Mom’s And Son’s Life Long Fantasies

Armana Miller

Mom’s And Son’s Life Long FantasiesI’ve just had the most exciting arousal in my trousers for some time, all because I had to fasten my mom’s bra for her. I went to her house to keep her company for the day while waiting for news of my father who was in hospital for an operation that afternoon. It was when we were having our customary hug I noticed how low and soft her breasts were hanging“Is Justine not with you” She asked me. Justine is my wife“No she’s at work, will I do,” I asked, I knew I told her yesterday it would just be me coming to see her today“I’m having trouble with my hands, I need some help”My mom is 68 years old with arthritis, mainly affecting her grip“Can I not be of any help to you?” I asked“I don’t want you to feel embarrassed,” She said back“Mom I’m nearly fifty now, what will embarrass me now”“Ok then, it’s my bra I can not fasten it myself, your father always does it when I have trouble with it” “Let have a go then” I saidMom is a more of a plumper size, happy go lucky woman, who has always had big tits for as long as I can remember. When she retired from work and the arthritis started, she started to put a few more pounds on around her tummy but she still carries it off well. She started to push the back of her jump up over her stretchy skirt waistband and I could see her straps hanging down. I took hold of each strap and started to pull them together“Hold on I’ll have to give them a bit giggle about to get them in,” she saidI waited the time she pushed her hand up under the front of her jumper, sorting her tits out“Right try that,” she saidJob done, my mom’s tits were secure for the day. I stayed with her all day waiting for news of my fathers operation and with little to do, my mind kept wandering to thinking about my mother and her tits. If she seen the bulge in my pants I had, she never said anything.Before going home that night, I asked if she could manage to get her bra off and felt disappointed when she said she could manage by herself.The next morning arrived and I was back at my mom’s house after a sleepless night thinking about her, we were going to visit my father in hospital today. I let myself in to the house as usual and found my mother in the living room dusting, her tits hanging down swinging from side to side in her stretchy jumper.“Can you fasten me up like yesterday please” she askedIt was the same as yesterday; she had to giggle them about to make them fit before I could fasten her bra. We had a coffee before she went upstairs to get changed. I was taking her shopping first, before visiting the hospital but it seemed to be taking ages for her to change.“Are you alright mom” I shouted up the stairs“I can’t do my zip up on my dress”“I’ll come and help you”Mom stood there holding her dress together at the front with a glimpse of her white bra showing. My hands trembled as I pulled the zip past her tits to fasten her up.“I look awful in this, don’t I? I usually have my girdle on while wearing dresses now”“Why don’t you put it on?” I asked“I can’t do it up it and I can not ask my son to do something like that for his mom”“Mom I won’t look if that’s what is bothering you”“Ok, I would feel happier wearing it”She found her girdle in the drawer, nothing like I expected, I thought it would be like a pair of large knickers, but this was long and flat with suspenders hanging from it. I watched mom wrap it around her legs and start to slide it up under her dress. Her white knickers were starting to show out the side of her dress where she held the two ends together. I could see the hooks and eyes I had to clip together and took hold of the girdle. Pulling tight together my hands touched her knickers giving me an erotic feeling “Does it not have to go up?” I asked“Yes but I didn’t think you would want to see all my fat and flab”“Mom you’re not fat, anyway your dress will still covers you up; now tell me how high it has to go”She hitched my side of her dress up until the bottom of her bra was showing while holding on to the girdle on the other side as I loosed the two ends. We both began to slid it up her body.“Just there” she said I pulled and stretched the girdle until I could clip the hooks together“Does that feel aright?” “Yes, fine, that feels a lot better”“What about your suspenders, can you manage them”“I wasn’t going to bother with them”“Do you need a hand with them?”“I do, but I can’t ask you to do that for me as well,” she said“I don’t mind, now where is your stockings”She pulled a pair of tan coloured stockings from the drawer and sat down on the bed“Here let me,” I saidAll my life I have been waiting to see mom’s stocking and suspenders again, my lust started when I was three or four while out shopping with her. Mom pulled me in to a changing cubical, got her purse out from her bag and give me a thruppence bit to hold. She lifted her leg on to the bench and hitched up her skirt revealing her stocking top, I was fascinated watching her fix her broken suspender with the thruppence I had held. Later in the same shop I wanted a pee, mom took me in to the ladies and locked the cubical door behind us. She pulled down my pants and held my willy while I peed in to the bowl. When I had finished she put down the seat, pulled up her skirt and slid her knickers down, I was fascinated to see if the money was still there in her stocking. It was and I also saw her have a pee as well, she didn’t have a willy like me but it was coming from all her hair between her legs, water gushing out in to the bowl. I looked up at mom and she smiled back at me before standing up and rubbing her hair with toilet roll. That thought has stopped on my mind for over forty years and now I am about to see her stockings again.I knelt in front of her and placed her foot on my knee, rolled a stocking up in my hands and started to slide it over her toes before lifting her foot up and slid it up her leg. Mom started to pull her dress up as my hand slid up her bare-naked leg to her warm chunky inner thigh. I did the same with the other leg getting more turned on as my fingers touched her naked skin.“Let’s see if I can do these suspenders,” I saidMom stood up in front of me and lifted her dress up to her girdle; I was looking directly at the gusset of my mom’s white cotton knickers. Her dark gray hair from her pussy was poking out the side of her knickers and memories came flooding back from when I was little and I saw the same view. All in a fluster, I grabbed the first suspender, stretching it to her stocking top“Hold on, I need my knickers on top of them”“Sorry mom, I didn‘t realize”She tugged at her knickers trying to pull them from under her girdle, unable to free them I automatically helped her and slid my fingers in to the leg of her knickers. I was shocked how thick and soft her bush felt, I think she was surprised with what I just did and give a little gasped.“You might have to loosen the girdle from the bottom,” she saidI loosened half of the hooks“Now try that,” she saidSliding my hand up under her girdle I grabbed the top of her knickers and started to slid them down. I suddenly realised what I was doing and mom did not care what I was about to see. The top of her hairy bush came in to view inches from my face and I continued sliding them down unable to stop. I froze when mom touched my hand “That should do,” she whisperedI fumbled trying to fasten her girdle, my hands shaking with excitement after seeing my mom’s pussy hair. Her girdle fastened now I could not help but gazed at her exposed hair and she seemed unable to move either for a few seconds. It was just like when I stood in front of her as she dried her pussy in the toilet, her pussy at face level.Mom broke my staring when she started to pull her knickers back up“Try and get hold of this will you,” she saidI finally grasped to what she was asking, she had her hand inside the front of her knickers pushing her suspender through the leg of her knickers for me to pull it down. Touching her stocking was like a dream come true as I fiddled with her suspender clip, seeing and feeling her soft leg spilling out over her stocking top was such a turn on. She turned around to the back and I fasten them nice and slowly while taking full advantage to rub her stocking tops.Mom was facing me again with one suspender left to fasten, which she was holding inside the front of her knickers, directly over her pussy. I had to slide my fingers up inside the leg of her knickers and she let out a little gasp. My fingers brushed against her pussy lips as I tried to grab hold of the suspender from her, but our fingers seemed to go in opposite directions each try.Mom was breathing a little heaver now as I was too until our fingers stopped on her lips. I’m sure she pushed and held my fingers against her pussy on purpose and for longer than necessary. I was all of a dither after feeling my mom’s pussy and my cock was making itself present in my trousers. That last suspender took some time to fasten while hoping my cock would go down before I had to stand up.It was after eight when we got back from the hospital, I was just going to drop my mom off with her shopping and go when she reminded me about undoing her girdle. I followed her upstairs “I hope I‘m not to much of a burden for you” she said“No mom, you just istanbul escort have to ask if you need anything doing”“We’ll do the zip on the dress first and get that out of the way”I unzipped her dress down the front exposing her white bra and girdle and started to leave the room“No need to go” mom saidI watched as mom slid the dress down each arm in a rather sexy kind of way, my eyes drawing to her big bra straps straining to hold her tits up. Then how her mammoth tits filled the cups full and were squashed together trying to escape from the flowery patterned material. What a wonderful big long cleavage she had, I stared in amazement at the wonderful sight.The dress kept dropping and now her taught girdle was on show holding her round stomach in with the hooks and eyes straining at the side to keep fastened. Her big white knickers started half way up her girdle and disappeared under her round tummy. As the dress kept falling to the floor her suspenders became obvious through the legs of her knickers, pulled taught over the pale white flesh of her leg and making the top of her stockings all misshaped. My mom somehow looked very sexy for someone old and it was having a strange affect on me. “Suspenders first” she saidI knelt on the floor undoing each suspender as she turned around until she stopped at the side opening. Starting at the top of her girdle I slowly unclipped the hooks while pushing her knickers down at the same time until the hooks were all undone“Just pull it out from my knickers will you”She slowly turned around as I pulled the girdle and suspenders out from her knickers, it was just about out when I tugged it and mom give a little jump and squeal. There in front of me was her suspender, caught on her kickers, pulling the gusset to one side and exposing her pussy lips.“Sorry mom”“It’s alright, can you untangle it”Shit I thought, here was my mom asking me to unclip her suspender that was touching her pussy, gently sliding my finger inside her knickers I pulled the suspender back down while letting the knuckle of my finger trace the slit of her lips. Mom sucked in slowly, her body shuddered slightly, I pulled the girdle free and I stood back up.“You might as well undo my bra when you are here”Mom pushed herself closer to me suggesting that I reach around from the front to unclip her bra, she was a big woman and her tits squashed in to my chest as I unclipped it. Mom moved back and slid each strap down her arm to her elbow while still supporting her tits.I could not take my eyes off her bra, wondering if my mom would let me see her jewels. She pulled a strap down off one hand and let her tit pop out from the cup then started to slide the other strap down her arm. I was serious getting turned on with this striptease and mom seemed to be enjoying herself teasing me.“Can you remember sucking these?” she askedHer bra was now flung on to the bed and I stared at her tits longingly, long dangling half-flat rugby ball shaped tits resting each side of her tummy with big hard nipples sticking out at forty-five degrees to each side“Pardon”“You used to turn me on when sucking on these”“What, me, mom, how” I said, suddenly realising what she was on about“When I first started to feed you I realised I had very sensitive nipples, sometimes I would slipped my hand inside my knickers but as your teeth started to come through you would sucked and bite on them and make me come”“Mom,”“You would make me that horny I would rip your fathers cloths off him as he got back from work, but he never matched up to the satisfaction you could give me. He was an all for himself type of man, then I started to rely on you more and more to satisfies my needs”“Mom that’s to much information”I caught her looking down and there was no way she could not help but notice the hard cock I had pressing out from my trousers“Would you like to feel them again for old time sake,” she askedBefore giving an answer, mom took my hand and squashed it in to her big fleshy tit, making sure her big hard nipple got plenty of attention. I looked at mom, a loving bond seemed to be ignited, and I could not resist them any longer. Dropping to my knees she held and pulled my head hard in to her tit, I was smothered again with my mom’s naked tit after all these years. I sucked and bit and sucked again, swapping from one to another“Yes, that’s it, harder, bite it harder”She rubbed my head faster and as I touched the bare fatty flesh of her stocking clad leg, she let out a loud moan. I felt like I was about to burst in my pants with all her whimpering.All I could think about was mom’s pussy that I touched and I wanted to feel it some more. Slowly slipping my fingers in the leg of her knickers, I ran my finger over her pussy lips and mom pulled me harder in to her tits. Her hand came on to mine and she gently rocked it back and forth with my finger slipping along her slit. I felt her tense and thrust her pussy hard on to our hands, not really sure if an old women could come, but mom was making a good impression of having an orgasm. Mom held me still among her heaving tits, panting long and hard.“Can I help with your needs?” she askedNot sure if I heard, right I asked what she had said“I was just wondering if you needed a hand, it felt big pushing in to my leg”“Mom”“It’s alright, I’ve seen it plenty times before”“But that was when I was little”“What about the times when I make sure you got to bed after a night out, when you came back the worse for wear from the pub”“Mom”“Did you never wonder how you were naked the next morning?”Before realizing, mom had sat down on the bed, parted her legs and was retching out for my throbbing cock that was now like a horizontal electric pole, straining to get out from my trousers. In all the time of married life, I cannot remember having such a hard erect cock.Her hand grazed over my shaft and it felt like an electric shock had shot up my pole “You’ll have to undo yourself”Remembering about her hands I quickly undid the button and zipped down the zip of my trousers. Automatically I shuffled on my knees closer to between her open legs as her hand slipped inside the top of my boxers and firmly gripped my cock. I thought I was going to come there and then and moms face seemed to light up in shear delight. I looked down realizing where I was kneeling, two stocking covered legs rested against each side of me. I seemed to be obsessed with her plumper legs and ran my hand over her stocking top, squeezing the soft flesh of her leg before rubbing the gusset of her knickers with the back of my hand.Mom breathed in deep and squeezed my cock in her hands“It’s been so long since I’ve held a man‘s tool,” she whisperedWith her other hand she took my head and pulled me towards her“Will you kiss me?”I kissed her lightly and she kissed back with more force, she was carefree kissing her son, smothering me with her lips before sticking her tongue inside my mouth. We kissed madly and passionately for some time.“I want to see my son” mom whisperedMom took her hand out from my boxers as I stood up, my shaft pushing the front of my boxers out, making a large damp wet patch with pre cum. She pulled the front forward over my cock that was now at face level and stared while taking hold of it again.“That’s a lot different from the last time I saw it”My cock throbbed in her hand; the big red bulbous cock end glistened with pre cum as she started to move her hand back and forth. She took my balls in her other hand gently caressing them and I did not know how much I could stand before erupting.“Can I lick it?”“If you want” I said“I’ve read about this sort of stuff, but never tried it” mom said“What about you and dad”“That side of the marriage stopped long, long time ago, that‘s why you are an only c***d”Mom tentatively moved closer and stuck her tongue out making contact with my cock end. It was just a glancing touch with her tongue but her hand gripped tight around my cock. That was all I needed, just seeing mom touch my cock with her tongue once was enough to make me come.“Mom” I cried out “Mom I’m going to come”She moved back slightly as I came, holding my cock tightly and aiming it down at her tit. She stared longingly at my cock as squirt after squirt of white creamy cum shot out from the end, my cock kept pulsing in her hand and my cum started to run down towards her nipple.“Arr Mom” was all I could say over and over again Still holding my cock as the eruption ended mom reached for a tissue with her other hand and mopped the stream of cum up from her tit. I watched as she grabbed another tissue and dabbed the end of my cock too. “Would you like to stop here tonight with me,” She whisperedIt did not take much thinking about and I felt so turned on by my mom as she squeezed my cock I would have done anything for her“If that’s want you want I will, I’ll phoned Justin now to let her know”The phone was at the bedside and the time I was talking, mom kept playing with me, making my limp cock come back to life. Justin understood that I needed to stop with my mom, as she sometimes had to stop with her ageing parent’s odd nights too.I was so sexily charged after putting the phone down I avcılar escort was desperate to seen my mom and to play with her. She must have had the same thought as she started to shimmy on to the bed and lay on her back.Her tits had parted and came to rest under her arms with her big hard nipples wanting to be sucked. Kicking my trousers and boxers off, I lay next to her, low enough to take one in my mouth and sucked like I was on her milk again. The thought of my cum splashed on her tit made it feel extra erotic while I sucked.My hand wandered over her tummy and pushed in to the tight waist of her knickers, I could feel her legs begin to move and giving my access to her pussy. The thinning hair of her bush was first as I moved off the roundest part of her tummy then a mighty clump surrounding her slit.Mom sucked in slowly as my finger came to rest on her lips, they felt fat and puffy and I sucked on her nipple more with excitement. I started to slowly investigate her pussy but progress was restricted with having my hand in her tight knickers, I had to get rid of them and started to push the waist down.Mom was very willing as she raised her knees up, dug her feet in to the bed and lifted her bum off the bed, she started to slide her knickers down off her waist and I eagerly moved to between her legs and helped too. I watched as her bush come in to view, then her pussy and I continued slipping her knickers down off her feet. Mom lay there naked apart from her tan stockings and started to part her legs again, offering everything she had to show, to her son.The sight was magnificent, her plumper tummy seemed to make her pussy stick proudly out from between her legs and her slit was long and hairy. When she finally had her legs parted, one of her pussy lips flopped to one side showing the pink lip inside through her hairy bush.I tentatively ran my finger over her pussy, lightly grazing her insides and her fat plump lips, wondering if I dare kiss her there, the very place I came from. The desire was to strong, I was going to do it. Starting on her knee with little kisses I worked my way up her leg, playing extra attention to her fleshy bits hanging from her stocking top. Positioning myself flat on the bed, the goal was insight as I licked up her leg and touched her pussy with my tongue“What are you doing?” she said, sounding anxiety “Its ok mom just relax”“But, But”“I’ll be gentle mom”She stopped mid sentence as I started to part her lips with my tongue, investigating the length of her slit, licking and kissing around it. I could feel the tension in her started to relax as her legs opened up more again and I found her button willing to be licked“I’ve never had a man down there before” she said quietly when I lifted my head up after a few minutes licking and kissing her.I started to touch her lips with my finger moving them from side to side and looking inside; they were dry and pulling on my fingers as I tried to enter her love tunnel“You’ll need some of this,” she saidMom reached over and opened the drawer of the cabinet next to the bed, as I rose on to my knees; I was surprised what she had in there as she fumbled about and pulled out a tube of lube. I must have looked shocked“I need it at my age,” she saidAs she fumbled with the top, I held out my finger and mom hurriedly squeezed the tube on to it, it felt like a sign that she wanted me to go further. The cold sticky feeling on my finger was unbelievable and such a turn on as I parted her lips and found her love tunnel, the very place I can out from all those years ago.I moved my finger in and out slowly, lubricating my mom’s pussy, pushing deeper each time. Mom had a tit in her hand, nipping her nipple between her fingers and stretching it.“Better use this as well to stretch me,” she saidShe pulled out one of her brightly coloured dildos from the drawer and squeezed some lube on to it before positioning it at the entrance of her love hole. I was still on my knees between her legs with my throbbing cock sticking straight out, now rubbing against my mom’s hand as she begin to entered herself. She looked well used to fucking herself with a dildo and at ease while her son watched.Mom took my cock in her other hand and started to wanked me in time as she fucked herself with the dildo. I had my hands on her stocking covered knees steadying myself as I started to thrust my cock in to her hand. She seemed so excited the way she gripped my cock tighter and tighterMom moaned and whimpered while wriggling about on the bed, lifting and rubbing her pussy against the tip of my cock while still dildoing herself. Pre cum mixed with strawberry lube around her lips and I was not going to last very long looking at this sight.I pulled out from her hand and started to encourage her while placing my hand with hers on the dildo, now I was helping mom fuck herself“Yes mom, go on mom” I encouraged She fucked herself faster and my hand followed in and out from her sloppy, noisy fanny as the lube warmed up“Yes mom yes”Mom panted fast, all her fleshy bits wobbled as did the bed before tensing up suddenly, her knees nipped against my body and her pussy lifted up. Her other hand grasped tightly over the top of our hands holding the dildo tight in to her pussy.“Are you alright mom?”Mom nodded while panting and loosened the grip on my hand; slowly she started to pull the dildo out from her pussy. Then she said something that I will never forget“You can you stick it in me now if you want”My cock was dripping at the thought of getting into her pussy that was right in front of me. My balls were hurting so bad for another release. Mom sat up and reached out for my cock while she found the lube tube with her other hand, squeezing a big dollop on to my cock she smothered the full length of my cock with her circled fingers, making me wet and slippery. “Mom are you sure,” I asked“I’ve dreamed for forty five years thinking about this moment, wondering what it would be like with you, now I want you back inside me”I shuffled closer in between the top of her flabby milky white legs and watched mom rub my sticky cock up and down her slit, her lips parted as my big throbbing bulbous cock end filled her pussy entrance. It was the most amazing feeling as mom’s pussy welcomed my cock inside as I pushed a couple of inches in then pulled almost all the way back out.Slowly pushing back in again I felt her pussy lips suck around my cock until I was half way in and it started to feel tighter“Don’t stop, just push it in” mom said desperatelyI give her two or three little strokes back and forth spreading the strawberry lube then started to push further in little by little. I couldn’t believe I was fucking my mom and going back inside where I had came from. I forcefully pushed my cock all the way in while trying to be gentle at the same time, her pussy was everything I had imagine over the years, all warm wet and tight.Mom kept taking sharp intakes of breath and exhaling a moan with every push of my cock, she seemed to be liking her son’s cock that was inside her.Climbing on top of mom I started to thrust my cock slowly back and forth, somehow it felt like my cock was gaining extra inches as I pushed and squashed in to her plumper pussy. Mom started to move her hips slightly, accepting and accommodating her son’s hard cock. It must have be months since my cock had seen any action inside my wife’s fanny and with the extra stimulation it was getting from my mom’s tight pussy I knew I was about to come“Christ mom I’m going to come”“Yes, come in mommy” she cried out over and over againMy cock exploded like it never had before; I thought I was going to pass out. I kept thrusting my cock in and out like I was still a teenager, it still felt hard after a good few mighty squirts. Mom moaned with her own orgasm, panting and exhaling hard which made her pussy milk my cock of it’s white seed, deep in to her pussy.Usually by now I would have rolled off my wife but I still had the stamina to be on top of mom, thrusting my withering cock back and forth, giving her every last drop of her son’s seamen.She smiled up at me as I slipped out and I rubbed my limp wet cock in to her bush. Out of breath I climbed on to my knees still between her legs and rested my hands on her stocking covered knees. Mom lay there, legs wide apart, pussy wide apart and it was just starting to leak our love juice. I could not help myself and pushed a finger back inside, mom felt all warm and wet as I played with her pussy.“Come here” she whisperedI climbed over her as she held out her open arms and we kissed madly and passionately, I was tonguing my mother and she give as good back. Eventually I lay next to her, running my hand over her body as we started to talk.I told mom about my first memories of her and the time she used a thruppence to hold up her stockings while shopping and how I have always been fascinated with stocking and suspenders from then. She remembered that and the effect it had on her while I watched her pee, she couldn’t bare my father having sex with her any more after that. It felt all wrong someone else going inside her where I had came from. After that she had bought a dildo and for the next forty five years believed that it was me, şirinevler escort her son slipping in and out of her three time a week hoping and praying one day it would come true.“Oh mom, I hope I’ve lived up to your dream” “Better than my dreams” she said as she kissed me I kissed her back somewhat feeling sorry for her, nearly her whole married life without having sex.“What else do you think and dream of” I asked“I always wanted to lick a cock afterwards it’s just had sex”“You should have said mom”“I would of but I’ve never had the real thing in my mouth, I’m not sure if I would like it”Mom had me hard again while listening to her talking“You could try now if you want”My cock looked skywards as I turned on my back, mom hobbled on to her knees over my crotch and took hold of my cock. Leaning forward her tits began to hang down as she lowered her head nearer to my cock. I felt the weight of her tit dangling in my hand, just like a big soft jelly wobbling about as mom played with my cock.With a firm grip she slid my foreskin back and forth over my cock end, looking intrigued every time the head popped out with a new drop of pre cum. She lowered her head and stuck out her tongue, cautiously dipping her tongue into the newly formed droplet of pre cum. Her tongue bobbed back and forth in to her mouth taking my stick pre cum inside for her to taste. Within seconds she had my inside her mouth frantically sliding up and down on my cock like it was a stick of rock, tasting the mixture of used strawberry lube, my cum and her pussy juices. I lay there lifting myself off the bed to meet her mouth while my hand moved in to between her legs. Mom moved giving me better access to her pussy and I started to finger fuck her. How I wanted to fuck her again while listening to her sloppy pussy.Mom had me licked clean and I was anxious she was going to suck the skin from my cock if she did not slow down“Mom can I come back inside you again” I askedI thought mom was very willing and adventures as she began to climb over my legs, lifting herself up on one leg she held my cock and guided it towards her lowering pussy lips. My mom was about to mount me and she used her full weight to slid down my shaft, filling her wanting pussy in one easy movement. She raised up again and came crashing back down squashing her son’s body in to the bed. Each lift of her body was followed with a mighty moan as my cock filled her love hole. Leaning forward on to her arms she started to dangle her tits across my face until I sucked on to her nipple“Suck it,” she moaned As she rode my cock back and forth her tit stretched with her movement, them they would come crashing back to fill my face full. I held on to her hips, lifting her up on my cock, taking her to the very tip before forcing her down and filling her hole again.“Bite it,” she shouted, “Make me come”Mom was moaning and panting like a steam train as I sucked and bite her nipple“Yes…Yes bite it harder”What ever I was doing was certainly working for mom and knowing that had me on the verge of coming again. She shrilled as she slid back down my cock, her tight pussy became to pulse around my cock and before I knew I was filling her of my cum.It filled her deep inside as she the full weight of her pushed her down on to my cock, squirt after squirt squeezed out of my cock as I softened my bite on her nipple.Mom sat up still breathing heavy and started to raise herself up on one leg, my cock was still fairly hard as she pulled her pussy off it. Hovering over my cock her pussy started to drip with our love juice as my cock softened and fell flat down, a creamy, sticky trail still joining us together that formed in to a sticky big puddle around my cock.Mom climbed over me and lowered her head towards my crotch, she was about to do the thing she has dreamed of for years. There was plenty to lick at as my cock lay motionless in the puddle of our cum.As I lay there watching mom I ran my hand up her stocking covered legs feeling the wetness leaking from her hairy bush and dipped I finger inside her. Tasting my warm cum and my mom’s juice on my finger is something I will never forget in a hurry. Mom spent an age licking me clean, sucking my limp cock in to her mouth I could feel her tongue licking every last little bit from around my cock end. She eventually came and lay back next to me“Thank you” she whispered before kissing meI woke the next morning to find mom coming back in to the bedroom wrapped in a towel after a shower“You’re awake I see”She smiled as she came towards me, still laid in bed she started drying herself by lifting one of her enormous tits up to dry under it; I could feel my cock starting to harden at the sight.Her towel kept flapping open as she moved, revealing the tops of her pale white chunky legs and her pussy. I grabbed the corner of the towel and started to dry up her leg and she responded by opening her legs apart. Soon the towel was forgot about and my hand was rubbing back and forth along her pussy, Mom stood still breathing long and slow pushing herself on to my hand.The towel dropped to the floor and I pulled the bed covers off me, revealing my hard cock to her“Hold me” mom saidI jumped out of bed like a shot, pushing and sliding my hard cock up her tummy as we hugged. The feel of my warm dampish mom felt so reassuring as we hugged tighter and we kissed one and other“Will you lick me again like last night?” she whisperedI slowly kissed down her body sucking and feasting on each nipple like it was my breakfast until I was on my knees. She held my head as I started to kiss her leg moving in to her pussy, her bush was still damp from her shower, still smelling all fresh of soap.She shuffled around to the bed and sat down lifting her feet on to the side of the bed frame. Mom lay back resting on her elbows so she could watch me and began part her legs. Now with her pussy fully exposed I could not help but run my fingers over it, feeling the fat lips falling apart from each other.The desire and need to lick mom was overwhelming as I lowered me head, her legs and pussy was as wide apart now as the day I was born. My tongue pushed inside licking and exploring every little fold and wrinkle she had in her pussy, I could taste our sex from last night tinged with strawberry lube as I licked her pussy.Mom kept lifting herself up off the bed while she whimpered and moaned out aloud when I sucked the right spot. I knew mom had came when her legs clamped tight shut against my head, pinning me tight against her pussy. I eventually felt the grip of her legs soften and I lifted my head to see her looking down smiling at me.Now with a raging hard on I climbed up between her legs, offering my cock up to her open pussy and it slipped in with easy. Our body’s touched as I rested on my arms over mom and I found from this position I could give mom the experience of sampling the full length of my cock. From just having the tip touch her lips to my balls slapping against her ass she seemed to be enjoying every little minute of it. My cock felt like a rod of iron pounding her tight pussy ready to explode at any minute when mom said “I want it in my mouth”Pulling straight out on the backward stroke before I came, I pulled mom upright and she could not wait to grab my hard cock, slipping her mouth fully down the shaft with no hesitation at all. Her other hand found my balls, softly squeezing and teasing them and I started to thrust my hips back and forth while I held her head. Mom twisted and turned my cock in her hand and she had me on the edge of coming“Mom”The sight of seeing my mom sucking my cock was to much to take and when I felt her tongue flick my cock end, that was it. I started to moan out loud trying to give her notice that I was about to come but this seemed to encourage her more.“Mom”I was helpless to hold back“I’m coming mom”I let go of her head not sure if she wanted her son’s squirting cock in her mouth but she let go of my balls and held on to my ass holding us together. I could feel and see my cock twitching in her mouth with every new squirt of hot sticky cum, coming up my shaft.Mom kept sucking my cock and swallowing my lot, not wasting a drop of her son’s seaman.“Arr Mom” was all I could say over and over again I took her head again in my hand and started to gently thrust in to her mouth, wanting her to take ever last little drop of cum from me. I saw her looking up at me and if someone could smile with a mouth full of cock, she was.Now with my ball dry I could feel her tongue around the back of my cock end licking me clean before she let my softening cock fall from her mouth. Mom licked her lips in a very sexually, teasing way before I kissed her long and hard as we fell back on to the bed.Ten minutes later of kissing, feeling and fondling each other, mom suggested it was time we were getting up and I helped her get dressed in to her bra, girdle and stockings. The most sexually experience in my life seeing my mom like this and she knew how turned on I was while doing it.My one night with my mom was coming to an end as my father was coming out of the hospital today but she did come and dry me after my shower just like when I was young. That night with my father back home mom kissed and thanked me as she was seeing me out of the house, not a motherly kiss but full on with a quick grope at my cock as well.Just remembering about her girdle and suspenders as I opened the front door I asked if she needed a hand undoing them, she said the arthritis mainly affected her when it was cold and she could manage. Seeing it was summer, had my mom set all this up, needing help to get dressed I wondered.The End

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