick.

Then I walk over to mom. She doesn’t move so I take her hand and place it on my now hard dick as I lean over, kiss her, and reach inside her robe. She opens her mouth to me and I insert my tongue and she moans as I squeeze her breast. I reach a little lower and feel her pussy: she jumps: she closes her legs: she’s wet.

“You two talk and I’ll be in the bedroom awaiting your decision,” I say. “I want to make love to both of you so you may come together if you like or one at a time,” then I walk into the bedroom.

It’s quiet in the kitchen for awhile then I hear the chairs move. I hear the water in the sink turn on and the sound of dishes being washed. A figure comes to my doorway. Bee looks in, her robe open to bahis reveal her left breast. “Your mother will be here as soon as she gets her nerve. I’m going to get a shower and run some errands. I’ll be ready when for you when I get back… if you still want me.”

“You can be sure of that Bee. I’ll give you this whenever you want.” I grinned and shook my simi-hard dick at her. She laughed and went to her room.

I heard the water in the sink turn off and the sound of someone slowly walk across the floor. Mom came to the door and stood for a moment then walked in and turned her back to me as she slowly closed the door. She leaned her head against the door a moment then took a deep breath and turned around to look at me.

I sat up on the edge of the bed and held out my arms to her. Slowly she stepped toward me and I stood up to meet her. I took her in my arms and felt he body melt into mine. I held her close, her breast pressing into my chest. I slipped my hands down and felt her round ass and squeezed them. Then I pushed back a little and placed my hand under her chin and lifted her head. When her eyes finally rose to meet mine I whispered, “Mom, I love you,” and kissed her on the lips softly. Her lips parted and I tenderly inserted my tongue. Her tongue met mine and they explored each other.

Mom broke the kiss and leaned her head on my shoulder again and whispered something so quiet I hardly heard it “What was that” I asked?

“Jo Ann, please call me Jo Ann or Jo instead of mom,” she answered.

“Ok Jo what-do-you-know.” I said.

“Just got back from a carnival show,” She replied and laughed, her tits jiggling against my chest and hugged me tight.

I let her go and sat down on the bed. She stood in front of me looking down. I reached up and pulled the knot in her sash and let her robe open. I pushed it off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Once again mom stood naked in front of me. This time I slowly drank in all of her 5’9″ frame. Her beautiful face with its laugh-lines; her neck with only the slightest hint of a double chin; her breast , sagging slightly with age, the blue veins traveling like a rivers to her nearly 2″ areola, topped off with hardening nipples still pointing forward in spite of her breast sag. I continued to look lower to her stomach which carried a few extra pounds with stretch marks attesting to her 3 time motherhood. My gaze goes lower to her dark natural bush. I notice this time there are a few gray hairs present but not many. It is full and untrimmed like a woman should be. I look at her legs which are smooth and unblemished.

As I look at her she moves her arms over her breasts and her hand over her bush. I reach out and gently move both. “No,” I say tenderly, “never cover yourself, especially in front of me. You should never cover a body as beautiful as yours.”

She moves her hands and shyly looks down. “Now why are you acting so shy? You’ve had a man see you naked before,” I say.

“I have, but it has been a long time and it wasn’t my son stirring these feelings in me,” she replied.

I pull her to me and lift a breast and take a nipple in my mouth. I suck on it as I rub my tongue over and around it. I let go of it and reach for the other one. As I suck it mom moans and pulls my head tighter to her.

As I suck on her nipple I reach between her legs and rub a finger through her wet pussy sliding it into her as my palm pushes and rubs against her clit. She gasps slightly and spreads her legs. I let go of her nipple and stand and lay her down on the bed. As I lie down beside her she reaches for my dick and strokes it a few times then caresses my balls. It feels so good I can’t help but moan.

She sits up to look at my now hard dick then turns and takes the head into her mouth. Her mouth slides all the way down my shaft, and then slowly pulls up. I moan and grab for her ass. She lies beside me on her side and opens her legs to me. I see once again her open pussy with her swollen little clit sticking from under its hood. I lean over take it into my mouth when there is a knock on the door. “Danny, Jo I’m off to the store.” Mom stops sucking and looks around for something to cover us wit. “Relax Jo, she knows what we are doing in here,” I say. “Come in Bee.”

Bee comes in and sees us in our 69 position. “I just wanted to know if there is anything you want while I’m out.” She looks at mom, her face close to my dick and says, “Go on Jo, don’t let me stop your blow job.” Mom shrugs her shoulders and devourers my dick to Bee’s fascination and my delight.

Bee turns and leaves as I bury my face in mom’s pussy. I get close to coming and tell mom to stop sucking, she can taste my cum later. She turns around and kisses me, this time her juices are still on my mouth.

I roll her over on her back and crawl between her legs. I let my dick rub her wet pussy then get up on my knees. She spreads her legs to make room for me and I start rubbing the head of my dick deneme bonusu between her wet pussy lips and over her erect clit. She moans and squirms.

When my dick is sufficiently lubricated I stop rubbing with the head rests at her opening. I lift and spread her legs as I push the head right against her entrance.

“Jo, are you sure about this?” I ask. “Once I’m in there’s no turning back. You are not a light bulb.”

“Shut up and fuck me” mom rasps between clenched teeth and I lean forward and slide smoothly into her hot wet canal all the way to my balls. She gasps and her eyes fly open as I enter her canal for the second time in my life, the last time being my whole body. I lean over her with my weight on my arms and stay still as she becomes accustom to my dick filling her and I absorb the silky feeling of her inner walls.

“That feels a lot better than the last time you were in there,” she chuckles then tightens her muscles around my rod.

I pull back until just the mushroom head is inside her. I make a few very short strokes just barely inside her. She whimpers not to tease her and I push once again all the way to her cervix in one smooth stroke. She moans and arched her back to meet me.

I lean over and start sucking her nipples, first one then another as I make small strokes deep inside her. She grabs my head and pulls it to her lips and kisses me deeply and with the pent up passion of years without sex. She breaks the kiss for a breath and wiggles her hips and kisses me again with more passion.

My little strokes and her wiggles have her breathing hard and throwing her head from side to side. “Fuck me Danny, fuck me hard baby. We can make love another time, just fuck me now.” She pants. This is no longer about two people making love; it is pure, unadulterated sex, nothing but the base animal instinct to fuck.

I oblige her. I get up on my knees and push her legs further apart and her knees back against her tits, pull back to the entrance of the center of her pleasure and drive in deep and fast and hard. She moans and I pull back again and drive in hard again. I keep doing this and her moans change to gasps. As I continue driving deep and hard the gasps turn to screams.

I speed up and reach for her clit rubbing my thumb over it she screams and stiffens. As her orgasm explodes her interior muscle clamping around my dick and for the second time today she squirts on me.

She opens her eyes and I see something there I have never seen before, the look of a wild woman, a woman totally under the control of her passion. It is very exciting and a little scary. I speed up my pounding in her pussy as I get closer to my own orgasm. She senses my approach and screams “NOOO!” and pushed me off and out of her.

What just happened? Has she changed her mind, has her conscience overruled her body? Then I see her eyes again. The wildness is still there and before I’m flat on my back she is up and my dick is in her mouth. I feel like I’m being swallowed by a snake as she sucks me and bobs her head up and down. I feel myself on the edge again. “I’m going to cum Jo” I scream. She never stops bobbing and sucking but gives me a look that says “Shut up and cum then.”

I obey and start shooting into her mouth. She gags then starts swallowing. I cum like never before. She continues to suck and bob and swallow everything I give her. She takes everything I have, even my consciousness.

The next thing I am aware of is mom ling beside me cuddled close holding me.

When she sees me open my eyes she says quietly “I’m sorry honey. I don’t know what came over me. I’ve never done anything like that before. The excitement and passion just took over and I couldn’t stop.”

“That’s OK. I just never expected you to be so passionate, I loved it. I hope you get that way again Jo.”

She kisses me and our tongues spare as I cup her breast. We break the kiss and she lays her head on my shoulder and cuddles close to me with my arm around her and my fingers stroking her nipple.

As I lie there I think I’ll do Bee this afternoon and both together tonight.

“Honey,” mom says quietly, “what did you mean when you said I wasn’t a light bulb before you entered me?”

I chuckle, “Just that unlike a light bulb, I couldn’t un-screw you.”

She giggled and her breath felt warm and soft against my chest. Then in a sleepy voice she said, “I changed my mind, the next time we fuck or make love, call me mom.”

We both drifted off to sleep.

A short time later I wake. Mom had rolled over on her side with her back to me sleeping soundly. I ease out of bed without waking her and go to the bathroom to take a piss. I finish and put the seat down (I try to be considerate to the ladies). I decide to take shower and wash the sweat off so I’ll be clean when Bee gets home. I start the shower and stand relaxing under the hot spray. As I lean against the shower wall with my eyes closed I hear the shower door slide open. Without turning or opening my eyes I say, “Are you ready for more mom?”

Arms wrap around me, a hand reaches down and encircles my dick, soft breast with hard nipples press into my back and a voice whispers in my ear, “Mom right, but the “grand” kind.”

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