Mommy’s Boy Ch. 03



Donna Jarvis glanced over her shoulder and smiled up at Joe as her son’s balls slapped against the insides of her thighs and his hard and now very experienced prick plowed the depths of her asshole. The thick rod felt so great inside her that Donna just did not want Joe to stop. Never in a million years had she imagined that sex could ever be this good and the fact that it was her own flesh and blood doing the fucking and not some guy she’d met in a bar for a quick one, which had been what Donna’s sex life had amounted to before she fell under Joe’s spell, made it all the more worthwhile and rewarding.

It had been the most wonderful day in their five year relationship so far, or so it seemed to Donna. In the morning, she had watched her handsome sexy son playing football, not that she understood the game but as a full-blooded female she just enjoyed seeing Joe and all those other sexy players running around in their tight little shorts which showed their bottoms off spectacularly, not to mention their strong muscular legs extending out of their shorts. And how proud Donna had been that Joe had scored, with his head, the winning goal and thus sealed victory for his team, all amateur players though she was sure they were good enough to turn professional, even if she did have little understanding of the rules of the beautiful game.

“Your bum looked great in your football shorts, sweetheart,” Donna had said, “they were so nice and tight, showed off all your curves and that lovely long crack of yours.”

“You’re really kinky, mom,” Joe had said, “looking at my tight ass all the time I was out on the field.”

“Not complaining are you?”

“‘course not, mom,” Joe had replied, “you can be as kinky as you like with me. It’s great to know you like looking at my bum so much and if that’s what turns you on, then there’s nothing wrong with that at all.”

“It sure does turn me on, weetheart,” Donna had said, giggling. “So did the asses of some of your team mates and the opposing side, too, but I can honestly say that yours was the best. Is the best, I should say.”

“Thanks, mom,” Joe had replied, “I could feel your eyes digging into it all the time I was running round the pitch. I was starting to get the horn.”

“I’d love to be a fly-on-the-wall in the changing room,” Donna had said, a warm glow running through her at thought that Joe was turned on knowing she was turned on ogling his sexy bottom. “All those hunky naked footballers in the showers together.”

“We ain’t gay, mom,” laughed Joe. “You won’t see any sucking or fucking there, if that’s what you’re thinking.”

“I wasn’t suggesting you were,” said Donna, “but you must compare cock sizes, surely?”

“Well, you can’t avoid it when you’re all walking about stark naked,” said Joe, “but as long as my cock is big enough for you, my darling mother, I’m not bothered about the others. And I don’t take any notice of their asses, neither.”

“No need to when yours is so beautiful,” said Donna swiftly, all the guilt and shame she had initially felt at the start of their relationship five years ago now completely gone as if it had never been, “it always looks great in your shorts, especially when you got up close in front of me to throw the ball back in. Why did you have to do that?”

“Oh, mom!” Joe had laughed, “if you don’t understand the rules of football now, you never will.”

“I still say you should have taken it up professionally,” Donna had gone on. “Just think of the money you could earn.”

“Like the money I could earn being a porn star,” Joe laughed again, reminding his mother of another of her fantasies, that of seeing her offspring on film fucking all and sundry for the benefit of the voyeurs who watched adult movies.

Indeed, the thought of Joe becoming a porn star or a professional footballer had occupied Donna’s thoughts for some time, not least the amount of money he could make, beyond most people’s wildest dreams. But as far as being a porn actor was concerned and notwithstanding Joe’s undoubted enthusiasm for hot kinky sex, he didn’t really fancy getting his cock out for anyone else other than his adored mother, even if he was being paid handsomely for doing so. You had to be a true exhibitionist to go naked and show yourself off fucking on screen and even though Joe had perfected his exhibitionist skills over the years, these too were reserved purely for Donna, bringing an added lustre to the proceedings whenever they sucked and fucked which was every day, so hungry were they still for each other after all these years.

In spite of the fact that Joe would be an excellent addition to the adult movie business, and would surely gather a vast amount of fans like the great Peter North, Donna bonus veren siteler had decided that there was no point in pressing the matter. Indeed, she was really quite glad and honored that her much beloved didn’t want sex with anyone but her. Also, where football was concerned, Joe seemed quite happy, now that he was a fully qualified accountant at the city firm he worked for, to keep football as an enjoyable hobby despite the fortune he could have made, probably a lot more per week than a porn actor, merely from kicking a bag of wind around.

At that moment in time, however, Joe was concentrating fully on the business in hand as he fucked Donna’s asshole to the rafters so that she cried out joyously as her son’s big prick seemed to split her ass in two while she punched the pillows in front of her. Sex, like everything else, was a learning process and, over the years, Joe had perfected his technique and now had the art of fucking off to a fine art, thus ensuring maximum satisfaction for both of them. Whether in Donna’s cunt or ass, he would pump in and out several times on the trot, then rest his fat rod deep inside for a few moments before resuming the fucking, every now and then pulling out completely, only to send his boner back harder than before as, little by little, bit by bit, they each built up to their own colossal orgasms …


Joe and his mother had been at it ever since they’d got back from the football match, both of them not wasting a second in getting undressed once they were safely home behind closed doors. It was all a far cry to that day five years earlier when Joe had seduced her and Donna had almost not given way. Now, as Joe continued his unmerciless fucking, she was very glad she had succumbed to Joe’s charms and her son’s powers of persuasion. Over the moon, in fsct, to coin a well-used footballing cliche.

“Oh sweetheart,” groaned Donna, again punching the pillows with her fists as she felt the head of Joe’s prick thumping her anus and stars began to dance before her eyes, “fuck your mommy’s ass, you give me the best fucks I’ve ever had.”

Joe could only grunt in reply, so intent was he on giving his beloved mother as much sexual fulfillment as possible. His face was a sheen of sweat and his breath came in short sharp gasps as he rocked back and forth on his strong footballing legs, his now denuded ass cheeks clenching and unclenching as he gave each thrust everything he had. Yhey were both aware that this was their best lovemaking session yet and were each determined to make the sex as hardcore as possible – and in that they were not failing.

“I ain’t the only one with a great ass,” Joe mused to himself as he gazed down, delighted to see his prick firmly embedded between Donna’s silky feminine buttocks, “mom’s is terrific, too.”

Joe had already shot one seismic load over Donna’s face and tits earlier that afternoon after she had sucked his beautiful uncut prick to orgasm, Donna having been beside herself with pride and joy as she slurped her tongue over the engorged head of Joe’s manhood, the two of them showing their love for each other as, they were both aware, mothers and sons were not supposed to but they couldn’t help themselves. Not that it mattered to either of them what others thought, their love for each other and the sensational sex they both enjoyed transcended the taboo and, as Joe had said countless times, they were both consenting adults and their sexual activities were nothing to do with anybody else. And it wasn’t as if they were going to advertise the fact of their special relationship to the world; anybody seeing Joe driving off with Donna after the match that morning would simply have felt that Donna was no more than a proud mother come to watch her son expertly play football, as a lot of the other players’ mothers – and fathers, too – had.

Donna was now completely lost in a world of her own with each inch of Joe’s cock that she took in her usual highly-skilled and accomplished way. She had had plenty of men in her time, including of course, Joe’s dad who had done a disappearing act before the boy was even born. None of her past conquests, however, could boast a cock as beautiful or as tasty as Joe’s, Donna making allowances for her bias towards him.

Joe’s cock was and is truly beautiful, both in length and girth and with a delectable foreskin which he was able to retract easily, and loved doing so to expose to his mother without any feelings of guilt his pink rosy knobhead, complemented by a specatacular pair of shiny sweaty balls. What with all that and his firm masculine ass, which looked just as gorgeous bare as it did in soccer shorts, Donna never stopped feeling proud that it was she who was the mother bahis of such a gorgeous sexy man and how great it was that they shared such a very special relationship.

“Aaaagh!” screamed Donna as the man she had given birth to fucked her up her ass, his own buttocks continuing to clench and their breaths coming in frantic gasps, “fuck me harder, Joe, please don’t stop!”

“You love me stretching your ass with my big prick, eh, mom?” Joe managed to say, inbetween grunting, as he enjoyed the feel of his mother’s ass tightening around his incestuous prick.

“Oh I do,” cried Donna, “you’re fabulous, sweetheart, your lovely prick feels so good in my ass.”

After another ten minutes, Joe pulled out of Donna’s ass and lay down on his back on the lounge carpet. They’d been so hungry for each other when they’d got home after the match, even though they’d had a good long session of scintillating fun just the night before, that they hadn’t even bothered to go upstairs to the bedroom where they usually enjoyed their carnal activities and had spent the last two or three hours sucking and fucking in the lounge.

“I wanna fuck your cunt, mom,” Joe said, “come and sit on my prick and let me stretch it like I stretched your ass.”

Donna needed no further invitation and giggled as she stood over Joe, placing her legs either side of him, treating her sexaholic offspring to a glorious pornograpic style view up between her legs. She spread her cunt lips as wide as she could, opening up her glorious pussy and making Joe’s mouth water at the bewitching sight before his mother lowered herself slowly and impaled her pussy on tbe ready and waiting pole.

“Mom,” Joe said, as the two blood-related bodies made physical contact again, “you are the greatest. Never mind me, you’d be an absolute wow in porn movies.”

Donna somehow managed to laugh inbetween grimacing during the initial stage of the penetration. When she had fully acclimatised her willing cunt to the eager pulsating prick, she glanced over her shoulder and smiled down at Joe.

“Sweetheart, I’m much too old for that now,” she said, now ready to enjoy the fucking.

“Nonsense, mom,” Joe replied as he rose up to press his prick deep inside her until only his balls were visible, “you’re as young as you feel.”

“And what I’m feeling now, sweetheart,” Donna replied, giggling and relaxed now that Joe had conquered her pain threshold, “is your nice hard cock inside me. Quit speaking, darling, and fuck my cunt as hard as you fucked my ass.”

Donna’s cunt had been penetrated so many times by Joe’s prick by now that she took it with the ease of the true fuck slut that she was, and is, sliding down until her pussy gobbled up every inch of the incestuous rod as she started to enjoy the thrill of another long hard taboo pussy pounding …


Joe let Donna settle herself for a moment or two and then she began to ride him as another hardcore drilling of her now forty-one years old cunt began, laughing at the thought of what the parents of the other footballers in Joe’s team whom she’d chatted to that morning would think if they could see her and Joe now. It wasn’t beyond the bounds of probability, of course, that there were other incestuous families amongst the footballers Joe had sported with that morning though, Donna pondered to herself, it would be a very big coincidence if there were.

Now, however, Joe was giving all his attention to sport of a different kind and, as always, was proving himself just as expert an incestuous fucker as he was an amateur footballer, if Donna’s grunts and groans were anything to go by. With every inch of Joe’s cock that Donna took, they grew louder and louder, mingling with the sound of the rain that was still falling heavily outside and rebounding on and off the windows. It had turned into a horrible murky day, now almost dark though it was barely past three o’clock, but neither Donna nor Joe paid any attention to the weather apart, that is, of not being able to think of a better way of spending a wet Sunday afternoon.

“Oh, you horny big sod,” Donna said, clasping her tits and rubbing them together as her pussy thrilled to the invasion and Joe continue nailing his mother’s cunt as hard as he could as she cast aside all thoughts of the past, “you certainly know how to fuck, sweetheart.”

Joe managed to murmur a “thanks, mom,” inbetween breaths as he piled on the pressure to ensure they both received maximum enjoyment. Just as sex without love was meaningless, so too would it be if both partners were not enjoying it to the full and, mercifully, thanks to Donna and Joe’s sheer enthusiasm, that had never happened. Right from the start, Joe had been determined to make sure that Donna deneme bonusu got as much pleasure as he did himself, otherwise it just would not feel right and now, as Joe leaned upwards to push his prick deeper into Donna’s tight juicy cunt, her cuntal walls tightened hard around his talented tool and they both cried out with the sheer joy that only hot requited sex can bring. Sex without love was indeed meaningless, Donna now understood, thinking back as she did every now and then to all the unsatisfactory men she’d had in the past.

“This is fabulous, sweetheart,” Donna murmured as she posted up and down on Joe, two beautiful related people unashamedly joined together as one, their bodies intertwined in love, “you’re going to make me come.”

“You like cumming with my nice big cock inside you, don’t you, mom?” Joe gasped, not far off now from cumming himself.

“Sure fucking do,” Donna replied, giggling to herself at how easily the F word now tripped off her tongue whereas once upon a time she had never used it at all, “this has been the best fuck yet.”

“Sure as fuck has, mom,” agreed Joe. “I love you.”

“And I love you too, sweetheart,” Donna replied, leaning forward and smothering Joe’s face with her big tits. “More than I’ve ever loved anyone in my entire life.”

Donna’s face was a picture of lust as she rocked back and forth and up and down on Joe’s prick. Joe was in paradise as he pumped his mother’s cunt at one end and sucked her tits at the other. The room seemed to spin as they abandoned themselves completely to their love-making, expertly rolling round until Joe was on top of his mother and without once breaking the fuck.

Another five or ten minutes went by as the bodies writhed and wriggled together as one, nothing else mattering as they entwined their naked flesh together and the incestous intercourse began to build up to an overwhelming finale. Donna screamed out loud, impervious to what the neighbors might think if they could hear, as the first of her orgasms wracked her body and her juices started to run down the shaft of Joe’s prick. Joe had said he would make these latest fucks better than the last and he had certainly done that, surpassing himself with his now considerable deep penetration skills.

So turned on were they that they hadn’t even noticed that the light outside had completely faded and that they were now fucking in the dark. Less than two hours after Joe shot his first gargantuan load over Donna’s face, his second orgasm of the day was rapidly approaching and Donna felt her son rise up as he came again, this time planting his seed deep in her pussy.

“Yeeeesss!” cried Joe as the familiar sensations once again coursed their way through his cock, his body shuddering so much that Donna had to grip the table to keep herself in position. Another warm glow ran through her as her son lubricated her pussy with his warm glossy sperm and she came again almost simultaneously, a string or orgasms with her pussy juice gushing fountain-like down Joe’s prick, the two of them having given themselves completely to the pleasures of the flesh …


Donna and Joe wrapped themselves into each other’s arms in the aftermath of another round of sizzlingly hot forbidden sex.

“That was beautiful, sweetheart,” Donna said, “the best sex yet.”

“I prefer to call it making love, mom,” Joe said, “‘just sex’ sounds like it doesn’t really mean anything.”

“Oh, it meant something all right, my darling. And now that we’re fully fledged lovers,” Donna went on, “perhaps you should now start calling me Donna instead of mom.”

“I like calling you mom,” replied Joe, “it wouldn’t seem appropriate for me to start calling you by your name now,” he went on, dismissing from his mind entirely that having sex with one’s own mother was hardly appropriate behaviour. “Calling you mom when I fuck you makes it doubly exciting, knowing its my own mother I’m giving so much pleasure to. I feel really proud and honored that you let me fuck you with your full consent.”

“Ok,” said Donna, “I’m sorry I mentioned it.”

“Mom,” Joe said with a firm edge to his voice, “how many times have I told you? You can talk to me about anything, not something, anything, no matter how odd or kinky it might seem. Stop saying sorry.”

“I’m sorry … oh dear,” and they both giggled as Joe manoeuvred himself halfway down Donna’s body and began to kiss her tits. Joe’s cum had stopped oozing out of Donna’s pussy now, leaving the wrinkled skin around her clit matted as it started to congeal. Joe continued sucking his mother’s tits for another five minutes or so, then he slid further down until his face was level with Donna’s cunt. Then he began to lick the remains of his own spunk from Donna’s love box, washing it clean with his skillful tongue.

Then they both fell asleep in each other’s arms -but they both knew it wouldn’t be long before they were awake and ready to roll again …


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