Mom Went to Work Ch. 08


The next morning, I was awakened by someone sucking my dick. Expecting it to be Stephanie, I looked through blurry eyes and saw dark hair. I muttered, “Mom,” thinking that’s who it was.

“Guess again.” A soft female voice whispered.

I raised my head, opened my eyes wide and saw Sophia smiling with my dick in her mouth. “Wow.” I muttered and dropped my head.

“Wow? Is that what you say when you wake up to find a strange woman sucking your cock? Wow?”

“Geez! What time is it?”

“Well! Maybe I should just come back when you’re awake!” She said, and stopped sucking my dick.

“Ah, um, no don’t. Please!” She fondled my balls and began sucking my dick again. “Ahhhh, that feels good.”

“Uh huh, glad you like it.”

I didn’t want her sucking me off, even though it felt good. I wanted to see her and fuck her. So I reached out and pulled her up. We kissed and I could feel her breasts press into me as she settled down. My hands discovered, she was wearing a nightie and very stiff panties like Stephanie wears. The panties brought a question to mind that was soon to be answered.

As my hands slipped under her nightie and up her bare flesh, she pushed up, and said, “Uh, Steph and I have a lot in common. A lot in common!” I looked at her quizzically, and she said, “We are physically the same.”


“Uh huh. Do you mind?”

“Ah, no! But, why me?”

“Because Steph told me about your first time together. She told me I could wake you up. And I was kind of, well, hoping you would do that for me.”

I kissed her, and said, “Let’s just see what happens, okay.”

She started kissing me sensuously and squirming. Breathing heavily, she whispered in my ear, “I’ve never had a man. They always run away.”

‘What does that make me, the freak fucker. Shithead! They aren’t freaks! So, quit that shit!’

I slid my hands down and under her panties caressing her soft ass. She moaned and kissed me fervently. When I started pushing her panties down, she raised her hips to help. Her hands caressed my arms as she kissed her way to my shoulder. I immediately felt her hard cock against mine and thought of Stephanie. She began moving her hips, rubbing her cock against mine and moaning. I rolled us over pinning her beneath me and kissed my way down to her tits.

She began caressing my back and head and wantonly whispered, “Please don’t stop, I’ve waited so long.”

With her legs wrapped around mine, I eased my hips forward until my dick touched her pussy.

“Oh God yes! Please do it, fuck me.”

“Are you sure?” I asked. “You’ve never done this before?”

“Never. Only dildos. My pussy has never felt a real cock.” She looked at me pleadingly and softly begged, “Please, fuck me! Let me feel your cock.”

I pushed my hips forward and she gasped as my dick entered her pussy.

“Oh Dear God, finally!” She exclaimed and pulled my head down kissing me passionately as she rotated her hips. ” Oooh, God! I never thought it would feel so warm in my pussy.”

“You’ve never really had sex with a man?”

“No — o.” She moaned. ” Harder. Thrust harder.” She said as I felt her hands on my ass, urging me forward. “Good. Yes. Mmmm.” She stayed with me, thrusting her hips as I pushed into her. Chewing on my neck and moaning.

As I felt her pussy contracting, she moaned and whispered, “Faster.” She began moving her hips rapidly without waiting for me. The pain of her fingernails digging into my ass was distracting me from my own pleasure. She wanted me in her pussy and didn’t want me to withdraw. But it’s hard to fuck when you can’t move, so I pushed back causing her fingernails to push deeper into me.

“CUM. Cum with me. Cum in my pussy. Oh God! Cum in my pussy, please!”

I wanted to, but I had to overcome the inability to move and the pain of her fingernails. I pushed my elbows between her body and her arms causing her to let go of my ass. I began thrusting into her as hard and fast as I could. She began gasping and grunting, with each thrust, “Oh!”

As my throbbing erection erupted in her pussy, she moaned out loudly, “Yes! Oh God yes! So warm.” She kissed me hungrily, whispering through the kisses. (“Your” kiss “Cum” kiss “So” kiss “Warm.”)

I started to pull out and she quickly tightened her legs around mine, saying, “Don’t move, please. I love the way it feels.”

I settled back as she hugged me tightly and kissed my neck. In a few seconds she softly whispered in my ear, “Would it be nasty for me to want to taste myself on your cock?” I didn’t say anything. ” Can I? Will you let me taste myself when you pull out of my pussy?”

“UH, yeah, sure.”

At first she didn’t move, then slowly she released the grip she had with her legs, allowing me to pull out. I kissed her and rolled to my side. She slowly slid down kissing me as she went. I couldn’t see and at first only felt her breath on my dick. Then she raised her head and touched it with her tongue. I guess she was making sure she wanted to continue first because she didn’t move. Slowly, bedava bahis her tongue appeared again and she licked. My dick immediately twitched and began to grow. She licked again and again. I was getting harder with each lick.

She turned and looked up at me smiling. Turning back toward my groin she lifted my dick with her tongue and sucked it into her mouth. I was instantly hard. She moaned. I didn’t know if it was from my dick in her mouth or the taste of her pussy on it.

It was feeling so good but she stopped, pushed herself up and looked at me saying, “Please don’t come in my mouth. Pull out or let me know when you’re ready to cum.” She had a soft pleading look.

“Okay. Uh, climb on.”

“You want to fuck!?”

“Ah, no. Swing around on top of me. So I can do you.”

“Do me! You mean suck my cock!? Really!? You would really suck my cock!?”

“Well yes. You’re sucking mine.”

“Really! I never thought. I mean, Steph said you sucked hers. But I never thought you’d suck mine.”

“Climb on.” She smiled real big and quickly swung herself around throwing her leg over me. She kissed my dick and waited for me to do it.

I played with her pussy first, teasing her. As soon as I took her dick in my mouth, she did the same to me. It quickly became apparent that she was following my moves. Whatever I did to her she did to me in return. Fast, slow or deep. Her pussy got wetter and wetter from my finger fucking her at the same time. Her dick throbbed and she tried to pull out but I held her in place making her cum in my mouth. She shook all over and grunted as her dick went through its orgasmic spasms.

Her orgasm over, she pushed herself up and began apologizing profusely. “Oh My God! I’m sorry! I’m so sorry, I did that!”

I cut her off, “Relax. Calm down.”

“But, I came in your mouth!”

“That’s Okay! Think about it. I held you in place and kept sucking.”

“Yeah! You did. So, you don’t mind me cuming in your mouth?”

“I’m getting used to it. Shit, I’ve sucked Stephanie off many times.”

“Oh. Steph never said she came in your mouth, only that you sucked her cock.”

“Surely, you’ve cum in someone’s mouth before. One of your girlfriends?”

“Ah, well, no. No-one has done that. Until you.”

“How’d it feel?”

“The truth?”

“The truth.”

“It felt better than a pussy. It was so intense I almost passed out.” She scrambled around and kissed me.

“Do you want to stop now?”

“Uh, no. I still want to suck you off. But, um. Would you mind, if I still don’t want you to cum in my mouth. I can’t do that. Not yet, anyway.”

‘Not yet anyway.’ Meant, she’s thinking about it. And, if she stays around us, it’s going to happen. She may not swallow it. Donna doesn’t. She immediately spits it out. Any guy will tell ya, ‘Cuming in the mouth feels infinitely better than not, during a blowjob.’

I kissed her and said, “I’ll do it however you want.”

She kissed me and moved down to kneel between my legs. She began slowly, stroking, licking and kissing until I reached full hardness. Looking me in the eyes, she pulled my dick back and opened her mouth. As her mouth slid down engulfing me, she winked.

After a couple of minutes, I was getting close. Just as I started to tell her I was going to cum, she sat up and said, “You know. This is the first time I’ve sucked a man after he pleased me. Instead of trying to get him to.” She closed her eyes and went back to sucking me off.

“Gonna cum.” I muttered.

She continued stroking my dick but took it out of her mouth and tuned her head sideways to suck that tender spot below the head. Jesus that felt good. I had never had that done before and it was intense.

“You liked that, didn’t you?”

“Ooh Yeah.”

“I could tell by the way you sucked in air and jerked around.”

Just then, Stephanie came walking in, smiling. She caressed Sophia’s back and kissed her, before saying, “If you’re done with my husband, breakfast is ready.”

“Done for now.” Sophia said softly.

Stephanie sat on the bed, leaned down and kissed me, and said softly, “Did you enjoy your surprise wake-up?”

“Oh, Ye-ah!”

“Thought you would.” She kissed me again and turned to Sophia. “He’s everything I said he was, wasn’t he?”

“No! He was better! Much better.” They both hugged and kissed again.

After breakfast, I was sitting in the living room with everybody else, when Sophia came in. She walked over, sat on my lap and kissed me. I looked around to see everyone smiling.

Sophia wanted me to go for a walk so she could talk to me. She told me that she used me for her first fuck because of what Stephanie told her. She hoped we could do it again and I wondered why she hadn’t figured our family out yet. I learned, Stephanie hadn’t told her about our open family sex. I wondered how she would react to it.

She told me I was wonderful, but she was extremely attracted to someone else.

Dad and Tim were the only other men in the house, casino siteleri or was it someone else entirely. I was floored when she revealed it was Mom. She was attracted to and wanted to be with my mother. She didn’t know if Mom would or how it would affect my parents marriage.

It shocked her when I told her to talk to Mom about it. And that I didn’t think Dad would mind. But, I was thinking sexual encounter, not what Sophia had in mind. Thankfully, that all worked out later.

With Liz needing to recover we put off family night for a week. None of us knew it, but, one of us was leaving. Grandma was falling in love with an old friend. She had been with him in the past to ease sexual frustration and had found him again. The problem was, he was absolutely not going to accept our open sexuality. As a result Grandma was going to miss another family night.

Sophia was new to our type of lifestyle and Stephanie talked to her all afternoon to get her ready for family night. Mom had decided to start things off with a night out. The women all dressed sexily. Between Mom and Stephanie, Sophia had to change clothes twice to pass their inspection. When they finally approved, Sophia was an absolute knockout.

With Sophia’s dark Italian looks, I was amazed at how beautiful she was in her blue outfit. Mom chose my favorite lavender outfit of hers. Donna wore a multicolor outfit. Stephanie and Liz both chose pink outfits. It looked like Dad, Tim and I were out with four beautiful models.

Donna chose a very nice restaurant with dancing. And I noticed many of the male patrons were watching our women, especially Sophia.

Back at the house, everyone began setting up for family night. As mom began setting up the cameras, Sophia became noticeably nervous. She came over and asked Stephanie what was going on.

“Just relax, and let things happen. You won’t even remember the cameras.” Stephanie told her.

Liz wanted to play some game and she started arranging us for that. She put Dad, Mom and Sophia together, then Stephanie and I stayed and last, herself, Tim and Donna.

It was a drinking and card game. Each couple or group would roll the dice to see which drink they would down. Then each couple would draw a card to see what they had to do. It started simply with touching and kissing. After a few rounds of kissing and playing with one another and other couples Liz introduced another deck. This new deck included sexual activity. For instance, Dad drew a card that said, “Perform oral sex on whomever your teammate chooses.”

I could see that this could get nasty in a hurry. What if one of the women made it man-to-man? I mean, I don’t mind orally satisfying Stephanie or Sophia. But, I’m not into openly sucking another man’s dick. Thankfully Liz made a rule, everything applies to opposite sex only.

We wound the game down and took a break from our lingering sexual contact. More to let the alcohol go through our system than anything else.

Everyone was just sitting around talking, fondling and kissing. Mom broke the lull, as she stood up and said, “Get the mat it’s time for the main event.”

Dad and I moved the coffee table and rolled out the mat. Stephanie went over and got Sophia, leading her to the mat.

They hugged each other and forehead to forehead, Stephanie softly said, “It’s time for us to go all the way.” We watched as the two of them slowly sank to the mat and began making love.

Liz hurried off to the bathroom and while she was gone Mom switched places with Donna.

I knew what Mom wanted because Tim has a huge dick. He’s almost 10 inches long, putting dad and I to shame with our normal sized penises. When Liz returned she gave Mom a dirty look. She had to settle for little old me. The ladies made sure we could see as things progressed on the mat.

I noticed Tim began watching intently as our entertainers became fully exposed. He had a very intense, questioning look as he watched two women with dick’s. I know he was wondering if they were transsexuals. He swallowed hard as Sophia got on her knees facing away from him at his feet. He could clearly see an ass hole above a pussy, with a dick hanging down. He let out a big sigh and relaxed but his eyes never left Sophia’s genitals.

The two women switch positions several times.

Both of them at Tim’s feet each time. Giving him plenty of time to inspect each lady and her oddity. They took turns fucking one another. Finally, they pointed away from one another and were able to get each other’s dick in the others pussy.

Liz came up and sat on my Dick facing me. Mom had Tim’s dick in her pussy and was bouncing away. Donna was on her knee’s, her big pregnant belly hanging down as Dad pounded into her from behind.

Sophia came first, almost screaming as she did and went limp. Stephanie got her up on her knees and began Fucking her hard from behind until she too let loose with a howl.

At that same instant, I heard Mom yell out, “Oh God, Yes!”

That brought me off and I looked over to bahis siteleri see Dad slamming viciously into Donna’s pussy as he came.

Everything became extremely quiet as we all recovered from our exertion. When my vision cleared, Stephanie and Sophia were caressing each other’s breasts and kissing passionately. I heard the sounds of lovemaking again and when I looked I saw Tim on top of Mom, pounding away into her already sloppy pussy. I guess, watching two hermaphrodites turned Tim on. He fucked mom hard for about 30 min. before he came again. Mom was loving it and urged him on with her noises and hands pulling on him.

At that point I lost track. Because Liz cut off my vision sticking her tits in my face as her pussy enveloped my dick again.

We took a short break had something to eat and rest up. Liz was the first one to act. She went after Tim. It was obvious she wanted his big dick. Even after her bad experience with the ‘Monster Cock’ twins. And she got it to, for almost an hour, he pounded into her. She begged him to cum because she couldn’t take it anymore.

While that was going on I fucked Donna while Dad fucked Sophia. Mom and Stephanie took care of each other. Another family night fulfilled.

We all slowly headed off to bed. Liz as usual with me and Stephanie. After a while I got up to go to the bathroom and I saw a Mom leading Sophia into her room. I smiled as I thought about Mom and Dad getting another spouse. And it did turn out that way. Sophia surrendered to Mom, knowing Dad was part of the deal.

Grandma got married and moved out to live with her new husband. We saw them on occasional visits, without intimacy. They both seemed happy.

We had a strange family night before Donna had her baby. As things began, Donna stood up and said, “I want tonight to be my night first.” We all looked at her dumbfounded. “Tonight I want to be fucked by each cock in turn, before anything else is done.”

Everyone was still just looking at her, wondering about what she said. A look of frustration came over her face as she continued, “OK, Look! Tonight, I want all five cocks to cum in my pussy, FIRST. Ending with Tim and beginning with.” She paused, looking down. “My baby’s father.” She held out her arms to Stephanie. Everyone, now officially knew. I thought Tim was going to faint.

Stephanie went to her mother, they hugged and kissed several times before going to kneel in front of Tim.

Donna took Tim’s hand and softly said, “Yes Honey. My darling daughter gave me this baby.” She kissed his hand. “I want her first, followed by the others. And, you, my love. I want you, filling my pussy last.”

Tim leaned forward and kissed her, and turned to kiss Stephanie. Then he turned their faces toward each other and pushed them together, before sitting back, smiling.

Mother and Daughter returned to the center of the room, and Donna said, “Alright everybody, spread out, take your clothes off. I want to be surrounded by naked people watching. And, no touching. Well … you can play with yourselves, not someone else. And please,” she looked around, “save your cum for my pussy.”

They started a slow sensuous dance with one another, slowly removing each others clothes. I wanted them to get to it, but what they did was an extreme erotic turn-on. As I looked around, I saw the others also had their hands between their legs.

Donna’s pregnant belly and swollen tits were a sharp contrast to Stephanie’s sleek figure. While Donna caressed her daughter’s arms and back while kissing her sensuously, Stephanie softly caressed her mother’s stomach.

Stephanie kissed her way down to her mother’s belly, and knelt, before she whispered, “Hi, Little One. I helped make you. See you soon.” She continued kissing down to her mother’s pussy and began licking its swollen lips.

It was awkward for Donna, so she turned around and bent, putting her hands on her knees. Her pussy was now displayed and open for her daughter.

Stephanie, briefly ran her hands over her mother’s ass and legs before she buried her face in mommy’s pussy.

Donna enjoyed the pleasure her daughter’s mouth was giving her. She moaned, shook and pushed back until fell to the mat, jerking with her hands between her legs. She quickly recovered, turned around and pushed her daughter to her back. She began kissing her way down her daughter’s legs. I wondered if she was going to go straight for Stephanie’s dick or do her pussy.

She stopped at Stephanie’s pussy for a couple of minutes, before licking from asshole, through pussy, and up the shaft to it’s tip. Without stopping, she took her daughter’s dick entirely in her mouth and began slowly bobbing her head. I almost came, wishing it were me. Donna made her daughter’s body stiffen a couple of times, but stopped short of the prize.

Slowly, she crawled up, kissing as she went, until she was nose to nose with her daughter. They kissed and caressed each other, before Donna asked, “Are you ready to fuck me, again?”

“Yes! But … are you sure about this Mom?”

“Yes Honey. The Doctor said I could. You haven’t done it since I tricked you. That’s why I wanted you to be first.” They kissed and caressed each other. “Just don’t do it too hard, and start slow.” Donna got on her hands and knees and said, “Come on Baby. Fuck Mommy.”

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